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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- Rath Vogart


First up is Rath! Now that I finished his route, I kinda regretted that I didn’t finish it the last time I test played his route. It turns out that I was almost done too…( ಠ_ಠ ). I played him first bc his route was so empty in Bloody Nightmare. His good ending was all vague too, which made me think, what is this…ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ I think I said I stopped bc this one character died right? Now I’m like scared to play the other character routes…I don’t want to see any characters dyingggg…щ(ಥДಥщ) Especially by those….ARGH ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ Anyways…

Oh yeah, one more thing…If you guys aren’t familiar with the game, I added a character description in the Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope- intro post.

bws_rath002I mentioned in the intro review that Fiona was able to go outside a bit before her party starts. Fiona, Pearl, and Richie were playing hide and seek. While Fiona was looking for the two, she encounters a suspicious looking dude in her garden. He threatens her to be quiet or he’ll kill her. When they are finally found by Nesso & co, he takes Fiona as a hostage, running to the tower. Nesso & co try to convince him to return Fiona to them and they will let him off easy. However, the suspicious dude turned out to be a wolf. He jumps off the tower with Fiona in his arms. Luckily, they survived the fall bc the trees acted as a cushion when they landed. Rath thinks that she’s strange bc she talks to him rather casually. He expected her to be scared of him, but she’s not. She even introduces herself to him and find out his name is Rath, the first name she hears in the outside world.

BWS_rath003Meanwhile, at the Galland palace, Fiona’s dad is worried sick. Nesso mentions that they have checked the landing point of their jump. Nesso believes that they must be alive since there was no one to be found. Mejojo and Auger arrive for Fiona’s party, so Nesso tells them about the situation. I swear, Auger is pissing me off already. Yes, he was an A-hole since Bloody Nightmare. You can tell by his tone that he’s not a Mr. Nice Kitty…(눈_눈)  Mejojo sounds like he cares, but Nesso here feels there’s something fishy about them. When they hear about Fiona being kidnapped by a wolf, Nesso senses that there might be something more to Mejojo’s reaction. He has heard that Mejojo has his hatred toward the wolves ever since he got the scar on his face from one. Nesso tells his father that he wants to take a break on his duties as a knight for a while in order to search for Fiona. Elza wants to help as well since she was taken right in front of him, can’t just act like nothing happened. They also decide to take Zara, Pearl, and Richie.

On their search, Nesso is worried, so Zara tries to relieve his worries by saying that it isn’t proven yet if the wolves are really responsible for the disease, Zodiva. Still, he is worried that it’s likely for her to catch it bc she’s already a Robeira, so Zara says that’s why he’s here with them on the search. However, Zara is more worried on what will happen once the wolf’s motive is fulfilled.

bws_rath004On the other hand, Fiona is having an adventure of her own with Rath bc everything is new to her. She would purposely step on puddles even though a normal person would avoid them. She would even touch a caterpillar, WHICH I WOULD NEVERRR TOUCH. ฅ^._.^ฅ The two are actually getting along well together, but this isn’t really a good thing for Rath. That night, Fiona sees Rath at the lake, mumbling to himself that “Wolves should just disappear from the world. Don’t mind the girl. Just focus on killing Mejojo and Auger.” Obviously, he is emotionally unstable. Poor soul… (´・д・`) She can’t stand watching him like that anymore, so she says she’ll stay with him from now on. When he realizes her presence, he doesn’t understand why she isn’t afraid of him. He’s probably confused since everyone has always been scared or hating him, but then this girl comes out of nowhere trying to open his heart. Somewhere inside he wants to believe, but also thinks she’s just faking. He mumbles, not to give him false hope. 

The next day, they go to a town, so they can stay a night there. Fiona is wondering if he has money since you need money to stay at inn right? NOTHING IS FREE. (눈‸눈) They decide to earn some money by selling some meat and herbs. However, Rath mentions how they shouldn’t attract any attention. Let’s face it…Who wouldn’t notice them? Rath looks so suspicious already and he’s with a girl who is dressed up in nice clothes. Anyone will notice that mismatch lol Therefore, Fiona comes up with an idea to use their appearance as an advantage, to attract customers instead.

