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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Mejojo Von Garibaldi

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I had a hard time starting his route b/c I knew I wasn’t going to be happy about the route, but I wanted to get over with the cats. (눈‸눈) This dude is pretty handsome with a nice voice, it’s just a shame that he’s got a lot of issues. Well, no one’s perfect~ ┐(-_- )┌
※It’s a bit lengthy bc I wrote a bit on Julian’s route and the cat’s route from Bloody Nightmare.  

Fiona has always thought that Mejojo had approached her like how any girl would dream. However, she never felt like she was truly loved by him; she didn’t understand what made him propose to her in the first place. He would come to the tower to see her and give her gifts. Mejojo would claim that he’s serious about making her his wife and wants to be with her. On the other hand, Auger is pretty obvious about his feelings toward Fiona; he doesn’t care about her at all. Well, I dont care about him either, so it’s all good. ╮(-▽-)╭ 

Basically, the route is similar to Rath’s up until Arles come to kidnap Fiona, but is stopped by Nesso & co in this route. As they’re getting ready to camp outside, Fiona goes pick up some edible wild plants. Zara suggest she goes after Nesso or someone else comes back to go with her, since they’re preparing for the camp-out. However, Fiona insists she just go by herself, so she can go get captured again. Just kidding. (・ω・) She tells Zara that she’ll make sure she screams for help if something happened, but there’s no kidnapping this time. Instead, Mejojo/Auger has come to see Fiona & co. He claims that he’s been looking for her since she’s his important fiance…( ಠ_ಠ )

Anyways, they go head to Nesso & co. It turns out that Mejojo & co didn’t come just to come get Fiona. Basically, Mejojo came to screw over the Galland household. He accused Nesso for rebelling, in other words, the Galland household has rebelled against them to protect the wolves. Obviously, he knows that Nesso was only trying to protect Fiona SINCE the stupid CCK was pointing their swords at Fiona. Therefore, Edgar (Fiona, Nesso dad) has been imprisoned in the Garibaldi underground castle prison. However, Mejojo tells her not to worry b/c she will remain his even though it would be the end for the Gallands. I don’t know what is making him think that she’s gonna be like, “Oh okies darling, I’ll follow you even though you’ve practically screwed my whole family over ♪” (눈_눈) seriously… He comes up with an idea for Nesso to lick his shoes and he’ll consider their innocence, but ofc they’re not going to let them off from doing that (I’ll explain in more detail when I get to Nesso). Mejojo order his subordinates to take everyone other than Fiona, so they can imprison them with Edgar. Mejojo tries to take Fiona’s hand,  but then she’s like, ” DOOOON’T TOUUUUCHHH MEEEE!!” YOU GO GIRL, FIONA! d(◕ω◕✿) I’m like, ok let’s give him a bitch slap too lols xD 

Fiona claims that he won’t be his and shows her the bite that she got from Rath. Mejojo’s like, マジ1000% appalled from her words and starts laughing like マジ2000% psycho Auger in Rath’s route. He claims… “…Fiona, even you…aren’t going to choose me…? Even you…gave yourself to a wolf..! Why you too…!! I’ll kill you. Fiona, I’ll kill you too!” Obviously. there is something behind his words. On the other hand, Auger seems like he cares, but I doubt he really cares; he’s probably finding the situation “interesting.” Well, w/e no one likes him. (・ェ・) While Mejojo is becoming psycho kitty, Nesso & co run with Fiona away from those nasties.

Well, now they can’t return home b/c they’re wanted for rebelling against the Garibaldi, which is a pile of BS that the twins made up. Therefore, they decide to go to Nesso’s post, Biales, the city where he carries his duty as a knight. Along the way, they were supposed to stop by Grinwald to replenish their food supplies. However, it seems that the wolves have destroyed the town. Men’s throats were bitten off; the women and children were nowhere to be found. They were probably taken to the wolves’ HQ. Therefore, they change plans and just head straight to Biales since there’s nothing else they can do at Grinwald. Before they act on their plan, Elza tells his co that he’s going to separate his way for now, so he can gather some info of what’s going on at the castle. Nesso & co may be safe since Biales is far from the castle. It may be harder for the cats to gather info about them, but it’s the same for them too. He tells them not to worry b/c he’ll just say that he abandoned the Gallands if he gets captured. Therefore, Nesso & co tell him that he can make that the truth since he doesn’t have anything to do with the Gallands, but just got involved. Still, he doesn’t plan to abandon them; he already chose to follow Nesso. He claims that his duty is to protect his back and side; he adds that he’ll cut him if he says such ridiculous things again. They’re friendship is sooo ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ Just kidding, I think there’s a reason for his devotion to him, but I’ll cover that later. 

