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Butterfly Lip

So Butterfly Lip is finally out. Well it’s been out since almost a month ago I think? I was starting to forget about this game.

The otome companies these days have been having their little delay spree recently. It’s like, “Hey GUYS, let’s join Otomate’s delay club and see all the fans suffer!” Just kidding. ahaha Well, I don’t know what’s been going on recently, but I hope they would just go through with their original release dates. If not, might as well make the release date super late like Brothers Conflict -Brilliant Blue-. I know BC -BB- was released like more than a yr after Passion Pink, but I don’t think it was delayed? Well, whatever. Anyways, about Butterfly Lip…

I think most people pretty much know what this game is about right? You start as Ichinose Kei’s (CV. Kishio Daisuke) girlfriend ⇒ Stuff Happens ⇒ You choose to be with the the boyfriend or Himeno Kazuhi (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke). What I know as of now from playing 10 mins of it, there’s a dummy head mic system from time to time when the characters get into this randy mood. Also, Kei has a cute personality, but a bit childish at times. I’m just hoping I won’t end up liking Himeno more bc then that would be pretty sad for Kei, especially since he’s the boyfriend. ε=(・д・`*)ハァ… DON’T WORRY KEI, I still have that Hirakawa trauma, so I won’t abandon you! ( >д<)/ And when I do, for the game’s sake, I’ll probably feel real guilty. ( ಠ_ಠ ) aha It might have been easier if there was also a route where Hina starts as Himeno’s girlfriend, so it’s even. However, Hina always starts as Kei’s girlfriend, so it’s like oh my poor KEIIII! ( >д<) lol.

I don’t really have much to say bc I think I pretty much said most things on my past posts. If you would like more info on it, you can go check my past Dousei Kareshi series post from my categories side bar. (・ω・)ノシ



Overall Review after Gameplay:
Story: ★★★☆☆
Characters: ★★★☆☆
Seiyuus: ★★★☆☆
Art: ★★★★☆

The story is meh… I mean the couples are cute when they have their happy, lovey dovey moments. However, once insecurity striked the heroine, everything started to crumble. The pattern of the game was couple’s lovey dovey moment ⇒insecurity strikes heroine ⇒fights ⇒more insecurities ⇒rival makes a motion ⇒choose between boyfriend or the other guy ⇒overall making the players (in my case) feel kinda depressed. Actually, the more I think about it, I find this game more realistic than the typical otome games… BUT I’m not looking for realism in otome games Black Butterfly ahaha! I thought Hina’s insecurities were common in most real-life women when dating someone. Therefore, the romance in the game felt ドロドロ, or complicated. There is no real “plot” to the story of the game though. Also, all the characters annoyed me at some point. The only thing that I liked was probably the art, except the awkward PG-13 bed scene CG. I still think that was unnecessary. They remind me of the Starry Sky kissing CGs. Anyways, now that i think further about it, I don’t know what made me expect so much of it when the concept was to stay with the bf or to cheat on him. The idea was new, but the outcome of this was pretty obvious. Why the F would it have a happy resolved story/ending. It was probably the art that got to me, good art = 10/10 rating lol. Just kidding.


5 thoughts on “Butterfly Lip

  1. I’m pretty much looking forward to this game. I’ll pick it up from my parent’s home in 2 weeks and since it’s a short game I’ll probably go through it immediately. I also have Dot Kare on my shelf, too. orz orz I need more time to play all those games I bought… ;w;


    1. Aha, I’ll be suffering before you then, from all the guilt. (つд`) lol But surprisingly I’m not too much in a rush to play the game. Haven’t played after the 10 mins. I think the delays are getting to me. I’m starting to lose the excitement for wanting to play some of the newer games already tsk tsk (・へ・ )


  2. Hello~~ Thanks for this blog, I really like it ! 😀
    Do you know a walkthrough link for this game ?? I’ll still try without one but if I can have one It will be a great help.. ^^’ (Sorry for bad english)


    1. Hello! I’m glad that you like what you see~
      If you can read Japanese, there’s a list of otome game walkthroughs on my sidebar. You can use モモ缶 or love voice. They have a walkthrough for the game on their site.


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