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Wand of Fortune – Julius & Noel


As you can see, I’ve decided to put Julius and Noel together. Just saying, I’m not being biased!… Well, maybe a bit. Just kidding. The reason I’ve decided to do this bc I thought their routes were so…standard? Weren’t too interesting? or unique? or messed up? I don’t know what word I can use, but their problems were kind of predictable, the base of the Wand of Fortune plot. Therefore, I actually felt that I should have done their routes first since their route was about “magic,” whereas the other gangs have their unique obstacles/issues besides magic. Note: I’ll try to state which part is who’s route, Julius or Noel’s throughout this review. I know I could have separated the routes in a different post, but I thought that it would have been really short. I finished Julius’s route first, so Noel’s route post would have been just adding more details to Julius’s route as in what was Noel doing while Julius was doing this and that. I will try to add the route difference as in the character & Lulu’s event. However in my opinion, I didn’t think much happened…

For starters, Julius…he’s a curious soul. Whenever he’s intrigued by something, he’ll ask endlessly about that particular “thing.” On the other hand, Noel is this loud dude who gets embarrassed a lot, especially by Lulu. He likes magic as much as Lulu and Julius too. However, Julius is more on the logic side and Noel is more emotional towards magic. The main reason I thought I should have done their routes first bc they were trying to find out the time frame they were in from the books at the past Mills Claire library. Ofc, I ALREADY knew this bc I played the others already…yeah…I was a bit bored ┐(‘~`;)┌ haha. Eventually, they are able to estimate the year range… Now that I think of it…can’t they just ask? Anyways, from the estimated year range, they think about some important events in history. Apparently, they asked Ratt about some events that are supposed to happen at this time and said he had never heard of it, referring to “The Great Latium War.” As of further research, they find out that there is a high chance that the war will go about soon. And yup, they were right. (・ω・)b

Julius and Noel are determined that they should do something to help. However, Julius realizes that they actually can’t do so bc it may change history. Therefore, Julius was able to reset his way of thinking to use the fact and knowledge for the future. On the other hand, Noel doesn’t agree to the way Julius thinks.

In Julius and Noel’s route, they interact with Erwin and Grom more. Erwin is the Elbert look-a-like and Grom is the Mathew look-a-like. Noel’s route: Lulu and Noel goes to Latium in order to convince the people of the town to evacuate before the enemy attacks, the people against magic. Afterwards, Erwin asks Lulu to come with him. Ofc, Lulu doesn’t suspect a thing, so she follows him. However, Erwin then reveals that he’s a traitor and tries to take Lulu with him to the enemy’s side to use her as a hostage. Thank goodness Noel comes to the rescue just in time to save her.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0069Julius and Noel both have a feeling of insecurity towards whats happening. Julius feels that he is different from the norm. He doesn’t have the attachment that normal people would have toward things. When he realized that they aren’t able to interfere in the time frame, he was able to change and organize his feelings unlike Noel. Such thought process identified him as a cold person.  Julius thinks Morgana’s way of thinking is incorrect. He asks Lulu if she’s willing to give up her family to earn magic. Julius believes that there are some people who gave up magic bc of such reason, even if they had the potential. Morgana’s way of thinking is making those who couldn’t choose magic over their family to give up magic. Lulu thinks that Morgana probably realizes that already. Therefore, Julius doesn’t understand why Morgana doesn’t change his way even more. Julius claims that he really does need her. He takes her hand and tell her that he’s nothing without Lulu. He asks her to be with him for yet to come. On the other hand, Noel is worried that he may turn out to be just like Erwin, lose faith in magic.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0070When the war begins, Lulu, Julius, and Noel go to town and encounter fire everywhere. Julius thinks the priority here is to stop the fire. However, Noel thinks that the priority is to find people in need of help. Therefore, they decide to separate. Julius will try to get rid of the fire and Noel will go help the people. Lulu will follow either one, depending on who you choose or planning to complete. Julius tries to put out the fire, but his spells aren’t working. If Lulu is there with him, she would notice there are excess amount of fire spirits that are gathering towards the fire, This is probably due to Lagi. If you remember in Lagi’s route for WOF2 FD, he goes to talk to Julius and Noel before he and Lulu heads out to his grandparent’s house. It’s because at the time, his dragon powers were too strong for him that his powers were unstable. Therefore, the fire spirits went out of control as well. After finding out that his spells don’t work, Julius goes to meet up with Noel. Meanwhile, Noel finds a mother and her baby in trouble from the almost falling rubble. If Lulu is with Noel, then he’ll tell you to take care of the fire, but ofc her spell doesn’t work. Regardless, one of the soldiers from the opponent army come their way. This puts the mother and baby in danger, but Noel doesn’t know what he should do to save them. He uses his magic as a reflex, which accidentally kills the soldier. Noel screams to what he has done, which brings Julius to the scene as well.

