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B’s LOG – September Issue Part 3: Snow Bound Land


At first, I wasn’t too interested in Snow Bound Land bc I usually look at the character voices for games. At the time, I didn’t have anyone I was interested in, so I kind of ignored it? I do go back to the articles when I’m bored, but I didn’t notice until now. The first thing that caught my attention was Kimura Ryouhei’s name. I just hope he voices the character the way I like. I like it when he speaks in a calm tone, not really the way he speaks as Kise in Kuroko no Basuke. However, I realized the plot was pretty interesting. I actually don’t dislike games based on fairy tales, so that grabbed my attention too.

However, I never heard of the fairly tale, “The Snow Queen.” Well, I don’t think I grew up with that fairy tale? Apparently, the articles on Snow Bound Land started on June. Sadly, I don’t have the June issue since I forgot to buy it, BUT I have the other issues with me on standby to help me write this post. (>ω<)/ haha I actually went to the B’s LOG site to see what they released on that month, something about the five worlds the heroine and the guys are going to visit and some info on the actual guy characters. No wonder the July issue only had info on the bad guys-ish…people? Well, they looked like villains to me >< aha


Brief Summary: The heroine of this game is Gerda, an outgoing girl. However, Gerda’s parents died when she was young, so she lives alone working at a flower shop. She has a childhood friend named Kai (CV. Kimura Ryouhei) that she grew up with and next door neighbors. One day, Kai brings home a mirror that “supposedly” can grant a wish. Everyone that was there when he brought the mirror look in it. Suddenly, the mirror breaks and they all lose consciousness. I’m not sure why they gathered in that one place, but the other members were… Orva (CV. Tachibana Shinnosuke), a sick guy that doesn’t go out often. Aje (CV. Ono Yuuki) is the traveler that currently living in the town. Craes (CV. Yonaga Tsubasa) is the other childhood friend of Gerda. When they regain their consciousness, they notice that the mirror is gone, no broken pieces either. They didn’t know what was going on, but didn’t feel anything different either, so they all just went home. However, the next morning, they notice something different is going on…

Gerda becomes super strong, Kai becomes super cruel, Orva rots things, Aje says unnecessary things, and Craes is able to sense if someone’s wrongdoings due to a curse. Apparently, this one boy/guy told them a way to break the curse, which leads to Gerda & co to travel various worlds. There are five worlds, Pacsrant (their town), world of red, world of yellow, world of green, and world of white.

The whole reason that Gerda and co is traveling to break the curse was due to a demon (CV. Sugiyama Noriaki). He stole the Snow Queen’s (CV. Orikasa Ai) mirror. Therefore, she is using Ivan (CV. Ishida Akira) to keep an eye on them since they have her mirror in their body as a curse.

That’s about it? I think it turned out more like what I gathered from my research on this game haha I don’t know, I was confused a bit. They had too much info for me to process…I haven’t decided whether I’m playing the game since I just found their curses interesting when I first read it. I’ll probably see how the rating goes and then decide?

As of the review on this month’s B’s LOG issue, the next part will be the last.


2 thoughts on “B’s LOG – September Issue Part 3: Snow Bound Land

    1. (っ゚⊿゚)っ ハッ! Thanks for pointing it out. I wrote this late at night, so guess I didn’t notice haha. I haven’t played the new games recently…Still stuck with the old ones. At least, I can see the finish line now kind of? I kind of miss the old days where I’m like, “..so what should I play next…”


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