Meanwhile, Mejojo is in Garibaldi VI’s bedroom since his condition isn’t so well; he’s ill. Garibaldi VI (I’m just gonna call him the VI) is grieving about how he was betrayed by his old friend, Edgar; he was a special subordinate that helped the VI obtain the position he is in right now. Even though Mejojo was the one that set the trap, he thinks he should trust Edgar ’til the end if he’s going to grieve so much about it. He finds VI to be pitiful b/c even if VI grieves about betrayals, he never tries to believe them any further; he just gives up. Mejojo is disgusted for even sharing half of his blood. Well, I see where Mejojo is getting at… No matter if it’s his wife, children, or subordinates, he doesn’t try to believe them until the end. He should try to believe them no matter how the situation might seem, but he doesn’t. He just look at what’s visible, so he’s the type that would probably judge a book by it’s cover. Therefore, he results in losing them at the end. In that sense, I find VI to be pitiful… (・へ・ ) Anyways, Mejojo reports to VI that Nesso & Fiona have rebelled, and Fiona is being used by Nesso. VI puts Mejojo in charge of everything regarding Zodiva.

 photo bws-mejo_aug001.pngBack at Mejojo’s office, he orders Auger to tell the knights to go after Fiona. Also, Mejojo is planning to gather up all the people of Weblin who have contracted the disease, Zodiva. He’s supposedly making an institution for the people, but the thing is they don’t have any intention of curing them. They’re only using such wordings to announce to the public, but the truth is they’re planning to kill off every person who have contracted the disease. In addition, they’re planning to annihilate everyone who knows about Fiona having Zodiva as well.

At that time, Edgar is still imprisoned in the castle’s underground prison cell. He recalls the incident 10 years ago when one of the knights attacked a girl named Elvira Galland; she was Edgar brother’s daughter, a Robeira as well. Elvira was originally engaged to Mejojo, but soon fell in love with a knight, which was a wolf. They were soon engaged with congratulatories from both Mejojo and VI. Edgar wonders if she would have been able to live if they didn’t accept the engagement. Elvira’s life was taken by that wolf knight and the incident resulted in the wolf hunt. As Fiona grew up, she started to take similar appearance as Elvira; it gave Edgar a bad feeling as if it was foreshadowing the future. Soon after the wolf hunt have somewhat calmed down, Mejojo offered Fiona to be his fiance. Edgar knows that this offer should be an honor, but tbh, he didn’t want to give her away. Rather than honor, he just constantly wished for Fiona’s happiness. When Edgar found out Fiona was a Robeira, he promised to himself that he’ll do whatever to protect her, to keep her alive… but look what happened…ε=(・д・`*)ハァ…chaos… 

At the meantime, the wolves are stalking Fiona & co to find an opportunity to kidnap Fiona again. They plan to attack Biales in a few days, where Fiona & co is heading. When Fiona & co get to Biales, Nesso separates with Fiona & co; he goes to check out what’s going on at the knight’s place. on the other hand, the rest of the gang will go find an inn. When they meet up afterwards, it seems Fiona & co couldn’t find an inn; all inns would refuse their stay. At first, they considered that the cats have released their info, but it seemed more as if the people didn’t want any outsiders. In Nesso’s case, it seemed that all knights were gone due to the wolf attack of Grinwald. Suddenly, this women talks to them; her name is Henrietta. It seems that she is familiar with Nesso. She offers them to come stay at her place b/c Nesso have saved her life from bandits once. She claims that she’s prepared for the consequences for helping them; she can’t just act like she didn’t see anything to someone who saved her life. What an angel…why can’t cats and rats just learn from this girl right hurr…(つд`)  They ask Henrietta about what’s going on at Biales. It turns out that all the knights did go out to Grinwald, for a post-investigation. As of getting rejected from inns, the townspeople are sensitive from accepting outsiders b/c of the wolf attack at Grinswald and from the fear of possible spread of Zodiva in their city. The people have to report any Zodiva patients to the knights, or there will be consequences.