Noel is super depressed now. In addition, Grom captured Erwin. Julius is ready to do whatever he needs to, but Noel just can’t. He’s emotionally unstable for killing someone with his magic. Julius says that it couldn’t be helped, so Noel gets angry since it should never be okay to kill someone. Solo comes in and say it still can’t be helped since life and death are both inevitable. He asks Morgana if this was the future he planned for. Solo comes to a conclusion to take away magic from humankind. Solo is the entrusted one, the one to fix things when Morgana’s way doesn’t work out. Noel decides to go with Solo. Noel’s Route: If you’re in his route, Lulu will feel as if she’ll never see him again if she just lets him go. Therefore, she decides to go with him. She claims that she doesn’t know whats right or wrong either, so she wants to find out by going with them. Noel insists Lulu stay back, but goes anyways. Before they leave, Solo brings Erwin from the underground prison to come with them as well.

Still Noel’s Route: They go to this little cabin, but its real dark. Noel tries to use his magic to light up the place, but remembers about the incident. Therefore, he tells Lulu to light up the place instead. Solo has told him what he was planning to do, but no one actually knows what his motive is. That night, everyone is asleep except Noel. However, Lulu wakes up and notice that he went outside, so she follows. Lulu grabs Noel’s hand, but smacks her hand away. He claims that he doesn’t want to dirty her hands, referring to him killing someone. He feels as if the smell of blood won’t come off. Therefore, Lulu grabs his hand again and notice that they’re shaking. She reminds him that he may have taken someone’s life, but he had also saved two lives. Just because he saved lives, he claims that it doesn’t make it okay to take someone’s life. Still, Lulu tells Noel to never forget that she still thinks of Noel as Noel, that will never change.

Julius’s Route: The next day, Julius and Lulu talk to Morgana. They feel relieved when he tells them that he never regretted giving magic to humankind. They also find out that Erwin escaped with the help of Solo & Noel. They felt that Solo took Erwin with them bc he too wanted to get rid of magic. However, Lulu feels that he’s only like that from liking magic, just like Noel. Grom talks about the time when he first met Erwin. He tells them that Erwin is from a country that didn’t accept magic. At that time, Grom was a traveler and saved Erwin along the way. Therefore, they started traveling together. Grom still remembers the dark gaze he had in his eyes. He regrets it now that he should have asked him about his worries. Noel’s Route: On the other hand, Solo & co. goes see the opponent’s army to negotiate. He tells them not to move their army until he says so. If they do, he’ll destroy their army, just like how the opponent is doing to Latium. Afterwards, Solo tells Lulu & Noel to go back to Mills Claire if they disagree with his idea, but will seal their powers. They still haven’t decided, so he gives him a bit more time to think.

Another day has passed, Julius talks to Grom about how it was a good idea that Morgana took out the bridge that connects Latium and Mills Claire in order to prevent the enemy from invading. However, he thinks that there might have been people who were late in escaping that couldn’t come in. Therefore, they go take a look since Grom was also worried about that. There were no soldiers found since Solo told the army to hold their attack. Instead, they see Noel there. Julius asks why he went with Solo since he knows Noel hasn’t come to hate magic. Noel tells him what happened while he was with Solo, as in what he went to do with the army. Noel is still worried about the harm that magic can do. Erwin comes out from nowhere in the middle of their talk, saying that he came to get Noel.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0091Noel’s Route: Noel & Lulu still haven’t decided on a side. Therefore, Solo tells them that he’s going to seal their powers temporarily and see how that goes. That way, it may be easier for the two to come up with a conclusion. When they go out, they spent almost the whole day without magic, realizing that they don’t need magic to survive. They meet Alvaro as they spend the day without magic. He tells them that he has a message from the opponent’s army. Apparently, they’re only listening to Solo bc he said he was planning to take away magic. However, they will go in action as soon as they feel that he isn’t going to do so. Alvaro doesn’t seem to care what might happen. He tells Lulu to come to him for a bit, so he can give her something. Suddenly, he takes his knife up to Lulu’s neck and threatens Noel. Ofc, Noel is scared to use magic, but he can’t use it either. Therefore, Noel constantly begs Alvaro to let her go. Alvaro suddenly lets her go, laughing, and tells them that he was just teasing. I guess normally I would get angry from Alvaro’s aksjkjdsl actions, but this time I was rather okay. I had a feeling that there was a meaning for him to appear here AND i don’t know, but I was kind of happy to see him. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ As expected, he helped them realize something. The next day, Noel & Lulu ask for their powers back. Noel come to a conclusion that it’s true that they don’t need magic to live, but need magic to protect someone. Alvaro helped them realize that their only weapon is magic, unlike Alvaro. To Alvaro, it would be easy to kill people without magic. What about the other people who live with normal lives though? They don’t have assassin skills like him. Therefore, he claims that humankind do need magic. Noel tells Solo that he wants to talk to Julius, but Erwin is against it. However, Solo tells him its fine since he also wants to hear their answers.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0073Julius’s Route: Meanwhile, Mathew tells Julius that he sounds as if people who don’t care about magic is bad. Therefore, Mathew asks, “What’s so wrong about not having magic?” Julius would ask Morgana all these questions as if he’s blaming Morgana, so Bilal gets mad at him. If you guys remember in Lagi & Bilal’s route, Bilal goes back to Mills Claire about their situation. Well, anyways, Julius is all confused and shit, so he doesn’t know what’s right anymore. Due to this, he kinda came to Lulu’s room at night and BAM. Well, I don’t know, I didn’t think that was romantic at all bc I felt that he just did that bc he’s all lost and all. I know he has feelings for Lulu, but still…I feel like its not something he should be doing right now. (・へ・ ) The next morning, he wasn’t there with her either, something about being embarrassed. He apologizes to Morgana about what he said the other day too. He claims that even if Solo does take away magic, he’ll just go find his own. He feels that he needs to make up with Noel too.

