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Glass Heart Princess – Hoshino Kanata

Glass Heart Princess_0075
Kanata is definitely the weirdest one in the group, very unenthusiastic. He kind of reminds me of Asagiri from Koishiba. Well, they both don’t have the general knowledge about regular daily life matters. No, he’s not an angel btw…aha xD

Kyoko and Kanata first meet when she goes to this legendary tree. The fan girls were talking about the legend that the tree holds; a girl and guy will be fated together when the two encounter each other under the tree. Since it’s been five days already and Kyoko hasn’t found a guy that she can like, she decides to to wait there until someone does come; no one appears. Just when she stands up, thinking that she should leave already, she loses consciousness. Maybe she bumped her head on something!? (゚ω゚) When she wakes up, she sees this dude lying beside her. He’s wearing the school uniform, but Kyoko doesn’t recognize him o.o BUT, the next thing you know, he does something; all of a sudden, she knows him now. Like with the other guys, Kyoko suddenly ask him to go on a date with him.

On one of their dates, Kanata asks Kyoko a favor. He takes her to a game center claiming that one of his comrades is captured in a crane game o.o Kyoko thinks it’s alien plushie, which looks just like the one Kanata carries with him, except this one is pink and has a ribbon. When Kyoko is finally able to win the prize, Kanata hugs her and lets her hold onto it as a thanks. If I were in Kyoko’s position, I would probably freak out from him calling the plushie his comrade. (※థэథ)∵.*.∵ I guess he’s so weird that even the president of the school’s space research club is suspicious about Kanata. What’s with these club presidents getting involved in the character routes, like Miyashita in Asahina’s route. aha After one of their dates, he suddenly comes up to Kyoko asking if she’s a friend of Kanata’s. Apparently, this dude thinks Kanata is an alien…0__0 For some insane reason, he even drags her into stalking Kanata with him. However, they end up finding nothing suspicious in his action. Kyoko tells him to give up, but claims that there’s still a chance that he reveal his identity during night time. He believes that Kanata has his base at school. They go to the legendary tree, saying that he thinks this is where he keeps in contact with the aliens. Suddenly, Kanata pops out of no where asking what they’re doing. Kyoko tell him the truth, so he asks them to let him join next time xD He tell them that he’s not an alien either. 

Glass Heart Princess_0077For another one of their dates, they go to the beach bc Kanata wants to do some investigation there. Kyoko wants to join him, but tells her that she’ll just get in his way. le GASP Σ(゚Д゚;) how mean~~~ (╥﹏╥) Therefore, Kyoko is all sad. The beach ball gets blown away from the wind. Kyoko tries to get it, but loses her balance and falls in the water. Because of her illness, she feels suffocated. Meanwhile, Kanata and his mini alien is investigating the life forms on the beach. They hear a scream and knows it’s Kyoko. The alien prioritizes the investigation, but Kanata is worried about her. When Kyoko wakes up, Kanata is there for her. Apparently, he used some kind of power to do some Prophet Moses magic in the ocean. Kanata feels like there’s some kind of error when Kyoko is with him. He feels relieved when she is with him. He tells her go to back to sleep. Kyoko goes unconscious again. When she wakes up again, he tells her that he was worried bc she wasn’t moving and apologizes for saying that she would be a bother. 

Kanata acts stranger as they go on more dates. This one day, he wants to buy an engagement ring in order to investigate a diamond. However, they can’t afford it, so the store clerk offers a cheaper one thinking they’re student couples. He wasn’t able to get the diamond, but a ring for Kyoko instead. He puts it on her with his mystic powers haha. Also, when they meet for their date, he modifies her memories like 3 times on the same day. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some side effects from it… o_o 

Glass Heart Princess_0081The day has come when Kanata invites to his place after school. He makes her these dishes with weird cooking methods that she’s never seen. He starts acting weird again like tapping her from behind. When she looks back, Kanata is standing behind her with his eyes closed. He suggest that they watch a DVD together. Kyoko thinks that he is sitting rather close to her. When she looks at him, he sees him facing her with his eyes closed. Afterwards, they eat dinner. When Kanata finishes eating, he suddenly sits right next to her. He faces her again with his eyes closed. So persistent AHA xD Ofc, Kyoko finds him real odd. However, he claims that he’s acting according to the documents. According to him, he’s been feeling rather strange when he’s with Kyoko. Then, he came across a book on it. According to book, he might like her. Therefore, he wants to check by kissing her. When he does, she feels a big thump on her heart, then stops. (っ゚⊿゚)っ ハッ! What happened was that Kanata totally killed her, like literally. When Kyoko wakes up, Kanata tells her that it’s fine now. He apologizes that he didn’t know humans can die by a kiss. Nope, they don’t…only Kyoko, >_< It seems that Kanata has implanted a new mechanic heart for Kyoko.

