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Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Julius

~Another Tale 2~

So Julius finally gets his own post huh? So will Noel ahaha Poor guys. Well, I wanted to put them separately, but I guess they were just meant to be in WOF2. Julius and Lulu both obtained their highest degree in magic. The two live together as well.

In bed, Lulu wants him to move his hand, but he won’t bc he’s still half-asleep. Well, he doesn’t want to let go anyway. ┐(‘~`;)┌ You know how he proposed to Lulu in WOF2 epilogue? Julius takes her somewhere to tell her something. Since Lulu said yes to Julius’s proposal → he assumes they’re going to get married eventually → should get a house first though ⇒so he already got one… ∑(O_O;) He tells her that he can move in by next week, but says that’ll make him live alone. Therefore, he asks Lulu when she will move in with him. OK HOLD UP!…He is going wayy too fast…It seems this guy has everything planned already without telling his partner, Lulu. Someone needs to shove some sense into him.Therefore, that’s where Noel comes in. Apparently, he got scolded, “Why do you always walk three steps and then jump two steps!” Noel implies that Julius goes on the right track in the beginning, but then skips a few steps afterwards.

Julius goes to the hotel Mathew’s family owns to meet him since he works at the bar there. Julius is going there to pick up his glasses case since he forgot it the last time he visited. Julius asks how Mathew’s marriage is going. Mathew talk about how he and Cynthia have a hard time bc Cynthia is from a wealthy family unlike Mathew, so her parents aren’t happy about their marriage. Mathew also gave up magic bc Cynthia was going to go in the magic path, so he decided to stay and make a home for Cynthia to come back to, which is real sweet. (*´ー`)ノ

WOF2FD_0064The next day, unlike always, Julius gets off work early and meets up with Lulu. She hears Julius sighing about the experiment he’s working on right now. However, Lulu worries that he might not be feeling well, so she checks his temperature. Julius tells Lulu that he’ll get better just by her being nice to him. He claims that he feels best when Lulu is by his side. They’re being all lovey dovey outside… and hear someone clearing their throat; it’s Julius’s sister, Else! It seems Else have come to see Julius. (ι´Д`)ノ DUN DUN DUN just kidding haha

There’s this heavy atmosphere back at home. The siblings haven’t seen each other for years bc he hasn’t been coming home either. Else goes to a famous performing arts school, a top class violinist. Else reminds Lulu of first impression Est.٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و  Julius introduces Lulu as the most important person to him right now. Julius doesn’t know why Else is angry, but it’s because he didn’t contact her about his soon-to-come marriage with Lulu; he only notified his parents. She just heard about it recently when she returned home since she dorms. Therefore, she wouldn’t have known if she didn’t go home. Julius ASSUMED that she’ll get the notice from home, but she didn’t know he was even dating or is living with someone either. Else has been sending him letters every month, but he only sent a bit. He only gave her short answered letters and they were mostly about magic too. Even Lulu can’t help him there xD 

Else finally forgives him, but in exchange, she’ll be staying with them while she’s at Latium. Julius suggest she stay at Mathew’s hotel since the guest room doesn’t have a bed yet, so she says she’s fine sharing the master bedroom with Lulu and Julius can sleep on the sofa. (^ω^)

Next day, Lulu talks to Cynthia about the situation. Lulu was going to show Else around today, but she said she was going to practice her violin instead. This morning too, both Julius and Lulu left the house. Julius ask for a kiss since Else isn’t around them right now. Lulu refuses at first, but he feels tortured that not only that he can’t sleep with her, but going without a kiss is too much. Julius claims that he won’t be able to concentrate on work. He tried to kiss her, but Else is actually right behind them bc Julius forgot his something. Your fault Julius >< Else would indirectly imply that she’s better at cooking too. Julius suggest they buy a bed for the guest room, but Else prevents it by saying they shouldn’t spend so much before marriage. Also, she’s fine the way it is already.

