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Glass Heart Princess – Doumyouji Gai

Glass Heart Princess_0092

Doumyouji Gai is the secret character of this game; he’s the shota that appears during your second play.  Apparently, Kyoko’s dad promised Gai’s dad that he can have her daughter as his son’s fiance when they were younger. Ofc, Gai is way too young for Kyoko, so they say that it was just a little promise, so it’s fine if they don’t really end up together. It would be pretty messed up if they forced them to get together anyways. (´・д・`) However, Gai is up for it unlike Kyoko. Thus, Gai starts his little proposal daisakusen to win Kyoko’s heart. 

Kyoko promised to show Gai around, but he’s late for the date. Suddenly, they see something colorful coming their way. It looks like a flower bouquet walking on it’s legs. The identity of that unknown object turns out to be Gai carrying plenty of flower bouquets. He says that he didn’t know which one fit her, so he just brought all of them. How cute~ (*`ω´*) Kyoko asks what happened to his bodyguard, but Gai’s dad thought it was ridiculous to keep a bodyguard at their date. Thus, he didn’t bring his bodyguard. Kyoko wants to say the same thing to her butler, but we all know Shinnosuke. ┐(‘~`;)┌

First, they go to the shipping mall and encounters a thief there. Kyoko calls Shinnosuke out and takes care of the situation. Gai admires how strong Shinnosuke is since Gai was just scared during the event. He asks Shinnosuke to train him to be able to become strong enough to protect Kyoko. Gai calls Shinnosuke “teacher,” which makes him real happy; Shinnosuke gladly accepts.

Glass Heart Princess_0093One day, Kyoko go watch them train. Kyoko feel that Gai has become tougher than the first time they met. Shinnosuke tell Kyoko that he has the potential and the determination, but still lack confidence. Actually, Shinnosuke is planning an event that will train his confidence eventually.

Winter eventually comes, but Kyoko doesn’t have plans. She gets a call from Gai, asking her on a date. They meet and so he has something that he wants to tell her.

Glass Heart Princess_0094“I’ll be the right man for you. I don’t know how long it will take, but… One day, I’ll be the right guy for you more than anyone. I wanted to tell you when I did, but…you’re really beautiful and nice, and a wonderful person, soo… the others guys won’t leave you alone. So I wanted to tell you my feelings beforehand.”

“I’ll try my best to become a good man as soon as possible and come get you. so can you stay as my fiance until then?”

Kyoko accepts him.

-End of Shota Gai End-

Kyoko invites Gai to her house. However, Shinnosuke and Satsuki isn’t coming back from shopping yet. Suddenly, they hear a sound downstairs and think they might have come back. When she opens the door, it’s these two masked robbers. Kyoko wonders why Shinnosuke’s traps aren’t working since he usually sets them up before he leaves. She’s not worried about what’s going to happen to her and Gai, but more worried about what Shinnosuke might do to the robbers when he comes home. KYOKO IS SOOO WEIRD XD 

Glass Heart Princess_0095Meanwhile, Gai is scared. He’s even feels worse bc he’s unable to do anything even though he trains with Shinnosuke. Kyoko tries to contact Shinnosuke with the communication device that is hidden in case of emergencies. She tries to explain the situation, but Shinnosuke tells her to continue their conversation without letting Gai hear. In other words, he is trying to tell Kyoko that this is only a “stage” for Gai. Remember how I said Shinnosuke was planning a little event for him to train his confidence, so this is it. Kyoko assumed that he meant to set up some kind of tournament, but this is no where similar to one. She claims that he is going overboard. You got that right! I mean he’s only 10 yrs old… Well, then again, Shinnosuke might not quite understand since he was still a kid when he got abducted and turned into a soldier, but…Still… >_<

However, Shinnosuke claims that confidence is only built when overcoming difficult situations like this one. The training has already started, so he tells Kyoko to cooperate. The robbers are REAL though…btw…∑(O_O;) That’s messed up! Shinnosuke purposely told his info seller friend to leak the info that the Himeno household security is low right now, so it’s a great chance to rob their house. He tells her that he’ll come right in if something bad is about to happen. Gai asks her if something’s wrong, so Kyoko makes an excuse that Shinnosuke can’t come right now bc he’s fighting some armed mob right now. Shinnosuke tells Kyoko and Kyoko tells Gai that at times like this, there are weapons hidden all around the house. GOSH Did it ever occur to him that it’ll be dangerous if the robbers were to find the weapons!? |゚Д゚))) 

