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B’s LOG – September Issue Part 2: Shinobi Koi Utsutsu


This is probably my #1 otome game I’m looking forward to right now, which will be released in the year 2014. Apparently, this series is going to be releasing an otome game and drama cds. The plot is about Katagiri Kaede, 16 years old, who has a dream of becoming a ninja. She lost her parents when she was still young. Therefore, her grandma has been raising her, but she has passed away as well. Coincidentally, she meets a school chairman and is offered a chance to take an exam for the honor student position. She decides to take that offer, but on the first day of school, she unleashes an ability she didn’t even know about. She has the ability to make guys feel all lovey dovey towards her!?

Starting from the left, we have Sarutobi Sasuke (CV. Terashima Takuma), Kirigakure Cloud (CV. Sakurai Takahiro), Yuri Kamakiyo (CV. Ono Yuuki), Anayama Daisuke (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa), Sanada Yukikage (CV. Toriumi Kousuke), and Garaiya (CV. Shimono Hiro). I’ll be going through the character descriptions, drama cd info, and the short story in this month’s issue. I will also include quotes said by the characters when they’re normal and in love mode. It seems Kaede’s ability goes full out when she feels nervous around the guy character, when she has this doki doki feeling toward them.

Sarutobi Sasuke (CV. Terashima Takuma) Quotes:
Normal: “Hey, メロメロ女! Don’t come near me!”
Love: “I want you to like me…Can you?”
Kirigakure Cloud (CV. Sakurai Takahiro) Quotes:
Normal: “…It has nothing to do with me.”
Love: “Say you want me. Bc I want you.”

Sasuke is the tsundere obaka ninja. He’s a Kabuki actor’s successor, but chooses his way as a ninja. He’s outgoing and is everyone’s mood-maker. He’s also good with ninja skills, but sucks when it comes to studying. Therefore, he would often read and remember things wrong. Kirigakure Cloud is the cool, but a poor ninja, meaning no wealth. He’s good in academics and able to do just about anything. He doesn’t have wealth, but is popular amongst the girls bc of his appearance. He’s always calm and doesn’t talk much. I think he talks more when he’s in love mode haha. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ Regarding character designs, they had ideas on making Cloud’s uniform look all raggedy since he’s poor, but just made his sleeves look shabby. (※థэథ)∵.*.∵

Yuri Kamakiyo (CV. Ono Yuuki) Quotes:
Normal: “You…How come you can’t even do a simple ninjutsu like this?”
Love: “Such a cute reaction. Show me more.”
Garaiya (CV. Shimono Hiro) Quotes:
Normal: “Hah, my minion, Lucifer, Release the darkness according to our longed contract.”
Love: “Can you only look at me?”

Yuri Kamakiyo is the serious type of ninja. He’s always studying and his dream is to be a higher-up force at some castle. He’s strict on rules and doesn’t like people who would disobey them. I guess you can say that part he’s like Hibiya from Tasogaredoki and Hibari from Hitman Reborn. ┐(‘~`;)┌ haha He’s strict with other people, but he’s strict to himself too. People may think it might be weird for the character to have glasses when the setting of the game is in the ninja era. According to the artist, “Don’t be so picky on details!” aha Garaiya is the 中二病 (chuunibyou) shota ninja. He doesn’t appear in class at all and has his own rules. Everything he says is chuunibyou. Despite him trying to act tough, at times, he would show his true self. Also, he has these little things around him. The one on the left is Lucifer and the right is Dark Element. They look cute (*´ー`)ノ  

Anayama Daisuke (CV. Suzuki Tatsuhisa) Quotes:
Normal: “I prefer gratitude to be shown more sexy, little kitty-cat.”
Love: “I like you. That’s why I can’t even lay a single finger on you.”
Sanada Yukikage (CV. Toriumi Kousuke) Quotes:
Normal: “You have to attend lecture seriously.”
Love: “…I won’t let anyone have you.”

Anayama Daisuke is the playboy type ninja. He’s the successor of the hospital that is well known for its medical treatment. He always have rumors with girls. Also, he thinks money can solve anything. Since he was the sexy character of the game, there were a lot of requests on the initial designs. There were words like,  “Add more pink!” and “Need to show more skin!” Sanada Yukikage is the mystery ninja. B’s LOG doesn’t release the info here on his type of ninja. He’s a teacher at the school and is popular amongst the students. He’s usually calm and reliable. However, there seems to be some connection between him and the heroine.

20130826_202959The otome game will be released in 2014, but the drama cd will start being released in November. There will be three parts to the cd, just like the Amnesia Crowd drama cd. The first release date is 11/16, which will consist Sasuke and Cloud. The second release will be on 12/4, which will contain Kamakiyo and Daisuke. The third release is on 1/8, which will consist Garaiya and Yukikage. I’m looking forward to Garaiya’s part the most and maybe Daisuke because I guess I’m a sucker for those characters that act in a certain way, but their true self turns out to be different also known as “gap moe.” Σ(〃д〃) haha Well, also, I say maybe for Daisuke is bc I don’t really like those playboy type characters. I guess I have a thing for Tatssun recently bc Mako is my fave from Free! For some reason, I’m never really interested in the characters that come out first for drama cds and the “main guy character.” If you know what I mean? Like Amnesia, I feel the real main character of the game is Shin. For GHP, Shinnosuke. For WOF, it’s Julius. For this game, it’s Sauke and Cloud. Well, I don’t know if I’m the only one that feels that way, but yeah haha.

