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Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Solo-mon


Like the other routes, Lulu have already earned the highest degree of magic. Also, Solo and Lulu live together. It’s morning and Lulu tries to get out of bed, but Solo stops her since she has no school that day anyways. She complains about it to Peru, but to him, it just sounds like Lulu is talking fondly of him rather than complaining.

Peru says that it can’t be helped since Solo is always waiting for Lulu’s weekend. During the weekday, Solo would see her off. Then, he would talk to Peru about her until it’s time to walk her home, nervously looking at the clock. To Solo, the weekend is the only day that he can keep Lulu to himself. Well, I don’t blame him since he’s been waiting for 350 years and he doesn’t know when he’s going to die either. I just hope he lives a long long time… (´・д・`) 

Solo comes in all of a sudden and claims that it’s not fair Peru gets to talk to Lulu; Solo wants to talk to her too. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Since he finished cleaning up after breakfast, he came to be with Lulu. He’s more open about his feelings since Lulu said it was important to let his feelings out or the other person won’t know what they’re thinking. Apparently, Solo remembers a lot of things she says bc they’re all important to him. Therefore, Lulu claims to remember what he says from now on, so she can embarrass him like he is to doing to her right now. (≧ω≦)

Suddenly, Solo notices that there’s a rare guest visiting them; it’s Valrohona. She’s one of the Chosen Ones, just like Solo. It appears that she’s been traveling and the stars lead her to visit them since she’s a fortune teller as well. She talks about all these place that she’s visited, what she experienced on her journey. However, her main reason to come visit them was to foretell what the stars were telling her. She claims that there will be a split path, which will change their lives in the near future. Solo is determined that even if the future is to flow toward a bad direction, he’ll change that flow by choosing all the right choices. Valrohona gives the advice, “What is True Happiness?” It seems like they are gifted with enough happiness, but asks what they need in order to obtain that “True Happiness.” Valrohona wishes them good luck.

Next morning, Lulu talks to Ivan about Valrohona’s visit. Lulu asks for advice, but he says it’s something the two have to find out for themselves. Also, trouble tend to occur when he’s involved in their business. When Solo told Ivan about wanting to live with Lulu, he opposed bc all students of MIlls Claire were to dorm. However, Solo blackmails Ivan. Thus, Ivan allows it with one condition; Lulu has to pass an exam, which she did. Well, Ivan has to leave, so he wishes her good luck.

That evening, Solo meets up with Lulu at the front entrance, like always. Lulu talks about her little chat with Ivan. He claims that he did that bc he just wanted to spend his time with her as long as he can. He was afraid that Lulu might disappear if he didn’t, as if everything was a dream. In the beginning, he would always be insecure.

WOF2FD_0096As they walk back, they think about Valrohona’s foretell. Lulu asks what Solo wants to do. For now, Solo just wants to feel her close by. He hugs her, telling her that he just wants to “give” right now. In the beginning, all he can think about was that he wanted Lulu. Now that he does, Solo’s insecurity went away as well. There are times when he still “wants” and may trouble her, but claims that he’ll give her anything she wants, if it’s something he can give her. Lulu claims that she has enough already, so she doesn’t need anymore from him.

The next day, Solo visits Mills Claire for a different reason other than meeting up with Lulu. He goes to see Morgana bc he’s sealed at Mills Claire, like Peru is sealed in the mask at Solo’s shop. Solo tells him about Valrohona’s foretell, but he actually has the answer already. Morgana teases him that he thought he was going to rely on him for advice. However, Solo actually does have a favor to ask Morgana though. Meanwhile, Lulu is at the lake, wondering what she should do. There, she meets Est!!! (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Like always, Est seems a little grumpy, but he was sooo cute in his route…xD It seems that his whole Origin and Kyoushinha (狂信派) issue isn’t working out. In his route, he asks Solo to help him convince the organization. Therefore, Lulu suggest that he should ask Solo to help him in Solo’s route.