In the meantime, Auger visits Mejojo’s office. He brings in some news that the CCK, the rat knights, have found Fiona. However, they don’t plan to tell the Gallands until later on. He tells the CCK to stall if the wolf tries to take Fiona and run.

bws_rath005Back to Fiona and Rath, they were able to stay at an inn. As they eat, Rath suddenly drops his tray. Obviously, there’s something wrong with him. He tells her to stay away from him. However, Fiona doesn’t listen bc he looks like he’s in real pain, which results him to grab her and bite her on the shoulder. When he calms down, Fiona asks if he’s satisfied. Just when he was going to ask her something, they hear a scream. Rath goes and check what’s going on. It turns out that the townspeople have found a woman’s dead body, as if she has been attacked by a wolf. Ofc, it wasn’t Rath bc he was with Fiona the whole time, but who would believe a wolf. Also, the townspeople have never had a wolf attack, so the outsiders (Fiona and Rath) will be the first one to be suspected. Therefore, the two leave the inn before the townspeople come looking for them.

They safely escape to the forest. Fiona is worried that Rath is in no condition to run, but there’s no time to rest. Suddenly, they hear a rustling noise; it’s the CCK. Like Mejojo ordered, they’re here to stall. Fiona tries to protect him, but they aren’t listening to her. She tries to stop them once again, so the CCK threaten her that they won’t hesitate if she gets in their way. Just when they try to attack, Nesso & co. come to the rescue. Nesso is like, what’s the meaning of this bc the rats are being meh…The game sprite for the CCK are just rats, so I was wondering if they transform when they attack…If they don’t, I was thinking they should just step on them. (눈‸눈) ahah They probably do though bc I don’t think they can fight if they’re still in their rat forms. Still, they should step on them BEFORE they turn into rat men. lol xD I think they’re cute, but how they’re sooo obedient to the kitties ruins their cuteness. ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ The rats withdraw bc they’re no match against Nesso. Then, they take Fiona and Rath to the cabin they were staying last night.

bws_rath006Zara examined Rath to have Zodiva; he has the black speckles that is one of the most obvious symptoms of the disease. It is said that a person will die when the speckles spread all over their body. Also, the disease have blinded one of his eyesight. Ara states that he probably doesn’t have that long to live. The question is, does Fiona have Zodiva. Zara doesn’t know for sure bc it takes a while for the disease to show that it has activated and he doesn’t see that in Fiona yet. She’s worried, which makes her think that she should stay away from Nesso & co in case she does have it. Ofc, Nesso doesn’t approve, so Zara takes out a vaccine he’s been working on. She wants to give it to Rath too, but since he already has Zodiva, it won’t have an affect on him. When Rath wakes up, he uses Fiona as hostage again, putting his knife up to her neck. However, this time, he only uses her to escape. Then, pushes her away, and runs.

At Mejojo’s office, the CCK report on what happened earlier. Mejojo and Auger find Nesso even more bothersome. Mejojo seem to think that he hasn’t had enough yet. He thinks this way bc he has been proposing to Fiona, but Nesso has been getting in his way. Therefore, he transferred Nesso somewhere to the north for his knight duties. Auger suggest that he can just crush him if he’s so bothersome. Mejojo agress to this, which makes Auger excited. (ಠ益ಠ)

