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Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Noel

~Another Tale 2~
Noel has his own post! GASP Σ(0д0) Just kidding aha. Well, Noel’s route was more funny than sweet I think. ^ Don’t be fooled by that CG there! He’s still the same over exaggerating Noel. Noel is the student representative of Mills Claire. However, he doesn’t live with Lulu; he still lives at the dorm. Therefore, he would sleep over at her place on weekends. Noel wakes up before Lulu saying that he feels happy when he wakes up to see Lulu beside him. He also says that he loves her and thanks her for being by his side. It turns out that Lulu was awake, so she tells him that it would’ve been better if he said that when she’s actually awake. (゚ω゚)

WOF2FD_0079They decide to relax for the day bc he’s always busy at school. However, Noel offers if she needs help with moving furnitures bc that’s the man’s job. Lulu points out that he’s not trying to relax at all. ┐(‘~`;)┌ They go out to town, but crowded since it’s the weekend. Noel naturally escorts Lulu by holding her hands, so she won’t bump into people. Before, he would blush just by holding hands with her. At least he matured in some way. (´・д・`) After their little date outside, Lulu asks if he can have dinner with her, but he has to go back to the dorm before curfew. Doesn’t he sleep over at Lulu’s place already? I don’t get why that matters…unless they don’t have curfews on weekends? Lulu apologizes for her selfishness and say bye to him. He stops her from leaving bc he notices that she has this lonesome expression on her face. Lulu “acts” like she’s just teasing him, so he can hug her longer. After Noel leaves, she sighs wondering if there will ever be a day when they can return home to the same place.

Meanwhile, Noel walks back knowing that Lulu was just saying that, so she won’t worry him. He bumps into Julius along the way. Julius wonders what Noel is doing at school since he thought Noel would be with Lulu right now. He’s amazed that they’re actually not living together yet. Well, Julius was pretty fast in his route, so I wouldn’t be surprised that he would be amazed. Originally, Lulu rented her place, so the two can live there together. Noel makes an “excuse” that it’s too early and there are steps in which he needs to take before that, but Julius mentions how he sleeps over already. You got him there~ (゚ω゚) Well, it’s not like he doesn’t understand, but he thinks it’s enough already. This means that Noel is still burdened by what happened in the 350 years ago past in WOF2. Julius just reminds him not to make Lulu cry or he’ll get mad. (*´ー`)

The next day, Noel is still busy as ever. Meanwhile, Elbert is looking for these two blondes, Ivan’s guests. Lulu helps him look for them, finding them at the lake. The guy with the shorter hair is Raoul and the other one is Henri. Lulu introduces herself and seems that they’ve noticed something. They say that they’re lucky that their reason to come to Latium is fulfilled so quick. Noel comes running to them and telling Lulu to get away from them. He starts asking her if they did anything to her.  ∑(O_O;) It turns out that they’re Noel’s older brothers. Raoul is his oldest brother and Henry is the second older brother. I guess he’s so sensitive about them bc they tease Noel A LOT!  which is actually pretty enjoyable watching. (*’▽’*)♪ 

The brothers are planning to leave tomorrow, so Henri tells Lulu to show him around the town since he’s not so interested in Mills Claire. On the other hand, Raoul tells Noel to give him a tour around school. Noel tries to stop Henri from taking Lulu, but nope. xD During the tour around the school, Raoul is only saying “I see.” He’s not listening at all. Noel asks if he’s even going to try listening, but he doesn’t, which frustrates Noel. (※థэథ)∵.*.∵  Meanwhile, Lulu is showing Henri around town. Eventually, Henri just cuts to the chase to figure out if Lulu’s the reason for Noel’s sudden change. Noel is the type that wouldn’t want to use any “cheats” to achieve his goals. However, they received a letter from him that he is going to use his family’s name in some cases. Even though Noel’s family name doesn’t have absolute power, the name still does have power to some extent. Basically, the brothers were worried if Lulu might be a “witch” that’s trying to deceive Noel. Lulu gets mad that they don’t believe in Noel enough. She claims that Noel might be pure, but not stupid. Therefore, he wouldn’t be deceived by her if she was really trying to deceive him. Well, Lulu is kind of going off to where Henri is getting at, which convinces Lulu isn’t the reason. Well, he was suspecting that it wasn’t her when they first met her anyways.

That evening, the four meet up together. Noel and Lulu tries to call an end to their meeting, but the bros doesn’t let off Noel so easily. He insists that they have a drink together. They invite Lulu as well, but ofc Noel wouldn’t agree to it. They literally drag Noel away. (○´゚ω゚`) Lulu meet Julius to talk about what happened today. Lulu is worried that Noel’s bros might make him spill everything, the reason that made him change. However, what happened in the 350 years ago past isn’t something you can just tell people. Like Julius expected, Noel’s guilt from the 350 years ago past is still haunting him. Lulu tells him that Noel would wake up in the middle of the night from dreams about it. Julius tells her that he thinks this is actually a good opportunity for Noel and Lulu since it’s something Noel has to overcome one day. Julius wants them to be happy too.

