Otome Games · Wand of Fortune 2

Wand of Fortune 2 – Best End

The route opens up when you see everyone’s happy end. In this route, Lulu doesn’t end up with anyone. 

When the war started, Solo asks Lulu for the answer. Lulu doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He shows her all these visions of her and the other characters. He claims that he has showed her the possible futures that she can have with the other guys, including him. He says that the past and future is part of one big flow of fate. He tells her that their time is such a small factor in that big flow. He wants her to choose the fate that she wants. However, she doesn’t choose anyone. She claims that she doesn’t have the right to choose the fate for the others, but just hers; the others have to choose their own.

When she decides, he tells her that her role here is done. Suddenly, she sees Solo and herself in the hall with everyone else unconscious. He tells her that he’s gonna take them back. Lulu is worried about the war and haven’t said goodbye to everyone yet. However, he tells her not to worry because it’s something Morgana and the others of this time to choose. Therefore, Lulu tells him that she believes that they will choose a good future. When Lulu & co return, they find Amy, Edgar, Elbert, Vania, and Ivan there.

Few days after they return, Ivan and Vania call Lulu and Edgar to their office, seeing Solo there as well. Solo and Edgar meet for the first time. They talk about the magnifying glass, which caused the whole Lulu & co time traveling to the past in the first place. Originally, the magnifying glass was meant for Lulu made by Solo. It was only supposed to be for all element users. During his trip, he dropped it. He didn’t know where he dropped it, so he looked for it. However, he couldn’t find it, and eventually forgot about it. It’s kind of odd that Edgar was able to use it bc he’s not an all element user. Solo says that all humans are all element users when their born, then soon, chooses a specific element.

Solo claims that having no element and having all elements are not the same, but similar. The Chosen Ones used to be the only ones that were able to use all elements. He believes that people like Lulu with all element might increase, so it should be okay in case the Chosen Ones become extinct. He tells Ivan and Vania that this might just be fate. However, Lulu says that’s not true; the Chosen Ones and humankind will be one as one will.

She goes on her little journey to discover what she wants on her own~

I’m glad I was able to finally finish Wand of Fortune 2. I just need the FANDISK NOW♪~~ I think the biggest reason that it took me so long was bc of the little magic stone gathering extravaganza. (눈‸눈) Well, I did get used to it eventually… I didn’t think it was such a difficult process after all. I have encountered a worse trolling experience…Koibana Days…I don’t hate it, but I just think it’s a lot of work since I’m not even sure how to garden…Like I played a little and I was always poor and had to buy bug repellents and nutrients, which got me even more poor. Am I suppose to grow everything in the beginning and collect them all? Like do the character love parameters grow from collecting or does it just have to be in your garden or what? SOOO CONFUSED…

Anyways, I got side-tracked…like always. I would say my ranking would be Lagi>Est>Solo>Alvaro>>>Bilal>Noel>Julius. Honestly, I don’t really remember all the details about everyone’s route since it did take me like 8 months or so. I just remember that I was satisfied with the top 4 characters. Well, I wasn’t bored. I think I would have to say Bilal, Julius, and Noel’s route took the longest to complete. I was annoyed with Bilals’s route, but what made him come before Julius and Noel is thanks to Liane, Bilal’s guardian spirit. I like the friendship Lulu had with her. Also, I wasn’t annoyed with Julius/Noel, but their routes were kind of boring…I had a hard time paying attention to their routes. I think I was most interested when Alvaro appeared in Noel’s route…(・ェ・) However, I can guarantee that this ranking will change for the FD~


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