When Gai mans up to protect Kyoko, he grabs a taser and attack Robber#1 while Robber#2 look around the place. Since he’s still a kid, ofc he’s hella scared, so he doesn’t know when to stop tasering him. He’s obviously going overboard with it, but he’s panicking, so he can’t think straight. Then,Robber#2 comes back. Gai threatens the dude with a gun by putting it against the unconscious Robber#1’s head. Apparently, Gai grabbed a gun before he went for the attack. Robber#2 runs away since Gai IS holding a gun, but decides to chase after him. Therefore, Kyoko chases after the two too. They change their location to the outside. Gai throws a knife, which triggers a log trap and hits Robber#2. WHAT THE! How many weapons is he holding!? I swear this is a bad influence for a 10 year old. I’m kind of scared to think how it would be like when Shinnosuke has kids… It might be better if he has a daughter, but then again he was so cute with that kid at the park in his route. He should just have both then! >< Enough fan girling on a diff. character in a diff. guy’s route ahah. I’m sooo rude xD

Kyoko praises Gai, but he feels one last presence; that person is Shinnosuke. Shinnosuke reveals that this was part of a training for Gai to obtain confidence. He is proud of Gai, but gets mad bc Shinnosuke has deceived him and thinks that he was probably laughing at him behind his back. So, basically, everything BACKFIRES. What gets him even more shocked is that Kyoko was part of it too. Well, Kyoko didn’t plan this from the start, but yeahh…she apologizes. Still, Gai is like yelling that he hates everyone and runs away. Well, I don’t blame him bc I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s diagnosed with PTSD or something. Kyoko was going to apologize to him again properly, but it seems that Gai was so shocked that he went back home overseas.

Eight years have passed. Kyoko got a letter from this person, which brings her back to nostalgia. It was Doumyouji Gai; the card said, “I’ll come get you.” Kyoko wonders if he’s still mad. Either way, Kyoko wants to apologize the first thing when she sees him. He hopes that he’ll smile and forgive her since he sent her a letter. However, it didn’t say when he is coming back though. Kyoko have succeeded her dad’s company and is being driven home at that moment.

Glass Heart Princess_0096When she gets back, Satsuki suddenly tells Kyoko to wear a wedding dress, or else her otome collection will…When she goes out, she sees Shinnosuke beaten, so she tried to go to him. Suddenly, she’s grabbed by someone and sits on beaten up Shinnosuke. (・ω・) The dude’s appearance is rather wild and looks at Kyoko with this clever smile. The dude is GAI! Apparently, he came back not too long ago. Gai’s wimpy-ness appearance is no where to be seen either. He tells her that she’s gotten even prettier than the last time he saw her. Gai is also the one that beat Shinnosuke too, claims he has fulfilled his revenge. He trained for the past eight years to get his revenge on them.

Gai tells Kyoko that it’s her turn now. He kisses her on the cheek. He claims that he thought he would be able to forget her if he was to get away from her, but she’s still beautiful as ever. He’s feels a bit complexed since she’s more attractive than he remembers her to be. He asks her if she has been waiting for her, which gets her flustered. Gai calls her cute. He kisses her on the lips with a bit of an aggressiveness. Gai actually thought Kyoko and Shinnosuke was going to end up together. He was planning to defeat him and steal Kyoko away, so he thinks Shinnosuke was a bigger wimp than he thought he was. I KNOW RIGHT!? Well, based on his route, I don’t even think he realized his feeling anyways. (´・_・`) 

Therefore, he tells Kyoko what his revenge for her will be…

“Please be mine. Be mine and let me bully you for the rest of your life.”

-End of 18 yr old Gai End-

Yayyy! I finished Glass Heart Princess! Well, Gai Gai Gai…he changed quite a lot from his shota form to his 18 year old self. He was sooooo wimpy when he was a kid though. I actually like his appearance when he’s older better than most of the guys in this game. However, I thought it was a bit hard to really like the character as Kyoko’s partner since well, his route was shorter compared to the others. After all, he’s the secret/extra character in this game. I wonder how much he’ll be involved in the fandisk, but yeah. Also, it was bit hard for him to be considered Kyoko’s rightful partner bc the age gap. Like, I’m not saying that age is all that matters, but for god’s sake, he was only 10 years old when they met. I guess it’s cute that he would try his best for Kyoko to like him, but Kyoko getting with a kid is a bit… Maybe if he was like in middle school when they first met, it might have been a lot easier to accept? Well, I don’t know. Also, I thought that he looked like a sadistic guy now that he’s older with his little smirk, but actually I am having second thoughts that he’s just a closet masochist. Like who would go back to someone after experiencing all these traumatizing events as a kid. Well, I wouldn’t…(o´Д`)=з

Since I’m done with Glass Heart Princess, I will be moving onto Wand of Fortune 2 FD. I think I just need three more routes? I will officially be start working on them now. I can’t wait ’til I finish them and move onto the new games. WOOOOOOOOO! (ノ-ヮ-)ノ*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧* Sorry I think I’m a bit high bc of the coffee I drank today…(;´Д`)


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