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Glass Heart Princess – Masaki Shinnosuke

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I was looking forward to his character bc he’s so strange, in a cute way ofc. I guess you can say he’s a bit off, not really butler-like? Masaki Shinnosuke is Kyoko’s scaredy-cat butler. He’s into traps, weapons, and motor vehicles. He’s also the guy that would lend his flamethrower to a class for their haunted house for the school’s culture festival. Who would have thought a person like that would be scared in a haunted house. He claims that he’s not so great with things that can’t be fought with guns. He grabs on to Kyoko since he’s scared, EVEN THOUGH, it should be the other way around during these situations! ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ aha. Apparently, he had training involving those things, but seems that he wasn’t up for it. If Kyoko feels that this will affect his bodyguard duty, he’ll start training all over as of right this moment.

During one of their dates, Shinnosuke is being overly sensitive around their surroundings and suggest they should leave early even though it’s still bright outside. He would suddenly sense something and tell her to take cover, but it turns out to be just a baseball. Well, you can seriously get hurt by a baseball being flown at you, but takes cover like someone is trying to shoot them. When he hears a rustling, he even tries to shoot at a cat. POOR KITTY!!! ( ゚д゚) Kyoko notices that he’s acting weird, so he tells her that a pervert has been reported around the neighborhood. It was reported that the man wears a light brown long coat. The perv targets young women and talk to them. YUCK YUCK ( ಠ_ಠ )

Glass Heart Princess_0060When they return home, they see a suspicious person in front of the house. Shinnosuke thinks that the guy matches the description on the report, so he threatens the guy. However, it turns out that the guys is actually a policeman on patrol. Kyoko tries to dodge the topic by saying that Shinnosuke is her boyfriend, but the policeman isn’t going to let him go just for that reason. I mean he was threatening the guy with his gun. (゚ω゚) Therefore, Shinnosuke takes Kyoko’s hand and run away. ε=ε=ヾ(*゚ー゚)シ

Kyoko tells Shinnosuke that their dates may be just training, but want him to act more like they’re couples. However, he claims that his duty as a butler is stopping him. Therefore, Satsuki & Kyoko decide to change his outer appearance at the least. It took him a while to find his casual clothes bc of the traps in his room though. He’s been only wearing his butler uniform years now. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:; He can’t stand it, so he changes back into his butler uniform after all. He tells her to wait until he modifies his casual clothes to have basic protection to help him with his bodyguard duties.

When they go on a date at the art museum, there’s a black out. When Kyoko calls out to Shinnosuke, there’s no answer. The reason why he didn’t answer her was that he had these night goggles on and was admiring how cute she looked when she was being afraid by the sudden blackout. Is it just me? He’s starting to sound like a pev… The funny thing is that if Kyoko uses her cellphone light or something, it hurts his eyes. Screaming like a crazy person. Karma (*’▽’*)♪ aha 

In his route, you’re suppose to go on dates with another character. You can choose Yukito, Asahina, or Kanata. In my case, I chose Yukito. Yukito talks to Kyoko about the weekend date. They hear Shinnosuke bumping into a light post. (゚ω゚) !? When they were eating lunch, Shinnosuke drops Kyoko’s lunch. They think that he might be having a bad luck day. Therefore, he went to the infirmary since he wasn’t feeling well. She’s worried, so she tries to check his temperature by feeling his forehead, but dodges. xD aha He claims that he’s feeling strange these days. When he sees her with another guy, his attention gets loose. HE thinks he’s lacking training. Well, I definitely don’t think that’s the problem here. (๑╹ڡ╹๑) 

Glass Heart Princess_0061Since he isn’t feeling well, they get a doctor to see him. Satsuki  goes to Kyoko that her dad has a guest he wants her to meet. When doc is about to leave after seeing Shinnosuke’s condition, there seems to be something he wants to discuss with Shinnosuke about Kyoko’s illness. Meanwhile, Kyoko meets her dad’s client’s work person. The dude is a prince and comes to like Kyoko, so he even asks her on a date and Shinnosuke interrupts. During the middle of the night, Kyoko wakes up to get a glass of water. Suddenly, she hears Shinnosuke’s voice talking on the phone. Wonder what that’s about… ( ゚д゚) haha

