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Butterfly Lip – Ichinose Kei & Himeno Kazuhi


It actually took me a long time to play this…Why? It’s the delays! “Σ⊂(☉ω☉∩ ) 壁ドンッ! You know that feeling you get when you wait for something for a long time? You’re all excited that the something is going to be released real soon. Then, they tell you that they’re going to delay it, so basically the excitement turns into a “screw that.” This is what happened to me. Also, I don’t know if it was just me, but the window size for the game was too humongo. I couldn’t change the window size…noob. ε=(・д・`*)ハァ… Since I usually multi-task when I play otome games, I would kind of delay playing the game. _(._. _ Anyways, I was finally able to finish the game. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

After a year of dating, Kei is the one that suggested that they live together. When she gives him an ok, he’s real happy.

“Living together probably won’t be filled with all the good stuff. We may see each other’s bad side and may fight, but I still want us to have a relationship that will make us both want to stay together. We can fix our bad sides. If we fight, we can make up. Start the day with a good morning and end the day with a good night…I want that person to be you.”

Few months later, 3rd year in college, they start living together.

Hina and Kei first met in one of the classes they had together. Kei forgot his textbook, so he asks her to share her textbook with him. They didn’t really talk at that time. However, one week later, he gives her movie tickets as a thanks. She tells him how she’s been wanting to see that movie, so Kei asks her if she wants to go together and they do.

BLip_Kei011Soon, they become friends and Hina takes him to the film club she is in b/c he claims that he has been interested in the club as well. Kei meets Himeno Kazuhi there, calling him “Hime-chan senpai” right off the bat; that’s where Hime’s nickname came from. Gradually, Kei became the moodmaker of the club. At times, Hina and Kei would fight about club issues, but will make up at the end. During their 2nd year of college, Kei asks Hina out to the summer festival. At the festival, he confesses to Hina, getting an ok from her. It’s cute how he confesses her with one of those masks b/c when Hina took his mask off, his face is all red. I wished these cute moments will stay forever cute throughout the whole game…(๑•́ω•̀)

On the other hand, Hina and Hime’s first encounter was at the film club’s welcoming mixer. Hina is sitting in the side of the room, unable to join into the atmosphere. Just when Hina is about to leave, Hime stops her. He talks to her about how he was like her in the beginning as well. Therefore, she can gradually get used to the environment. Eventually, they get along talking about their favorite films since they have similar tastes in genres.

The film club is planning to make a movie for the college culture festival. Hina’s friend, Michiru is going to be writing the script. This day, Hime had visited the film club; he comes and visits from time to time when he has free time. Therefore, the club decides to have a welcoming mixer for the new members + Hime. Hime talks to Hina while Kei is having fun drinking. Michiru warns Kei that he better watch out, or Hina might be taken away by Hime senpai. Kei claims that it’s not possible b/c she’s not good enough for Hime, and says that Hina is just right for him. When the mixer ends, Kei and Hina walk back together. Kei talks about how he wants to be an actor, so wants Hina to watch over him and be by his side. Also, he was acting like he didn’t really care when Hime and Hina were getting along at the mixer, but he actually did. He tells her not to let other guys touch her too much. He claims that he’s the only one that can handle her, meaning there is no one else that will be right for her, but him. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

It’s mid-April, Michiru have finished the script for the film that they’re making for the culture festival. Kei will be acting as the main actor and the Michiru is going to be the heroine of the story. Since the film is going to be a love story, Hina has mixed feelings for her friend and her boyfriend to be acting as lovers. I was having mixed feelings as well since I had some predictions of what was going to happen later in the story. It’s the typical, “I think this girl and my boyfriend match better together. They’re both talented, but I have nothing” kind of situation for Hina. I guess this was predictable, but I think BlackButterfly is being a troll for choosing that person to be the friend. (눈‸눈) 

This one day, Hina is waiting for Kei at the campus cafe and Hime talks to Hina. It seems that he came to the school library (since it’s open to the public), so he can borrow some books for his work. Somehow they get into the topic of whether he has girlfriend, but he doesn’t. He claims that people are always surprised when he says he doesn’t have one. People ask to why he doesn’t, but he’s the one that wants to know the reason to it. He used to have one, but broke up by the time Hina and the others joined the club. She asked if he has liked anyone after that. -Awkward Silence- This girl…She doesn’t know when to stop asking questions… (・□ ・)He actually tells her that he does. She asks if he has had any luck with her, but says it’s a secret.

