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Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Extra Mills Claire 500th Anniversary Routes


Apart from the main guy characters, there’s a route for Amy, Elbert, and Ivan/Vania in the Mills Claire Anniversary route. In Solo’s route, I mentioned how she has to meet these people at the head office before the ball. This thing happens in everyone’s route in this post. I’m just mentioning beforehand bc I don’t want to mention it every time. I don’t even think it’s relevant anyways.

WOF2FD_0105Amy’s Case
Ivan and Vania ask if she’s going to the dance with anyone, so Lulu mentions that she wants to go to the ball with Amy. Ofc, there’s this awkward silence between them bc they were expecting her to bring up a guy’s name. (゚ω゚) haha Lulu asks Amy to be her partner, but thinks she’s only asking her out bc Lulu is worried about her. However, this isn’t true. Therefore, Lulu tries to persuade Amy to go with her and it works. After Lulu goes to meet the people at the head office, she heads to the ball to meet Amy. They watch the special event together. Lulu says that she’s glad that she came to Mills Claire and was able to meet the teachers, friends, and ofc Amy too. They hear the waltz music starting. Lulu wants to dance with Amy, but she’s embarrassed. Suddenly, Lulu grabs Amy’s hand and dance. She tells her that she’ll try not to step on her. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;

Elbert’s Case
In Elbert’s route, Ivan and Vania ask if her partner is Elbert. There’s no restriction between teachers and students regarding dating, so that’s good. Ivan mentions that he might be busy since he’s a teacher, so Vania stomps on Ivan real hard. Vania claims that a brother that tries to hinder other people’s romance should be kicked to death. (・ω・)b On the other hand, Ivan claims that she should at least go a bit softer on her kicks. However, Vania tells Lulu not to worry since she says that she’ll make sure they’ll give Elbert to her after they’re done with the preparations.

Afterwards, she goes find Elbert to ask him to go to the ball with her. He talks a bit in a feminine way, but his “HUH?” sounds so manly with his deep voice. Why can’t he just talk like that normally? xD He tries to make an excuse that he’s busy, but tells him that she already got Ivan and Vania’s permission. This makes Elbert red, which makes him need to calm down now. He tells Lulu to explain to him slower this time. However, he’s still hesitating, which makes Lulu ask if he doesn’t want to go. Ofc Elbert wants to go, it’s just that he’s real embarrassed. When he says he does, Lulu’s so happy that she hugs Elbert. He tells her that they’re at school, so don’t. lol xD

WOF2FD_0106During the night of the ball, Lulu and Elbert watch the special event outside. He tells Lulu how he’s grateful that he can see the special magical event. Lulu tells him that he is a good teacher, but wants him to forget his position right now. Therefore, he tells her that he’s all her’s tonight. イヤ—(*ノ∀ノ)—ン They go for a walk to the lake. Elbert suggest that the dance will start soon, so suggests to go back. She tells him how she feels that she’s gotten selfish ever since she fell in love with him; she wants to keep him to herself more now. On the other hand, he tells her that his heart has been pounding ever so fast since he fell in love with her. He claims that he knows that it’s not a good thing, but always holding himself from treating her special from the others. He suggest that he fails as an adult, but she wants him that way.

Ivan and Vania’s Case
Night of the ball…After the ceremony, Lulu sees both Ivan and Vania rushing somewhere, so she goes after them. When she has followed them outside, it appears that she have lost them. Suddenly, she hears Vania’s voice asking what she’s doing there. Ivan is there too. They tell her that they can’t show her using the spell for the special event bc it’s a secret spell that only the Chosen Ones use. Lulu apologizes, but says she was curious. Ivan and Vania weren’t going to allow it, but since there’s no time anyways, it’s an exception this time. Also, she holds all element, so it’s a good opportunity for her. They emphasize that she must not speak of this to anyone.

