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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Arles V. Felnoir

Too bad, they don’t have kids this time; they did in Bloody Nightmare. They named one of their children Guillan, but then again that was bc he died in the route. In this route, Guillan didn’t die, so maybe this is better. I don’t remember what happened to Rath though. ( `◔ω◔) Anyways…

The knight that caused the wolf hunt is Arles. He was the knight that killed Elvira, Mejojo’s past fiance. However, there is more than meets the eye in that story. As a knight, he visited the castle often. Soon, Arles and Elvira were attracted to each other. However, Arles has not been able to confess his feelings since she was already Mejojo’s fiance at that point. He would also tell her that she shouldn’t be wavering her feelings toward him. Elvira claims that she’ll just tell Mejojo that she has someone else she likes. She knows that Mejojo doesn’t love her, just attached to her; they’re more like siblings rather than lovers, she claims. Elvira asks Arles if he isn’t happy since he doesn’t say anything. Therefore, when she asked, he tells her that he’s so happy that he’s unable to gather his feelings together. Ahaha Arles is so different in the past; he’s actually pretty cute (*`ω´*)

Surprisingly, Mejojo approves Elvira’s request. He admits that she’s important to him, but his affection toward her isn’t love. He tells them that he’ll tell Elvira’s father and the VI for them. Elvira tells Mejojo that she likes him, as if a sister tells his brother. Mejojo says he likes her too, but has this scary expression on him. Arles actually notices that change in his expression. Therefore, he asks Elvira if Mejojo really doesn’t have feelings for her. She tells Arles not to worry. She claims that Mejojo has a strong sense of pride. If he really wanted something, he wouldn’t let anyone take it away from him. From Elvira’s response, Arles just settles that he’s  probably just thinking too much. Eventually, both Elvira’s dad and the VI accept Arles and Elvira’s engagement. However, this was the start of the disastrous incident.

Recently, Arles haven’t been feeling well, so his coworker suggests that he should leave early. Ever since that day, he’s been feeling a thirst for blood; he’s been having an urge to kill as well. He feels strange, as if he’s become mad. _|☉⌓☉|_

Few  days later, he goes see Elvira, to say goodbye. He believes that he has caught some disease, so he’s planning to leave before he puts Elvira in danger. He tells her not to come near him since it’ll be dangerous in his condition at the time. He has a sudden attack, just like the one Rath had at the inn. Therefore, he tells her to run. Arles wants to tell her that he won’t go anywhere and stop her from crying, but can’t. He tries to leave, but Elvira doesn’t let him; he just can’t push her away though. He loses his control over himself and bite into her. Eventually, he calms down, but Elvira’s dress is all torn and have several bites from him. (´・д・`) Elvira claims that she was scared and hurting. However, she also claims that it would be scarier and hurt more if he had left her, so the bites are nothing compared to him leaving her. Elvira asks if there might be a way in which they can just live together. If he gets thirsty again, he can bite her. Before Arles answers her, Mejojo comes in. DUN DUN DUN (눈_눈)

It turns out that Mejojo was using the CCK to keep an eye on Arles. Mejojo takes out his sword, so Elvira tells him that Arles hasn’t done anything wrong and tries to stop him. However, he claims that she’s not being convincing in her state right now. Arles say that he’ll surrender, but Mejojo doesn’t plan to capture him; he claims that he’s going to kill Arles at this moment. Arles realizes that Mejojo isn’t actually angry about the situation; he’s happy that he actually has a reason to kill him now. Elvira senses Mejojo’s attitude too. Mejojo claims that Arles has been an eyesore to him all along. He doesn’t like how he is compared to Arles by the other nobles; some people think that Arles might actually be more suited for the position of succeeding as king. Mejojo claims that Arles had hurt his honor and pride, even took Elvira from him. Mejojo tells Arles that he’s going to die as the wolf that attacked a human. Arles was prepared to die, but instead, Elvira takes the hit for him. As Elvira’s last word, she tells Arles how he was happy. On the other hand, Mejojo snaps for Elvira getting in his way, as if he’s some kid. To think that Arles lost Elvira b/c of a guy like him, he attacks Mejojo with his claws, which leaves a scar on Mejojo’s face. The CCK rushes to the scene, hearing Mejojo’s scream. Arles flees since he didn’t want to waste the life that Elvira had saved. From that day, it has been said that Arles Vogart had died that day.

arles_004.pngAt first, Arles is pretty cold toward Fiona. As a leader, Arles has a clear-cut feeling towards Fiona. In other words, he only is using Fiona as the possible cure for the pack’s Zodiva, nothing else. Therefore, he plans to use her as much as he can for their advantage, unlike Rath. Eventually, he shows his gentle side toward her as well. However, Fiona would feel sad since she only thinks that Arles is like that b/c he sees Elvira’s shadow in her. When Arles told her about the truth behind the incident 10 years ago, she looks as if she is about to cry. Fiona tells him honestly that it made her sad that he wasn’t looking at her this whole time, but Elvira’s shadow in her. Arles was actually surprised when she told him that he was only nice to her at times b/c she reminded him of Elvira. Nevertheless, Fiona is still happy that he has showed his soft side to her.

