Drama CDs · Nonfiction Series

Nonfiction Series 2

Release Date: 2012/11/21
Cast: Yoshino Hiroyuki, Ishida Akira, Toriumi Kousuke, Yusa Kouji

It took me a while to finally listen to this drama CD. The first series was about regular salarymen being roommates. This time is about male high school students (2nd yr) for the main part. At times, a teacher would interact with them. Yoshino Hiroyuki plays Kimoto aka Kimocchan, energetic and have a light personality. Ishida Akira plays a military obsessed guy named Yanase aka Yassan. They naturally got along after always sitting in front/back or next to each other after many seat changes. On the other hand, Toriumi Kousuke plays Hiyama Hiroyuki, the anti-social loner. Well, he was a loner until Yassan and Kimocchan involved him into their group.

The CD consists of regular topics that are discussed amongst male high school students, such as their middle school & school break experiences, relationships, and etc. They would get in trouble from the physics teacher voiced by Yusa Kouji for making cards out of paper. Apparently, they’re not suppose to bring/make them at school.

I thought the CD was entertaining overall. I found it interesting how Hiyama had a rather interesting personality. How should I say this? He’s very strange, talking about how there are  hair  gods and stuff (yes, the one on your heads). He actually fit in pretty well with Kimocchan and Yassan after they got him to join their group. At first, Kimocchan was annoyed with him bc Hiyama would find him stupid. On the other hand, Yassan found Hiyama intriguing. Therefore, Yassan semi-forcefully made Hiyama join them for lunch, eventually, becoming actual friends. Well, this may have been a good choice or Yassan may have been a loner sooner or later aha. Like any typical high school guy, Kimocchan starts hanging out with some girls rather than his friends. Yassan and HIyama starts getting annoyed by his attitude toward them since he would text while he’s hanging out with them too. They would fight and all, but in the end its revealed that Kimocchan was the only one getting hyped up about it. The other girl didn’t think of Kimocchan in any way. Poor him~ Typical high school guy stuff with a bittersweet ending. At least Kimocchan has Yassan and Hiyama right? (*´ー`*)ノ


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