Glass Heart Princess_0062Remember how Kyoko wanted Shinnosuke and her to be more like couples? They do some research with Satsuki’s materials bc she has a lot of otome related stuff. Eventually, Kyoko falls asleep from all the studying. When she wakes up, she sees Shinnosuke asleep on her shoulder. Once again, it should be the other way around yo. Suddenly, Shinnosuke starts talking in his sleep.
“Ojousama, I’ve always been watching you. I might die from loneliness when you’re not with me. I can’t take it anymore. I don’t want to give you away to someone else.”
Kyoko notices that those words were from the manga he was reading. He continues talking, half asleep.
“Let’s throw away this house and Iive somewhere far away. I don’t need anything else as long as I have you. Would you forgive me if I made you mine? Listen carefully..I…” I think it’s obvious what he was going to say next… (>ω<)
Kyoko says me too before he can continue his words since she feels like her heart will stop from her illness, which wakes him up. However, they blur the situation by saying that they were both half asleep.

Glass Heart Princess_0066During another one of their dates, Kyoko’s dad call them to come home bc that Arab prince came to visit again and want to meet Kyoko before he goes back to his country. The weird thing is that they were going to take the train, but Shinnosuke gets on the wrong train saying that he doesn’t know why; it was a reflex. Seems like SOMEONE doesn’t want her to meet the prince. He claims that he needs a punishment. ドM?(・ェ・) He doesn’t want to be forgiven or he might do such a thing like this again. They arrive at the beach, but it’s raining. I have no idea where he was hiding that umbrella, but they use it together. Later, Satsuki arrives to the scene since Shinnosuke called her and she have explained to Kyoko’s dad about the situation already.

Glass Heart Princess_0098The x’mas event was really cute. I didn’t mention the other’s x’mas events bc it wasn’t really a significant event in terms of the plot itself. However, I want to mention a bit about it in Shinnosuke’s route bc…(>ω<) You know how when you’re a kid, you believe in Santa Claus right? Usually, the parents would put the presents in place before x’mas. Well, Kyoko’s dad still does that. Ofc, Kyoko knows that Santa doesn’t really exist, but doesn’t want her dad to find out bc he’s such an oyabaka. Kyoko doesn’t want to ruin her dad’s kindness/fun. Therefore, why not just pretend she doesn’t notice a thing? That’s bc there’s one person who believes in Santa…Yes, it’s Shinnosuke. Apparently, every year, he tries to prevent Santa (very suspicious person to him) from intruding the house, which complicates everything. Therefore, Kyoko and Satsuki work together every year so that Kyoko’s dad can deliver the present without getting caught by Shinnosuke since he thinks Santa is coming when it’s just her dad. This year, Shinnosuke plans to ambush Santa in Kyoko’s room bc her dad always delivers the present to her room. Therefore, Kyoko insist to stay with him. Kyoko succeeds in preventing Shinnosuke by putting sleeping powder in his coffee since he’ll never suspect anything from her. The next morning, Kyoko’s dad is happy that Kyoko got his present while Shinnosuke feels real bummed about it. I mean he was like, “NOOOOOOOOOOO!” when he woke up in the morning. (。・ω・。)

Glass Heart Princess_0065On their last training date, Shinnosuke remembered to act more like a couple. However, Kyoko wanted him to be couple-like while acting his usual self. They go to the beach for their last date. He was originally going to have the other guys do the finale, but Kyoko has been only dating Shinnosuke lately. Therefore, he believes he has to do the job instead. He warns her that it might do her a huge damage, so Kyoko thinks he’s going to kiss her on the lips. However, he goes for her hand instead and says this is his limit. He tells her that this is the last of the date trainings bc they can’t have further simulation since they’re not actual couples. HMPH SAYS WHO!? ٩(๑`^´๑)۶ 

This one day, Kyoko kinda dozes off while Shinnosuke is getting her some tea. She dreams about the time when she was really close with this one guy. However, her dad is oyabaka, so ofc he wasn’t happy with that. Therefore, he tells her that she can’t be really close with the dude bc a prince will pick her up on a white horse one day. She asks what kind of prince to Shinnosuke, he doesn’t know. Just when he was gonna continue, the dream gets cut off since Shinnosuke brought her tea. Satsuki talks about how Kyoko was suppose to be romancing, but that didn’t happen. She teases Kyoko and Shinnosuke about being together most of the time, which raises Kyoko’s heart beat limit. However, this wasn’t just a little heart beat increase incident; she actually faints as well. Kyoko is taken to the hospital and the doctor reveals about the talk he and Shinnosuke had when he was sick. The truth is Kyoko’s heart condition is unstable, so now she has no choice, but to be hospitalized.

