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B’s LOG – November Issue 2013


I actually got my issue like 2 weeks ago, but was debating whether I should post a review on this issue bc I didn’t find it too interesting…and I was lazy? BUT then, I remembered I was following some series, so I might keep it short? I’ll decide as I write this haha

And it came with this utapri bag! I don’t know if I’ll use this…OH! Maybe I can use it as a PSP case. Those who have a PSP, you know how the PSP was in this styrofoam-ish bag when you first opened the package? I used to use that and just put it in my purse whenever I take it with me somewhere. It’s very sad actually… And recently, well, I just noticed right now that I might have lost it? so I guess that means I’ve been carrying my PSP with no protection what-so-ever, not that the bag has much protection…(눈_눈) Also, it came with a Hana Awase booklet. I have like 10 of those now and I don’t know what to do with them. None of my friends are interested, I would LOVE  someone to take it off my hands. I just don’t want to throw it away though bc I paid for it… ε=(・д・`*)ハァ…


And this thing here… Broccoli is making a sequel to Uta no Prince-sama All Star. I don’t know about the official website or w/e, but here it says that they haven’t decided on the hardware yet. Like Hakuouki SSL (for PS Vita), the hardware was TBD (to be determined). SO…I’m assuming this is going to be on Vita as well?


Speaking of Hakuouki SSL, they released the guys in their swimsuits. Well, at least Chikage isn’t wearing his fall uniform as his swimsuit~
(If you know where I’m getting at…xD) The bottom of the article talks about the musical, which I didn’t know such a thing existed for Hakuouki.


OH GOSHHH! I think I can predict the future guys…

“I don’t think Honeybee has delayed any of their games yet, not that I know of. However, I guess I’m sensitive bc I thought Otomate was the only one, but then BlackButterfly joined in the delay club as well. Why not Honeybee then? haha jk.” 

I said this in my Houkago colorful*step ~Track Club~ post. I think it’s ironic how this actually happened. I don’t know what it is with the otome game companies recently, but I guess I’m not too bummed about it. I think I’m getting used to it now. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Anyways, there’s a diagram on the left side of the page right? The yellow box is the prologue-ish part, in which is the common route for all characters. From there, you would either play as Chihaya or Chitose. Then, you can go to a character’s romance route. Ofc, there’s a bad end too. However, apart from the romance routes, there is going to be a friendship route too. On the right page, we have some sample scenes for the character routes. The rest of the article were on the interviews.


And speaking of Honeybee, here’s Houkago colorful*step’s basketball club guy character’s CV announcement. From the left, we have Kumashiro Daichi (CV. Hatano Wataru), Tachibana Kou (CV. Sakurai Takahiro), and Sasagi Haruka (CV. Kishio Daisuke). I was going to make an individual post like I did for track, but I forgot my past issues at home… (*´-ω-`)

Well, brief character descriptions…
Daichi is the basketball club captain. He has an outgoing personality and is the moodmaker of the club. He is trusted/relied not only by his classmates and underclassmen, but from teachers as well. Kou is the heroine’s classmate. He’s good at sports and has been a regular of the basketball team since his first year. However, recently, he hasn’t been going to practice. Haruka is the heroine’s kouhai. He has a very serious personality and that shows during practice as well. He has his own views, so he wouldn’t hesitate to say what he thinks even if the other person is a senpai or teacher. I’m not so sure about basketball positions, so I’m going to translate it directly to english. Daichi has a role as a center, Kou is a small forward, and Haruka is the shooting guard.

Also, it seems that the heroines have voice characters too. The heroine CV for the athletes will be Saitou Chiwa. For the culture clubs, the heroine CV will be Nakahara Mai. (How come this series’ heroine CVs are so much easier to read than Seishun Hajimemashita! aha) In the basketball club, the heroine will be the manager. In addition, the heroines will only have voices when they are the sub characters, so Saitou Chiwa will only voice for the culture club side and Nakahara Mai will only voice for the athlete side.


