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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Nesso Galland


Nesso is Fiona’s brother and is a bit too cray for his sister, obviously he doesn’t think of her as just his cute sister. Even when he saved Fiona from Arles try to kidnap her, he’s exaggerating how he was worried and can’t stand her being taken away again. He claims that he can’t live without her, hugging her tightly.

bws_nesso001If you refer to Mejojo’s route, Mejojo knows that Nesso was only trying to protect Fiona from the start, but still purposely framed the Gallands. He comes up with an idea for Nesso to lick his shoes and he’ll consider their innocence. Zara and Elza insists that they take his place, but ofc the twins won’t allow that since they’ve been hating on him since before. I think it’s sweet that Nesso says he’ll do anything for Fiona, so him licking Mejojo’s shoes meant nothing to him; also, he claims that he doesn’t have such cheap pride to care. If he was just doing that as her big bro, I would have liked the scene more. It’s so cute how Zara and Elza sulks too. Zara is like, “Seeing my master kneeling to that Baka ouji hurts my pride, sorry for having such a cheap pride.” Elza agrees, “Made me want to cut him, sorry for having such a cheap pride.” Pearl and Richie wanted to bite them as well. Nesso says that it was worth it then since everyone’s feelings make him happy. Zara claims that it shouldn’t be something he would feel any worth. Elza agrees to this, suggesting unless Nesso has such fetishes; apparently, he’ll be happy to do it if it’s toward Fiona… Fiona’s family + Zara are so cutee (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

He has too much love for Fiona that he was actually the one that gave Edgar the idea that they should put her away somewhere, hence, the tower. This way, they can allow her engagement with Mejojo, but won’t have to give her away to the castle; she’ll still be able to live within the Galland household. Nesso came up with this idea at the time since he was still young and was determined to protect her when he got older. Also, this plan worked b/c she was a Robeira and Zodiva was going around at the time, so it gave her a reason to remain at the Galland’s. He was hoping that Mejojo would give up on her eventually, but that didn’t happen.

During the wolf attack of Biales, Fiona does get separated from Nesso and co, but eventually reunited. Nesso and co escape safely from the return of Elza and some trustworthy people who are willing to fight alongside Nesso. Afterwards, he wakes up in a room, seems like he lost consciousness after their escape. They’re at a hide-out in a forest near Biales. Zara tells him that he can move in 2~3 days, hoped for longer but… As soon as Nesso heard that, he knew something must have happened to Fiona. It seems that Fiona has contracted Zodiva for sure since the symptoms were showing up. Also, the way Zara worded his words sounded as if there might be something they can do to help her, but need Nesso’s help in order to make that possible.

Zara brings Elza and this bear species in a doctor’s coat, Kyle. I honestly thought there weren’t any other species than the ones I mentioned in the intro post, so I was a bit surprised ahaha. Kyle is a researcher that has been studying about Zodiva since the outbreak of the disease. Few years ago, they were able to create a vaccine, which they reported to the castle. Then, they were told to to hand in all documents and researchers that were involved in the study. At the time, Kyle was feeling ill, so his research buddies took him off the list until he gets better and add him back after he recovers. However, there were no signs of his buddies even after he got better.  No one came back after that, probably all killed. Still, somewhere deep inside, he didn’t want to believe that. Then, one day, when Kyle went to the research lab, the lab was put on fire. Finally, he understood that the news about the vaccine isn’t going to be publicized nor his research buddies were going to come back. From then on, he has been living, avoiding people’s eyes. When he heard about Nesso’s rebellion, he decided to assist for his buddies’ sake. He believed that he can come up with treatment with Zara. However, they need the documents in order to save Fiona in time.

BWS_Nesso004Fiona somewhat regains consciousness. She knows that she has contracted Zodiva even though Nesso didn’t say. She apologizes, so he tells her not to. When Fiona tries to continue her words, Nesso kisses her. She loses consciousness once again, unable to ask the meaning of his kiss.

The following day, Nesso tells the other guys about the situation. He plans to cause a riot, so Pearl/Richie can sneak into the castle to steal the documents while Nesso & co distract Mejojo/Auger. The twins don’t suspect the real motive to their plan, but are excited to kill Nesso; Mejojo claims that it’s time for them to hunt. Nesso & co are having a tough time holding off the army and soon receive a signal from Pearl/Richie, which meant that it’s time for them to retreat. Nesso gets hit by one of the arrows shot by them. I was thinking that it was going to be a poison arrow like Bloody Nightmare, but no. Instead, Nesso falls off his horse and hits his head. I’m sorry I thought this was funny… ( `◔ω◔)

Zara was able to make a treatment in time, so Fiona is recovering now. She asks where Nesso is, so Zara explains what happened while she was unconscious. Nesso is still unconscious b/c he hit his head when he got hit by the arrow. It’s been 5 days since Nesso lost his consciousness and finally wakes up. However…amnesia. Just great huh? (≖︿≖✿) He has basic knowledge, but no memory of his past memories and identity. Ever since his amnesia, he’s no longer the same Nesso towards Fiona only since supposedly his feelings for her has disappeared as well. Therefore, Fiona feels lonely since he had always prioritized her. Eventually, she feels as if she wants him to think about her more, as if she likes him. She realizes that she doesn’t see Nesso as just a brother anymore.

Few days later, Nesso and Zara visits her. Fiona is feeling better now, so they decide to think about future plans now. They plan to escape out of the country even though Edgar is still captured. Pearl/Richie met Edgar while they were looking for the documents, told them to save Fiona no matter what.