Shinnosuke ask if there’s at least a way to slow the progress of the illness. However, doc tells him that they might stop the research for the illness bc the people from the research team have been disappearing. It seems that Shinnosuke has expected this from happening and goes out. It’s been days since Kyoko started staying at the hospital and Shinnosuke hasn’t been visiting her; he hasn’t been returning home according to Satsuki as well. It felt weird for her since she’s been with him like everyday for 10 years, but it’s been two weeks already. Well, except when he had training to become her butler. It’s time to sleep now, so Satsuki wishes he good night and maybe Shinnosuke will at least visit her in her dreams. It would be nice to have a sis like Satsuki (*´ー`)

Glass Heart Princess_0067Kyoko suddenly wakes up from this noise from the window; it’s Shinnosuke. He tells her that he’s done with his business, so he came to visit her. He also says that he came tonight, so it can just be the two of them since they didn’t see each other for a while now. He suggests that she should go to sleep, but asks to stay with her for the night as well. He pets her on the forehead like he used to when she was still a little girl. Kyoko is getting sleepy…. He says…”Maybe that was when…” However, he doesn’t continue his word from there. (´・д・`) 

The morning comes, but Shinnosuke is no longer there. Satsuki rushes into her hospital room to see if he’s there bc apparently, he disappeared. It turns out that Shinnosuke’s room was empty when Satsuki checked his room. When they go home, her dad is there, but tell him that they’ll explain later. Kyoko heads to Shinnosuke’s room. Meanwhile, someone rings the doorbell. When Kyoko gets to Shinnosuke’s room, she finds a letter in the middle of the room, which wasn’t there before. The letter says, “Thank you for taking care of me” and signed by his name at the end. On the other hand, they hear Kyoko’s dad yelling, “What is the meaning of this!” Kyoko and Satsuki go downstairs and see these guys in suits trying to investigate their house; they even have search warrants too. Apparently, they are the police and suspect Kyoko’s dad of having a fraudulent interaction within his company. He lets them go in and search all they want since he knows he’s innocent. She also mentions that Shinnosuke has disappeared and her dad thinks they probably fought. Suddenly, the police tell him that they have found the evidence (a document) proving his fraudulent action.  Therefore, they take her dad to the police station, but ofc he’s being framed. I have a bad feeling about this… (・へ・ ) 

Glass Heart Princess_0068After the police have left already, this different car comes to her house. This obviously suspicious guy comes out of the car written EVIL ALL OVER HIS FACE have come to see her dad’s arrest. Well, we all know who’s behind this incident. ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶ The dude’s name is Kuroe Kanesada, the Kuroe’s group company’s boss; also, Kyoko dad’s rival company. Her dad and this Kuroe dude has known each other since they were students in college. Kyoko asks what his plan is and reveals the culprit that leaked false info on her dad’s fraudulent activities is…Shinnosuke. DUN DUN DUN! Well, got to admit I saw this coming. ( ಠ_ಠ ) SO, apparently, Shinnosuke is Kuroe’s secretary. Ofc, Kyoko is like, What is the meaning of this and why he’s with the nasty dude. However, he acts like he doesn’t even know her. Kyoko claims that she thought of him as family, but he says that he never did though. (つд⊂) NO!

