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Ame to Muchi (CV. Nojima Kenji)

Release Date: 2013/07/26
Cast: Nojima Kenji

I listened to Ame to Muchi~ (。・ω・。) ♪ Okay… So I actually wasn’t sure who Nojima Kenji was at first. If someone tells me to think of Nojima’s voice, I would be like (・ェ・) Who? What I learned is that Nojima has got himself a soothing voice like Kimura Ryouhei’s, but his is more of those mature adult kind of soothing voice (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

Summary: アメとムチ(Ame to Muchi) Drama CD, Nojima Kenji will be playing Onda Soushi. He’s a 26 year old, who works at a English-teaching school. He has an appearance of a prince, often seen as a nice person, but is actually a ドS. He’s the type that likes to bully the person he likes with a smile. He’ll help listeners become motivated by his sweetness and at times with harsh words.

The drama cd alternates from the Muchi (harsh) track to the Ame (sweet) track. Then, the last track beside the free talk will be the “the real ame to muchi” track.

I actually thought he would be dating a teacher, but nope; he’s dating a student. You are working on your assignment while waiting for Soushi. When he comes, he suspects that you haven’t got any progress. He claims that your motivation goes down by 50% when he’s not the one who assigns them. You only have three days left to finish the assignment. Therefore, he tells her to finish at least a page before he finishes his can of coffee. You don’t want to, so he asks in a whisper.

“Do you plan to work on the assignment on the weekends as well? You’re coming right? If we’re going to just talk, we can do it here. During the weekend, you come to relax without minding the time and other people’s eyes. I thought this was what we decided on?”
( ゚д゚)・・-gulps-

“I see. It seems like I’m the only one looking forward to it. I see. How sad.” He says as if he’s trying to make her feel guilty on purpose. He says unless you’re trying to do the assignment in front of him as they’re alone on purpose to tease him; he asks where you learned such a technique HOW DARE HE SUSPECT YOUUU. The heroine is alwaysss innocent (゚ω゚) You tell him that it’s not true, so Soushi tells you to prove it by finishing your assignment right now. You’re envious that Soushi doesn’t have to do any assignments. He tells you that it’s only natural for you to do assignments since you’re the student and he’s the teacher. He claims that he might not have to do assignments, but he has to do even more. Soushi tells you that it’s a hundred years too early for you to be envious of him and the day for you to ever lecture him won’t ever come. He asks if you understand. If you do, get to work already. However, he tells you that you don’t have to do the assignment. In exchange, the next time he’s in charge of your assignments, he’ll give you three times the work. He says he’s just kidding.

“However, I won’t let you go no matter what until you’re finished with your assignments. Even if you’re sleepy or hungry, until you cry…no, not even if you cry. You have to do everything or…you have to at least be prepare for this much. ” 

You ignore him, so Soushi tells you to look at him, his eyes. He tells you to just do it. He says that if you come to his place and do useless things, he’ll give her a punishment worse than three times the amount of assignments. He asks if you understand, so you reply with a yes. He takes another sip of his coffee and says that it’s gone cold. He was going to get a new one, but gets a call on his cellphone. It seems that he’s been called by head of the school. He tells you to finish your assignment before he comes back. He’s going to check your progress as soon as he gets back.

When he comes back, he looks at your work progress. You still have more to do, but since he sees the progress in your work, Soushi gives you a hot cocoa as a treat. He tells you that sweets help when you’re tired. You thank him, but says he doesn’t need one. Besides, he mumbles that he plans to get a reward from you later anyways. He suggest that they go home after you drink his treat. He says that even though you still have work left over, he mentions that they’re the only ones left. He let’s you off since you were working hard.

“Besides, I’m the one at the limit. I wanted to go back ever since I was called by the head and as I was thinking that I’m keeping you waiting.”

“I can’t wait any longer. You’re staying at my place today right? I want to be alone with you at a place where no one can bother us.”

You worry if there’s anyone nearby since he kissed you. He tries to kiss you again, but refuse since you’re paranoid. Therefore, he says he’ll just keep the fun for later. He suggest that they should stop by for groceries since his fridge is empty right now. He asks what you want to eat for dinner. He plans to cook for you if you’re still planning to work on your assignment.