WOF2FD_0082Lulu can’t sleep from being worried about Noel. Suddenly, she hears someone banging at her door; it’s Noel and he’s drunk. He was thinking that he needs to go back. However, he went to Lulu’s place, not his dorm. Lulu tries to get him some water, but he wants her to stay by her side. He calls himself stupid and mumbles that Julius & his bros were right, falling asleep. In the morning, they both oversleep. Lulu says that Noel has bed hair, which looks kind of like Lagi’s. I like how this game just brings up other character’s names or appear even though they have nothing to do with the route. But then again, I start to miss them because of that though…I’ve already missed Alvaro and Est a few times already ahah. 

WOF2FD_0084In the noon, Lulu and Noel see off Raoul and Henri. They’re glad that they were able to meet Lulu. As always, Noel is embarrassing himself again… Raoul tells Noel to take out his hand, giving him a golden key. Apparently, the brothers have bought him a house. They know how Noel has always wanted to be a wizard. No matter how much he was bashed by others, he never gave up. Therefore, the bros decided that they can protect the family name and let Noel do whatever he wants. OMG his brothers are so sweet. You know what, they’re bros are just tsunderes, omg I want brothers too… ヽ(*´д`*)ノ Raoul says that the house is an investment. If he feels grateful, he tells him to return it double the worth. Technically, they say that 90% of the investment is on Lulu though. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Henri also reveals that Noel was saying that he was going to propose to Lulu while he was drunk. Ofc, Lulu is like WHUT…They assumed that Noel probably proposed after he went back that night, but nope. The touching moment is not there anymore, Noel tells them to go home already, with his loud humongo voice. After they leave, Noel tells Lulu that he wants her to wait a little more. Lulu says that she might not be able to wait anymore since she waited for so long already, teasing him. Therefore, he promises that he will this time.

WOF2FD_0087Few weeks later, Lulu is so excited that Noel is trying to take her to the house that the bros bought them; Lulu can’t stop smiling. Lulu claims that she’s happy bc she’s with Noel, but she knows what’s coming. She knew that taking her to the house meant that Noel is going to propose to her. He tells her that he knew she is the only one for him since a long time ago. He knows Lulu feels the same way. However, he always thought that he didn’t have the right to be happy bc of his sin in the 350 years ago past. He had always wanted to go back to her, but just couldn’t get rid of the guilt he had inside him.

“I kept you waiting. Please marry me.”

Then, all the flowers in the garden bloomed. He takes Lulu’s hand and put a ring on her. Lulu tells him that he’ll make him happy. He claims that that’s the man’s job, but Lulu doesn’t let him say it to her. She keeps insisting that she’ll be the one that will make him happy.

WOF2FD_0088~Mills Claire 500th Anniversary~
Like every route, Lulu is planning to go with the guy of who she’s dating right now. Noel has been spacing out a lot lately. Lulu tries to talk about the ball, but he’s acting weird.  Lulu is kind of worried, the she gets a message from Noel that he wants her to meet him at the lake tomorrow after class. Next day, at the lake, Noel tells her not to look back until he signals her. When he does, Lulu looks back and see a bouquet of red roses in front of her. It seems that Noel thought he should ask her out to the ball even though they’re already planning to go together since they’re dating. However, he misses up like 4 times. (・ェ・)

WOF2FD_0092On the night of the ball, he tells her that she’s the most beautiful person. Noel notices that Lulu isn’t feeling good, so he takes her out to the balcony. The reason Lulu isn’t feeling well is bc she was dieting for her dress. He brings him her some food sensing that she didn’t eat anything. During the magic spell event, they’re amazed by the sight. He’s so happy that he’s scared. When they go back to the ballroom, Noel is nervous about dancing with Lulu; he’s all red. haha

WOF2FD_0101I thought Noel’s route was more on the laughter side rather than pure sweetness and cuteness. I was a bit annoyed by his over exaggerated emotion running loose when I first encountered his character, so maybe that was in Mirai no Prologue (the very first WOF game)? However, I just thought his over exaggerated emotion-ness was funny in this game since they were follow ups of his brothers’ teases. I love how his brothers seemed like they always bully/tease Noel, but they actually really care A LOT about him. It felt heartwarming in a different way when I was in Julius’s route. When Else was involved in Julius madness, it was like a cute heartwarming feeling. In Noel’s route, it’s more like a touching heartwarming feeling. Especially bc I always wanted a brother, I was very envious ahaha. ヽ(*´д`*)ノ


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