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Kareshi ga Icha xx (rabu) wo Kyouyou shite Nichiyoubi beddo kara dashitekuremasen! vol.1

Release date : 2013/07/26
Cast: Kimura Ryouhei

Dang, the title is soo long~ …that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this drama cd. Anyways…I think I’m starting to become a Kimura Ryouhei fan from what I’m hearing from this cd. (*`ω´*) I DEFINITELY recommend this cd~ Too cute ヽ(*´д`*)ノ Also, if you want kisses from Kimura Ryouhei, then this is the drama cd for you~ ahah. If you want to hear a sample track, listen to it on their website. The link is on the my side bar~ ヽ(★´д`)ノ

Character Summary: The character for this CD will be Kyouya (CV: Kimura Ryouhei). He’s a lawyer with a nice personality. He has a side in which he may purposely go against your words, but have a pure heart as well. He takes care of you, and constantly worries for you.

One Sunday morning, Kyouya wakes up before you. He finds you cute for trying to wait for him until he comes home. However, you actually fall asleep before he does. He wants you to be more selfish toward him bc you never complain even though he’s at fault. For instance, Kyouya was actually the one who called you over, but didn’t come back until late. Just when he tries to check the time, he remembers that he was actually going to give you a present, so he hopes he can later. Eventually, you wake up, but still half-asleep. Kyouya tries to freshen your memory by saying that you were the one that hugged him, kissed him, and furthermore last night. However, his freshening was a little lie to wake you up. Knowing that he was saying was a lie, still very effective...NOSEBLEED.

His plan works, which completely wakes you up. You raise your head and crash into his chin. It turns out that he carried you to his bed, so you won’t catch a cold. You ask if you were heavy, so he teases you that you were heavy. You try to hit him for teasing you, but dodges and captures you into his arms instead. He tells you to just stay still and let him hug you. He asks if you’re eating properly because he feels as if he might break you just by hugging you a bit tighter. Also, he knows that you didn’t eat bc you were trying to wait for him until he comes back from work. He senses that he made you cry, but turns out the tears are from yawning due to lack of sleep.

You notice that Kyouya isn’t wearing his pendant, He claims that he doesn’t wear it too often anymore bc he almost choked himself in his sleep. Sounds like he just came up with that~ suspicious~ (ΦωΦ)フフフ… You noticed bc the charm was a ring, so it’s rare. He used to put it on his finger when he was a kid, but it doesn’t fit anymore. He thinks that it might actually fit your finger. He notices that your finger is pretty thin, and mumbles that he might have mistaken your ring size. ( ゚д゚) WHAT!?

You try to get out of bed, but Kyouya grabs you and hugs tightly.

“You’re gonna wake up? No, it’s the weekend, so let’s stay in bed still.”
He’s like, 「ぎゅううぅぅ~」OMGG SOOO CUTEEE 

“My bed is small, so we have to stick close to each other to sleep together in case you fall from that bad sleep habit of yours.”

“You didn’t know? When you wake up, you would notice that I’m hugging you to sleep. It’s so that you won’t fall off the bed. If you don’t believe me, then that’s fine too.” ┐(‘~`;)┌

Kyouya has been busy with his work from media-related work apart from his lawyer work. He’s actually called the private settlement prince. Kyouya claims that he would like to settle his cases with a private settlement rather than a court case. However, he doesn’t like being called a prince. He characterizes a prince as someone who can gather up people and is nice to everyone. He prefers being nice to the one person whose really important to him.

“I want my princess to be a bit off and take jokes seriously. Oh wait, I have someone in mind. Yup, it’s you. You’re the only one person that I want to be nice to.”

You’re so happy that you hug him. Then, Kyouya hugs you in return for your hug. and again with the 「ぎゅううぅぅ~」(* ´艸`)クスッ♪ He claims that he’s tired of acting like the prince. At first, he accepted the media type work in order for you to have a better feeling of what kind of job he does. However, lately, he’s been having more of the media type work and less of his actual job. Kyouya realizes that he has spoke too much and tells you to forget what he just said. He claims that he always shows his weakness to you, so he can’t make himself look good in front of you. However, you tell him that he’s cool. Also, he’s like a prince.