In the last battle, Mejojo loses it when Fiona refuses to go to him; he claims he’s going to kill Fiona, like he did with Elvira then. Auger calls Fiona a hentai and a fool for following someone who is merely trying to use her as bait. Arles suggest that he and Mejojo settle their issue once and for all, but Mejojo claims there is no need to since Arles is the one that’s going to die. Suddenly, the trees around Arles and Mejojo collapse, which was part of Arles plan as well. Fire surrounded Arles and Mejojo, blocking all passages for them to escape. He tells Fiona, Rath, and Guillan to escape, so they can tell the truth about their saga. On the other hand, Auger claims that Mejojo can’t die yet b/c he’s not done having fun yet. ( ಠ_ಠ ) When Arles try to finish Mejojo with his final attack, the two see Elvira in the fire, followed by the shadows of Fiona.

“Stop you two. Wolves and Cathies should be getting along. Eventually, there will be a cure for Zodiva and will heal everyone. If everyone says sorry to one another, Weblin will be fine again, the way it used to be. So both of you, make up already, ok? Everything will be alright.”

Arles’ sword pierces through Mejojo and Mejojo’s sword through Arles. Arles wondered why they didn’t do so in the beginning, why they had to fight, and the reason to the outbreak of Zodiva. Even such questions were swallowed up by the fire. Mejojo didn’t understand why, but called Elvira’s name for the last time and  Arles called for Fiona’s name.

Fiona, Rath, and Guillan escaped to a place where the fire can’t reached them. Eventually, rain started to fall and the fire had been extinguished. The three of them go back to the site where Arles and Mejojo were fighting. They see Mejojo’s body, which is burnt up and see traces of his throat bitten by wolves; same goes for Auger. However, they can’t find Arles’ body there. Fiona calls Arles’ name faintly and hears a rustle as if it were answering to her call. It seems the other wolves have protected Arles. He is burnt too, but still alive, as if it’s some miracle. The three carry Arles to safety.

arles_006.pngFew years later, they live in a town that was built for the wolves to live peacefully and quietly. Arles is still healing his wounds from the battle. He still wonders why he survived and not the others. He believes that he had sacrificed too many, so that’s why he decided to sacrifice himself at the end. He tells her that he was thinking of her ’til the moment that he thought he was going to die, wanting to tell her something. He tells Fiona that she is misunderstanding. He claims that he wasn’t being nice to her b/c he was seeing Elvira’s shadow in her. I was a bit confused to what he was saying, but I think he’s trying to say that he was being cold to her b/c he didn’t want his feelings to waver from seeing Elvira’s shadow in her; he always kept that in mind. Therefore, if he was being nice to her, it was unconscious and due to Fiona herself, nothing to do with Elvira. That’s why he was also surprised when Fiona told him that there were times when Arles showed warmth toward her. Arles was prepared to die, but at the same time, he didn’t want to leave her either. Thus, the town became famous for a place where a human and a wolf had bound together, which opened up a new future for the wolves.

 photo tumblr_lt6arhlYOc1ql1l0v_zps258100fc.gif

Well, sadly, I guess Nesso dies every time in the wolves’ route. How sad…but at least Guillan didn’t die in Arles’ route. For some reason, I don’t remember what happened to Rath. I guess it was b/c I didn’t think of Rath too much during Bloody Nightmare since his route was so empty. So far, I actually think the wolves’ endings are the happiest, which is sad. I just can’t accept the fact that they killed off Nesso and Edgar. It’s like almost a happy ending, but not quite. So close…aha (・ω・) Everyone survives in the twin’s routes, but honestly I think Auger will kill them all eventually. Therefore, everyone all survived only in Mejojo’s route. I still have mixed feelings for Mejojo’s route. Well, I didn’t play any of the huma category routes, so maybe their routes would be better than the wolves’. The thing is this game is called Black Wolves Saga and the main conflict is between the twins and the wolves. Therefore, I feel that the wolves’ ending will be better suited as the rightful ending for this game. Thus, I guess it was meant for Nesso and Edgar to die…wth man (╥﹏╥) Why can’t everyone live happily! щ(ಥДಥщ)


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