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Wand of Fortune 2 – Solo-mon

I’m confused…I just found out that on the Wand of Fortune site, his name is spelled Salo-mon. In the game, his name is pronounced Solo though. To make it easier for me, I’m just going to call him Solo. Oh yeah, I’m gonna call Per-sona as Peru too. I’m glad I played his route last bc I was looking forward to his route while playing Julius & Noel’s route, which was the reason that kept me going. ><

Just like in Est’s route, Lulu is lonely at night, but stays in her room. Suddenly, she hears a knock and opens the door to see Solo. For some reason, he remembers that he’s sleepy from looking at her face and leaves. ( ゚д゚) She goes after him and bumps into Peru dragging Solo since he fell asleep on the ground. Odd one, eh? (・ω・)

When Solo releases Est’s seal, Lulu gets mad at Solo about it. That night, Lulu goes to the hall finding Solo just laying there. He says, “I thought it over and over, but will still do the same” and apologizes to her. He claims that he is apologizing bc she got mad at him, so he must have done something bad. Now Lulu feels bad for getting mad at him without understanding why he did what he did, so she apologizes too. Therefore, Solo tells her she’s strange, but I think he’s strange. haha

Solo typically does not have the will to live. If there’s no food and can’t move, he just won’t move. If he just dies, he’ll simply accept it saying that it’s fate. However, there’s always someone who will give him food and drag him everywhere, like Peru. However, Lulu claims that its not fate, he’s just giving up from the start. However, he believes that it’s not up to him whether he lives or not. Solo believes that if he is an existence truly needed by the world, he’ll live. If not, then he simply won’t. He doesn’t have desires like the norm he says, different from Lulu.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0099One day, Solo tells Lulu he’s going to go meet a friend, so he asks if she wants to join him. He introduces her to this ginormous tree, which is his friend ever since he lived in Latium. Apparently, the Chosen Ones are born just like a normal person. The tree doesn’t talk or move, but claims that the tree gave him a lot. The people call the tree the lonesome tree. There used to be many trees in the beginning, but soon that tree became the only one. Likewise, Peru is the only dwarf left. One day, the day will come for him when he will the only one. Lulu comes closer to Solo and put her ear against his chest, so he ask what he’s doing. She listens to his heart beat. She claims that he might live longer and have stronger powers, but still live like a human. This makes Solo laugh saying, “I don’t understand.”

TWAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0101he day Solo checks her magic stones, she stops him from leaving. She wants to ask if she will see him again in the future. He makes Lulu cry bc he says probably not. Solo doesn’t understand why she’s crying; he doesn’t understand what her tears mean. He tells her that goodbyes are something that can’t be avoided; whenever there’s an encounter, there are always goodbyes. Solo claims that he may have had such a feeling just like Lulu in the past, but not anymore; he’s already used to it since he’s been living for a long time already. Lulu refutes that he’s only giving up, not trying to think about it. Solo mentions about how he has to take Lulu & co back, but have one more thing (taking away magic revealed in other routes).

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0105On the day of the war, Solo notices that Milla’s magic are unstable from the attack, which is scaring her. Lulu goes with Solo to Milla. Due to the attack, Milla has remembered traumatizing events in the past done by humans. Lulu tries to get close to Milla, but Solo tells her that it’s too dangerous. Still, she can’t just watch her in pain, so she still goes to her. Milla’s magic does harm Lulu, but eventually gets through to her.  She puts a spell on her to give her a good dream. That night, Milla apologizes for harming Lulu. She helped Milla learn that not all humans are bad and not to give up from the start that individuals will never come to understand each other. Lulu talks about how she hopes that Solo would understand that feeling as well; she wants to get to know him more. Milla tells her that if there is a person who can reach Solo’s heart, it will be her.