bws_rath007Rath then meets up with Guillan, a fellow wolf. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ He asks what happened to the girl (Fiona) and if he killed the cats. The thing is that they knew that Fiona was a Robeira, that’s why Rath sneaked into the Galland’s garden. Also, Guillan was the one that killed the woman at that town. He claims that he was going to meet Rath there, but couldn’t find them. Therefore, he just attacked the town instead. Rath picks a fight with him bc he’s different from the other wolves. He doesn’t have a desire to attack humans, unlike the majority of the wolves. On the other hand, Guillan is the type that doesn’t care as long as he can kill. Guillan starts beating Rath up bc he is acting too cocky towards him. He also suspect that Rath might have actually let Fiona escape.  I know I know, Guillan seems like a jerk, but he’s actually really cute. He was really cute in Bloody Nightmare too. I think most of the cuteness in the game was from Guillan in BN. (´・д・`) 

bws_rath008From the beating, Rath is unconscious and has a flashback dream. It was said that his brother had killed his soon-to-be bride and is the culprit that left a scar on Mejojo’s face. At the same time, an unknown epidemic was going around the kingdom. The incidents soon collided, which started putting the wolves in a bad position; soon, people thought that the wolves were the cause of the disease. However, everyone in his family believed his brother’s innocence. Therefore, they didn’t leave their palace since that would only admit the brother’s wrongdoings. However, one night, the Voagart palace was put on fire. This is due to Garibaldi VI putting the “Genocide Wolf” into action, so he sees Mejojo asking the CCK if they got rid of all the wolves. They tell him that they’ve got the mom and the sister, but there should still be a little brother in the family, which is Rath. One of the housekeeper finds Rath, telling him to run since he’s the only survivor of the Vogart family now. He was somehow able to escape since the housekeeper acted as a decoy to give him the opportunity. However, he went through a lot being chased and even thrown rocks at him. He was living, but didn’t feel like he was living at all. Eventually, his body was infected with Zodiva. At times, he would have a sudden thirst for blood. Soon, he couldn’t see from one of his eyes and these black speckles appeared on his arm. Soon the phrase, “Wolves should just disappear from the world, ” as if it’s some chant.

It seems that Guillan has taken Rath back to the wolves’ headquarters. He reports to his brother, Arles V. Felnoir, that the girl has ran away. Therefore, he asks why he ran away when a woman was was found dead at that town. He suggests that he shouldn’t have run since he should have known that the town was going to end anyways. Thus, Arles decide that he’ll go kidnap her instead.

Fiona & co are camping out for the night. Fiona almost collapse toward the fire; it seems that she has a fever. However, Zara blames himself for being unable to distinguish whether she has Zodiva. Pearl & Richie starts crying as if Fiona is going to die, which pumps him up even more to find the cure no matter what. While he was examining Fiona, he has found out that she got bitten by Rath. All this time, people had thought that wolves don’t contract Zodiva, but they actually do; he thinks that this may be the key point to find a cure. That night, Fiona goes to the lake to freshen her mind and sees this wolf. Like Arles said, he came to kidnap Fiona. OK, so they have this movie right here with this song. This was in Bloody Nightmare too. Honestly, I thought it was weird…I like the song, but weird…I guess it’s suppose to “signify” that you have entered the wolf, human, or the cat route. ┐(‘~`;)┌

bws_rath009Fiona meets Rath again, worried about him. Cute Guillan thinks Fiona is picking a fight with him for having eye contact with him. First things first, she asks why she is being kidnapped and the reason they want to kill the cat princes so badly. Before that, Arles ask what she knows first. She talks about the basic details and what she was talking with Nesso & co about the wolves and Zodiva. He’s pretty impressed with what they have come up with. He reveals that the only wolves that don’t have Zodiva are Arles and Guillan. To be more exact, they’re the only wolves that were able to cure the disease. Arles show Fiona the cage of women that they use to satisfy their thirst for blood. However, they can only satisfy the wolves’ thirst, nothing else. This is where Fiona comes in; she’s a Robeira. Arles is thinking that the difference between him and the other wolves is that he attacked a Robeira before, so he suspects a Robeira’s blood might be the cure. They don’t know for sure bc Guillan just attacked whoever he wants, he was already cured when he realized.  Therefore, they kidnapped Fiona to see if a Robeira’s blood is the cure or not. As of Mejojo and Auger, they reveal that they killed Rath’s family.