WOF2FD_0111After they used the spell…Ivan turns into this mature-looking guy and Vania turns into a little girl. They blame and bicker at each other for their unstable use of magic. Lulu tells how Ivan has gotten handsome. AND HE DOES! ヽ(*´д`*)ノ Lulu also mentions that Vania is real cute too, but wanted to hear that comment BEFORE she praised Ivan. They look at the magic spell, which looks like fireworks from it’s appearance. However, it’s actually a protective magic, but they can’t tell her the reason for doing this at the anniversary event. Still, Lulu is grateful for being able to see the spell up close. She goes back to teasing Ivan that he’s GOD DAMN handsome. She tells him that he’ll be really popular amongst the female students and that she wouldn’t mind having a lecture from his handsome form. Ivan is like, it won’t make him happy even if she praises him, but he’s like BLUSHING. WHAT A TSUNDERE! 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+ And Vania is like stop being buttered by one of your students, you disgust me. ┐(‘~`;)┌ hehe

Wow, so look at how exciting I got once it got to Ivan and Vania’s part. Crap, I wouldn’t mind if there was route for Ivan, but I want the handsome-looking him. It’s not that I don’t like his shota appearance, but I wouldn’t think it would look appropriate for Lulu to date him in that appearance. I don’t know…I think I might like his adult appearance more than anyone in this game…which is bad bc he’s not even one of the main guys. I like both Ivan and Vania’s position as the supporting roles in the game. It’s just that this route is basically the same route as Solo’s Mills Claire anniversary route EXCEPT that she doesn’t meet him the second time, so that’s why she’s with Ivan and Vania. Does this mean that this is still Solo’s route technically? Then, I would feel extremely guilty for wanting a Ivan route, but look at him… such a handsome tsundere~ (´・д・`) For some reason, I thought Ivan had the most moe tsundere character trait than anyone in this game. ฅ^._.^ฅ

Another wow, I spent like a paragraph on Ivan and Vania. Regarding the WOF2 FD favorite rankings, it’s IVAN >>> Solo >>> Alvaro > Est > Lagi >> Noel > Julius >>>>> Bilal. The ranking turned out this way bc well, I liked Solo’s effort the most in the game. It felt like Solo went through the most crap and hang in there. I was just happy that Solo finally got to be with Lulu after all the shit he went through. The reason why I put Alvaro before Est was bc he finally was able to man up to stay with Lulu, speaking as if the alternative ending didn’t exist. Well, the rest of the guys were ranked this way bc their families were so lovable. Bilal’s case, man, I don’t even remember anything that went on there. Another reason for this overall ranking was bc well, since I played Solo last, so I’m going to disregard him right now. But I mean, towards the end of both WOF games, I just really missed Alvaro and Est. I would see them in other people’s route and would want to go through their routes again.

It seems that I have some other scenarios yet to see, but I think I will end the WOF reviews with this post. I might add something in the future, but for now, this is the end (゚ω゚)?

ANYWAYS. I’m done with this game. Thank goodness! Almost a year since I started…I’m finally done and am moving on. I haven’t gotten that far on the next game, but I’m definitely working on it. I’m just a little stumped, regretting that I played a bit of it since I’m like, yah I remember this part. SO where’s the part that I don’t remember, which kinda ruins the route. poor guy…Well, I won’t be saying who it is, but yeah. I don’t really want to start with another guy bc I thought it would ruin that dude’s route even more, so yep, gotta deal with this. I already decided on the other game I’m going to play. (★´ゝω・`)ノ I was having somewhat of a dilemma bc all these otome games companies decided to delay their release and what not. Well, I’ll post another intro. post, or not~ I’ll see, I’ll see~ (>ω<)ノシ


5 thoughts on “Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Extra Mills Claire 500th Anniversary Routes

  1. Hey I just read your blog here about the Wand of Fortune 2 FD and I had a good laugh because my name is Vania and I have a best friend called Ivan XD


    1. Wow, that’s awesome!. They’re my favorite supporting characters from the series. Do you and your friend have a relationship like the characters in the game too? That would be even more awesome ahaha!


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