Quinrose is releasing a new series called Black Code. The heroine of this game is Luciel, who has this natural ability to make unfortunate things happen to other people. Because of this, she lost her parents as well. Therefore, it has been just Luciel and her older sister ever since the incident. Therefore, Luciel joins the special security forces (SS) in order to repay her sister for taking care of her all these years. Well, apparently, she was accepted by the SS due to a special reason, which I don’t know. lol The SS’s duty is to fight against the mafia. The mafia guys have these “devil forms,” which made me not want to play it. The art looks pretty here, but then their devil forms made me ( ಠ_ಠ ) as I was flipping through the pages. Well, the SS guys looks normal at least? Well, I’m on a break from Quinrose games right now, sooo….


Like always, I like their illustration.


What the…there’s a character relationship diagram and it says Garaiya is 18…Heck, he’s older than half of the characters in this game…and here I thought he’s probably the youngest one in there. So, Sasuke, Cloud, and Kamakiyo are 17 years old. Daisuke and Garaiya are 18 years old. Last, but not least, Yukikage is 26 years old. The new guy on the right page is Cloud’s little brother (CV. Eguchi Takuya), but I think he’s just a sub character though. There was some short stories, but I decided not to post them up for this issue. They had that personal question thing for Cloud, but he didn’t really answer anything.


Another pretty illustration (゚ω゚)… and some sample scenarios and a Craes short story.


Honestly, what’s the difference between Quinrose and Quinrose UnderGarden? Why can’t they just put it under Quinrose? By looking at the casts, it kind of made me want to play it. From left, Suzumura Kenichi (aka Suzu), Hoshi Souichirou, Kishio Daisuke (aka Daisaku), Namikawa Daisuke, Tachibana Shinnosuke, Ono Yuuki, and Kuroda Takaya. Something about eight dogs? They all have the kanji, “dog” in their character names, including the heroine.

Well, that’s about it. (`・ω・´)ゞおつ aha


2 thoughts on “B’s LOG – November Issue 2013

  1. The eight dogs stuff is Hakkenden! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nans%C5%8D_Satomi_Hakkenden Eight dog-warriors and stuff. I’m a big fun of the topic, so I’m looking forward to the game. My favourite is always Inukai Genpachi. It’s kinda a shame that he’s voiced by Kishio… I love Kishio but not for this role as Genpachi needs a rather deep voice D: Hakkenden’s rather popular in the media (aka Hakkenden Touhou Hakken Ibun, for instance), and there’s also a movie for it.
    Thank you very much for the info on the mag! So was it worth buying? I’m thinking of buying my first B’s Log ever, but I’m mostly interested in Jyuuzaengi, Hakkenden, Getsuei no Kusari, Ken ga Kimi, and Snow Bound Land, oh and Chou no Doku (since I’m planning to buy these). Is there any interesting info on these series in this issue?
    Thanks for the post once again^^


  2. Thanks for the extra info. Someone is a pro on the Hakkenden topic~ (*`ω´*)b
    At first, I was like super down thinking was this really worth it.Then again, I realized I was following some series and it seems like I got myself a new PSP case, so maybe it was ok overall? ┐(‘~`;)┌ lol I think the past issues were more worth it, but if you’re talking about compared to other magazines…I’m not sure. Well, I think B’s LOG is better compared to Girl’s Style bc GS has less articles, but focuses on certain games. BUT if you’re not so into those games, it’s a no-no. haha

    As of Snow Bound Land, I mentioned it in the post. Chou no Doku, I think this was an R-18 game on PC? but then they’re going to release a PSP/PSP Vita version of it. As of Ken ga Kimi, they introduced two new character, one is going to be voice by Osaka Ryouta. Also, it’s going to release an CD (songs + mini drama). The rest were basically scenarios from the game. Oh, but Jyuuzaengi revealed new clothing designs, new sub characters, and a scenario. That’s about it?


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