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Shinobi Koi Utsutsu – B’s LOG October Issue


I was considering to include them in my brief B’s LOG review, but I guess I’m so into this series that I’m going to make an individual post for this series. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ hehehe In Shinobi Koi Utsutsu B’s LOG October issue, they released the chibi character designs, Daisuke’s game event scenario, a Q&A corner for Sasuke, a short story for Garaiya for coming in first in the Twitter Shinobi Koi Utsutsu character ranking, and a part of the scenario for Kamakiyo and Daisuke for the situation drama cd. 

The chibi characters are sooo cute >< Especially Garaiya holding Lucifer. 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+ hehe


First off! The characters ask Sasuke some personal questions. Guess who’s who by the usernames they used to ask the questions.

Sarutobi Sasuke’s Q&A:

(Username: Poor Ninja): How does it feel like when you’re under love mode?
A: It feels like another me that I don’t know is talking…

(Username: Playboy Ninja): Describe your charm in one word. Please answer in  dog-ish words.
A: I’m outgoing, woof! wth is this!

(Username: Megane Muttsuri Ninja): What words are most effective when you’re trying to grab a women’s attention?
A: Is that something I should be answering…Can’t you just say that you like them?

(Username: Suspicious Hidden Ninja): Please name the person you like.
A: Huh? Why do I have to answer that here! Ofc I can’t answer that!

(Username: Chuunibyou Ninja): What’s your hobby? Hurry up and answer.
A: To collect pretty rocks and modify his shuriken.

(Username: Megane Muttsuri Ninja): Describe yourself with a 4-character word.
A: Four character word? In characters? I haven’t thought of it before, so I’ll answer next time.


Garaiya’s Twitter character ranking SS:

Shinobi Koi Utsutsu’s official twitter account had a character ranking on which character attracts the fan’s attention most? And Garaiya (CV. Shimono Hiro) won, so this month’s issue released a short story for him as the winner. I’ll try my best to translate! It’s kind of hard to translate the chuunibyou phrases >< haha

Garaiya「…I thought I just heard a voice. Is this a tweet…?」

Kaede「Huh? A tweet?」

Garaiya「Hmmmm―…umm, let’s see, “I’m interested in Garaiya”? “cute”?」

Garaiya「It’s fine to call me Garaiya, but calling me cute is rude! I’m cool― I mean, I am the wandering Chaos Loop Traveler.」

Kaede「(….Garaiya-kun’s face is red…Also, I didn’t understand what he was saying near the end….)」

Garaiya「Also― Huh? “I will give Garaiya-tan a vote” ? What vote? Besides that, what’s “tan” supposed to mean, what is “tan”!」

Kaede「Um, Garaiya-kun? Are you embarrassed? or are you angry?」

Garaiya「I don’t really get it, but ―I bet that’s just a way to show their fear towards me! Who does this tweet belong to!? Perhaps, it’s yours?」

Kaede「!  Why are you coming closer, Garaiya-kun?」

Garaiya「Hey, Speak the truth. This is your tweet HUH!」

Kaede「Huh? Wa, wait, Garaiya-kun, you’re too close! This way, you’re going to get me nervous―」

~~~♥  メロメロの術発動 ♥~~~
(Kaede’s ability in action)

Garaiya「― Hey, Is it true that you’re interested in me? Hehe, I’m happy. I like you too. I always, always wanted it to be just the two of us.」

Kaede「Garaiya-kun!? Perhaps, you’re in love mode…」

Garaiya「Hmph, I’m going to get mad if you don’t pay attention to me. See, look at me. Feel my hand. I want to hug you this way.」


Garaiya「Let me trap you into my arms. I bet you want me to do this too, right? I know you do…I won’t let you escape.」

Kaede「(He’s hugging me? Garaiya-kun is actually pretty strong….)」

Garaiya「Because I’m your fated person. I bet you are…Our fate, you believe in it too, right?」

Kaede「Well, um」

Garaiya「I like you. I like you a lot. A lot. I like you so much that I don’t want you to go anywhere.」

Kaede「― !」

Garaiya「―… I want to hug to hug you like this forever―. I won’t ever let you go. My only loved one. 」

So this month, we have Sasuke’s Q&A and Garaiya’s SS. I know there’s the Daisuke event scenario and the Daisuke/Kamakiyo scenario for the situation cd as well. It’s just that I do plan to listen to the situation cd and play the game, so I’m most likely not going to read them. I don’t like spoilers (◕﹏◕ ) haha. Like always, Sasuke shows that he’s not so bright, but that’s his charm right? As of Garaiya, what the, too cute ><  Sometimes, I’m like, what the heck is he saying. I see what it’s saying, but don’t understand what he’s saying, just like the heroine. It’s cute how he just forgets his character setting sometimes xD It’s so sad that his situation cd will be the last to come out. (´・д・`)


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