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B’s LOG – September Issue Part 4: Icha Love CD Short Story


The reason I thought of posting the short story for this month is bc the SS is directly related to the main story of the drama cd. The short story takes place before the start of the main story. The story of the cd starts when Kyouya wakes up on a Sunday morning feeling bad for making you wait all night, unable to come home in time before you fall asleep. Therefore, the short story is written about what happened after Kyouya got off work that Saturday night he kept you waiting.

I bumped into a group of students as I’m rushing back home.

「Oh, sorry!」

Today is Saturday. Maybe I felt generous since there’s no work tomorrow, I wasn’t blamed or anything, but ran to get a taxi. I wanted to get back even if it’s just a minute, or a second earlier. I just wanted to get back as soon as possible. This is bc today is a very important day for me. No…the date changed, so to be exact, it was an important day.

When I find a taxi waiting with its door open, I quickly jump in. I tell the driver my destination speaking real fast. I go in silence thinking of an apology for my girlfriend as I feel the item that is in my left pocket.

「I’m home.」

By the time I got home the short hand of the clock was already between 3 and 4. I can see the lights on in the living room, so I hurried inside thinking that she might still be awake waiting for me.

「Hm? Is she asleep?」

As I walk closer to the sofa, I can hear her breathing at a steady pace as she sleeps, which fills my inside with guilt.

「You didn’t have to wait for me…Why are you always…」

I can feel a trace of tears on her face. I kiss her real gently making sure she doesn’t wake up.

「Sorry for being late.」

I know it’s useless to apologize to a sleeping person, but I still wanted to say it. I whispered with a small voice, but can still feel the air oscillating in the silent room.


I gently carry my girlfriend as if she’s fragile, naturally walking slowly as well. I give myself a bitter smile as I notice that all my actions become gentle when she’s here.

「I hope I can give it to her tomorrow…」

I though as I walk feeling the present I was supposed to give my girlfriend in my pocket―.


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