“What? I’m like a prince? Even though I always bully (tease) you?”

You claim that you already know that Kyouya always teases you because he’s just hiding his actual feelings. In other words, he’s embarrassed to express his true feelings. He tells her not to cheer him up because you’ve been praising him that he’s cool and all. Therefore, you tell him that he’s nice, that’s why he thinks a lot. He admits that he’s nice to her, but… Just when he tries to deny that he’s nice, you tickle him. Aww geez, I like how he laughs too. イヤ—(*ノ∀ノ)—ン He gives up and admit that he’s nice. He feels better now that he had let his feelings out.

You’re wondering what time it is right now, but Kyouya stops you to tell you not to touch the side table, that’s where he put the present for you. He tells her not to worry about the time and relax bc it’s a weekend.

You ask how Kyouya feels about you, so he tells you that you should know already. He claims that he’s not going to say. However, he says that he will “think” about it if you tell him first. You do, but he tells you that he said he’ll “think” about it, but didn’t say he will. You’re getting sulky and won’t even let him kiss you, so he says he will.

“I only kiss you, hug you, tease you because it’s you. Even though we’re doing nothing and just staying by each other’s side. It’s because I like you that I do those things.”

You start teasing him that you can’t hear him this time, so he tells you that he’ll only say it for the last time.

“I like you.” 

You’re having fun calling his reaction cute bc its obvious he’s embarrassed right now. Therefore, he starts teasing you instead. He finds you cute that you were just teasing him and all, but she’s all embarrassed now that Kyouya got back at her…just like Saori. You get all jealous when he starts talking about Saori bc you think its a girl. Kyouya asks if you’re jealous, but you say you’re not. He tells you that you can tell him how you feel more bc you always hold in your true feelings. You finally ask him what kind of relationship he and Saori has, but Kyouya teases you again. Whispering in your ears, he reveals that Saori is actually the family dog, so you hit him with a pillow from more embarrassment. He asks if you have anything else you want to know, Kyouya talks about his work.

“Well yeah, work is important. However, work is work. Let’s say I was able to protect someone’s life from being a lawyer. It doesn’t mean that the person will be happy though. It only protects their right at the least. In your case, it’s different. You’re somebody I should protect with whatever I’ve got and make you happy.”

“You’re not going to say I’m not up for the job right? Even if you do, I don’t plan to give you away to anyone.”

He tells you that you’re not the type that would ask which is important, work or me. However, he says he can’t compare work with you. Therefore, Kyouya tells you not to think of yourself inferior compared to his work. He tells you that there’s only one “you,” so there is no such replacement for you. So, he tells you to practice in which you can speak your feelings without any hesitation, telling you to repeat after him.

“I like Kyouya more than anyone in this whole-wide world.”

“I feel overflowed with happiness when Kyouya hugs and kisses me.”

“Oh really? Then, ちゅううぅぅ~-kisses-”

“Hm? I had no intentions of fooling you~ unless you disliked it?”

“When I’m unable to meet Kyouya, my heart feels tight, but feel like I shouldn’t say I want to see you, so I act like nothing’s wrong. BUT, I can’t take it anymore, so please let me stay by your side more.”

“Hm? What happened? You’re all quiet. I made you cry huh?”

“It’s okay. -pet pet- Hm? How did I know how you feel? It’s amazing huh? Maybe I should change my occupation from a lawyer to an esper. But, I only know about you, so it won’t work out as a job.”

“Your tears are salty. I wanted to kiss your tears more, but it seems that it stopped.”

Kyouya asks if you calmed down and continues talking.

“You asked why I knew just a while ago, but it was actually a guess, hoping that was the reason. Because I feel that way. I want to spend more time with you too.”

“You’re not the only one.”