Luckily, there wasn’t enough evidence for Kyoko dad’s fraudulent actions, so he was able to avoid being arrested. However, his company stocks went downfall bc who would trust a company that has been accused of fraud right? They are forced to move out of their house and into this shabby old apartment. Also, her dad isn’t feeling well bc of all the stressful events. Kyoko still doesn’t want to to believe that it was his will to deceive them. Still, Satsuki says that this incident doesn’t look like something that was planned just recently. Therefore, Kyoko remembers the time when he was on the phone with this dude, the day doc went to check on Shinnosuke. There’s this flashback of the time when Shinnosuke was still a kid too. He never really talked to Kyoko with formal tone; he was more like a tsundere during this time. (*´ー`*) In order to become her butler, he went in training for 1/2 year, changed the way he spoke and dressed too. When he came back, Kyoko would welcome him home.

The next morning, Kuroe comes to visit Kyoko for a negotiation. He brings up a compromise that he doesn’t mind supporting them and save the company from going bankrupt. In exchange, he would have Kyoko; they will get married. Kyoko’s dad hear about this and ofc he’s not happy. However, Kyoko accepts in order to save the workers of the company since they’re not the only ones in trouble from this situation. Satsuki suspects that Kyoko is accepting partly bc she thinks her life isn’t going to last long anyways; she admits this. Also, she claims that she have realized how many people have helped her since her sickness, so it’s her turn to help them now. That night, she gets a call from Shinnosuke and ask if she knows who he is. It’s cute how she says that she won’t mistaken the voice of her butler and ask how long does he think they have been together. ヽ(*´д`*)ノ However, he only called her to tell when he was going to pick her up. Kyoko wants to talk more and stuff, but he’s acting cold towards her and just hangs up. (##゚Д゚) OH NO HE DIDN’T JUST DO THAT!

The next day, Kyoko’s dad and Satsuki is all sad, but they decided to respect her decision. She tells them not to worry bc she might just live longer since she knows that there won’t be any tokimeki in their marriage. However, Satsuki reminds her that tokimeki isn’t the only thing that increases her heart limit. haha OMG i just love her family bc they’re so cute. Shinnosuke eventually arrives and ofc her dad is super sad too. HOWEVER, it seems like Satsuki and Kyoko dad still has something up their sleeves. (゚ω゚)b

Shinnosuke takes her to the main headquarters of the Kuroe group. Kyoko wants to talk to Shinnosuke during their ride there, but he reminds her that the betrayal didn’t start simply now. It was an event that Kyoko tried to forget, not bc she wanted to, but bc it seemed like Shinnosuke wanted to. Eleven years ago, when her mom was still hospitalized, Kyoko (6 yrs old) was kidnapped; Shinnosuke was part of it.

When they get to the headquarters, Kuroe tells Shinnosuke to leave the room, so he and Kyoko can discuss about future plans. He tells her that they’ll get married in two days, which is also her 18th birthday. Kyoko makes sure that he’s really going to help the company since well, who can really trust this guy. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Kyoko still doesn’t see the merit in marrying her, so he reveals the REAL reason why he wants to marry her. It’s bc he had a crush on Kyoko mom during college, but she ended up with Kyoko dad. He claims that Kyoko mom would have been his if it weren’t for Kyoko dad… (ಠ益ಠ)
Honestly, I knew this was the reason bc it’s pretty predictable, like why else would he want to marry Kyoko. Like they haven’t even met before. Obiviously, this guy is pretty messed up and disgusting since omg what kind of sane person would want to marry the daughter of the person they once liked/loved. Especially when they never met the child before… He was originally just going to “take Kyoko away” from Kyoko dad, but once he saw her face…He “thinks” he can obtain her this time, but obviously he can never have Kyoko mom. I bet he’s the type of person who would never be satisfied. EVEN IF they were to get married, I can see the future where Kyoko will get bashed from his words and maybe some abuse here and there. ٩(╬ʘ益ʘ╬)۶

