Anohana movie

Feels everywhere.
I got all teary just by watching the trailer… photo 240779_zpsdb5534b1.gif

I cried watching the anime. I’ll probably cry watching the movie.

All the movies I really want to watch are in theaters in Japan.

I wish I lived there… (눈_눈)

The story is going to take place one year after the anime. They all decide to gather up at the secret hideout once again and write a letter to Menma. I’m actually glad that they’re having a sequel. I was really curious of what was going to happen afterwards. Its like is there going to be something between Jintan and Anaru or something between Yukiatsu and Tsuruko OR neither (I’m actually fine with neither haha). Well, I got to admit the whole romance part was pretty heavy-duty in the anime. Emotions were everywhereee. I felt like Poppo was left out though…poor Poppo, no girls for him; just his magazines (referring to anime). haha

It’ll be out Auguest 31, 2013, which is SOON! However, since I don’t live in Japan, I’ll probably have to wait 1/2 ~ 1 yr for it to come out on DVD. SO SAD… (´-_-`)


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