You’re actually surprised that he’s being so honest. He tells her that there are times when a man can’t be embarrassed. Also, he mumbles that if he’s embarrassed right now, it will be harder on him even more later on. I WONDER WHAT~ (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ 

Kyouya asks when they can meet again, but you’re fine with whenever. He says that he’ll contact you when he’s free and says that he’ll try not to be late this time, but you say its fine if he’s late. Kyouya let’s out a sigh and flicks your forehead bc you didn’t follow what he said. What the…Gosh his sound effect when he flicks you is cute too… (>ω<) Kyoua tells you that you’re supposed to say, “Okay, but try to come back as soon as you can” at times like this. He teases you again saying that he doesn’t feel like he’s loved bc he would expect you to be more selfish if you cared. It seems like you don’t care as much if you’re able to be with him or not. Kyouya “pretend sulks” that he’ll feel more confident if you kiss him. Kyouya tricks you into his trap as a “punishment” for not being more honest with him.

You try to get off him, but he tells you to stay put bc he likes your weight on him since it represents your existence.

“If you’re not here, I wouldn’t be able to feel this weight on me.”

Kyouya talks about when he was small, his dad used to put him on his knees to measure his weight. Therefore, Kyouya would tell him to just use a scale. Then, his dad would tell him that bc he’s precious, his dad wants to experience Kyouya’s growth with his own body. Kyouya didn’t understand what his dad meant at the time. You feel that his dad really loved him, but Kyouya claims that according to his dad, he’s not his no.1, its his mom. He’s been raised that way his whole life. D’awwwwww ヽ(*´д`*)ノ His dad has loved her that much, even after she passed away. It seems that his mom’s health wasn’t strong to begin with, but still lived strongly. Soon, her parents got married and had Kyouya. She felt the same way as his dad, his dad is her No.1, then Kyouya. That time, he was sulky about it, but…

“Now I understand their feelings bc I also, found someone like that. Hm? It’s you.”

There, he tells you that there’s something he wants to give you~ (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ He explains to you that he was planning to give you this yesterday, so he placed it on the side table. (That’s why he was telling her not to touch the side table earlier.) When you open it, you see a ring. You’re actually familiar with it bc he’s been wearing it with his pendant, the ring that’s a keepsake of his mother. To be exact, the ring was also the ring that his dad gave to his mom as an engagement ring. He changed the size especially for you. He puts it on you to see that the ring is a perfect match and proposes to you.

“Please marry me.”

He tells you that bc it’s important to him. He wanted you to have it. He asks for your answer, so you hug him as an answer to his proposal. He hasn’t been this nervous since like forever. He’s happy that you accepted him. On the other hand, you never expected for him to propose to you. He actually thought of marriage a while back now, but purposely didn’t show it in case you weren’t thinking about marriage. If you weren’t, his attitude would only make their relationship awkward. He says that if you were to reject him, the charm would have been part of his pendant, nowhere to go. Kyouya’s really happy right now as if everything is a dream. He asks you a favor…

“Can I ask you a favor?”

“Can I make sure if it’s not a dream?”

“Not like pinching my cheeks~ I want to do something that only couples can do to confirm their feelings~”

“I love you. I’ll make you happy with everything I’ve got.”

The track is on your wedding. He claims that you probably cried one year’s worth of your tears. He was starting to think that you were regretting that they got married (teasing). You tell him not to look at you anymore bc you’re embarrassed. He claims that he won’t stop looking at you since you were taken by everyone this whole day.

“Shouldn’t it be alright to at least keep you to myself on the night of the wedding.”

Kyouya tries to kiss you, but you stop him. You talk about how you talked to his dad. You tell him that you heard about the ring. He didn’t tell you because saying that he promised his mother her ring to the person he chooses to spend the rest of his life together with him would pass romantic and become heavy (in terms of feelings) on you.

He tells you no more waits, you’re too cute. To be honest, he was actually looking for the fated person to give the ring to and wanted to make a family as happy as his parents. However, its a bit different now. He says that he still wants to make that type of family, but that has no meaning if it isn’t you. 

“Let’s take care of each other for yet to come, my cute wife”

I never really thought Kimura Ryouhei can be such a moe. I first noticed his voice from Kuroko no Basuke. At the time, I thought his voice was neutral bc his character was a bit annoying haha. However, I think I was able to input his voice into my head? SO cuteee ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ TOO CUTEEE ヽ(*´д`*)ノ



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