Kyoko is given a room and she’ll be watched, so basically she’s imprisoned, but imprisoned in luxury. NO, this does not make it better! (>_<。) One day left until the marriage, Shinnosuke comes to the room. Kyoko asks if he came to save her, but nope. (´・д・`) He reminds her once again that he’s not her butler anymore. The interesting part is that he didn’t know about her marriage though. Just when he was about to ask, the watch guy with food comes in. The dude finds it odd bc no one is supposed to visit her, but him. However, Shinnosuke just makes an excuse that he was told to check on her. After he leaves, he barges into nasty Kuroe’s office that he wasn’t notified about their marriage. He claims that the promise was that Kuroe wouldn’t do anything to Kyoko as long as he came back to the organization. However, Kuroe claims that he didn’t abuse her or anything, so it’s fine. Also, he doesn’t want to lose “that face” the second time. Dude, I don’t even think he was even in love with Kyoko mom bc all he’s saying since the negotiation is that he wants “HER FACE.” What happened to everything other than a person’s face…( ಠ_ಠ ) Shinnosuke claims that Kyoko isn’t her mom, but it doesn’t seem like he cares as long as he gets her face. what the…Kuroe reminds him that he is the only one that can save her. In other words, he’s the only one that can give Kyoko the treatment since he was the one behind the researcher’s disappearance. Due to Shinnosuke’s attitude, he is seen as a traitor. He tells him that he’ll give him another chance, but nope. Shinnosuke doesn’t want to continue this bs. Shinnosuke claims that the only person he’ll ever be loyal to is Kyoko. Therefore, Shinnosuke is taken to the underground basement.

2013-09-08_00;37;28While he’s out cold in the basement, he has this flashback dream. Shinnosuke was an orphan, didn’t know his parents, but had his friends. Even though he had his hardships, he was living a peaceful life until this one day. People were kidnapping kids like him, so they can train them. Then, use them as soldiers for crime. Soon, he was able to obtain a higher position and met “her.” The organization kidnapped Kyoko (age 6) and he was assigned to be the hostage’s caretaker. OMG Kyoko was so cute when she was small. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Kyoko introduces herself, doesn’t cry or scream. Well, she was like an odd little kid since kids will scream and cry in situations like this right? xD ahaha He tells it’s Shinnosuke’s turn to introduce himself as well since she did. He thought of her as a cheeky kid and that they’ve kidnapped a rather strange one. Little Kyoko would have all these things she want to do, so Shinnosuke would ask his boss if he’s allowed to this and that. It’s been only one day and she’s a problem already. Therefore, his boss just tells him to do whatever she asks for except taking her back since obviously he’s getting annoyed. When Shinnosuke tells her that, her eyes sparkle. Thus, Kyoko tells Shinnosuke to be her butler since she always wanted one. She even asked for one as a birthday present, so it made her happier that she gets to have one before her birthday.

2013-09-08_00;37;33Eventually, the organization decided to get rid of Kyoko from the order of their client. Shinnosuke’s boss tell him to watch her until then. Kyoko is having her last meal and suddenly tells him that she wants to go to the hospital. She tells him about her mom and asks him to take her. Ofc, he’s not allowed to do this, but does anywyays, telling her that he’ll take her back once they do. They sneak into the hospital and her mom gives Shinnosuke a pendant as a thanks and give one to Kyoko as well. Kyoko says the pendant is important, so he suggest that she keeps both of them. However, she wants him to have one bc her mom once said that matching pairs proves a bond between each other, just like mom and dad’s ring. She tells him to keep it bc he’s going to be her butler from now on.  I’m glad that I played his route close to last since his route kinda makes me not want to play the other’s routes. But then, I would feel that he should have just hit on her in every route and I’ll probably fall for it everytime jk. xD ahaha It’s just…I like his personality more when he was a kid. WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM!? He’s such a wimp now. IS IT MIND WASH!? haha

2013-09-08_00;37;44In the morning, the organization are under attack and Shinnosuke’s boss tells him to bring Kyoko to him since she’s the target. Basically, the attackers came to rescue Kyoko. However, he doesn’t listen to his boss and tries to escape with her. In the process, he’s caught in the rubble collapse. He tells her to escape without him bc who knows what they’ll do if they find her. Still, Kyoko tries to save Shinnosuke since he’s her butler now and that makes him part of her family. His boss finds them and knows he disobeyed his orders. Therefore, he faces his gun toward him, so Kyoko stand in front of him to protect him. The bad guy tells them that they can just die together. AND THEN, Masaki comes to this rescue. He’s one of the butlers at her house I think, but not hers. I wonder if all butlers can fight lol He tells Kyoko to escape with him, but wants Shinnosuke to go with them too. He makes it an order too, so Masaki does so. After they’re saved, Kyoko dad punches Shinnosuke bc he was part of the bad guys that kidnapped Kyoko. Kyoko tries to protect him by saying that he’s her butler. Kyoko dad is like what the fro, so he asks Shinnosuke what’s going on, but he doesn’t know either. Kyoko tells her dad that he asked for a butler for her birthday, so she went and found one herself. OMGGG Little Kyoko is sooo cuteee 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+ NO WONDER HER DAD IS SUCH AN OYABAKA. I would be too >< 