Eventually, the wolves attack Biales, as they planned. Thanks to Nesso, they have practiced emergency drills in case of wolf invasions. Therefore, the city has a shelter built in case of times like this; they head to the shelter. However, Fiona gets separated from the others from the fire. Suddenly, she looks behind since she felt like she heard something. However, her eyesight gets blurred and loses consciousness. The CCK captures Fiona and takes her to the castle…Thus, insert song ♪.

 photo bws_julian002.pngFiona wakes up in a room, finding another Cathy by her side. He’s Julian and have been told to take care of her. Also, she finds out that she was put to sleep and is told she’s at the castle. Julian serves her some tea, but Fiona is cautious of what might be put in the tea. Well, I don’t think there would be any poison, or they would’ve killed her a long time ago already. I mean she was sleeping in the castle, I don’t see why they would go through the trouble to wait for her to wake up and can poison her. That would be super weird, unless they have such fetishes or something. (・ェ・) lol

 photo bws_mejojo002_.pngFiona asks what’s going on and how she got there, but Mejojo & Auger come before he answers. Fiona considers herself being captured by them, but Mejojo claims that he was only sheltering her from danger. He notifies her that Nesso & co are alright and they know about her whereabouts. Also, Biales was put on fire, but Nesso & co were able to limit the damage. In addition, Nesso is in charge of the wolf hunting. Basically, she’s the hostage, so Nesso is under their control now. She tries to convince that Mejojo & Auger should work with the Wolves in order to find a cure for Zodiva. She claims that she has the disease too, so they might contract it from her. He claims that they won’t make such a mistake. Fiona then notices a trace of a shot mark on her arm. Therefore, she suspects that she was treated and the cure might exist already. However, they claim that there are no such treatment with this smirk on their faces. (ಠ益ಠ) Basically, they don’t care about the wolves or the people of Weblin. Mejojo claims that Fiona will become his wife and stay at the garden, where she woke up FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER… (ಠ益ಠ)  (ಠ益ಠ) Fiona asks what Mejojo wants; he claims that he’s been saying that the whole time, wants Fiona as his wife. She denies his response though. She knows that he doesn’t really love her, so asks why he’s so attached to her then. Mejojo doesn’t tell her the reason, just claims that she needs to be his. Afterwards, Mejojo & Auger leaves the room. When they leave, Auger tells her not to say anything that will trigger Mejojo from changing or he’ll be troubled. In other words, Auger is implying for Fiona to not to ruin his fun. (-_- ) On the other hand, Julian is more sympathetic toward her, so he comforts her.

Meanwhile, Nesso & co find the wolves’ HQ. Pearl/Richie notices that the rats are watching them since Mejojo doesn’t trust them. On the other hand, Fiona hasn’t been eating, so Julian is worried about her. Few days later, Fiona gets to see Edgar thanks to Julian. He let’s the two have some alone time. Edgar talks about how the battle between humans and wolves are intense these days. It appears that there are some people who still give info to Edgar even in his position now. Edgar tells Fiona that he has something she can tell no one. He knows that Mejojo & Auger is going to go fight with wolves themselves on their last attack, especially since Mejojo despises the wolves. Therefore, Mejojo doesn’t want to reveal about the Zodiva prevention and treatment drug is almost complete. Edgar plans to use this opportunity to escape with one of his helper; they can meet up with Nesso and go oversea.

