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B’s LOG – September Issue Part 1

20130822_191637TaDa ♪~ I finally got my September Issue~ At first, I was thinking that this month’s issue wasn’t so exciting compared to the past issues while I was skimming through the pages. I mainly got it bc of the Seishun Hajimemashita! character introduction CD AND the utapri notebook. Well, I’m not like a huge fan of utapri, but I got to admit…I like their notebooks… so I was going to post it the way I usually do. However, I don’t know what triggered my senses, but I found three really interesting articles!…more like I wasn’t really looking through the articles carefully…haha Anyways, I’m going to separate the three articles that caught my attention in a different post. I haven’t decided if those three articles are going to be on one post yet bc I’m planning to translate a few things and I don’t know their length yet and how much I’m going to write about each, so yeah…I’ll see I’ll see~

20130822_160944First up, colorful*step. Like I said in last month’s b’s log post? I’m not going to go further in detail about this until they release the character voices. In this month’s issue, they had the character interviews for the cross country and basketball club. The reason why I’m not going to talk about this until the CVs come out is bc its kind of hard for me to possibly like/look forward to a character without knowing the CV for a character (in my case). I thought it would be more fun to read the character interviews knowing their CVs, so that you can kind of imagine the voices answering the interview questions.

20130822_161014The last Seishun Hajimemashita character introduction CD! I wonder what wonderful characters are in the CD this time? Again, I am suffering with one of the female seiyuu’s name (the one on the far right)…Ok, thank goodness I was able to read the first name. WHY DOES SHE HAVE SUCH A COMPLICATED LAST NAME…haha The CD will consist Futaba Chitose (CV. Horie Yui), Yamada Tarou (CV. Hino Satoshi), Atsumi Rihito (CV. Sakurai Takahiro), and Shinonome Yoshino (CV. Nabatame Hitomi).

Futaba Chitose is the other twin of this game. She claims that Chihaya is the modest one of the twin, so she gets scold at by Chihaya a lot. She seems like the energetic and outgoing type of girl. She’s the other main character of the game. If you play as Chitose, you can go get guy characters of the game. Tarou is the narcissist, the oresama character. When Yoshino was trying to introduce herself after Chitose, Tarou got in her way. I assume they get into this fight a lot since Yoshino was like, “You…Yamada Tarou…You got in my way again…” with a glare. He’s the student council president of the school. He has this dramatic BGM when he introduces himself. You know those animes with those ost with those themes named by the character’s name. In his case, it’s like “Yamada Tarou’s theme.” haha Apparently, he sees Ouji, the creator of the club, as his rival. Rihito is the student council vice president. He usually speaks in formal language and likes wrestling. Apparently, he only uses moves on Tarou. However, he’s not always formal, you can say he’s two-faced, so it’s kind of fun when he accidentally goes back to speaking informal. He has some cute points like disliking bell peppers. Yoshino is in the same advanced class as Tarou and Rihito. She’s serious in studying, but feels insulted by Tarou (don’t know why). I guess that’s why she’s always hating on Tarou aha. She likes to draw and eat fruits. When Chitose ask the type of guy she likes, she can’t think of any. She claims that she can think of a type that she dislikes; she says someone loud while looking at Tarou. (・ω・) Therefore, she thinks that she would probably like someone that’s not loud. Rihito asks why she joined the club, she doesn’t want to say bc its embarrassing. Tarou says that she probably introduced herself the most…AND I AGREE aha.

So I guess this is the last of the character intro drama cd of Seishun Hajimemashita~

「せ~のっ!青春部をよろしくおねがいします! ( >д<)/」

20130822_161443Not much on Hakuouki SSL, just introducing Kondou and Sannan. They still haven’t decided the hardware for the game.

20130822_185456Part 3 of the Amnesia Crowd Drama Series cd coming out soon, this time it will be on Ukyou & Orion.  Orion is so cute…ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ When you put all three of the CD jacket covers together, they become one big illustration.

20130822_185712Jyuuzaengi Engetsu Sangokuden 2. It seems like there will be three more characters added, the two guys in the picture and this other dude. I’m not too interested in this game for now…I just thought that the illustration was pretty.

20130822_162156Snow Bound Land. I wasn’t originally interested in this game, but I might be…bc Kimura Ryouta is voicing one of the characters…He’s voicing the character on the right. Apparently, he’s the childhood friend of the heroine. I’m not exactly sure what this is about, but it’s supposedly based on a fairy tale called “The Snow Queen.” I don’t think I ever heard about that tale? Anyways, it seems that the story is about the romance between the cursed heroine and the other guys…and something about this mirror. aha Hmmm…I don’t know, I might be interested in this game after all. ( `・ω・´) I usually decide the articles that I’m going to add in my post and then read further into them before I write about them. I MIGHT look further into this bc it seems interesting.