The next day, Lulu finds out that Solo is planning to take magic away from humankind. Milla gives Lulu this stone that seals past memories, but still incomplete. Lulu sees Est before she leaves and tells her not to overwork herself. Lulu finds Peru at the cabin they once went with him during the route. Before telling her where Solo might be, he asks if she knows about the dwarves. Peru agrees with Solo about fate choosing the outcome. Therefore, she asks if it’s really alright for him to blame fate. For instance, if Solo died, will Peru be convinced that it was simply fate’s doings. He tells her that he won’t, but understands how Solo feels too. That’s why, Peru couldn’t say anything back to Solo when he first said that to him. Therefore, Peru has been always taking care of Solo bc he doesn’t want him to die. When Peru was the only dwarf left, Solo was there for him, even if he did not have such intention. Peru tells Lulu that he went to see his friend, which is the lonesome tree. Peru wants Solo to live and be happy. If there is anyone that can help him, it’s Lulu.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0108When she arrives at the tree, there’s no one there. She finds a little light shining, which is the stone that will complete the stone received from Milla. She sees the past memory of when the Chosen Ones gathered to decide whether they were going to give magic to the people. At the time, many were against the idea. However, Morgana mentions that the Chosen Ones are gradually going into extinction. Therefore, they need to make changes, so their extinction may be prevented. They decide to give magic to humankind after all and chooses Solo to take them away if needed. They chose him bc he was the most dried out, in terms of emotions. Thus, he won’t be easily affected and will be able to make a fair judgement. Solo accepts the task.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0111Suddenly, she hears a voice calling her name; it’s Solo. That night was a special night for the tree; he came to see the last of the tree. To him, animals and plants were like his clock. They tell him how much time has passed and soon leave him. Now, it’s the lonesome tree’s turn. He asked a lot of things he didn’t know, what he wants to do, desires, even the reason he’s living. He never got the answer, but thinks that the tree probably wouldn’t have the answer either. Lulu asks if Solo ever felt that his task is a burden. Solo felt that he had no right to make such decisions since he’s empty. Therefore, he actually have hoped that he dies before the time comes when he has to choose, so the task can be given to someone else. He thought by meeting Lulu & co, he will be able to end everything. I think this is why Solo asked Alvaro to kill him in Alvaro’s bad end…Lulu confesses to him. He wants Solo to continue living and with her. She doesn’t want to be beside him like Peru, but want his feeling too. Still, Solo apologizes that he can’t accept her feelings. He tells her that she has a better future ahead of her as if he’s saying that she doesn’t need him in it. She kisses Solo, hoping that her feelings will reach him, but just says…

“I wish I can grant your wish. Sorry, Lulu. I can’t…bc I have nothing.”

The next morning, Solo tells her that he may not be able to share the same feeling with her. However, there is still one thing that he can give her; it’s magic. He believes that if there are people who can hold dreams and move forward, someone like her, it’ll be fine. Therefore, he chooses not to take away magic. Solo is also surprised that Est have decided to accept everything, like his sealed ability. He thinks humans are amazing, but Lulu tells her that humans aren’t the only one. She mentions that Milla was able to change, so Solo can too. Instead, he feels that he is the only one empty now. He still refuses to believe that he can change. Lulu grabs his hand and tell him to look at her, face her. Solo doesn’t know why, but looking at her is very hard for him right now.

This other day, Lulu overhears that the time magic to take them back will take away some of his lifespan. Solo tells Lulu not to worry, as if it’s nothing. He tells her that he’s happy that they were able to meet and thanks her. All of a sudden, this crystal is formed, which is created when feelings are strongest between two people, which is Solo and Lulu. The crystal is created from the feelings they have for each other. It’s not possible for the crystal to form if it’s only one-way. Therefore, Lulu tells her that he’s not “empty,” the crystal is the proof. He finally admits that she might be right. Still, he claims that even if if he is able to reply to her feelings, they won’t be able to see each other anymore. Therefore, they should just say their goodbyes. Morgana tells Lulu not to worry.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0112The day has come for Luu & co to return to their time frame. Lulu tells Solo that she won’t give up; she’ll wait for him. Therefore, she tells him not to give up, but he can’t promise her. Even if he doesn’t, Lulu says she’ll believe that they will meet again. She claims that she’ll meet him in the future and will both continue living. When Solo says he can’t, Lulu replies, “We Can! Definitely!” without a moment after Solo’s words. He tells him not to be scared and face people.

“There are things that can’t come true. I know the fear to lose something that is loved, like the tree and Peru.  I will be lonely like them one day.”

Therefore, Peru tells him not to categorize the two of them together. Peru may have be the only dwarf, but claims that he was not alone. He tells him to have faith in Lulu. Peru continues…

“To be lonely, faith doesn’t choose this. Nothing will change if you don’t do anything. If you don’t reach for it, you can’t obtain anything, If you’re scared, reach for it. If you’re lonely, then go grab it. Solo-mon!”

Solo reaches for Lulu’s hand and they disappear. Morgana and Milla helps Solo with the time spell. They weren’t able to prevent him from losing his lifespan, but at least lessen the time taken away. Solo is once again given a task, but this time he feels happy. Afterwards, Morgana decides to make a treaty between the opponent of the war. Milla is still scared of humankind, but is changing bit by bit. Also, Peru is still by solo’s side.