On the day of the attack, Fiona is alone in the room. She hears a thump on the window; her rescue came. The rescue guy tells her to change into a maid’s outfit, so she won’t draw attention when they escape. When she finishes changing, she asks when they’re going to rescue Edgar. The thing is they’re not going to go rescue him b/c Edgar is planning to stay. Even if the cat princes are psycho, Edgar’s loyalty  still lies with Garibaldi VI. Omg such a great subordinate, but VI doesn’t even try to believe his innocence, how sad… (눈‸눈) Also, Edgar doesn’t want them waste their chance for his sake, so they escape without him. Also, she feels sorry for leaving Julian, but he actually let her escape even though he knew about it. He’s grateful that Fiona came and wishes her that she escapes safely, wishing for her happiness. Yeah, he’s a sweetheart. (◕﹏◕ )

In Bloody Nightmare, he was categorized in the huma’s route rather than the Cathy’s routes. Well, I guess this is b/c he’s not mad like the twins. Julian is voiced by Hosoya Yoshimasa. Those who are fans should play Bloody Nightmare and see how mentally broken down he is b/c of Mejojo & Auger. I remember feeling real sad when it got to that scene. In the good ending, he escapes with Fiona and the others; this ending was real cute. On the other hand, in the true end… (・へ・ ) he becomes the king and Fiona stays with him, but he treats Mejojo/Auger the same way he was treated all these years. He was probably beating them, like he used to be since he had blood on his shirt. However, Fiona acted like she didn’t notice what was going on, she didn’t want to think about stuff that might break their happiness. 

 photo bws_mejojo005.pngAfter they escape, they traveled north to meet up with Nesso. However, the forest is on fire. Luckily it starts raining, so it puts out the fire eventually. The rescue guy tells Fiona to hide while he checks what’s going on. Fiona is worried  if Nesso & co are alright since the situation looks pretty bad. Suddenly, she hears a rustle; it’s Mejojo and Auger. Mejojo’s face is half burnt like in Rath’s route, as well as Auger. They both collapse beside the tree that Fiona is hiding, but haven’t realized her presence. Honestly, I didn’t want to, but for the sake of the route…Fiona goes out to save them. At the same time, the rescue guy comes back and need to carry them somewhere safe to treat them. However, he’s only able to carry one. Therefore, she needs to choose only one to carry first, choosing Mejojo.


 photo bws_craycrayauger004.pngAuger feels sick and his head feels like it’s going split, from the carbon monoxide poisoning. “Shit…I feel so stupid that I fell into the wolves’ trap.” He’s pretty calm about the situation and doesn’t really care anymore. Also, Mejojo is saved anyways. CCK find Auger, but since they’re too small/weak, they can’t carry him to safety. Auger bashes them with words, calling them annoying and useless. Therefore, the CCK ditches him… ( ಠ_ಠ ) He demands them to save him with a faint voice, but says he’s fine with this too.

I would say serves him right, but I’m not fond of the rats anymore so…. it’s like, they were so obedient. If they’re going to be so obedient, they should have just followed through, but I guess they’re more obedient towards Mejojo then? Also, I’m confused, so they can’t turn into rat men? …meaning they don’t have human forms? or do they transform, but too weak and small b/c they’re rats? idk, I wish someone will clear that up for me. I know it’s not a must-know detail, but I’m soooo curious xD 

Fiona is able to meet up with Nesso & co. Fiona tells Zara to look at Mejojo’s condition and Nesso to go get Auger. They were able to save Mejojo, but too late for Auger. Afterwards, Nesso was able to relieve the misunderstandings of the Gallands. Edgar continued supporting VI, even though he doesn’t deserve it… Edgar is too kind. Julian became the new successor of the throne since he was the former first-hand successor. Nesso works under Julian  as the leader knight. Zara was able to create the vaccine and treatment for Zodiva. After the battle, no wolves were found anymore. Mejojo has been in a coma, but now he is recovering. Now he has a calm personality. To the public, it’s been said that Mejojo has died in the battle along with Auger; only a few knows that he is still alive. Basically, Mejojo lost everything in the end.