Ever since Est told her about the organization status, Lulu is feeling conflicted. She even skips school the next day. Solo notices that she’s acting strange, so he asks. Lulu hesitates to tell him, but says it anyway bc she feels that’s the right thing to do. Solo claims that he’ll do anything he can for Lulu. SInce Est is his friend too, the more reason not to refuse. He senses that Lulu is hesitating even though she would be glad to help in such cases. He suspects that she’s worried about how long he has left to live; she’s scared that it’s possible for him to die while they’re away from each other. He claims that Lulu has always had faith in the future, but sees insecurity in her eyes when they talk about the future now. He feels that they have unconsciously chosen to give up in their future. They constantly think that they have to be together bc Solo may not be able to be with Lulu for the rest of her life.

WOF2FD_0097Solo tells her that he has actually found the answer to Valrohona’s foretell. He proposes to Lulu. Instead of being afraid of the unknown future, they vow on their eternal love. Even if Solo disappears one day, he tells her the promise will become her strength. She may cry and be lonely, but tells her that there will always be people around her that will be there to help her. They’ll be by her side, just like how people around him gave him strength during the 350 years of waiting. Therefore, he tells her not to be afraid and move forward. Also, he mentions that he is going to help Est’s issue too. He asks if she’ll be fine, but Lulu collapses before she answers.

When she wakes up, she finds Ivan, Vania, and Valrohona there too. Lulu tries to get up, but Solo tells her to lay down. It turns out that Lulu is pregnant. I knew this was coming~ Good Job Solo! (*`ω´*)b Valrohona mentions that this was the split path she was talking about. Soon the Chosen Ones may go towards extinction, but since Solo (Chosen One) and Lulu (human) have made a new life, this may create a new path for the future. Solo is so happy that he’s crying. He thanks Lulu and claims that he will continue to try his best for her and the future born. Valrohona asks if they have found the answer to her foretell. Therefore, Lulu claims that it’s to not fear the future and believe. Also, the love will give them strength, for the two to be together.

The two announce the news to Est. He claims that the news was surprising, beyond his imagination. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Solo also tells Est that he’ll help him, but rejects his offer. He claims that he can’t ask for help after hearing that Solo is going to be a father. Est claims that he’ll be the one to collapse with fatigue if he takes his offer. He tells them that Solo can’t leave Lulu at least until she gives birth to the child bc Est wants Solo to be with her during the pregnancy. He tells them that he can wait.

After finding out that Lulu is pregnant, Solo doesn’t let her do anything. Lulu, on the other hand, doesn’t like to stay still. Therefore, Peru suggest they should might as well tie her against the bed, so she won’t. (○´゚ω゚`) Lulu starts reading since she’s not allowed to do anything and sees Solo staring at her stomach. He wants to feel it, but he’s scared to in case something happens. Lulu tells him to feel her stomach and puts his ears against it as well. He doesn’t hear anything and feels no movement bc it’s too early still. Solo claims that he wanted to be the first to realize though. Lulu teases him that the baby might be sulking right this moment, so he better apologize now or the baby might not be attached to him when the child is born. Therefore, he apologizes and promise to pay attention to him/her everyday now. She tells him that she was kidding, but says he wants to apologize right now since he’ll be troubled if that really happens. WHAT THE CUTEEEE 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+

WOF2FD_0112They mention how they have to have their wedding after she gives birth to the child. Also, Solo mentions that the ring he gave her is crystallized from Solo’s magic. This was the favor that he asked Morgana bc it would be hard to do so while using his magic. He tells her that the ring will always protect her. This makes Lulu want to make a ring for Solo too. D’awwwww ヽ(*´д`*)ノ Lulu tells him not to always think about “giving” bc being with him is the biggest priority for her. He claims that he can always do his best if it’s for Lulu. She tells him that he has to do his best for his new family now, but wants to be forgiven this time since he wants to tell her how much he loves her right now.

~Mills Claire 500th Anniversary~
Lulu is called to the head office by Ivan and Vania. Before she sees them, she meets a guy with a hood on school ground with the Mills Claire uniform; she can’t see his face though. Lulu is curious bc he doesn’t look familiar to her. Lulu thinks he might be a transfer student. When she talks to him, the guy says thet he has been found by her even though he wasn’t supposed to come here yet. However, he was looking forward for something like this to happen. Ofc, Lulu doesn’t know what he’s talking about. If I were Lulu, I’ll probably look at him weird xD Anyways, she introduces herself and tells him that there’s a lot of nice people at Mills Claire, so he doesn’t have to worry. He asks him his name, but he tells her that he’ll tell her if they meet again.