Glass Heart Princess_0082Kanata was originally planning to keep his identy a secret, but since he killed a person…I guess he can’t really keep it a secret anymore? Like it’s not right to keep it a secret anymore ahaha xD He reveals that he’s actually an android created by aliens. He also reveals that the alien thought to be a plushie was actually a communicating device between him and the aliens. In addition, he’ll need to have her heart put on maintenance everyday from now on. Kanata suddenly hugs Kyoko; he claims that it’s for maintenance. If their heartbeats beat at the same time, it’s normal. If not, her heart is abnormal. He claims that he needs to hug her this way or he can’t check. If he doesn’t check every day, who knows, her heart might even explode. The explosion is big enough to even blow up the earth into many pieces… ∑(O_O;) However, he says it’s fine as long as they have their daily maintenance.

Glass Heart Princess_0083Ever since Kyoko got a new heart, there’s been a few glitches with Kanata. For some reason, he would suddenly go into auto sleep. He suddenly is forced to shut down as well. She brings him to her house, so Shinnosuke can check on what’s going on. He notices Kanata isn’t breathing and his heart isn’t moving. Shinnosuke thinks he’s dead, so Kyoko explains to him that he’s actually an android. Shinnosuke is  all excited to see what’s going on with Kanata. He has this smile, saying, “You forgot? I’m good with machineries.”(ΦωΦ)フフフ…Shinnosuke isn’t even shocked that Kanata is made by aliens. They open him up and Shinnosuke notices that he has a missing part inside him. Originally, he’s suppose to have two hearts, but only have one now; he gave the other one to Kyoko. Kanata thought it would be okay to give her the heart, but it actually wasn’t. Now, he rarely has enough energy to start up. Kanata tells her that it’s not her fault bc he’s the one that decided to do what he did. Awww ヽ(*´д`*)ノ But if you think about it…he was the one that killed her, so it would be like the right thing to do…aha

According to Shinnosuke’s research, Kanata isn’t in good shape. Kanata also says that he was able to make a backup data this time, but sooner or later, he may break down. However, he can be fixed as long as he can go back to get fixed. He tries to send a signal to the aliens, but he doesn’t have enough energy to do so. Therefore, Shinnosuke thinks of an idea. He has some connection with people, so they decide to go to Area 51. Area 51 is Nevada’s air force headquarters where UFO experiments occurs. When they get there, they do a body check on them. Ofc, this isn’t a good idea since Kanata isn’t human and Kyoko’s heart. They send them each to a different room. Soon, one of the chiefs go to Kyoko to ask a favor. He mentions that he wants to investigate whatever that’s in Kyoko in place of her heart. She claims that she can’t since it’s something Kanata gave her. Since it seems like Kyoko isn’t planning to cooperate with him, he’ll just have to do so by force. They try to capture Kyoko, so Shinnosuke comes to the rescue. He apologizes for this from happening since it was his idea and tell her to go to Kanata while he hold the guys back.

Glass Heart Princess_0085When she finds Kanata, the Area 51 chief stops her showing that Shinnosuke has been beaten. The guy grabs Kyoko’s hand, so Kanata stops him from the emergency battery in him. He apologizes for getting her involved in this mess. He claims that this wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t come to be attracted by her. He claims that he wanted to be with her for yet to come, but can no longer involve Kyoko in this mess. Therefore, he says his goodbye and erases everyone’s memory.