You guys come back to Soushi’s place. He claims that they bought too much bc you were saying you want this and that. He tells you to finish your assignment while he makes dinner. He tells you to get to work or they’ll be no dinner for you. Soushi even counts down from 3. He tells you to go wash your hands and rinse your mouth before you work though; he says he’ll stop his countdown while that. That’s cute, but he sounds like a mom at the same time. >< Soushi makes an demi-glace sauce omelet rice for dinner. He looks at your work and see that you’re not progressing at all. He’s like, “I didn’t know you didn’t want dinner that much. I see your determination, so I guess no food for you tonight.” He tries to eat by himself, so you tell him he’s horrible. He tells you to complain after you’ve done what you were suppose to do. He teases her by acting like he’s gonna feed you with his spoon, but nope, you don’t get any. (・へ・ )

Soushi tells you that he’s not being strict bc he likes it. You sure sure? You sure sounded like you were having fun… (○`ε´○) He’s only doing these things, so you can become motivated somehow; he changed his soul into a demon to help you. He says he’s sad for you to think he’s horrible when he feels that way about you. However, he was just teasing her, but he really means it when he said he was trying to help you. He lets you have a break and feeds you. He tells you to look his way and open your mouth, so he can kiss you. He says that he is going to let you have a break, but didn’t say it was just for you to eat.

“These things are considered as “break” right?”

You get back to working on your assignment, but he notices that your hands are stopping. He tells you to stand up and come to him; he sounds a bit angry. He take you to his bedroom and pushes you down on the bed, saying it’s a punishment. You try to run off, but he captures you. He tells you that he made dinner without changing first, so you can concentrate on your work. He claims that even his tie is wrinkled now. You offer to iron it, but he thinks of a better way to put them in use. He takes his tie and put it on you as a blindfold. HOLY CRAP, what kind of play is this!?  Σ(゚Д゚;)ギクッ You try to resist, but he tells you that you must not understand the position you’re in. He starts fondling with your ears, which makes you cry eventually. He says he wasn’t joking when he said he wasn’t going to stop even if  you cry. He teaches you that there’s a consequence when you don’t do what you’re suppose to do. He claims that he’s going to teach her slowly until morning comes..

It seems that there was nothing after that? You took a showe, then Soushi. He comes back from showering and find you in the living room. It appears that you were doing your assignment and finished. He’s surprised that you were able to finish, but actually knows you can do it once you’re motivated. You look at him as if you want him to praise you. He pets you on your head, saying that you did a good job. Both of you have already showered and is ready for bed, but before that, Soushi is going to give you a treat. He tells you to come and says that he’s going to carry you to bed.

He take you to bed and is thinking what they should do next…huhuhu (*゚◇゚)

“Hey…What do you want me to do? Today’s special. I’ll do anything for you if it’s something I can do.”

You tell Soushi to hug you, so he does. He asks for the next order, so you tell him to kiss you on the cheek. He’a a bit disappointed that you don’t have too many orders when it’s a suppose to be a treat. Therefore, Soushi asks if he can do whatever he wants starting now.

“I won’t do anything you won’t like. It’s fine, stay still. Just leave it to me.”

“Let’s see, let’s unbutton the buttons on the pajama. I like to unbutton the buttons bc it feels like I’m getting closer to you by doing so.”
And here I thought this drama CD was going to take place in a classroom. Never expected you to actually go to his place…and get into randy mood… (/ω\)

“Hm? I did say that I wasn’t going to do anything you dislike, but I know… I know that your “no, stop” just means that you can’t be honest with your feelings, but…”

“You really mean that you want me to do more.”

Soushi turns off the lights, but you still can’t take it. He tells you to close your eyes and put your arms around his neck. He claims that he can hear your heart beat fast. He lets you feel his heart beating fast too.

“Just think about me. I’ll love you until morning, so let me hold you. Ok?”

THE REAL Ame to Muchi Track

Soushi is complaining about when did he became a computer school teacher, but w/e since he’s done now. He asks if you’re done with your part on the assignment since you forgot to finish this one part. He asks if you want to eat something. You want some sweets, so he gives you a lollipop that was given as a bonus for shopping yesterday. You open the wrapper, but Soushi stops you in the middle. He asks you to give it to him real quickly and says he’ll hold it for you as you puts it in your mouth.

“Just then, you said you wanted something sweet, but just the candy, is it satisfying? Don’t you have something else that you really want? If there is, say it properly with your mouth.”

“If you do, I’ll give you something even sweeter than candy.”

“The thing you want more than anything…what is it?”

“Good job. As promised…”

“See? Isn’t it sweet? Once is not enough right? Let’s do more. Over here…until it’s hot and melts…”

I feel like my ears were being raped… <(._.)>

I enjoyed this drama cd. I liked Nojima’s mature adult soothing voice. It felt different from Kimura Ryouhei’s Icha Love drama cd since this one is more on the ero side. I didn’t feel violated at all from Kimura Ryouhei, but Nojima…haha. I like his whispers, but was a bit uncomfortable when he blindfolded the heroine. I’m not a ドM, so I’m not into that kind of stuff… Other than that, the rest was fun fun♪~


2 thoughts on “Ame to Muchi (CV. Nojima Kenji)

  1. Loved your blog!! *^*
    Sooo cute!!! ❤
    I'm an otome gamer too. I also have a blog, but in Portuguese ^^'
    I'll come back more often to check here ;D


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