They find out that he was the one that took her to the hospital, which helped them find Kyoko; it was the bc the pendant had a GPS to it. Also, Kyoko mom passed away this morning. Even though it would have been better for Kyoko to be with her mom when she passes away, but still, at least they got to see each other one last time before she did. Kyoko dad tells him to go with their story if he doesn’t want to be captured with the other bad guys. He hates Shinnosuke, but will let him go for now bc Kyoko chose him. He doesn’t want to be the dad that would take away his daughter’s present from her. Shinnosuke asks if she’s sad; she says yes, but she’s not lonely bc he’s there. Kyoko is like crying while she says this. (つд`)

Eleven years have passed since then, he feels that he’s trying to take something away from her again. However, he doesn’t care as long as he can protect her. I wouldn’t say this is the best way, but…yeah >< When he wakes up, Satsuki is there, saying that he had quite a looooong flashback there. I agree, but I forgive him bc I got to see cute Kyoko. Shinnosuke asks why Satsuki is there, but she claims that she has never heard or seen a traitor butler like him. She says she won’t forgive him for hurting Kyoko, but will call it truce for now bc they have to escape after all. He wonders why she knows about his dream, but that’s bc he’s been calling Kyoko’s name countless times.

He explains how Kuroe have rebuilt the past organization Shinnosuke was in. He tells her that the past intrusions of the house were made by them as well. They never succeeded bc Shinnosuke knows their tactics. Kuroe felt that it was odd and found out Shinnosuke was in the Himeno household. He would always reject Kuroe’s offer until he got the call about having a treatment for Kyoko’s illness. He was hesitating whether he should accept the offer now that Kuroe has the treatment, but finally caved in when Kyoko was told to be hospitalized. Satsuki tells him that she saw right through the fraud evidence documents with many flaws in it. Shinnosuke did this, so Kyoko dad won’t be arrested at the least. She says there was no reason to act so cold towards her, but claimed that he’ll be troubled if she didn’t hate him. He knew that she’ll try to save him if she knew the truth. He didn’t want her to get involved in the organization after she obtains the cure. He claims that he’ll be able to do anything for her, but obviously it went wrong. He starts blabbering about negative things about himself, so Satsuki tells him to man up. She tells him that Kyoko dad left her a message to relay it to Shinnosuke.
“Will you make my lie a truth?” The lie, “On her 18th birthday, the prince on white horse will come get you.”

Kyoko’s dad is talking about the lie that he told Kyoko when she was a kid in order to prevent her from getting close to this guy. Kyoko’s dad believed that he thought Shinnosuke was the best for the job. She claims that he already knew from his act. He believed that Shinnosuke would have something in mind to do something like this. Therefore, Satsuki asks what is there to hesitate. Shinnosuke thinks that he doesn’t have the right since he’s a butler, so Satsuki says that a person doesn’t need authority to like a person. He insists that he likes her as a person he works for, but nothing else. Satsuki asks if he never felt anything for even after all those dates. He has another flashback of when they first had their training date. He remembers that his heart beat rate rose to like 104, so he thinks he might have glass heart syndrome too. XD He asks if Satsuki feel tokimeki, so she answers that she does so much that she wants to roll on the floor, but also say that her tokimeki is different from Shinnosuke’s tokimeki. The tokimeki that Satuki never hurt her, their “likes” are different.

I guess he’s so dense that he barely realizes that he likes Kyoko. He’s like, “OMG I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH OUJOSAMA!?” Therefore, he decides to officially join forces with Satsuki to help Kyoko, not as a butler, but a man. He claims that he doesn’t want his loved one to be unhappy. They decide to separate their way and the next time they see each other will be at the wedding. Satsuki tells him that she’ll forgive him the first time, but there won’t be a second.