The following day, Julius and Noel meet. The first thing they do is apologize to each other at the same time. They’re both like, “what the…” Noel claims that he shouldn’t have contradict magic, but instead, needed to believe in magic. However, Julius says that people can live without magic. They start arguing again, but both are on opposite sides now. Therefore, they decide that they’re both correct. Solo says, “Hope is always in people. People who forgot that hope does not have the right to choose their futures,” which refers to him. Therefore, Lulu ask if Solo changed his mind, but before Solo responds, Grom comes in. He tells the others to stop Erwin since he’s trying to attack Mills Claire with the army. Erwin might have used Solo’s name to move the army. Julius and Noel once again  part their ways. Julius would stall the soldiers from invading Mills Claire and Noel would go stop Erwin.

WAND_OF_FORTUNE2_0092Noel’s Route: Lulu goes with Noel to stop Erwin. Apparently, he wants a revenge on Morgana for the loss of his comrades. He blames Morgana for their death. When they get to the spot, they feel its suspicious that the place is too quiet. AND BAM! Erwin tried to attack, but they dodge just in time. According to Grom, Erwin was with the soldiers, but he seemed to be alone by the time Noel & Lulu came. He says that he sent them to Bilal & Lagi’s way. He never thought of them as comrades, but just as a game piece that he can use. Noel & Lulu tells him that he doesn’t stand a chance against Morgana, but he doesn’t care as long as he can at least leave a big enough damage on him. Therefore, he pulled the trigger to this war. Erwin claims that Morgana needs to realize how cruel it is the dream that he has given, which is magic. Lulu loses balance from Erwin’s attack, so Noel protects her with his magic. Noel tells him about the future, how hope does exist, the dream does still exist. It’s no longer just a dream, but real. Erwin soon collapses from the excess usage of spells. It seems that he his charm protected him, which was given from Morgana to all his disciples. Also, he had another one that Lulu found at the forest, which she gave to him. Luckily that he held onto both charms, he was alright. The revenge was for the people who died from the loss of hope in their dreams. However, Erwin holding the charms meant that even if he wanted revenge, he still couldn’t completely throw away magic. Morgana decides that he’ll talk it over with the opponent.

After the war, it is said that Erwin have pulled the trigger for the war to take place. However, Solo says that it was meant to happen one day. Even if Erwin didn’t, someone else would have pulled the trigger along the way. Solo claims that he learned not to just take away, but should aid people with the troubling factor still at hand. That night, Noel and Lulu confess to each other.

Few days after they get back, Julius, Noel, and Lulu meet at the lake. They talk about their dreams. Julius plans to work at the Black Tower to do experiments and what-not. On the other hand, Noel wants to be the top of magic justice. If you’re in Julius’s route, he’ll tell her that they may have missed the order of how things went, but have liked her already. In Noel’s route, they would confess to each other as well.


As always, he’s a curious soul as ever~ He would be too concentrated in his experiments and forget that he was suppose to meet up with Lulu. He apologizes A LOT, but still poor Lulu. He proposes to her. However, she’s hesitating she feels that she’s not right for him yet. She feels that she need to catch up to his level first, but he convinces her to accept him.

Lulu is still a student of Mills Claire even though she has obtained the highest degree of magic since Noel is still there. Vania tells her the three are in such a rush to achieve their dreams even though she is sure they will eventually get there. Suddenly, they hear this explosion and they both suspect that it’s Julius and his experiments at the Black Tower. In addition, she hears from her that Noel is planning to become the student representative. It seems that Noel hasn’t told her about it, so she’s a bit sad. Later, she gets mad at him, but she’s just simply worried that he might be working himself too hard. She reminds him that she will always be by his side through rough times too.


I’m so sad…I thought I would at least finish Wand of Fortune 2 before I continue GHP, but Julius and Noel took forever… SOO HAPPY THAT I’M DONE WITH THEM~~~~ I did in fact finish the remaining two routes as well. After WOF2, I’ll write another review on GHP. I feel so bad for GHP bc I was starting to forget about the game bc of WOF2. I haven’t decided whether I’ll finish GHP or WOF2 FD first, but I’ll see I’ll see ♪


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