bws_rath010Arles decide that they can’t keep Fiona in a cage. As a Robeira, she’s too weak. They give her a room that she’ll be imprisoned in. As a starter, Arles cut a slit on her finger for one of the wolves to lick. She’s actually not that scared; they’re like doggies to her, just like Pearl and Richie. (◕ᴥ◕し) This other time, Guillan comes into the room, wanting to have a taste of her blood. This scares her, so she calls Rath for help. She’s happy that Rath comes to the rescue bc he has been avoiding her recently. Guillan sulks bc it seems like he’s the bad guy now. He claims that it’s not fair that he can’t have a taste of her, even Rath was able to get a taste of her blood. Rath still feels guilty about biting Fiona, so now Rath looks like he’s about to cry; this makes Guillan seem even more like the bad guy, so he claims that he have lost his appetite and leaves. Rath gets all emo about how Guillan is right. He tells her that he’ll report this incident to Arles, so something like this won’t happen again. She thanks him and tell him to come visit her again. She convinces him by saying that she’ll scream for help if he does ever try to attack her, so he doesn’t need to worry. Because he’s afraid that he might attack her again, like the time he did at the inn.

bws_rath011That night, Fiona hears a knock on the door, thinking that it must be either Arles or Rath; it’s Guillan though. This time he asks beforehand if he can talk to her, but she’s a bit scared from earlier. It seems that he has come to apologize, so she let’s him in. Apparently, he got lectured by Arles after the incident, but doesn’t know exactly why. He claims that he had no intention of scaring or making her cry, so he apologies in a fast and low voice. He brought a cookie bc he assumed girls like them. He says he likes them too, but will give her one. Isn’t he cute? Well, I think he’s cute. I admit that he has this aggressive attitude, but he has a really cute personality. I just CAN’T hate him. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ 

During this time, Mejojo is hella pissed bc the wolves took Fiona again. He was going to take her away from Nesso in his face, but can’t now that she’s gone again. On the other hand, Auger doesn’t give a crap about Fiona. He doesn’t even care if she dies, he couldn’t care less. They suspect that the wolves’ headquarter is located somewhere in the north, that’s why Nesso was transferred there in the first place. They were hoping that Nesso will just get killed by a wolf or something. Omg, I hate them… (눈_눈) Ofc, I’ll try to avoid being biased in the beginning of everyone’s route, start from zero for each character, but I have a feeling I’m going to have a real hard time. Since I know how MAD they are from Bloody Nightmare, I’m just BLEHHH about them…(・へ・ ) Mejojo orders the CCK to continue keeping an eye on Nesso and search for the wolves.

Soon, Fiona is informed that her blood did have an effect on the wolves; they’re recovering. Arles finds it odd that she looks relieved from the bottom of her heart when she’s helping the wolves. Fiona claims that she has survived until now thanks to the people that took care of her. As a Robeira, there’s no way that she can survive all on her own. Therefore, there were times that she would hate that she’s a Robeira. Then, they came into the picture, saying that they need her help. She’s happy that she was able to help someone this time; they gave her a purpose in life for being a Robeira. Arles tell her that she’s a good girl. She is indeed~ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ 

Anyways, since the wolves are recovering, some have gotten their wills back even though they can’t maintain their human forms. Therefore, Arles gives Fiona the permission to walk around and stuff as long as she takes a wolf along with her. She goes on a walk with one of the wolves and see Rath along the way. However, he is avoiding her again. He doesn’t understand why she doesn’t hate him since he’s the one that tried to kidnap her, knowing how she would be treated. However, Fiona doesn’t blame him since there was a reason for the need to kidnap her. He’s still guilty about biting her, so she tells him that it’s not his fault since it was the Zodiva that was making him act that way.

