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Glass Heart Princess – Asahina Tenma

Glass Heart Princess_0047

Asahina Tenma is the outgoing school nurse. Sometimes, he would teach in place for the other teachers. Apparently, he fully completed his teacher’s license, as in he has a license to teach all subjects. Kyoko doesn’t see how that’s possible since he looks pretty young too. There’s something very fishy about this guy… I mean he has pointy ears…(・□ ・)Well, actually, I think everyone looks pretty fishy, except Yukito. Well, he looked real normal in the beginning. aha
For some reason, Kyoko’s heartbeat increases during their conversation. Asahina worries that she doesn’t look well. He checks her temperature by feeling her forehead, which makes her faint. When she wakes up, Kyoko finds his face right in front of her. She notices that she was using his lap as a pillow. He tells her not to try so hard just bc she’s an honor student. He tells her that it’s good to be a hard worker, but if she collapses that won’t be good right? and the arrow appears. OFC I fired it. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ Originally, I wasn’t so interested in his route, but I thought this was a good start.

Glass Heart Princess_0048She asks Asahina on a date suddenly, just like in Yukito’s route. In HIS CASE, he would easily okay it…and sounded happy too. ( ゚д゚) Shouldn’t he reject her since he’s a teacher? Well, I GUESS NOT~ OK THEN. (>ω<) They have a date at school. Typically, their dates are at school. At first, I was thinking this was bc he was a teacher. Going outside of school might mean that they are officially dating, and that’s bad since they’re student and teacher. However, this didn’t seem like the case aha. He shows her his homemade garden where he grows his veggies. He tells her to just mention it if she wants anything. Kyoko asks if he has tomatoes, but he doesn’t grow them since he doesn’t like the taste and color. Hmmmm? (゚ω゚) 

Glass Heart Princess_0049Eventually, they meet so often that rumors are going around. I’m actually surprised that they didn’t have those typical scenarios. You know where the school chairman would be like OH so I heard about the little rumor between you guys. Be prepared to quit the school/expelled. Well, anyways…Because of this rumor, when Kyoko falls from the stairs and hurt her leg, Asahina would carry her by the princess hold. Since he took a shortcut, everyone sees them and think they were eloping or something. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ After he treats her injury, Kyoko mentions how he called her Kyou-chan. He tells her that it was a reflex, but its A-OK since Kyoko is happy about this. Asahina decides that they should call each other by their first names when they’re alone together. They’re little secret~ (๑´ڡ`๑)テヘ 

Glass Heart Princess_0050As usual, Kyoko goes to the infirmary to Asahina, but he’s no where to be found. She finds the medical drug storage open, so she goes in. Ok, so is his identity suppose to be obvious or something? Well, it was pretty obvious from the looks of his ears, but then this room makes it even more clear. If you think pointy ears, not liking tomatoes bc of the taste & color, and a coffin can only mean one thing right? ( ゚д゚) Btw, in Hoshino’s route, he kind of hints this by mentioning garlic too. (・ェ・)  She finds Asahina sleeping and hears him calling out her name in his sleep. She finds it cute that he fell asleep with a grain of rice near his mouth. She was debating whether she should take it off for him, then suddenly grabbed by him. He starts nibbling on her fingers. Σ(〃д〃) Ofc, she gets surprised and wakes him up from it. 

Glass Heart Princess_0051Kyoko and Asahina were planning to hang out again this one day, but one of the teachers ask him to make a handout by tomorrow, She suggest that they don’t meet after all. She thinks that it may be troubling Asahina if they do. Therefore, he tells her to wait for him in the classroom for a bit. Meanwhile, the head fan club girls ask about her relationship with Asahina bc of the rumors. She tells them the truth about liking him. They’re a bit sad, but they tell her that they’re rooting for her. Asahina comes back with a bouquet of red roses, kneeling on his knees. He thought she is misunderstanding how he feels about her, so he felt that he should show her how important she is to him. Kyoko accept his flowers. Also, he tells her that he has something to tell her when she graduates. Awwww (*`ω´*)

There seems to be an incident at school in which one of the head of the Kyoko fan club has ALMOST been attacked. Apparently, the fan club members were planning a surprise for Kyoko as a graduation celebration. When they realized, it was already night time. When they were about to leave through the front entrance, one of the girls, Manaka remembers that she has forgotten something. The other girls that were waiting for her were getting worried, so they go check on her. They hear her scream and rush to her, sees the guy with a knife. She was alright, but bc of the shock, Manaka was hospitalized. Rumors have it that he might be a vampire.