Glass Heart Princess_0071The day of Kyoko’s 18th birthday, Kuroe tells her to get ready for the wedding. When he’s about to announce their marriage, they hear an engine sound. WHEEEEE~ Prince Shinnosuke to the rescue!! Literally, he’s a prince now; he got adopted by that one Arab prince. Wait…was he adopted by him or his dad bc that’s kind of weird if the prince adopted Shinnosuke…Isn’t it? aha He comes to pick her up on a motorcycle (the white motorcycle is the horse btw) with a prince outfit. You see what he did there, he made his Kyoko dad’s lie come true. Walah! (ノ-ヮ-)ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧* However, Kyoko thinks he’s fooling around, which completely ruins the moment. Kyoko gets angry and says he’s not her butler anymore. So he’s like, “Are you coming or not!?” The arrow thing comes up, so ofc I fired it. He tells her that he’s got everything covered, so tells her not to hesitate and just come. Satsuki suddenly appears on the screen saying that she’s at the Kuroe main headquarter and have the black market list, which is an evidence for Kuroe’s fraudulent actions within HIS company. Therefore, he loses it, and claims that he’ll kill everyone in the room. Too bad Shinnosuke brought back up 😀 I thought his back up team was cute too. (・ω・)

Glass Heart Princess_0072Shinnosuke takes Kyoko away with the motorcycle. OH GOSH DON’T LET HIM DRIVEEEEE! (っ゚⊿゚)っ  haha He takes her to the beach. Kyoko is still mad and says she was lonely, so she tells him never to leave her side anymore. Ofc, he oks it and apologizes. (*`ω´*) He hugs Kyoko so tight that it’s hurting her, but says he can’t hold back anymore. イヤ—(*ノ∀ノ)—ン He tells her that he never wants to let go of her. Thus, they confess their feelings to each other.

Glass Heart Princess_0073The following day, they go back home. Kyoko dad fires him, yells at him for almost making him abandon his workers from almost- losing his company. He tells Shinnosuke that he needs to take the consequence. On the other hand, Satsuki tell him that it might be a problem for his daughter to have a NEET prince as a boyfriend. Therefore, Shinnosuke starts as a newbie, hired by Kyoko this time. Satsuki calls him “chore duty”, so Shinnosuke asks her to call him by a different name. She calls him “Prince (笑),” so he tells him to just call him the way she was before. Satsuki tells him to wipe all the window in the house. She claims that she was originally going to wipe them, but she got bored and wiped only one. He asks if she can go a little easier on him, so he can ask Kyoko on a date after work. BUT NOPE. Kyoko offers to help after Satsuki leaves the scene, but says he will do it alone. Therefore, Kyoko mumbles that they can date more if they worked together. Shinnosuke ask her to help after all. He tells her to come behind the curtain and… (〃д〃) He claims that he couldn’t wait until their date. He tells her that that’s what the curtains are for. Indeed, that’s they’re for… (ΦωΦ)フフフ…

Glass Heart Princess_0091OMG! Shinnosuke’s route was sooo long!!! AND I’m tired of typing “Shinnosuke!” I was thinking of calling him Shin-chan or Shin or Masaki, etc. BUT i settled with Shinnosuke bc Shin reminded me of Amnesia, Masaki was too formal, Shin-chan is such a weird name to use on a butler. ahaha Shinnosuke’s review might have been the longest  review everrrr! Well, the playing part was okay, but almost fainted from writing this review. He was really cute in his route though. I just hoped to see more cuteness overload, but I guess I’ll leave that for the fandisk. I also wished he would man up a bit in his route since he was such a wimp. I hope this changes in the fandisk ><

I should be done with the last character soon since well, it’s pretty short. After I finish GHP’s reviews, I will start working on Wand of Fortune 2 FD. Well, I started, but I didn’t get too far. I feel like I should be concising my reviews, BUT I don’t know. I think everything I write on my reviews are important. I do cut some scenarios here and there, but I just can’t keep it short…orz I hope I can get to my next games soon! (n‘∀‘)η


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