In Cynthia’s case, she met with Mathew’s family from before marriage. At first, it was awkward. Thanks to Mathew, they get along now. Cynthia claims that it should be her specialty to get closer to those who try to dodge her friendliness and somehow become their friend. Cynthia knows this bc she was a victim too. xD Anyhow, she reminds Lulu that Else probably didn’t come to pick on her. It’s sad if the person you like’s family doesn’t come to like you. Cynthia, herself, hopes that her parents will accept Mathew one day too. OH GOSH. I like how Cynthia and Lulu good friends now. At first, she seemed a bit annoying, but once you’re friends with her, she’s like so sweet! (*`ω´*)

Five days later, it was nighttime. Else hurt herself while she was practicing on her violin, one of the strings broke. Lulu ask if she wants her to use magic to relieve the pain, but Else doesn’t want to depend on magic. She thinks Lulu is just trying to earn some points. Else claims that he always prioritizes others and put family second. She ask if he changed bc of Lulu. Julius tells Else that he’s not a kid anymore; she only knows the old him. She claims that she doesn’t know the him now, but says that family was more to him a little more before. Else claims that Julius was probably attracted to Lulu bc he’s a magic obsesser and  she has all elements, so there’s no way he won’t like her. Else blames Lulu, so Julius gets mad and tells her to apologize.

Lulu says it’s ok, but Julius can’t just let it go when his most important person is getting verbally abused, which makes Else cry. Making her sound like the bad guy (´・д・`) Julius has this oh crap expression. Else starts bawling saying that she hates him now, like a little kid. She goes in the master bedroom, warning them not to come or she’ll fight with her nails and pinches. Julius says that they have to wait until she calms down, but Lulu tells him to leave it to her. Lulu tells Julius to go to Mathew’s place, so he has this abandoned puppy eyes look on his face. (◕﹏◕し)

He drinks at Mathew’s place bc he’s sad that Lulu kicked him out. Noel join in as well since Mathew called him over. Mathew asks Noel to help him take care of the Julius that’s drunk on the floor. Noel tells Julius to get up bc he’s interrupting business, so he even says that Noel is bullying him now. When Julius gets on his seat, Noel and Mathew thinks that Julius is quite dry when it comes to family issues. Noel ask if there’s a reason. However, Julius says it might be the distance. He lives at Mills Claire, so he assumes that his family is probably just doing fine without him. Therefore, Noel tells him that he doesn’t have enough gratitude to the people who always took care of him due to his sloppy personality and his troublemaker attitude. His family just want him to contact them more or it will be lonely. Thus, Noel and Mathew both admit it’s Julius’s fault this time.

Still, Julius is worried about the fact that Lulu kicked him out. He worries that she might not marry even though they’re engaged, but says he can’t live without her. Noel tells him not to worry, Lulu won’t throw him away. However, Julius says he’s not happy even if Noel says it. (※థэథ)∵.*.∵  Poor Noel~ He was just trying to cheer him up aha Sooner or later, he falls asleep from being drunk.

Meanwhile, Lulu knocks on the door since it seems that Else has calmed down. Lulu tells her that Julius isn’t home right now, so asks if they can talk. Else tells Lulu to leave her alone though. Lulu talks about the time when she fought with her mom. She did the same as Else, but soon lured out by hunger Typical Lulu (・∀・ ) aha She tells her that she’ll have tea ready and she can come out when she gets hungry. Sooner or later, Else comes out and apologizes to Lulu. Else admits that she actually knew that it wasn’t Lulu’s fault. She says that it wouldn’t be strange for Julius to like her since she knows Lulu is a good person. It would only be natural for Julius to be angry at her.

Lulu talks about how Julius has talked about Else with Lulu. He said that Else isn’t usually honest with her feelings, can be stubborn and troublesome at times, but is a good girl. He said that he was always scolded by her, but he claims that he was able to walk in the right path bc of her. Lulu shows Else this one magic that Julius always used to show her; it was the first magic Julius learned in order to make Else smile. Lulu admits that Julius does get lazy and is a troublemaker sometimes, but haven’t forgotten her or his family. However, Lulu agrees that its right for Else to get angry for not sending much letters. Lulu says that even she would get mad if she was in Else’s position. Therefore, Lulu tells Else that she’ll get angry at Julius for her later. They both conclude that Julius is unfair. Else tells Lulu that she’ll tell her a lot about Julius since they’ll be family soon. She also wants to be close to Lulu since they’ll be sisters soon. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ HEHE

