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Houkago colorful*step – Athletic Club ~Track club~


I guess it’s official now that I’m going to be updating Houkago colorful*step. I guess they’ve decided to release infos in little bits and pieces, so there’s something to look forward to now that Butterfly Lip kind of disappeared. The release date got delayed and changed the artist or something? I’m not so sure. (・ェ・) Anyways, why am I writing a post on Houkago coloful*step? Has the time come? Yes yes yes, it has~ (n‘∀‘)η

The release date for now is… December 19, 2013 (Yes, I doubled check on their site). I don’t think Honeybee has delayed any of their games yet, not that I know of. However, I guess I’m sensitive bc I thought Otomate was the only one, but then BlackButterfly joined in the delay club as well. Why not Honeybee then? haha jk. Anyways, like mentioned in the past B’s LOG issues, there will be two releases for this game, like Starry Sky. THANK GOODNESS, it’s only two releases. They’re going to release their first part with the athletic group. I believe I already explained if I were to ever talk about the characters in detail, that means the part of the CV announcements are OUT! HINT HINT They’re in the track club~ ahah d(*’▽’*)b♪


From left to right, we have Ninomae Kiichi (CV. Hirakawa Daisuke), Tokitou Chikayuki (CV. Taniyama Kishou), and Kiryuu Nanao (CV. Yonaga Tsubasa). They have their club activities from Monday to Saturday. Since the school offer Saturdays and Sundays as weekends, they practice full power on Saturdays from morning to 5pm. In track, Kiichi is a sprinter and hurdler; Tokitou runs middle & long-distance; Nanao runs long-distance and is a sprinter.

There will also be a situation CD called Houkago Colorful step ~Track club~ for the game before they actually release the game. They didn’t release a date for it, but it will contain the three guys from the track club. At the school, the students are to join a club as a school rule. The heroine chooses to join the track club as a long-distance runner. In this cd, you are already couples with the guy of your choice and is spending time together after school.


Note: Since Houkago color step is from Honeybee, it might be fun to compare them with the starry sky characters with their horoscope haha xD

Name: Ninomae Kiichi
DOB: 02.15
Year: 3rd year
Horoscope: Aquarius
Bloodtype: A
Height 185cm
Ninomae Kiichi is the captain of the track club. He’s both nice and strong-willed, so people see him as a reliable person. However, by first impression, a lot of people will think he’s a scary person due to his appearance. He cares about his club members a lot. He will always be willing to spend his time and practices for the track club.

Q1: Why did you join the track club?
A: I was inspired by this track athlete when I was small…that’s about it. 

Q2: As a captain, what do you do to support the team?
A: I try to look at every one of the members rather than looking at them as a whole.

Q3: Are you interested in anything other than track?
A: I will be troubled if you’re asking me in terms of interest other than track. I like to make training menus, figure out ways to strengthen teammate’s abilities, stuff that sport trainers do.

Q4: What do you think about Tokitou and Kiryuu?
A: I got the impression that they both have a hidden potential, but it’s either they don’t realize that or don’t display it…

Q5: Say something to the future members of the club!
A: As the captain, I will support you all the way, so don’t hesitate to rely on me.

~Thoughts about the character~
Well, this guy…He seems like those dudes with a stiff personality since it says he’s good at studying and doesn’t have a subject he dislikes. He doesn’t even have a food he dislikes. I have a lot btw, a picky eater too (・へ・ ) lol  I like how he’s reliable though. I might like him the best out of the three in the track club. Oh and his last name is interesting. I couldn’t read it at first, but I was like, Ohhhh I get it, after seeing how it was read. xD As of CV, I still have mix feelings since I have Hirakawa trauma. Those who are his fans, don’t be offended. It’s not him, it’s me. No, actually, it’s my friend’s fault, kind of. I wanna be a Hirakawa fan too since he’s a really good seiyuu, but nope. TRAUMA TRAUMA TRAUMA. It got better than before, but I’m not ready to go fangirl for him yet.

Name: Tokitou Chikayuki
DOB: 05.09
Year: 2nd year
Horoscope: Taurus
Bloodtype: AB
Height: 177cm
Tokitou Chikayuki is in the same class as the heroine. He has an open-hearted personality, always interacting with both senpai and kouhai with a smile. He has the talent for track. However, he would stop in the middle of practice just because he doesn’t want to be tired.

Q1: Why did you join the track club?
A: Hmmm, well, maybe because I felt like it?

Q2: Have you been doing track since before?
A: I was in track before…However, I didn’t have the talent for it.

Q3: Are you interested in anything other than track?
A: Wide, but shallow interest in many things, I guess.

Q4: What do you think about the captain and Kiryuu?
A: They’re both earnest unlike me. Nanao is too earnest that he putstoo much tension on himself sometimes, so I’m a bit worried on that part.

Q5: Say something to the future members of the club!
A: If you try too hard in the beginning, you’ll be tired later on. So, come with a carefree stance.

~Thoughts about the character~
Ok, one of my fave seiyuus here, I just wish he would do those serious-ish guys. To me, I get this impression that he’s always playing those characters that are playboy-ish or gives off the air of one. The actual person kinda looks like one too. haha I don’t know, I guess I like his voice? To me, his voice is pretty unique, like at first, I was like, hmmm you have an interesting voice. Then, it was like, wow, I like your voice a lot. haha I don’t know how that happened, but yeah.

Name: Kiryuu Nanao
DOB: 06.20
Year: 1st year
Horoscope: Gemini
Bloodtype: O
Height: 170cm
The heroine’s kouhai. When it comes to track, he’s the most passionate than anyone. He’s a hard worker, so he never skips his daily basic and stamina training. However, he doesn’t have quite the confidence, so he has his negative sides too.

Q1: Why did you join the track club?
A: Influenced by this person…perhaps. I joined the track club because I admired that person.

Q2: What’s your daily basic training menu?
A: Thorough stretching is the main menu. It’s needed in order to move your body and to prevent injuries from happening.

Q3: Are you interested in anything other than track?
A: I like reading. I would say reading, but most of the books I read are on track.

Q4: What do you think about the captain and Tokitou?
A: They are senpais that have a passion for track. Both are senpais that I admire.

Q5: Say something to the future members of the club!
A: There are a lot of reliable senpais in the track club. Ofc, I will be there to help as well. So, you don’t need to hesitate about joining.

~Thoughts about the character~
You know what would be interesting? A manly Yonaga Tsubasa. Is that even possible? Well, I never heard of a manly Yonaga. I get the impression that he’s always the cute kouhai character. Well, I understand why from listening to his voice, but I want to hear a different Yonaga for the heck of it.

I guess I like the types of character that has a manly feeling, like the reliable type. I’m usually not into the kouhai characters. I guess I like them to be mature, but not too much. I don’t favor characters that are too stiff in terms of personality, but I like sawayaka people too. It doesn’t seem like this batch are that sawayaka due to first impression? As of now, I might like the characters in the order of Kiichi > Tokitou > Nanao. I’m looking forward to how this will change later on. (゚ω゚)


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