Throughout the game, Kei and Hina have typical relationship problems and their feelings start to drift away. Then comes Hime. The theme of the game is whether the heroine is to cheat on the boyfriend or not, so the secret person that Hime likes is ofc Hina. It made me feel really guilty that I kind of liked Hime better than Kei since Hime is more mature than Kei. Kei is a bit too childish at times, but I wasn’t happy how Hina’s feelings were wavering toward Hime either. (´・д・`)

Kei and Hina go on a date this one day.They hear the wedding bells nearby and Hina wants to go see, but Kei doesn’t b/c he claims that it has nothing to do with them since they’re still students. Hina gets worried that he might not think of her as a possible future partner. Basically, it’s not that Kei doesn’t think of her that way, but just prioritized the “now” rather than the future. 

Eventually, Hina accepted by for a job for after she graduates. At first, she was having trouble with job searching since she didn’t even know what she wanted to do. She was able to decide, which is to work in a film-related career. The interviews weren’t going so well either. When she tells Kei that she is finally accepted by one of the companies, he doesn’t seem too happy. Kei is more jealous rather than being happy in how she was able to obtain what she wished for. On the other hand, Kei hasn’t been job searching at all b/c his dream is to become an actor, which is one of the issues in their relationship.

Things are getting awkward between Kei and Hina. One night, Hina is going back from her part-time job and sees Kei with another girl. Hina wanted to follow them, but didn’t have the guts and goes back to the apartment. However, Hina doesn’t know what time Kei came back since she stayed up ’til 12am, but wasn’t back by that time. Few days later, Hime invites Hina bc he noticed that she was feeling down the last time they bumped into each other. However, Hime had other plans, so wasn’t able to listen to her worries that time. Therefore, she honestly tells him that Kei might be cheating on her. How ironic, if you know what I mean aha ( `◔ω◔) Hime suggest that she should be telling him what she really thinks, so gives her a strong drink to help her let things out. Suddenly, Kei comes running into the bar b/c it seems that Hime called Kei and lied that Hina was drunk. Hime then leaves and gives the two an opportunity to make up. Thus, they able to resolve the whole cheating misunderstanding.

BLip_Hime002In the summer, Kei and Hina was supposed to go to the summer festival together. However, Kei is unable to go all of a sudden b/c he has to cover one of co-worker’s shifts. Therefore, Hime invites her instead and asks her to wear a yukata for him. Hime holds Hina’s hand, so “she won’t get lost.” Psh EXCUSES! (•̀ω•́) They even share a candy apple together. Hina learns that Hime has some rather childish sides since he wants to buy cotton candy too, but would be embarrassed to buy it when it’s just him. When it was almost time for the fireworks to go up, they go find a spot to watch it. Hina talks about how she wanted to go with Kei b/c it was memorable place for them, where Kei first confessed to her. Obviously, we can tell Hime is (´・へ・`) from hearing such an episode from the girl he likes. Therefore, he asks if it would have been different if he had confessed to her first, confessing his feelings to her. He claims that he doesn’t have any intention of getting in their way, but just wanted to tell her his feelings.

Hime takes her back afterwards and Kei is back. She LIES that she went to the festival with Michiru. UGH. (눈_눈) As an apology, Kei made her favorite foods for her. He asks her to wear her yukata again for him; he’s going to go look for another place that they can go together on a different day…(´・д・`)

Hina is out of it recently, since the day she received a confession from Hime. Michiru teases Kei that the time has come, for him to get dumped. Kei kinda brushes it off by saying that it’s not true. Also, it’s almost Hime’s birthday, so the club goes out to celebrate for Hime as an early birthday celebration. Hime takes her back after the celebration since Kei had to leave early to attend drama practice. There’s this awkward silence between Hime and Hina. He tells her that she can just forget that the confession ever happened, but she can’t do that. Therefore, he asks if there might still be hope for him. She says his question is unfair, but… He asks her if he was to have free time on his birthday, would Hina celebrate his birthday with him.