The short story is on the character’s introduction…

asuke「Ready? I’ll only say it once.」
asuke「I’m Sarutobi Sasuke. My hobby is to keep my body moving. What I don’t like is Kabuki. ― Next up is Cloud.」
loud 「…….   …….I’m Kirigakure Cloud. What I like is…..I don’t have any.」
amakiyo「What he doesn’t like is probably spending a useless time. ok, I’m next.」
asuke「What, Kamakiyo! Why are you the one introducing Cloud in place of him ―」
amakiyo「I’m Yuri Kamakiyo, the class and the student council president.」
aisuke「Kamakiyo is so earnest~ I’m Anayama Daisuke, 3rd year and the medical aide.」
loud「…I can’t sleep from Anayama’s smell of facial powder. 」
aisuke「Cloud, you know just about anything huh? In addition, I like girls. I would like to heal every pain there is in a little kitty-cat’s wound.」
Kaede「Huh!? Uh, No Thanks!」
araiya「Hah, it’s my turn, Anayama. I’m Garaiya. From the endless darkness, I, the superior dragon king have arrived.」
ukikage「Ok ok, Garaiya come to supplementary class.」
Kaede「Uh, Ummm…」
ukikage「Oh, sorry. I should introduce myself as well. I’m Sanada Yukikage, just an average teacher. Oh, yeah. Sasuke, you come to supplementary class too.」
asuke「Wh, Why me!? I did do bad on one of the exams, but… ! Just a little bit should ― … ― HUH?」
Kaede「Huh!? Sarutobi-kun is going to fall this way.」
loud「…Are you ok Sasuke.」
asuke「Ugh, Crap, I am okay, but…」
ukikage「Not that, Sarutobi-kun. Katagiri-san is on top…」
asuke「― What? Wh, Why am I embracing you!?」
Kaede「S, Sarutobi-kun, um, this position is making me nervous…」
asuke「Huh, oh, wait, this pink fog means that…」
ukikage「Seems to be too late…」

~~~♥  メロメロの術発動 ♥~~~
(Kaede’s ability in action)

asuke「― You got prettier again…」
Kaede「S, Sarutobi-kun?」
asuke「Hey, stop being so cute. Everyone’s going to notice your charm. …It should be fine with just me falling in love with you. I don’t want to give you away to anyone. I want to be your number one.」
Kaede「Did my ability put an effect on you.」
asuke「Sorry for always acting so cold toward you. Sorry for being so immature. …Sorry for not being able to be honest with my feelings. But I want you to believe me. I am always thinking of you. I’m desperate for you to like me.」
Kaede「Like I thought, the ability…! S, Sorry Sarutobi-kun」
asuke「Instead of apologizing, tell me that you like me. Bc I like you no matter what. ―…..I like you. I want you so much that I can’t take it anymore. But more than that ― …I want to cherish you more than anyone.」
Kaede「Sarutobi-kun, wait, your hand is on my face ―」
asuke「I, with you―」

~~~♥  メロメロの術終了 ♥~~~
(Kaede’s ability ended)

asuke「―!! Wh, J, Just right now…」
Kaede「Sarutobi-kun, are you back to normal?」
asuke 「Just right now, that wasn’t me ok!? That’s not me at all」
amakiyo「Sasuke, your ears are red.」
asuke「Shut up!! Just right now, my words, it’s all your ability’s fault! Its not like I really like you or anything. Not at all, you got it―!!」
Kaede「Wait, Sarutobi-kun. Let me at least apologize…」
asuke「Stupid メロメロ女!!」
aisuke「How was that different from a love confession?」
araiya「Hah, how foolish, Sasuke―. ―As expected from my fellow comrade possessed by the demon!」
ukikage「…My division…are full of idiots…」


That’s about it for this month’s Shinobi Koi Utsutsu. I’m not sure as of now whether I’m going to continue posting up follow-up info for this series. It may depend on how interesting the articles are and if other people seem to be interested in this series? I found it interesting bc it felt new that the guy characters will be all lovey dovey towards the heroine even before they actually fall in love. haha For now, the characters that I’m curious are Garaiya and the Daisuke (when he’s not such a playboy). Well, I think this will change after I listen to the drama cd. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to this series, so I hope it’ll be a good one.


2 thoughts on “B’s LOG – September Issue Part 2: Shinobi Koi Utsutsu

  1. I’m also looking forward to this mostly because chuunibyou shota ninja shimono I mean seriously lol
    I hope otomate doesn’t ruin expectations again like shiratsuyu no kai orz


    1. I know right? Shimonu omg >< Yeah…so I heard about shiratsuyu no kai…The truth is the other interesting article I was talking about was Shiratsuyu, but…I'm going towards I don't think I'm going to write about that after all since I've been hearing a lot of disappointing things about it…so sad T_T


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