WOF2FD_0068The next morning, Julius comes back with a hangover and apologizes to Else, asking to like Lulu just like him. This makes both Lulu and Else laugh bc they’re already best buds ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Later, Else goes shopping alone, so Julius and Lulu can have some alone time together. Julius feels like there’s 101 Noels inside his head, from the hangover. He talks about how he didn’t have an intention to ignore his family. He just thought family is a given, they’re already connected without needing to do anything. Therefore, Julius thought it would be fine without him and they won’t be worried either. However, Lulu says that it’s not true. She claims that the hearts may be connected, but they’ll still feel lonely. Julius ask is Lulu is disappointed, but she’s more worried since they’ll become family soon. She’s worried that she might be treated the same way as Else one day, so Julius denies it. Julius suggest that maybe the three of them should talk after Else comes back, so he can thank her for visiting and apologizing for making her feel lonely.

Now, Lulu and Else are pretty close, so close that… Julius looks like the lonely one now. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ One morning, Lulu and Julius is about to leave for Mills Claire. Else reminds Julius to come home early bc they made a promise. Lulu asks what that promise is, but it’s a secret! Lulu tries to ask Julius, but Else stops him from spilling the beans. That night, Julius and Else are still out and Lulu is lonely, so she’s sulking at home by herself.

WOF2FD_0070The next day, Julius and Else take Lulu out to Mathew’s bar, greeted by both Cynthia and Mathew. Lulu doesn’t know what’s going on though. It turns out that Else and Julius were practicing to perform for Lulu; Else plays the violin and Julius plays the piano. Else planned this bc she had caused a lot of trouble and wanted to thank Lulu for being so welcoming toward her. However, there’s one more thing she didn’t mention to Lulu; she’s also leaving in a hour. Lulu suggest she should see her off at least, but says it’s ok. Instead, she just tells them to visit home bc his parents are worried too.

WOF2FD_0072When Julius and Lulu get back to their place, Lulu tells Julius that she wants to buy a guest room bed and a piano. Julius wants something too; he wants her to kiss him as much as he wants since he’s been enduring since Else came to visit. He promises Lulu that he won’t ever make her lonely even after they become family.

~Mills Claire 500th Annniversary~
Julius is all yappity yap about the special magic spell that Ivan is going to use during the ball, which prevents Lulu from asking him out. She’s so helpless she asks Amy to be her date. She’s flattered and all, but she tells her to actually talk to Julius about it before making any decisions. Suddenly, Lulu gets a message from Julius that he wont oversleep (bc he always does), so he asks her to go to school together. The morning comes, but then he starts yapping about magic AGAIN. However, this time, he makes it clear that Lulu is misunderstanding something bc he’s also looking forward to the dance with Lulu; this makes Lulu real happy. It’s funny how Est interrupt them by saying that they’re in his way AHA. I like how Est appears from time to time in other people’s route xD

WOF2FD_0075The night of the ball, Julius is surprised how pretty Lulu looks. During the ball, they sneak out to see the magic event up closer. However, Lulu loses her balance in her heels, so she tells Julius to go ahead since he’s such a magic freak. Ofc, he doesn’t ditch her though. He tells her that it’s only meaningful bc Lulu is going to watch it with him. (*^ω^*) Since there’s no time left, he picks her up and runs with her in the princess hold. When they see the event, Lulu says that she’s never seen magic so nice and warm. However, Julius says he’s always have, implying that he’s talking about Lulu. He’s grateful that he met her, come to like her, and Lulu liking him back; she feels the same way too. Afterwards, they go back to the ball to have their dance. ( >д<)/

WOF2FD_0078SO, Julius’s route was pretty fun. Honestly, I think it was mainly bc of the supporting characters like Else, Cynthia, Mathew, and Noel. It’s just that Julius is always talking about magic, so it’s like ok ok I got your point…NOW SHUT UP! m9( ಠ_ಠ ) Well, he wasn’t too obsessed with magic in the three years after route. I felt real bad for Else, so I was like HAHA BE SAD THAT LULU KICKED YOU OUT! MUAHAHAHA since well, it’s obvious that Lulu isn’t going to reject him just bc his sis is picking on her. He should know by now that Lulu is a MASTERMIND for getting people on her side. Else was kinda like a female version Est. (・∀・ )


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