244 years ago: Morgana is sealed as a spirit to maintain the stability of Mills Claire. Therefore, Morgana asks Solo to protect Mills Claire for a while in his place. On the other hand, Peru asks Solo to seal him in a mask bc unlike the Chosen Ones, dwarves don’t have such a long lifespan. Solo ask him if it’s alright since Peru will never come to a natural death this way. When the mask breaks, so will his life. However, he wants to do this bc he wants to continue being by Solo’s side.

130 years ago: Not much changed. Ivan and Vania might be the last Chosen Ones. He asks them to take his place to protect Mills Claire. He tells them that there’s something he wants to do, something he wants. He does want to protect Mills Claire, but…There’s only one thing he really wants, to see Lulu again.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_011576 years ago: There are no other Chosen Ones after Ivan and Vania. Solo is worried about the what-ifs, if Lulu doesn’t appear even after he’s the only one left since Morgana gave Solo some power when he was sealed as a spirit. He’s also scared if he dies even before he meets her. He wonders that maybe he should leave Peru a message. However, he worries that he might not live long enough until Peru awakens since there’s a waiting period after he is sealed within the mask, until Peru and the mask completely become one. He considers using the time spell; just a glance is even enough. However, he doesn’t bc it will be even worse if he uses the spell and doesn’t get to see her. Solo’s tears come running down his face.

“I want to see her magic, hear her voice, see her smile.”

24 years ago: Solo knows that she will attend Mills Claire, but realizes that he knows nothing else. He doesn’t know where she was born, her age, when she will arrive at Latium. He feels that he should have got to know her more. This fortune teller named Valrohona notices that Solo’s worries just gets bigger. She tells him not to give up though, continue living and keep it up. Then, he’ll be able to meet her again. By this time, Peru has awakened and is able to talk. This is also when Solo leaves the store to him.

Lulu & co has been able to return to their time. Few days later, Lulu and Est is called by Ivan and Vania. They tell them that they have received a letter from Solo that they can ask one question with no restrictions. Est asks about the organization his homeland is involved in. On the other hand, Lulu asks how Solo is doing, but Ivan and Vania doesn’t know either. Lulu rushes to Solo’s store thinking that he might be there. Lulu is happy to hear Peru’s voice, seeing that he’s a mask now. However, Peru doesn’t know where Solo is either. Lulu is about to cry bc she thinks she might not see him again.

Suddenly, the door opens and a voice is heard.

“We finally met.”

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0119Yayyy, HAPPY MOMENT! They confess their feelings to each other. Of, they both feel the same way (*´ー`*) hehe. Peru’s like, “How long are you guys planning to block the entrance with their lovey dovey moment. Even the customers can’t come in bc of the situation. Lulu is embarrassed now, so she tells Solo to let go, but refuses. He believes that he deserves a treat since he had endured all these years. HECK YEAH, he does. ヽ(*´д`*)ノ

Ivan and Vania was surprised about their relationship at first. They never knew that Solo can be so willful when it comes to Lulu. He requested that he wanted to live with Lulu at his shop three years ago. Originally, this isn’t allowed, but agreed if Lulu passes the exam. AND SHE DID! (っ゚⊿゚)b The reason that they called her was to tell her that she has passed the highest level exam.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0120Solo is waiting for her at the Mills Claire entrance, so they go back to the shop together. As they walk, Lulu thinks that it will be lonely if his appearance doesn’t change. He asks her if he wants him to change his appearance, since apparently he can. However, she tells him that she’ll think about it. He tells her to tell him everything she wishes. Solo feels that his inside is filled with happiness right now, telling Lulu that he loves her. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ

OMG, Solo was sooo stubborn throughout his route about him being worthless. Lulu kept telling him that he was just giving up, but he would still be like NOPE, I’m just empty and have nothing. Well, I wasn’t too annoyed, but was like NO STOP SAYING THAT. I felt so bad for this dude, so I was happy when he was able to end up with Lulu. I was LIKE WHOOO YEAH GOOO PERU when he was trying to convince Solo that he needs to act if he really wants a change. Peru is always so calm, so it’s like YOU GO MAN. It was so heartwarming when he decided to be sealed in the mask, so he can continue being with Solo. (*`ω´*) Solo waited 350 years for Lulu. In addition, Solo had to wait over 150 years even for Peru’s awakening. That’s a long time he had to wait. I was so sad when he was worried that he might not even get to meet the two again. (ノД`) I can’t wait to play his route in the fandisk~


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