Asahina asked what Kyoko thought about the attack; she said it’s scary and horrid. However, she didn’t mean that she’s scared of vampires itself, but scared of the person that is calling himself a vampire. Asahina is relieved HINT HINT (・ω<) Kyoko suggest that she should capture the culprit. Ofc, Asahina stops her bc it’s too dangerous for her. However, she wanted to ask the other girls what happened that night, at the least, which I basically described in the previous paragraph. After she have talked to them, she bumps into this weird dude chasing a hen.

Kyoko talks to Satsuki about the situation. Kyoko comes up with idea to that the culprit can attack her since the attack ended as an attempt. Therefore, Satsuki tell her that she’ll make sure Shinnosuke will be by her side. She tells Asahina the next day about her plan, but he still disagrees. A teacher suddenly comes in the infirmary about a magic circle written in a blood-like substance. It turns out to be a bird’s blood after all. Asahina finally approves her plan, BUT he has to be there too. …bird’s blood…BIRD…. !? (っ゚⊿゚)っ ハッ! 

Glass Heart Princess_0052That night, they roam around the school, but no one appeared. Therefore, they decide to stop the bait plan for that night. Kyoko tells Shinnosuke to leave her alone for a bit, so she can use the restroom. He tells her that he’ll wait outside. He sees this figure and thinks it’s the culprit, leaving the place unguarded. When Kyoko comes out of the restroom, Shinnosuke is no longer there. She hears a sudden noise from one of the classrooms, so she takes a look. Someone then grabs her from behind, happy that the target is the school madonna, claims that her blood will be perfect for the ritual to become a vampire. DUDE I swear everyone sounds like pervs toward the heroine. Maybe this is how Tsukiko felt from Starry Sky. aha Apparently, he wants blood in order to become a vampire and cuts a tiny slit on her neck. He doesn’t plan to harm them, but still- Suddenly, there’s a colony of bats appear and there’s a voice. It seems that the culprit is the president of the black arts club, Miyashita. The voice claims that he knew about his club from before, but he has gone too far this time. He gives Miyashita a punishment, but just faints from shock. No biggie. (b◔◡◔)b

Asahina reveals that he’s a vampire. He apologizes for not being able to protect Kyoko. He’s surprised that Kyoko believed that he’s a vampire. She says that he’s not the type that would lie about these stuff and it’s hard to believe that it’s not truth after seeing what she saw. Asahina is worried that she might not like the sensei right now, but says sensei is sensei; she even says he looks good too. He hugs her. but let’s go bc he doesn’t feel like he should be doing this when he hasn’t even properly confess to her. Σ(〃д〃) Kyoko asks if this was what he was going to ask her; it’s only half though. The other half is whether she would be a vampire for him. He confesses to her that it’s his first to be this serious about a girl in his long life. He wants to be with her yet to come, so wants her to be a vampire too. However, she can’t choose right away, so asks to let her think about it. Afterwards, Shinnosuke comes back with a hen saying “Ojou-sama♪~~~” like nothing happened. AHA (-ヮ-) Kyoko tells her that he’s not going to get any dinner, so he follows them from behind holding a hen and crying. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:;

Asahina is growing an anemone flower in his garden to give to Kyoko. As he thinks that, he feels a presence, which is two of his past subordinates. Apparently, he’s the boss of a vampire mafia. His subordinates were looking for him this whole time. They were finally able to find him bc he used his powers last time during the Miyashita incident. Last time they saw Asahina, he was with this Asian tourist, but the next thing they know his power existence disappeared. The truth is Asahina was defeated and even sealed at the school by that tourist aka the chairman of the school. The subordinates ask him to come back bc they’ve been in bad shape ever since Asahina was gone, even the human mafia stand above them. Asahina doesn’t know what to do bc he has Kyoko now. Speak of the devil, Kyoko comes in and Asahina sends his past subordinates out the infirmary. He lies to Kyoko that they’re the alumni of the school.