BLip_Kei006On September 30th, Hime’s birthday, Kei texts Hina to come home early and that he’ll be waiting. Hime was waiting for Hina b/c he wanted to see her. About him asking her to spend his birthday with him…If you go after him, he tells Hina that it’s fine even though she gives him false hope. He wants to at least make his wish to come true, at least on his birthday. He chose the restaurant that he and Hina was drinking when she was telling him that Kei might be cheating on him. Since it’s also the restaurant that Kei and Hina made up from the cheating misunderstanding, Hime wanted to replace Hina’s memory with Kei with his memory with her. On the other hand, if Hina chooses Kei, Kei will be waiting for Hina with a surprise cake and wine to congratulate her for her job acceptance since he was a jerk the last time. Kei teases Hina about giving her the slice of cake with the strawberry or she’ll get mad. That’s totally me, strawberries are my best friend. I’m so close with them that I love eating them xP

The day has come when the film club just needs to film one last scene for their movie, which is the kissing scene between Kei and Michiru. After the kissing scene, Kei notices that Hina is gone. Michiru’s expression…DUN DUN DUN (Those who played should know what I’m talking about…) Kei finds Hina, seeing that she’s upset; he lets her cry in his arms for a bit…so much UGHHH feelings inside me at this point. lol (⑅ -`д-´)

In November, Hina meets with Hime b/c he called her to meet him. He talks about the first time he met Hina. When they talked about their favorite movies at the welcoming mixer, at that moment, he knew he was going to like her. However, he didn’t show on his facial expression or anything, but was actually really nervous. He regrets it now that he should have been more honest with his feelings at the time. He has always been accepting other people’s feelings, so relationships never lasted that long for him. However, Hina is the first that he actually liked from the start. He tells her that he encountered Hina and Kei kissing at the club. The two didn’t notice at the time since b/c the two didn’t notice that he saw. Nevertheless, that’s when Hime decided that he should give up and move on. He tells her that he’s thinking of dating this co-worker that confessed to him. Ofc, I was like, “what the…” not b/c I wanted Hina to be with him, but since he was JUST SAYING how his relationships never lasted long and was simply accepting their feelings. Obviously, he’s just going to repeat his mistake right? Idk, what made him think that the idea was going to help at all. (¬_¬ ) 

BLip_Kei007Hina’s relationship with Kei is getting worse. He tells her to talk about it, but doesn’t want to b/c she knows its going to create a fight again. This other day Hina talks about Kei’s job searching again, but he still isn’t planning to job search since he wants to be an actor. He claims that sometimes it seems like Hina is just with him b/c she wants to marry, but not to be with him exactly. On the other hand, Hina wants Kei to have a stable job. She feels insecure that he’s not job searching, which may affect their future. Basically, this girl is already thinking about marriage. I checked; Hina is 21 and Kei is 22, in terms of age. Is that common in Asian countries to think about marriage that early. I understand that Hina claimed that she’s not too attached to the idea of marriage, but since they live together, she wants to believe that the next step is marriage. Therefore, I just think they started living together wayyyy too early since they’ve only been dating for one year… Kei claims that he’s not thinking of marriage right now b/c he has a dream to be an actor. He feels that he’ll regret it later if he doesn’t now. However, he also says that he does want to marry her one day, just not now. Well, I understand how he feels though since he should be doing what he wants to do for his future. He shouldn’t be changing his future just b/c his girlfriend is pressuring him into marriage at such a young age. I feel that Hina is being selfish, but I also feel that it was a mistake for Kei to ask to live together so early too. (・ェ・)

BLip_Hime003Hina runs out of the apartment and it’s raining. She’s just like walking around aimlessly and eventually just stands in the rain. Suddenly, Hina doesn’t feel the raindrops dropping on her anymore; it’s Hime with an umbrella. He claims that he’s trying to give up on her, but asks why he keeps encountering her at times like this. You sure it’s not a planned encounter? Well, let’s just say he doesn’t stalk her, but we all know he does right? ahaha just kidding xD He tells her that he can’t leave her alone like this; it makes him not want to give up on her.