Arles makes an announcement that they’ll be going out as a whole. Guillan thinks that they’re going to go attack another town, but nope. This guy…all he can think is to hunt. ╮(-▽-)╭ Arles claim that the headquarter isn’t a good place for healing the wolves’ disease, so they’re going to change their location temporarily. Fiona calls it a “picnic.” lol xD At the new location, Arles tell either Rath or Guillan to get both Arles and Fiona’s part of the share (food) since Arles is going to watch Fiona in case something happens. Guillan and Rath starts bickering at each other that they’ll get their shares, so they compete who will do better. It turns out they got a deer, enough for the four of them. Guillan claims that it was all thanks to him, but Rath claims that he would have directly been rammed by the deer if he didn’t come and save him. Still, Guillan tells both Arles and Fiona to praise him, so they pet him. Fiona thinks that she should pet Rath as well since he did a good job too, He claims that he’s not a kid like Guillan, blushing, Guillan claims that he;’s not a kid, he just likes being petted on the head. It’s so cute bc Guillan used to just tell Arles to praise him. Ever since Fiona joined them, he likes being petted by Fiona too. (*`ω´*) Now, who doesn’t think that’s cute. (✿・谷・)〴

bws_rath012During their temporary “picnic,” the pack is found by soldier of Weblin and is attacked. Arles tell Rath to assist Guillan while he takes care of her. On the other hand, Mejojo and Auger is notified that Fiona has been seen. Also, they had a report that these women were found in the forest. They suspect correctly that the wolves have been caging the women for their blood and were let go bc they have no need for them anymore. Thus, they have found the treatment of Zodiva, which is Fiona as a Robeira. They are more sure of where their headquarters are, predict that they are healing, and are stalling in order to be ready for their attack when they do.

bws_rath013Fiona wakes up in her room; it seems that she has fainted. Rath comes in to her room to take care of her bc she fainted from a fever. He feeds her some fruit, so she can get some nutrients in her body. She suggest that she will feed herself, but Rath claims that she will dirty her hands that way. He says he can wash his hands anytime, but she can’t. She still thinks she should have bc her mouth is dirty now, so Rath licks her. Apparently, during this time, there were no such thing as NAPKINS, so they made people lick each other to wipe their mouths…( ಠ_ಠ ) They should have at least some kind of cloth right? Well, there is a bed, curtains, and etc. How can they not have napkins…or a towel. At least SOMETHING! He tells her to sleep, but how can someone just act like nothing happened after being licked on the mouth. I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep by disgust since licking doesn’t really clean anything, unless you wipe it with something. Well, who cares about what I think. lol ┐(‘~`;)┌ Guillan comes to see how she’s doing too, thinking that she really doesn’t look well. He asks if she’s going to die, with this sad tone. He claims that it’s weird to die when it’s not like someone killed her. He says that he can’t do anything if it’s from an illness. This is probably bc he always survived from fighting and killing, never experienced death merely from an illness. I assume he was implying that since it’s an illness, there is nothing he can do to help her. He also mentions that Arles will be troubled if she dies and wants her to pet him too. Therefore, she better live or he’ll kill her. But then, if she dies, he can’t kill her bc she would already be dead. (・ェ・) lol 

Few days later, Fiona’s fever went down. Arles, Guillan, and Rath have a meeting regarding their future movements. Arles is planning to attack a city to show off Fiona to the knights, in order to drag Mejojo & Auger out. Rath doesn’t agree to this plan since Fiona just had a fever, so it might even kill her. However, Arles mention that the fever wasn’t from the Zodiva. Still, she may have the blood to treat the disease, but she’s not immuned to it. In other words, he’s saying that it might be a matter of time that the Zodiva gets to her. Therefore, they must use her for their benefits before she does die. He’s reminding him why they kidnapped her in the first place. Arles tells them that there’s still a few days before their attack, so be prepared. Guillan claims that this is why he doesn’t like humans bc they’re so weak. He understands the plan and everything, but you can tell that there’s some loneliness in the tone of his voice. (´・д・`)