Glass Heart Princess_0053He invites Kyoko on a date and this time outside of the school. It turns out that they didn’t go on dates outside is because he couldn’t get out of the school since he was sealed there. However, the seal weaken when he used his power. He became a teacher bc the school chairman made him help out while he’s there. He was unhappy about it at first, but he’s glad he did now. As the sun is setting, Kyoko tells Asahina this place with a view, so Asahina flies her there. They look at the view and then Asahina tell her to look his way. He says that she looks red, but Kyoko blames the sunset. He kisses her on the cheek, so he asks her to kiss on his cheek too. So, she does, which makes him want to ask her about her response whether she’s going to be a vampire. Once again, he tells her it’s his first time to like someone this much. He wants to spend his life with her. Just when he’s about to kiss her on the lips, he senses something. He tells Kyoko that he has to go; it’s probably his subordinates. He leaves, but then Kyoko decides that she should follow him.

When Asahina gets to the scene, he sees his guys getting beaten. The opponent guys were trying to find out if Asahina is in back in action as a mfia boss. Therefore, they were targeting Asahina and Kyoko, so his subordinates couldn’t let it be since they knew Kyoko was special to him. The bad guys are still beating his subordinates, so Asahina snaps and beat them in return. Kyoko then appears to the scene, seeing Asahina beating the daylight out of them. ( ・_ゝ・) She tells him that she can’t be a vampire if vampires are this violent, which is a big damage for Asahina. He feels that this is the answer to his love confession. He tells the other guys that they’re going back, as in go back to the mafia. Since then, Asahina disappeared from Kyoko’s site.

After homeroom, Kyoko thinks of going to see his garden. In class, the teacher mentions that there is a wolf seen around this area recently, so tells the students to be careful on their way home. Miyashita tells her that he wants to go with her too. Yeah, he was forgiven from Manaka for the attack. Well, he isn’t a bad guy. Just a bit loony. (´▽`;) ahaha Before he left, he leaves Kyoko a letter.

“Will you be even a bit lonely from me leaving the school suddenly?
I hope you are, but that’s just my feelings…
I know I’m being selfish, but I have one last wish…
Can you take care of the garden?
I thought of leaving it, but I thought it would be a waste.
One more thing…I was growing an anemone flower for you.
Can you raise it for me. If you don’t want to, you can just throw it away.
I may have given you bad memories, but I’m glad I met you.
Thank you and Goodbye.”

Kyoko and Miyashita have been taking care of Asahina’s garden ever since he left the school. The only thing Kyoko is worried is after she graduates. Therefore, Miyashita tells her that he’ll take care of the garden after she graduates. As she walks back home, the wolf appears. Luckily, Shinnosuke was there to help her.

Meanwhile, Asahina is drinking with his guys. He feels nostalgia, but still feels like something is missing. He acknowledges that he still likes Kyoko and wants to see her. One of his guys come into the room, saying that this dude, Jino, got out from being imprisoned. The dude hates Asahina, so he thinks it was a good choice for him to leave since the jail breaker will probably come after him. I have a bad feeling about this since prison breaker + wolf, THAT doesn’t sound like a coincidence… If there’s vampires, there must be…(´・д・`)

The next morning, Miyashita calls Kyoko about Asahina’s garden being ruined. When she gets to school, she suspects that it’s the wolf’s doing. DUN DUN DUN. The wolf appears again…so many speak of the devils. You talk/think about them just a little and there they come CHASING YOU. Great, the wolf can talk. It’s official now, WEREWOLF ALERT! He’s the Jino guy that’s after Asahina. He plans to take Kyoko as a hostage to lure Asahina. Shinnosuke comes to the rescue, but then gets beaten. They hit Kyoko on her head, so she goes unconscious.

When she wakes up, she finds herself in the medical drug storage room. You know where his coffin was in. xD Jino says that he won’t do anything as long as she stays still. He asks her if she knows about Asahina’s past. The first time Jino met Asahina was like 100+ years ago. That time, Asahina was still a mafia boss. He claims that Asahina was cold, brutal, and stronger than anyone. The first time they fought, Asahina won, so Jino wants to defeat him once and for all. Kyoko doesn’t want to believe him. Jino uses Kyoko’s phone to call Asahina. Ofc, his plan to call him over works.