“If  you’re tired of the romance now and want to run, you can come to me. You can use me as your hide-out.”

BLip_Hime004Hina is happy from his feelings, but claims she shouldn’t and collapses. When she wakes up, she’s at Hime’s place. She gets a call from Kei, but Hime doesn’t want her to pick up the call. She doesn’t pick up during the first call, but does on the second call. It seems that Kei is worried and have been looking for her since you can hear that he’s out of breath. Just when Hina is about to speak, Hime takes the phone out of her hand and answers for her. Kei says that he’ll come pick her up, but Hime tells him that he’ll take her back in his car. When he gets to her place, he grabs her all of a sudden and kisses her just when she was about to get off his car. He apologizes and confesses to her again. He claims that he was really going to give her up if she was happy, but the Hina right now…just can’t act like nothing is happening. When Hina goes back, Kei apologizes, but claims he just can’t give up on his dream…and I don’t blame him.

In December, Hina gets a text from Hime to have a talk. It’s cold outside, so Hime wraps his scarf around Hina and CHOKES HER TO DEATH! Just Kidding aha I wouldn’t be surprised if he did, I think he has some potential to be yandere.  ( ◔ д ◔ ) Hime tells Hina that this is the last time he’s going to be confessing to her. He asks her to spend Christmas with him. He tells her that he knows she has Kei, so he’ll be waiting here the whole day. When the date changes and she’s still doesn’t show up, he’ll give up for sure this time. When she goes back, Kei is looking at this magazine for Christmas illuminations to see on their Christmas day.

BLip_Kei008~Ichinose Kei~
If you choose Kei, Hina tells him the truth about Hime-chan. Kei asks what she’s planning to do, but before that… Kei tells her to just remember that his feelings hasn’t changed, the day they started dating until now. He’s relieved when Hina chooses him. Nevertheless, they both can’t leave Hime, knowing that he’ll be waiting. Therefore, they go to him together. After settling everything with Hime, they go back to the apartment. Kei gives her a matching engagement ring as a present. He wants her to wait for him until he obtains his dream. He gave her the ring hoping that it will relieve her from being insecure. Kei says that he might make her wait a while until they get married, but claims that his feelings for her won’t change. Kei asks, “When that day comes, will you marry me?”

BLip_Kei010In the happy wedding end, four years have passed after graduation and it’s Kei and Hina’s wedding day. Kei was able to become an actor and they’re both about to cry at their own wedding. Omg so adorable!。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚The Night of the Summer Festival ending, it’s been two years since Kei started going on tv; Kei was able to become an actor. They go to the summer festival and this time he proposes to Hina, just like the time he first confessed to her. He reveals that his feelings toward Hina was actually love at first sight, but couldn’t say all these years b/c he was too embarrassed. The next morning, he gives her a ring. He was going to give it to her that night, but he forgot. That’s cute too ahaha xD In the One Step in his Dream ending, it’s been half a year since they graduated. Kei isn’t doing so well in his auditions. Finally, he gets a part as the main for a movie, getting one step closer to his dream.

~Himeno Kazuhi~
Hina tells Kei to break up with her, meeting Hime at the meeting place afterwards. The two of them go to Hime’s place and gets a call. He tells Hina to stay at his place while he meets Kei; Hime got a text message asking to meet with him. When Hime arrives, Kei hits him in tears, telling him that he wanted to make her happy and stay by his side, loved her more than anyone. When Hime gets back, he tells Hina what they talked about. Kei asks him to do some favors for him b/c Hime is going to be with her from now on.

