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Black Wolves Saga -Last Hope-

The setting takes place in Weblin, a small kingdom surrounded by forests. In the kingdom, there consists of キャッシー (cats), ヒューマ (humans), ヴォルヴ (wolves), ラーテ (rats), レーヴェ (lion), フント(dogs), and ラビッツ(rabbits). Of those species, cats, wolves, and humans are the major species that represents the kingdom. When the kingdom was still unstable, the three species decided to put their differences aside, and joined forces to maintain a kingdom. Soon, humans and wolves yield the ruling to the cats, the Gabardi family. Under their ruling, humans and wolves assisted. Hundred of years from nation building, the differences amongst the species still existed. Nevertheless, the kingdom stood in peace and harmony.

However, this was the kingdom’s status 10 years ago. There was an incident that rapidly changed the peaceful and harmonious kingdom. One of the knights had faced his sword against a royalty; he was a wolf. This caused a fracture between the species that was thought to coexist in peace. The knight that attacked a royalty “happened to be a wolf”; the incident was supposed to end at that. Instead, it was the beginning of the start of a devastating history for the wolves.

At the same time, an unknown epidemic was going around the kingdom that caused many deaths. This fatal disease, Zodiva, became another factor that deteriorated the wolves’ position. It was soon rumored that the disease came from the wolves. The people of Weblin began to believe that the rebellion of the wolves failed. Therefore, the wolves’ have cursed them and thus, the epidemic brought about to attack Weblin. The fear amongst the people soon made the rumors regarding the disease become known as the truth.

Eventually, people began to fear the wolves. Wolves started attacking humans as well. Gabardi VI decides to carry out what was called the “Genocide Wolf.” It was an order to annihilate the wolves that were the cause of Zodiva and attacking of humans. The people of Weblin accepted the order to protect themselves and their family. Furthermore, humans start to take weapons and aggressively took charge to get rid of the wolves.

Humans hunted wolves and wolves attacked humans. Whether it was the humans who started hunting the wolves first, or whether it was the wolves who started attacking the humans first. Despite the cause, once the gear that has been corrupted fail to stop, it continues to revolve in such corruption. It has been 10 years after the “Genocide Wolf” have been executed. The wolves’ existence have dramatically decreased and are now close to extinction. The wolves have completely fallen into the shadows of Weblin.

The heroine is Fiona Galland, an ojousama that lives in an isolated tower due to her being a Robeira, a special gene, so she’s extremely weak. Even one cold can be deadly to her. It’s easy for her to catch a cold as a Robeira. Therefore, she has never gone to the outside world due to her father’s orders. On her 16th birthday, she is allowed to go out to the outside world. Technically, she’s allowed to go out into her yard for that one day for a garden party for her birthday. Fiona gets the permission to go out a little earlier before the party, until they finish preparing. However, by doing so, she encounters a wolf in her garden!


EDIT: I forgot to add character descriptions, so here there are. I thought I should add this bc I don’t think I’m going to describe each character in the first route post. However, I’m not going to introduce the wolves since it becomes more clear later on.

Brief Character Descriptions:

  • Nesso Galland: Fiona’s brother and a knight of Weblin.
  • Zara Skeens: Fiona’s caretaker and studies medicine.
  • Pearl/Richie: I’m not sure how I should describe them as? Calling them pets are kinda…meh since they can turn into human. Then again, they are usually in their dog forms and act like a dog regularly, sooo…(◕ᴥ◕し)
  • Elza Clifford: A fellow knight of Weblin, just like Nesso.
  • Mejojo Von Garibaldi: The future successor of the throne as king of Weblin.
  • Auger Von Garibaldi: The younger twin brother of Mejojo.



I actually played this game a while ago. Well, I did until this one guy died. I was like, “WHUT! WHYYYYY!? Σ(゚Д゚;)ギクッ” and just stopped playing since I had other games I was working on. It was like a test play, shall I say. I didn’t even complete the route bc of that mishap, so I’ll probably start all over since it was probably a little bit more than half a year ago. I remember somewhat, but my memory is kind of hazy bc I played Bloody Nightmare. I will most likely add some details from Bloody Nightmare, if there’s a huge difference in the routes. Well, one of the biggest difference is the characters routes. In Last Hope, you get to complete Elza and Pearl & Richie. In Bloody Nightmare, instead of those two in Last Hope, you get to complete Guillan and Julian. The rest of the guys are the same in both games.


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