The first thing Asahina tells Jino when he arrives is to let her go. If he doesn’t Asahina will kill himself. Well, someone needs to calm a bit down… Kyoko tries to stop him, but he doesn’t want to listen. He claims that it’s his fault, so he deserves this at the least. Even Jino tries to stop him. (○´゚ω゚`):;*.’:; haha. Therefore, Jino finally let’s go since it’s kind of pointless if Asahina dies right? aha

Glass Heart Princess_0054SInce Kyoko is all free, they start their duel. However, Asahina isn’t doing so well. He’s the one that’s getting beaten. When Jino tries to put his last move on Asahina, Kyoko takes the hit for him. Asahina doesn’t know what to do and her bleeding isn’t stopping either. Still, Kyoko is relieved that at least he’s okay. She tells him that she realized that she likes him so much that she can even die for him. Even though I’m thinking wow that’s so sudden. (・ω・) Kyoko claims that she shouldn’t have run away from him that time, so asks Asahina to ask the question again. In exchange, she tells him to never fight again like how he beaten those mafia guys up. Kyoko tells him that he has to turn back into the “Asahina sensei” she likes. Therefore, Asahina promises that he’ll even quit as the mafia boss and won’t do bad things anymore. He tells her that he loves and take a chomp at her neck. (•⊙ω⊙•) ROAR.

When Asahina goes back to his duel with Jino, he claims that it wasn’t his fault since Kyoko was the one who stepped in. Also, Asahina should thank Jino for waiting, so they can say their goodbyes. However, he mumbles that he did say goodbye to her, but just the human version of her. Then comes Kyoko with her vampire form and her heartbeat limit is infinity now. Asahina asks Kyoko if he can take care of one more before he stops fighting for good. Sheallows him as long as they make up in the end. (o´艸`) hehe. Jino thinks it’s unfair that he has recovered from Kyoko’s blood. He tries to call reinforcements, but it seems that Shinnosuke has already beaten them up. (。・ω・。)b JIno turns into this little pup after Asahina beats him. It seems that his kind turns into a pup after a certain damage. HOW CUTE 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+ Shinnosuke claims that he’ll make sure Jino becomes Kyoko’s obedient dog (ΦωΦ)フフフ…. Asahina apologizes for leaving suddenly; he’ll be by her side from now on. He asks to kiss her, but he doesn’t wait for her reply since he can’t wait any longer.

Glass Heart Princess_0055In the epilogue, Kyoko graduated college already and is a teacher at the school. Whereas Asahina is the chairman of the school. When Kyoko first told his dad that she became vampire, he wanted to become one too. GOSH THEY SHOULD ALL BECOME VAMPIRES, ofc Shinnosuke and Satsuki too. (*´Д`) Asahina asks how she’s doing with her class. She says that they all seem like good kids. ALSO, they look tasty too. ( º﹃º` ) DROOL. He tells her to hold in her thirst for blood since even though it might be hard to resist in the beginning. Therefore, he offers his blood to her. He takes a little bite from her hand as they confess their love to each other.

Glass Heart Princess_0056So, a vampire… I got to admit I enjoyed Asahina’s route. This was surprising since I’m not really into vampires? Also, the character didn’t seem like a teacher. Like I’m not that into teachers either, but he had no mature aura. He looked a bit childish from first impression. However, he was pretty cute, so it’s all good haha. I’m looking forward to the fandisk, so I can take a look at how Shinnosuke trained Jino as Kyoko’s obedient dog. (◕ω◕✿)


7 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess – Asahina Tenma

    1. After the second play, his scenario visiting Himeno household with his dad occurs every time, but it’s fine just ignore him unless you want to go into his route. As long as you don’t do his missions, you won’t actually go into his route. 😀 If you can read Japanese, there’s some walkthroughs that I have on the sidebars to help you with the game. I forgot which sites have the walkthroughs for the game though, but I know there’s at least one site in there that has the walkthrough for this game. Hope this helped~ ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ


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