Rath goes and sees Fiona, telling her about the meeting. He claims that he doesn’t want to put her in danger or sacrifice her. He questions why they have to sacrifice in order to live. Rath claims that he doesn’t want to live if he has to live this way. However, Fiona wants him to live though. She claims that she’ll try her best to live, so he wants him to do so too. He thinks that the effort may result in becoming the effort to kill her. However, she says that no one is at fault since they’re just trying to live.

bws_rath014When they head to the city, Fiona goes with Rath. Guillan set the city on fire. There, Fiona encounters Nesso & co; they were in the city looking for Fiona. Nesso and Arles fight for Fiona. However, Nesso loses. They think that Arles cut Nesso with his sword, but turns out he was just bashed with the mine (the unsharpened part) of his sword. Therefore, he may have broken a few bones, but there’s no cut. The others try to fight for Fiona, but Nesso stops them bc he knows that they’ll be no match for Arles. The wolves then take Fiona and leave.

bws_rath01015Back at the wolf headquarters, Arles wants to talk with Fiona about the next plan. He apologizes for hurting Nesso and she thanks him for not killing him. He tells her that she may be put in danger and will probably involve her big time in the next plan. Arles believes the only way to save Weblin is to kill Mejojo and Auger. Therefore, they will use Fiona as a decoy. He plans to lure the Weblin army to the forest and burn it. Suddenly, they hear a rustle; it’s Rath. He disagrees to Arles plan and runs away. Fiona wants to go after him, Arles tells her to do so too. He tells her to run away with him, but she can’t bc she has to do this or the wolves… Rath doesn’t know what to do, so Fiona pats his back until he calms down. When he does, he apologizes for losing it.

bws_rath016Rath talks about the past, when the wolf hunting started. He has been running away on his own ever since his escape from the attack at the Vogart palace. Therefore, he was alone until he was able to reunite with Arles. However, he met this one girl that wasn’t scared of him while he was still running. She brought him food and was nice to him. One day, she brought him food like always. Rath smells a sweet scent coming from her. However, she didn’t bring anything sweet with her that day; she brought sandwiches. He notices that she has a cut on her finger. Suddenly, he couldn’t hold his thirst for her blood and attacked her. Ever since then, his heart has been scarred from the incident. He ruined the life of the girl that helped him. He’s scared of himself that he might be the wolf that everyone hates one day. Still, at the same time, he wants to kill Mejojo and Auger for killing his family. However, they’ll be stooping down to the same level as them. Rath doesn’t know what do anymore. Fiona tells her not to worry anymore bc he has drank her blood, so he shouldn’t be have such urges anymore. Still, he believes that he’ll give her unhappiness from getting involved with him. Fiona tells him that she’s not unhappy. She claims that she have went through a lot while being kidnapped, but was fun too. She got to experience something she would never have if she wasn’t taken away. She was able to live with her own will.

Nesso goes to Mejojo’s office to report what happened at the city where he encountered Fiona and the wolves. Auger is there too. He talks about how the city was attacked when they were searching for Fiona. Auger tells him to fast-forward bc he doesn’t care about what happened to the city. (ಠ益ಠ)  He talks about how he lost the fight with Arles too. Therefore, they ask why he’s alive then. Nesso suggest that he was kept alive to act as a messenger to them. The Garibaldi twins talk about what they should do from now on. They ask if Nesso is done with his report. Then, both of the cats stab Nesso, saying that he was useless until the end. Auger calls him disgusting for calling his Fiona’s name until the end; Mejojo agrees. This is where I stopped. I felt like throwing my PSP bc this made me go (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ I don’t remember this happening in Bloody Nightmare (BN)… It was a test play, so I just didn’t feel like going any further… If only I knew the ending was close… (-へ-) 