She goes to the office after her little encounter with mystery man. Well, it’s pretty obvious who he is or I wouldn’t be putting it in this post right? ahaha Unlike the other character routes, she has to meet these special guests bc they’re interested in the fact that Lulu has acquired to have all elements. After she has introduced herself on the night of the ball, she is told that she can enjoy the ball as much as she wants. In addition, she talks about the transfer student she saw earlier. It obviously seems like Ivan and Vania knows who she’s talking about, but “pretends” that they don’t know. Btw, you only encounter mystery man in his route and this one other route, which I will be posting after this one. In the evening, she goes to the lake to relax and meet mystery man again. He was feeling that they will meet again. Actually, he was looking forward to it. Lulu asks for his name, so he wants her to call her by her favorite thing, Sora (which means sky). Lulu mentions how she was so curious of who he was that she’s been looking for him the whole day. Lulu asks when she’s going to transfer, mentioning that there’s going to be a ball. However, she has no partner. Therefore, he tells her that he’ll give her a special spell if she doesn’t find a partner by then, so she can still have a special night. (*´д`*)

WOF2FD_0107The evening on the day of the ball, she meets with Sora again. Before he gives her a spell, he takes his hood off; IT’S SOLO!!! Well, DUH! This post… ┐(‘~`;)┌ They’re both happy that they can see each other’s faces clearly. He claims that Lulu has everything already, so she doesn’t need anything extra. However, if there’s one thing he can give her…and kisses her on the cheek. Σ(〃д〃) He puts a spell that she’ll sparkle more than anyone tonight. He apologizes and tells her to have fun, but Lulu doesn’t know why he’s apologizing. He tells her that she was happy and felt warmth from him. Lulu asks when they can meet again, which makes Solo have this lonesome expression. He tells her to come to the lake after the opening ceremony, by herself though. Then, Lulu heads to the head office for her meeting there.

WOF2FD_0108After the introduction and ceremony, she rushes to the lake. They meet again and watch the special event together. He asks what she would do if humans were to decide that magic isn’t needed one day. Lulu says she’s fine with that bc she can’t force others no matter how much she likes magic, which surprises him. She asks who he is again, but says he’s just a wizard that put a spell on her. He mentions how the magic will end soon, but wants her to remember that he has always wanted to meet her; he is living the time right now in order to meet her. He tells her that she’ll meet the him that doesn’t know anything, so he wants her to tell him to “Do his best” bc she is the only one that can. He snaps his finger and say, “Goodbye…until then. I’ll be waiting.” Lulu wants to tell him to wait, but her voice won’t come out and collapses. He tells her that they’re not supposed to meet yet. He says that Lulu will probably forget by the time she wakes up, but will keep this incident as one of his precious memories to help him wait a little bit longer.

Afterwards, Solo meet with Ivan and Vania. They claim that they were in a panic in their minds when they heard from Lulu about him, but Solo really wanted to meet her. Ivan ask if he wanted to meet her bc she holds all element, but tells them that he’ll explain eventually, when the time is right. Therefore, he asks not to question him any further. Solo goes to meet Morgana after he has left Lulu to Ivan and Vania. He claims that he was going to use his powers for everyone, but decides that he wants to use it for himself instead. Solo asks Morgana if that’s selfish of him, but Morgana wants him to be that way. Meanwhile, Lulu wakes up, seeing Ivan and Vania there with her. They “act” like she has been sleeping outside for some reason, but she can’t remember. She feels like she has forgotten a very precious memory…

WOF2FD_0102Solo’s route was some cuteness overload. (● ´౪` ●) I’m a sucker for the guys that have a hard time to get with the heroine, especially bc Solo had to wait 350 loooong years. I know I keep saying this, but omg can you imagine waiting that long for someone? (´・д・`) It just makes me really happy to see him end up with her after all those years. I liked his Mills Claire route too. I got to admit I was a bit annoyed…well, not annoyed…more like a bit irritated? in WOF2. I was like, “ACCEPT HER ALREADYYYY!” bc he kept on saying that he can’t accept Lulu’s feelings bc he’s empty lol. Well, after it got passed that, I was all in it for Solo. (★´ゝω・`)ノ I mean they’re so cute together! And YES, they have twins. I didn’t think having twins was necessary, but I guess the more the merrier (゚ω゚)?


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