The heroine has this curse of incredible strength. Kimura Ryouhei’s character is a nice childhood friend that turns into this really cruel dude. The other characters…Tachibana Shinnosuke plays this sick dude that rots everything he touches. Ono Tomoki plays a traveler swordsman that would say things against his will. Yonaga Tsubasa plays the other childhood of the heroine who can sense a that a person is thinking of wrongdoings. Ishida Akira plays a dude who is keeping an eye on them due to the order of the snow queen. Well, I’m totally confused. Apparently, they go to other “worlds” too. I guess I’ll go look at the past issue’s for more details. (・∀・ )

20130822_162419As of Hyaku Monogatari ~Kaidan Romance~, I doubt that I will play this since I didn’t play the prequel and don’t really plan to…I’m interested in the top right character’s route though, Asuma Heita (CV. Terashima Takuma). It’s sad how they can’t feel each other’s warmth bc it would cause a fire or something whenever they touch. I wish some miracle would happen, so they can have a happy ending… (´Д⊂

20130822_162442Koibana Days…(ι´Д`)ノ So I found out they have an ACTUAL ROUTE for both Chihiro and Chiaki after completing the first route. This makes me happy bc sometimes these characters get ambiguous routes…that make you go, “WHAT!? THAT’S IT!?!? adlkjkjajsdjds…” …The bad news is that I HAD a TERRIBLE time with this game.  OH and I noticed that Kimura Ryouhei is in this game… I didn’t notice until now since I played this BEFORE I listened to the Kare Icha drama CD. I remember that his character wasn’t such a moe in the game though. Actually, he was those playboy types, so I found him a bit annoying haha. In other words, I was totally going after Tsubaki since they’re rival characters. In this game, the characters are paired with another character in which will fight for the heroine IF you raise both love parameters at the same time, if I remember correctly.

Well, as of now, I’m not planning to play this until I finish the the games I’m playing right now since it is a lot of work. WELL, TO ME, IT IS… I just hate growing the flowers every single day. However, the events seem to be really cute according to the past B’s LOG issues and my test play. I probably have to start all over bc I don’t remember what I did and think I was playing it wrong. I plan to research a bit more before I go into it again.

20130822_162726Anata ga Ofurode Noboseru CD…SHIMONO HIRO! yay, it’s Shimonu♪ I haven’t decided if I’m going to get this CD yet, but I want…

20130822_163425As of Oreni suru? Bokuni suru? 2… The CVs are Tsuda Kenjirou and Morita Masakazu. I plan to write a review maybe? Well, its about you going to a business trip with your two superiors. For some reason, all three of you end up sleeping in the same room. I didn’t listen to the whole CD yet, so I’m not sure what the reason was, but probably some kind of room booking problem? Therefore, you have to decide which dude you’re going to sleep with bc the room only has two beds. I was thinking that you can take a bed and the two guys can share. Maybe they decided that there aren’t enough space for two guys to share a bed? I don’t know why she has to choose to sleep with one of them, but it won’t really be a good drama cd if that didn’t happen right? ┐(‘~`;)┌ haha Anyways, I know some details bc I skipped the prologue and listened to ONE of the character’s track only…I only listened to the track after you chose TsudaKen’s character. It was sooo cute >< The only reason I wanted the CD was TsudaKen is in it. haha However, I still plan to listen to the whole CD. (^ω^)


3 thoughts on “B’s LOG – September Issue Part 1

  1. lol you seem to have problems with female seiyuus in seishun hajimemashita xD;
    I know most of them and they are famous alright since I’ve checked it before. tbh most of them are my favs there!
    also I didn’t realize they haven’t decided which console for hakuoki SSL I thought PSP was decided in our mind before they even confirm it. but again with amnesia + hakuoki PSVITA, who knows? maybe they’re changing their directions slowly from psp to vita


    1. yeah…i only knew Horie Yui. >< Like the voices do sound familiar, but I just don't know their names. Like for otome games, I tend to check the names, only for the main characters though. However, I don't look at the names for non-otome games. I'm just like, "Oh this is — or oooh I heard of this person before." Well, this was a good opportunity for me to learn their names then aha.

      As of Hakuouki SSL, I was thinking they were gonna use PSP as well since I think Hakuouki usually start with PSP rather than the other. Maybe they might make it PC? IF they use anything other than those two…oh goshh…I won't be happy at all…orz If they change to vita, all I can say is those who have one…BEWARE…I'm after it. (・ω<) haha But I don't know…I'm not planning to buy a vita since I haven't seen much games I want for it. My first priority game console right now is PS3…I'm so slow… but I'm kind of in a situation where I can't buy one. I can afford it, but can't buy it. sad lifee,,.(´Д⊂


      1. I was like that at first too! but watching anime and knowing seiyuus even female, kinda changed me. besides seiyuus are just a silly bunch of people when they gathered together, and uh make fun jokes together lawl

        nah PC isn’t unlikely for otomate. PC is more of a rejet thing lol. highest chance right now is PSP I guess.


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