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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Zara Skeens


Zara is the caretaker of Fiona at the Galland’s household. He’s also an expert in medicine, so he’s been determined to cure Fiona since the beginning if she were to contract Zodiva. Basically, his route is very similar to Nesso’s route.

zara_003After contracting Zodiva, Fiona gets even more paranoid that she might spread it. She tells Zara not to get so close to her, so he won’t contract the disease from her. He claims that he wants to be by her side and he’ll cure the disease no matter what. Still, she tells him not to touch her and that she’s going to die anyways. Therefore, he tells her not say such things.

As days past, Fiona is getting worse. She tells Zara to talk about him since she can’t talk much anymore. He talks about how he used to be a slave, treated as if he was livestock, kicked, and abused. He even thought of dying, until Edgar saved him. Even though he wasn’t mistreated, he always had a doubt that he’ll be back living like the old times. When he was appointed as Fiona’s caretaker, he didn’t like her at first. To him, Fiona was just a brat that didn’t know any hardship. He would often bully her by hiding her stuff, but was never suspected. Soon, he figured that there was no point anymore since she would always come crying to him to help her look for her stuff. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ At times, he would hint that maybe someone purposely hid her things. Still, she would always correct him that it was lost, not hidden. He even suspected that Fiona might actually be a bit dumb aha (◔౪◔ ) Eventually, he started to feel that he is needed, feel a sense that he needs to protect her, and gave him a “home.” Actually, he never talked about this to anyone until now.

On the 3rd day, Fiona showed signs of paralysis. The 4th day, there was nausea. The 5th day, Zara shows frustration since time was running out. Zara goes to see Fiona, but she’s scared as hell b/c she can’t talk anymore. She wants to call his name, but can’t. She wants to thank him for working hard for her sake, that she likes him, but can’t. Then, loses consciousness. On the other hand, Zara doesn’t want to and can’t lose her b/c he has come to love her.

Just then, Pearl & Richie comes in. Zara was able to save Fiona, and so, she confesses to him. He claims how he was fine as long as she was alive and is allowed to stay by her side. However, he doesn’t think that way anymore; it’s no longer enough.

zara_004Few days later, Nesso mentions how it may be best for them to leave the country. Zara plans to stay in order to be able to mass-produce the cure for Zodiva. In order to do that he needs the help of the wolves, so he can’t leave. Also, he needs to research if the cure works on the other species as well. Therefore, Fiona claims that she wants to stay with him. Nesso says that it can’t be helped. He doesn’t want to give her away to Zara. He says it twice b/c it’s very important aha ( `◔ω◔) He says if it’s Zara, it’s still approvable. However, he claims that he’ll kill the man if it wasn’t Zara. Nevertheless, Nesso mentions that he won’t forgive him if he makes Fiona cry. Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if he comes to kill him if he did since he has Obsessive Fiona Disorder. _|☉⌓☉|_ They get a message that the Garibaldi princes died with the battle with the wolves and the misunderstanding of Gallands are relieved. Fiona support Zara as he continues his researches.

Zara’s route actually went by really quick, just like how Auger’s route went by real fast; Zara’s route was really similar to Nesso’s and Auger’s route was similar to Mejojo’s. I guess I was real neutral with him since his route went by too fast. Basically everything I wrote is what I remember from his route. (๑•́ω•̀)


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