Kei tells him to have some pudding in the fridge since Hina likes them, make sure the blankets are on her when she sleeps since she tends to have bad sleeping habits, help her with the laundry at times since she’s not very good at it, ask her what’s wrong when she looks down b/c she tends to keep her worries inside. During the winter, she would feel unwell at least once, so make her dress warm. She might say that she’s hot-blooded and its fine, but make her or she’ll definitely get sick. When she gets sick, make her porridge b/c that’s the only thing she can eat when she’s ill. When fighting for the remote, let her have it or she’ll start sulking. That’s when it gets a bit troublesome, but a smile suits on her best anyways. Kei has this forceful smile on his face. Last, but not least, he tells Hime that he must follow this favor no matter what. Kei tells him to make her happy since he couldn’t. Kei apologizes for hitting Hime and tells him to take good care of Hina, bows and leaves. Hime asks Hina if she regrets it since she’s tearing, but she doesn’t. He confesses to him, which makes him nervous, as if he’s an elementary schooler.

BLip_Hime008In the Living Together ending, it’s been two years since Hina graduated and they’re living together now. Hime already proposed to her half a year ago, revealing that Hime actually cried that day when he helped Kei and her move. In the Proposal end, Hina notices that Hime is acting strange. It’s been almost two years since they started dating. At first, Hina thinks that it might be a break-up talk, but it was actually a proposal. Hime was actually worried if she might only be with him from the guilt of what happened between Kei and her, so she needs to be happy. Actually, Hina felt that he might feel the same way since Hime has been following what Kei asked him to do. Hime claims that he was careful at first, but simply wants to now. In the Job Celebration ending, Hime and Hina go have dinner at a fancy restaurant as a celebration for Hina’s job acceptance. As a present, Hime gives her a designer ballpoint pen for her job; he bought a matching pair for himself too.

Some people might have noticed that I didn’t talk about the fourth ending for both of them b/c they weren’t good ends. Basically, Hina doesn’t get with anyone in those ends and made me feel ヽ(。_゜)ノ since it’s like all that drama for nothing.

Also, I think after the first play, they have those monologues/guy character’s viewpoint during the game. It turns out that Kei knew that Hina’s feeling was starting to waver towards Hime since the earlier stage. I wonder if Kei chose Hime’s birthday to celebrate Hina’s job acceptance for this reason. I was like drowning in guilt when I had to choose Hime. (ι´Д`)ノ Also, Michiru called Hime once and putting this scary facial expression on her face, obviously she’s mad. She asks why it had to be Hina, saying that Kei is hurting. Technically, she was about to say Kei is hurting first. Hime was actually expecting this b/c he sensed Michiru’s feelings for Kei. See what I mean by BlackButterfly being a troll? I actually thought this scene was sad b/c your friend prioritizes the guy she likes rather than her friend. Well, on the good side, she didn’t do anything to backstab Hina, so that’s good. However, I did wonder if Michiru was going to approach Kei after breaking up with Hina. I hope she didn’t or that’s kind of… It’s just that I might have been more flexible thinking that’s good if Kei will be happy, but just the fact that Michiru is Hina’s friend is (╥﹏╥) Why can’t otome game friends just be a real good friend towards the heroine… I have seen a lot where they either like the guy the heroine likes OR they see the heroine as more than a friend. ( ◉ ‸ ◉)

I also wasn’t so happy about how the game makes Hime look like a stalker b/c he would literally appear from “coincidence;” too many coincidences that it doesn’t seem like it anymore. I guess I understand since he already graduated college, but might as well keep him as a fourth year college student or something, so he will seem less like a stalker. You know how  a guy would follow the main girl in those korean dramas and appear out of nowhere? Yes, Hime was like that. I was getting creeped out after a while making me like him LESS, but I guess that’s a good thing. 