Kyoko wakes up in her room. In the morning, she doesn’t remember a thing. However, she remembers that she needs a maintenance, using the pink alien plushie that Kanata gave her at the game center. On the other hand, Shinnosuke is sick in bed. She goes to school, taking the pink alien with her like Kanata. She carries the plushie with her like she’s been doing so the whole time. However, the fan club points out that it’s her first time seeing the plushie with her. Few days later, Satsuki suggest that Kyoko should go take a walk since she feels like she’s forgetting something. She would go to the beach, jewelry store, park, and the legendary tree. She’s gradually regaining her memories with Kanata. She goes to the manhole where his place is, but there’s nothing there. She asks the alien plushie where Kanata is, so it tells her that he’s going to be picked up tonight. When she goes to the place, she sees a wishing star and wishes to see him again.

Glass Heart Princess_0086AND what do you know, he appears after an hour has passed. Kyoko is so happy that she hugs him. Kyoko tells him that he’s horrible for modifying her memories without a word. AND I’m surprised she didn’t get a concussion from them ._. He tells her that he was able to contact the aliens after modifying everyone’s memories at Area 51, so his ride is coming soon. For some reason, before he leaves, they go bike riding in the sky like ET. Kanata talks about how he doesn’t know if he can come back again even if he gets fixed. However, he had realized something about love while he was with her. He tells her that he actually regretted when he modified her memories at Area 51. It made him sad that they’ll never see each other again and won’t have anymore dates. However, he’s thinking of proposing another investigation, so he can come back to earth.

Glass Heart Princess_0087Kanata has one more wish before he goes back. He wants to check for the last time since…well, she died the last time he did. So he does kiss her and acknowledges that he does like her. His ride comes, so he tells her to put her hand on her heart whenever she’s lonely. He claims that his his half would always be with her, so they’ll always be connected. He leaves, but he forgot one thing. HOW IN THE WORLD IS KYOKO GOING TO GET DOWN FROM HERE!? ( ゚д゚)!! SO, he comes back and tells her that the bike is on auto pilot, so she’ll eventually get down. However, he completely ruined the moment, even the alien says so. (・ω・)

Glass Heart Princess_0088Few months later, the door bell rings; there’s a package for Kyoko. When she opens it, LOOK WHAT WE HAVE HERE…IT’S KANATA! (゚Д゚) However, he’s not waking up. Kyoko tries to look for a switch. (※థэథ)∵.*. Suddenly, there’s a voice whispering, “Like the fairy tale.” Kyoko thinks sleeping beauty, so she thinks whether she’s suppose to give him a kiss. Kanata jumps out of the box. Kyoko asks if his proposal was accepted since he was able to come back. Apparently, he didn’t do a good job on the investigation the last time he was at earth, so he got in trouble for it. Therefore, he has to investigate all over again. He asks Kyoko if she can help him again, so she says YES ( >д<)/ Kyoko mentions that Kanata is more human-like than before. SO you know what? He’s human now. Σ(゚Д゚;) The aliens rebuilt him into human… Is it that simple to make a human being? (゚ω゚) ?? ahaha Well, there’s an exception with his heart, so he can do the maintenance for Kyoko’s heart. He claims that his heart was thumping nervously ever since his return was decided. He tells her that this means love. They confess their love to each other and to be with each other for yet to come.

Glass Heart Princess_0089I guess Kanata was a bit boring in the beginning since he was so monotone and so strange. However, I liked the Kanata near the end. Like when he forgot about telling Kyoko how she was going to get down and in the epilogue when he was faking to be asleep in the package. Well, I did kind of expect that he was going to be an android, but human? Nope. Well, I was thinking about how can it be a happy ending when she’s going to be romancing with an android since he’s not a living thing and all. Like Asahina isn’t human, but he was still a living thing. Well, whatever since this is all fiction. Anything is possible in a otome romance game ( >д<)/ haha.

Sorry for the slow-paced updates recently. I was planning to go back to working on the reviews and the game playing after I got better, but it seems like I haven’t really been able to fully recover yet. When I get unlucky, I literally sleep the whole day away. It’s been over a week, so I just gave up and finished this one here. However, I can’t tell for sure how my speed of posting will change since I still need to recover and my summer break is ending soon. I’ll try my best, so I can finish Wand of Fortune 2 FD and start a new game. haha xD


2 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess – Hoshino Kanata

  1. I started his route today but I died in the beginning ><
    No matter which one I chose I die when they first go to school grounds. Damn Otomate!!
    He's route seems really reaaaally weird but I love his seiyuu so… xD
    Thanks for his review 😉


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