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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Pearl & Richie


Oh gosh, these cuties! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و  I was a bit confused at first b/c they seemed to be more like pets rather than doggie people. Like they were more pet-like if you compared them to the other species, so I was thinking their route might be more towards a family ending; I was wrong. Maybe I thought that way b/c they’re usually in their dog forms and like being in that form better. ʅ(◔౪◔ ) ʃ ahaha 

They feel that they owe Fiona an apology since they weren’t able to protect her even though they’re her guard dogs. Therefore, when they reunite with Fiona, they claim that they’ll protect her no matter what.

As stated in the past reviews, they had the most important job to save Fiona. They were told to steal the documents at the castle while Nesso & co cause a riot to distract the twin prince and their army. However, Nesso doesn’t come up with the whole plan. They still have to think of a way to sneak into the castle, so it’s a bit tough for them too. Pearl is a bit of a dummy, or shall I say simple-minded? He suggests they should dig their way into the castle, but that will take forever ofc; they won’t make it in time to save Fiona that way. Therefore, Richie is the one to think of a plan.

pearl_richie_003They go into town and find the store that makes deliveries to the castle, so they can hide in their supplies while they make the delivery. As they waited for the opportunity, Richie and Pearl thought about their past. They used to always steal food and eat in the alleys. When they were taken in by Edgar, they were scared at first. Pearl thought they might be eaten. How cute (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ On the other hand, Richie thought they might be used as slaves, then killed. They remember the first time they met Fiona as well.

As they succeed in getting inside the castle, Pearl uses his keen sense of smell, which is keener than that of Richie’s. He can sense a familiar smell from underground, but is sandwiched by soldiers. Suddenly, there is a sound that helps distract the soldiers, giving them a chance to hide. It turns out that it was Edgar who helped; the scent that Pearl sensed was Edgar’s. They explain the situation to Edgar, so he tells them not to mind him and prioritize in saving Fiona instead. They ask where the research lab might be, but he doesn’t know. However, he gives them a clue to where it might be. When they finally find the lab, they find the documents and saves a wolf that was captured there.

pearl_richie_008When they escape out of the castle safely and signal Nesso & co, the CCK finds them. If you’re in Richie’s route, he’ll tell Pearl to take the documents to the hide-out first. I finally found out that the CCK does not change into human form when they fight, so they’re like teeny 24/7. So, I’m like wondering why they’re pretty strong. I mean they’re so tiny, how strong can they be? ( ◔ д ◔ ) Richie fights off the CCK. Well, I can understand why the dogs will have a hard time since they don’t have too much of a size difference. Richie has one more left; it’s Leonidus.

Pearl is at Fiona’s bed side when she wakes up. The others come to see her awake, but Richie isn’t there; he hasn’t come back yet. She tells Pearl that it’s not his fault and apologizes about not being able to save Edgar as well. However, Fiona is glad that at least he was able to come back safely. She tries to cheer him up that Richie will probably come back soon, both crying.

Few months later, Fiona is starting to recover. She’s still waiting for Richie’s return at the hide-out; Zara and some researchers are still there too. When Fiona goes out looking for herbs with Zara, they hear a rustle. There’s a wild dog growling at them, so he tells her to slowly back away. For some reason, Fiona feels nostalgia, not scared at all. She realizes that the dog resembles Richie. Fiona tries to get closer, but Richie has completely turned wild. She suddenly thinks of a way to bring him back. She hurries to the hide-out to get some snacks and the chef is like, what the heck, but gives her some anyways. xD
pearl_richie_006She got the idea from the time she first met them. They looked scared at first, but got along pretty fast from giving them snacks. Thanks to simple-minded Pearl, he was the one that step forward first to eat the snacks. Since Richie is the cautious one, he eats them after Pearl. Therefore, she tries to give Richie some snacks like the time she did in the past. Then, Richie collapses. Three days later, he still doesn’t remember, so he’s hiding under the bed at the hide-out. She calls out to him and remembers her. Fiona claims that she believed that he’ll return. Therefore, he tells her that it was a promise, so ofc he came back. He says, “I’m a boy, so it’s a given for a boy to protect a girl.” He was about to give up, but was rescued by the wolf he and Pearl saved. Basically, this happens in Pearl’s route, but switch roles.

pearl_richie_011~Richie’s Route~
After Richie’s recovery, they go back to the Galland palace. Everything is back to how it was, but feels that Richie changed a bit. He suggest that they have a picnic in the forest one of these days. Fiona agrees, that they can all go. However, he tells her that he meant that he wanted to go with Fiona only, just the two of them. Basically, he is asking her on a date. They pinky promise to go one day and ask if she likes him. He claims that he likes her, so he asks her if she likes him back. He asks Fiona to be his bride as well. Since she can’t easily say yes or reject him either, she doesn’t know how to reply to him. Well, he’s happy bc she didn’t say no to him. He kisses her as a vow and points out how cute Fiona looks with her face all red. He claims that one day he’ll steal her away, so tell her to wait ’til then.

pearl_richie_007~Pearl’s Route~
After Pearl’s recovery, it seems that Pearl changed a bit. When Fiona asks if he wants to be groomed. He says yes at first, but changes his mind to do it himself b/c he’s an adult now. However, Fiona is a bit lonely since he’s not letting her spoil him anymore. Also, Pearl asks if Nesso is coming back that day. It appears that Pearl has something to discuss with him. When Nesso returns, he asks him to work under him. He was thinking about it ever since he got back to the hide-out; he wants to become stronger for Fiona. He wants to become a man that is suitable for her. Pearl tells Fiona that he will come back for her as a fine man. He claims that he’ll work hard, so one day he can take her as his wife and tells her to wait for him.

Three years later, Fiona is out in the yard. Even though Nesso comes back from time to time, Pearl haven’t since the day he left. Richie also goes into training one year after Pearl leaves. She receives letters from them, but complains how they never come back. Suddenly, she hears Pearl’s voice. Pearl is back and bigger now. He wants her to be more happy since he wanted to see her this whole time. He brought her flowers and proposes to her. Richie is back too, saying not to take the lead. Pearl claims that he’s not going to give Fiona to Richie, says Fiona is his. Therefore, Richie tells him that it’s not for him to choose, but it’s Fiona’s.

I’m actually surprised that Nesso didn’t fuss about them trying to take Fiona away one day. Well, not really… It would be really messed up if he was all yandere to the kids. I will want to smack if he did; they’re so precious. (◣д◢) Also, since he let Zara take her, so I suppose he’ll probably be okay with them taking her anyways. It was a bit hard for me to feel that they’ll make great couples with her b/c they’re sooo young. I find them cute though, BUT I think Richie should start dressing up as a guy. I mean he’s like 15yrs old by the time he comes back from training. ( ◉ ‸ ◉)


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