bws_rath017When the army starts moving to attack the wolves’ headquarter, Fiona goes with Rath. They escape outside the headquarter building since canon fires are being flown at the building. However, they’re found by Auger, then comes Mejojo too. Mejojo tells Fiona to come with them. Auger says that Nesso is waiting too. OMG WHAT A LIAR! WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE’S WAITING…ARE THEY PLANNING TO KILL HER TOO OR SOMETHING!? щ(ಠ益ಠщ) Rath’s hatred for them rises, so he attacks them. He’s doing pretty good for someone who’s fighting two people, or maybe I should call them cats aha. Well, he was doing great until Auger stabs Rath in the visible eye. which makes him completely blind now. Fiona tries to tell them to stop, but then gets slapped across the face by Mejojo. They try to kill Rath, but takes the hit for him. She wants to stay with him just like she promised him at the lake, near the beginning. Auger claims that they should have just killed her off a long time ago. Fiona says she rather die with Rath if they’re going to kill him. Therefore, Auger tries to kill them, piercing his sword on Fiona’s back.

bws_rath018Rath’s battle actually stalled enough time for the fire to get big enough for the twins to be unable to escape. From this, Mejojo’s half of his face gets burnt from the fire. Fiona talks in a way she have never spoken.
“How regrettable. You guys are going to be burnt to death with us. You’re going to die (to Mejojo).” She says she’ll be fine as long as she’s with Rath. Mejojo wants to kill them, but Fiona & Rath stabs him in the throat by Rath’s knife that they were holding together. On the other hand, Auger burns half of his face to match his Mejojo. If he wanted to match his bro so much, why didn’t he get a matching scar as well? That weirdo. Then, he goes dancing in the fire, laughing, going ( ゚∀゚) ハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ like this crazy pussy cat that he is… (・ェ・) Rath tells Fiona that he’ll be by her side, so there’s nothing to worry. They both tell each other that they were glad to meet one another.

The forest burnt as if everything was being purified, as if the whole curse was being purified.The army was destroyed, Mejojo and Auger burnt to death, and the forest kept burning for 7 days.

Fiona and Rath had actually survived. She says that she’ll be his eyes from now on.

Few years later, Weblin has changed. Mejojo and Auger’s half-brother takes Mejojo’s place as the successor of the throne, which is Julian; he’ll probably appear in Mejojo and Auger’s route. Nesso and Fiona’s dad was killed by Mejojo and Auger before the battle. Zara was able to make a cure for Zodiva. The surviving wolves continued living in the nook of the forest. However, Arles and Guillan’s whereabouts are unknown; no one knows if they’re alive or dead either. Also, the order for hunting the wolves have been called off as well. Nevertheless, there are those who still fear the wolves. Even with this dark history, people are living with it, hoping that time will solve the issue.

bws_rath019Fiona and Rath lives together in the forest in this house. They have 2 kids now, twins named Jyuuto and Canary. Fiona got their names from a book she used to read; Jyuuto means sun and Kanari means moon. Jyuuto is the son with Fiona’s human appearance, whereas Kanari is the daughter with the appearance of a wolf, just like Rath.
 photo tumblr_lt6arhlYOc1ql1l0v_zps258100fc.gif
Wow, that was one long review…I doubt that the other character reviews will be this long since Rath is like the main guy in this game. He even has the most CGs, by a lot. I guess this makes up for his super bland route in Bloody Nightmare (BN). Guillan even had more crap in his route than Rath’s route in BN. I think in BN, he had this really vague route. Arles tells him it’s a trap and comes to save Fiona from crazy Auger. They decide to run away to tell people about the saga. THE END. (´・д・`) It’s a bit sad that he went completely blind in Last Hope, that didn’t happen in BN, I don’t think. Once again, I say this bc I don’t remember every detail; too long ago. aha Their kids are cute though. ヽ(*´∀`)ノ I didn’t really mention much on Rath in BN bc really, there was like nothing in his route. I will be doing a bad end post most likely, after I see everyone’s good endings.

I haven’t started the next route since I’m planning to finish all the mentally painful looking routes in the beginning. However, I’m having a hard time getting myself to go through those, but I’ll probably start after this post. So sad… (´Д`)


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