As of now, Fiona and Mejojo lives in this cabin in the forest together. At times, Zara would come and look at Mejojo’s condition. Fiona asks if he’s thirsty and gives him a drink. Suddenly, he asks why she’s staying with him. He doesn’t understand why she’s with him when he has lost everything, no power either. Fiona claims that she just couldn’t abandon him; she doesn’t really know the reason. She claims that he didn’t need that power he has always been attached with in the first place since she like him the way he is now.

 photo bws_mejojo007.pngI was actually surprised that he talked about his past here. He claims that no one ever looked over at him, (including Elvira since she chose the wolf knight after all. Therefore, he came to become attached to Fiona b/c they’re similar.) His dad only adored his kid with the first wife (lawful wife?) since polygamy existed. Therefore, he disregarded the twins even though they had the abilities. Also, the queen bullied their mother, eventually got tired, and chose death. He claims that he didn’t have anything in the beginning, so thought he had to become king in order to obtain everything. He believed that if he didn’t win, he’ll eventually be killed. He believed that he had to continue winning and take things away, so he won’t lose anything. However, in the end, he still lost everything. Still, he’s surprised that he feels that he was finally able to obtain something he has always longed for. Mejojo has lost his goal and ambitions, but still feels content. Therefore, Fiona tells him that he hasn’t lost everything, he still has her. She tells him that they should live together, that she’ll support him.

In Bloody Nightmare… When Mejojo was sick when he was a kid, the queen would prevent the doctors from seeing him. She would “claim” that Julian is sick as well, so she would use all the doctors on him, even if she knows he isn’t actually sick. The sad thing is that it isn’t Julian’s fault either for not being able to help them since he was still a kid too. What power does he have over his mother at that age? Another thing is that he was still young and also loved, so he didn’t really understand what was going on at that time, still a naive kid. In fact, he even wanted to play with the twins, but the queen didn’t allow it. Even if his mom had hatred toward the twin’s mom and them, Julian didn’t have such feelings toward them. There was no one that would protect these twins, the Queen even tried to assassinate Mejojo a few times. This is why polygamy sucks b/c shit like this happens. щ(ಠ益ಠщ)  It’s like, if the king isn’t going to love his kids with the other wife, why does he need another one. He didn’t even take care of them the way they should be… I just don’t buy this shit…ugh. Also, when I meant by the twin’s mother choosing death, she suicided. I blame the mom partly for the twin’s madness. They were like a normal family… Until one day, she asks them to move a bookshelf for her. The twins pull one end of the rope and the  mother ties the other end to the bookshelf…It was supposed to be the bookshelf, but she actually tied it to her neck. Well, she was pretty crazy at the point from all the bullying from the Queen and the lack of love she was getting from the king…so she got her kids to kill her. Ofc, they didn’t know about this until they unknowingly killed her. 

 photo tumblr_lt6arhlYOc1ql1l0v_zps258100fc.gif

Well, I guess Mejojo’s ending wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be since I didn’t think any of the twin’s routes were considered to be a good end in Bloody Nightmare. At least, Mejojo didn’t kill anyone in his good end… I’m just afraid to find out further on his route though. They have this extra feature called “extra voice.” At this point, after the good end, I only have access to the good end voice, so he just talks about how he doesn’t understand why Fiona chose him at the end. Also, he says, “I’ve finally obtained (something or Fiona)…I can take it as that right?” The problem is I’m not sure if he’s implying that he was able to obtain something he really wanted or Fiona. What I’m scared is that if this means that he was attached to obtaining something he never got until the end, or that he was truly happy for the outcome, regardless of his attachment. I’m assuming I won’t be able to find out until I finish all his routes since I’m thinking the voice for finishing all the routes will tell me? I’m a bit like “(・ェ・)?” b/c when Fiona said she was going to be with him, his expression didn’t change. I don’t know, but I just found it odd. Maybe I’m thinking too much? lol aha

Well, Mejojo was pitiful indeed. I know he has all these shit, but his life is very saddening. I just wished there was someone for him at the time. CCK were with the twins since they were kids, but they still abandoned Auger. Well, it’s like who wouldn’t, but still…this probably means that they never thought of them more than them being their higher-ups. To the rats, they were probably just those they had to obey, which is sad too. Well, I guess it’s all karma for them b/c they got what they deserved. (´・д・`) Still, it’s like…if they had someone, everything might have been different…like having Edgar or something since he didn’t abandon VI ’til the end. Psh b/c VI doesn’t deserve him anyways. (-へ-) Honestly, I don’t even think Julian would have mind if Mejojo became the first-hand successor, instead of him.In conclusion, it’s all Garibaldi VI’s fault! This wouldn’t have happened if he equally loved his children. ( ಠ_ಠ ) HMPH! lol


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