Throughout the game, I was saying how it’s so unfair how Hina and Hime are acting. What I mean is that Hina is being unfair for  getting worried about Kei cheating and stuff, but she goes bye-bye with another guy. Also, she keeps lying to Kei and everything…Hime was unfair for using tactics that will make her feel sorry for him. I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose, but ughhh. Overall, I preferred the Hina/Kei couple. I have a bit of a feeling that Kei deserves someone better, but I thought they were really cute when they were being lovey dovey towards each other. I mean Hina is Kei’s love at first sight and obviously really cared for her, how can you not ship them!? (✿◉◡◉)


8 thoughts on “Butterfly Lip – Ichinose Kei & Himeno Kazuhi

  1. Oh hay there… I got my copy as well last weekend, but I don’t plan on playing it this year? Dunno. I just don’t really have time for playing, but I guess Dousei Kareshi is shorter than any other PSP game? xDD I guess I’ll play Dot Kareshi first though… Just for the fun! wwww

    I wonder how I’ll like Dousei Kareshi… I think I’ll feel pretty bad for cheating on Kei… Poor baby… Maybe I should I cheat on him first and then play his route? Any recommendations on which route I should play first? 🙂


    1. Regarding the delays… I felt the same… But when I unboxed the game I was all (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))). xDDD I don’t know… The illustration is really nice and that pure white game jacket just got me. wwww Good thing my dad didn’t opened the package, because there were Kanji on it. LMAO


    2. Haha yeah, this one is shorter than any other PSP game since it only has two characters and it doesn’t really have a “real plot.” Therefore, I was a bit bored in the beginning since there wasn’t a plot that grabbed my attention, another reason I lagged playing this game.

      Idk, I feel like I was complaining most of the time bc there were so many relationship problems that I personally thought was kinda dumb. Not trying to be a hater or anything, but yeah, just my opinion (๑•́ω•̀) I did feel bad for cheating on Kei b/c well…I didn’t get what Kei did wrong at all. Like I get that he’s not a mature guy and can be childish. Other than that, I thought he was a good boyfriend overall. Well, I prefer playing Kei first since the routes don’t change much. The only difference is the choice selection scenes and the endings. After finishing one route, everything goes by pretty fast.

      Dot Kareshi is one of the games I was interested in bc it seemed popular, but was too lazy to search on it since I didn’t know what company it was from aha. It seems fun though xD


      1. Hmm… Okay… then I’ll just run into Dousei Kareshi without plan then. xDDD I’m curious about the relationship problems now… Since I had bunch of them. Let me hope that they are dumber than my relationship probs. LOLOLOL

        Dot Kareshi is from Rejet. wwww And I think I’ll have lots of fun with it, since I love RPG games and there’s so much RPG cliche parody. Hehehe.


        1. I wish you good luck then. The problems seemed like typical problems, but it felt like Hina was too insecure about everything and Hime was too desperate, so they were both like just trolling around and Kei was the victim from all that. That’s how I saw it ahaha ( `◔ω◔) Oh and Michiru…meh, I guess you’ll see when you play. I didn’t find her position necessary.

          Ohhh, it’s from Rejet? I had an impression that rejet only releases those dark-ish sadistic themed games and Dot Kareshi didn’t seem that way. Interesting… xD


          1. Well, that’s why Hina cheated on Kei with Hime. orz orz Well… I’ll see for myself. xDD

            Jep, it’s from Rejet. And no… This game is pure fun instead of despair. LMAO It’s like a running RPG-gag game as far as I heard and DAMN SEXY. www They just released a patch, that makes all guys run around in their pants (underwear). Hahahahaha. How cool is that. 8D


  2. Ooohh I actually wanted to play this game myself and I wasn’t sure about the plot at all, but this post kinda enlightened me. Yeah but if Kei’s such a sweetie then why do you have to cheat on him? This is mean. And the fact that this is qutie a short game, I think its manageble I guess.

    Also I do have a question as well. Did the size of the game overshot the screen? Cuz it did for mine. Also, the start screen is blank on the top, and theres only the button below. I’m so sorry to bother you about these really.


    1. We need to cheat on Kei or we will never finish the game, that’s why aha xD At least Hina wasn’t those bitches that meant to cheat on him in the first place. ʅ(◔౪◔ ) ʃ

      The size of the game window actually was bigger than my laptop screen, so I played the game on a bigger monitor. If you put it on full screen, it shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t remember about the start screen since it looks different now that I completed the game, but yeah the buttons are on the bottom. Is this what you were asking? I wasn’t really sure. sorry ><


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