BWS_Nesso006Eventually, the royal army find their hide-out. Nesso takes her to Zara, so they can escape through the back exit. Nesso plans to stay to stall the army while Fiona escapes, but Elza tells them that he’ll take that role. As they escape, Pearl/Richie handle the CCK, Zara gets separated, so Fiona is with Nesso. However, they are found by Mejojo and Auger. Since Nesso lost his memory, he tells them to save Fiona at the least and puts his sword down; Auger notices that there’s something up with Nesso. Nesso says it’s fine if they can kill him as long Fiona is safe. Nevertheless, Fiona doesn’t want to go with Mejojo though, she rather die. Nesso grabs his sword that he put down once again. He claims that he doesn’t know why, but doesn’t want to give her away anymore. Luckily, the wolves come, so Nesso and Fiona escape from the twins.

Few days later, Fiona and Nesso was able to reunite with Zara & co. Couple days later, Nesso still haven’t regained any memories, so he suggest that he should probably go hit his head again. Nesso seems to be confused b/c he thought it was weird to feel that he didn’t want to give her to anyone. Fiona tells him that they haven’t confessed to each other officially, but probably have feelings for each other. He’s glad that they didn’t confess yet and suggest they should stay as regular siblings. He rejects her and apologizes for taking the old Nesso away from her.

BWS_Nesso008Soon, the misunderstandings on  the Galland have been relieved, so they don’t need to escape out of the country. Also, Weblin needs to find a new successor as king since both Mejojo and Auger died in the battle with the wolves. They were going to have Julian as the successor, but he disappeared. Therefore,  Nesso goes to the royal castle to talk about future plans. Few days later, Edgar comes back for a bit. It seems that some people want Nesso as successor. Suddenly, they get an urgent message that VI passed away, so Edgar has to go back to the castle ASAP. Soon, Nesso is officially appointed as king. Fiona is finally able to meet Nesso at the ball the castle is holding. The ball is for Nesso becoming king and has a hidden motive for him to have an opportunity for him to find a future partner there. Mejojo didn’t have an official partner since Fiona was just a fiance. People want Nesso to marry ASAP, so problems with unable to find a successor won’t happen again. Thus, it is noticeable that there are many candidates at the ball that are after the position as Nesso’s future partner. Fiona is sulking b/c she’s jealous and wonders who he’ll choose.

Fiona suddenly hears a voice asking her for a dance; it’s Nesso. He apologizes for not returning home like promised. Fiona wonders if it’s alright for him to dance with her while there’s so many others that want to dance with him. He says that it should be fine if he asks her sister, more acceptable to the others as well than choosing a random lady in the room. Fiona is all sad from his comment b/c that means that Nesso still hasn’t gotten his memory back and still sees her as a sister too. Therefore, she tells him that she wants him to look at her, not as a sister. She says it’s fine even though it’s not the old Nesso, she likes the Nesso now too. She claims that if Nesso is still going to reject her, then she’ll give up, but want him to reject her properly.

All of a sudden, Nesso takes her on the stage and announces her as his wife. He apologizes to Edgar and tell Fiona that there’s no turning back now. She claims that there is no need to as long as he’ll be with her. Nesso was actually planning to have Fiona as his wife from the beginning, but announced it on the stage to prevent oppositions since all power would be centered within the Gallands, if the the two Gallands marry.

Remember where Fiona was kept in the cat routes? She lives there now, but Nesso as king. She still wonders why he chose her since he didn’t recover his memory yet, so there’s no reason for him to choose her. He asks her back, “You don’t think so?” He claims that he still didn’t get his memory back, but doesn’t want to give her away to someone else either. He mumbles that if he lost his memory, he thought he can be back to just a brother. She doesn’t hear this, but still sulks to stop treating her like a sister b/c he does so sometimes. Therefore, he tells her to prove it by her actions if she doesn’t want to be treated like one.

BWS_Nesso009Few months later, it seems that Nesso still comes to her room everyday even when he’s busy. I guess they don’t sleep together? I thought they would, but guess not? He talks about the past when Pearl/Richie did something when they were still at the tower, so Fiona thinks that his memory came back. However, he’s not being so clear about it. He answers her with a “I wonder…” Therefore, he asks whether she’ll be unable to love her brother, if it’s the old Nesso. She tells him that she’ll still love him, no matter which Nesso he is. Thus, he claims that it shouldn’t matter then. He claims that Fiona is his and won’t give her to anyone, absolutely no one.


I’m so bummed right now b/c I wrote such a satisfying afterthought, but disappeared once I exited the fullscreen mode… Now…I can’t remember what I wrote. And the “Just write.” phrase on the end of the fullscreen page at the opposite end of the word count feels as if it’s mocking me. I am just writing, but here you go losing my stuff that I write… (⑅ -`д-´)

Anyways… Take two…

I think Nesso is a really sweet guy if he wasn’t so obsessed with Fiona. I guess he kind of lacks self-control, just like in Bloody Nightmare. There’s always a sudden kiss with him; there was two in BN. Well, one was when she was still a kid (flashback), so I assume it happened in the Last Hope storyline; they just decided not to show it. tsk tsk tsk, this guy… I guess it’s revealed that he regained his memory near the end of the route, but I’m not really sure when he did. I’m thinking that he probably regained his memory by the time he chose her as his wife. Even if he had an urge to not wanting to give Fiona to anyone, I don’t think he would choose her as his wife if he didn’t have that romantic feeling toward her right? I’m suspecting that he regained his memory when they encountered the twins when they escaped the hide-out, when he grabbed the word that he once dropped for the sake of Fiona. UNLESS…it was something he tried to pretend from the beginning when he regained consciousness after hitting his head on the rock. Still, I don’t think he would be able to think of that plan right after he regained consciousness, so I’m think it’s more possible if he regained memory later on? Well, I guess you see his yandere side peeking out here and there. In fact, his yandere-ness is more revealing in the other routes. _|☉⌓☉|_


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