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Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Lagi

What the…I totally teared up in his route. The damn family setting got to me…I’m a sucker for those. Well, let’s just say I’m glad I played his route after Bilal’s. I usually leave the faves for last, so good for me. WOF2FD_0045

~Another Tale 2~
Lagi is the super tsundere out of the gang…Well, a good match with Est actually (I like tsunderes (◕ω◕✿)). Yes, its been three years. However, Lagi hasn’t contact Lulu not even once for the three years they were apart. I’m sure he has his reasons, but poor Lulu. He wakes up thinking that his arm is rather heavy. He’s surprised and let’s out a little yelp. I don’t know why he’s so surprised since he was the one carrying her on his shoulder into an inn (WOF2). What? He thinks its a dream or something? You forgetful soul. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

He even admits that the flow of the event was pretty bad… He kinda talks about how he was surprised to see her that she has changed; she looks more feminine. He even confesses that he actually had a better “reunion” in mind, WHICH did not happen. Ofc, he’s saying this thinking that Lulu is still asleep. It turns out that she was awake though. The look on Lagi’s face when he realized Lulu was awake ahaha Lulu claims that he was rather scary last night, so she was happy how he was petting her hair. WOAH LAGI, what happened to you. イヤ—(*ノ∀ノ)—ン

Later, Lulu and Lagi head to Mills Claire. Look what we have here, it’s Ivan and Vania. First thing, Ivan yells at Lagi. On the other hand, Vania scolds at him that he’s got a heck of a nerve to come back without even contacting her this whole time. Lagi apologizes for this, but tells him that he’s apologizing to the wrong person. Also, the two senseis tell him that apologizing won’t be just enough. He talks back to them with a mumble, but obviously that’s a no-no. After apologizing, they meet Noel. He tells him that Lagi had grown and looks like a bear (・ェ・)  now haha. Ofc, he yells at Lagi for not contacting Lulu for the past years too. AHAHA Nice Noel (*´ー`*)b Lagi grabs Lulu and quickly run to the library. OoOoOohh…library. I have a good feeling about this! 

Next up is EST! Lagi talks about how Est used to be so small, but now he’s all grown up. I don’t think Est was really going to lecture Lagi, but it happens. If only he didn’t mention about his height… (゚ω゚) He starts lecturing about how everyone had to waste to cheer Lulu up due to Lagi’s absence. Lulu gets lectured with him as well. Lastly, Julius… It’s hilarious how Lagi starts talking super fast about how he was doing and that he’s fine; also, he apologizes and what-not even before Julius was able to say a single word. It’s probably from the trauma from other people scolding him haha. Lagi feels relieved when he sees that Julius isn’t one of the scolders. However, he starts asking all sorts of questions about Lagi’s dragon-ness since he’s a curious soul~ When Lulu and Lagi finally get some alone time, Lagi tells her that he’s glad that at least she wasn’t crying alone; she had the others by her side. Lulu mentions how she wants meet his grandparents ASAP, saying that she waited enough. Well, she did wait 3 years… (・ェ・) So guess what? They’re going the next day~ 

Before they leave, Lagi meets with Julius and Noel that night. The two assumed he was going to ask about Lulu; he actually wanted to apologize. He blames himself for giving them a hard time when they were in the 350 years ago time frame (WOF2). During the time, Lagi couldn’t control his dragon power; hence, the fire spirits went out of control too. I wasn’t too sure what kind of trouble this caused, but I think I’ll find out in Julius and Noel’s route for WOF2. Julius and Noel tell him that its fine now; it not like the past will change. Julius and Noel had their regrets, but they were too young as well. The issue wasn’t something one person can handle. The two are now moving forward, not looking back. Lagi still wanted to do something for Julius and Noel. Therefore, they tell him that there is only one thing he can do; Julius and Noel tell Lagi to make Lulu happy. D’awwwww (*`ω´*) The two claim that they had to endure watching Lulu in pain for three years. They know that she has been crying alone too, so they don’t want to see her cry anymore. After that, the three of them even called Est and they talked all night. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

It took a few days for Lulu and Lagi to get to his grandparent’s house. During the carriage ride, Lulu suddenly hears a shota voice. The voice is from a fire spirit, which turned out to be the salamander spirit from WOF2. Now that Lagi has control over his dragon powers, his fire spirit can hold its true form; his name is Chibi btw. Like before, he doesn’t like Lulu that much, so he suggests Lagi to search for a new soon-to-be wife. haha When they get to Lagi’s grandparent’s place, they have dinner together. After dinner, Lagi and Lulu have a walk outside. Suddenly, Lulu feel a presence.

WOF2FD_0050The next day’s evening, Lagi rushes Lulu into the forest; apparently, Lagi wanted to show her his special view. Lulu talks about how she’s happy that she had the chance to talk to his grandpa. However, he tells her that he’s real scary when he gets angry, but is weak when it comes to women. Lagi tells Lulu that she is his first priority, but their grandparents are important too. Therefore, Lulu tells Lagi that everyone can just be his No.1 since they are all important to him. ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

After sunset, Lulu and Lagi walk back to grandparent’s place. Lulu feel a presence again, but this time its clear. She sees a woman; the woman is Lagi’s mom (Tia). Lulu is about to tell Lagi, but Tia puts her finger to her mouth as if she’s saying not to tell him; Lagi doesn’t see her.

The next day, she goes out first thing after breakfast. Lulu goes to see if she can meet Tia again. She calls out to her as her mother-in-law. Surprisingly, she responds with a 「は~い」; she’s so energetic~ (*`ω´*) She tells Lulu that she was waiting for her to call her that way. Meanwhile, Lagi is irritated that Lulu left him at the house and obvious that she’s hiding something from him. Lagi considers following her, but his grandparents stop AND tease him. He’s all Lulu better prepare herself when she gets back for leaving him alone. Back to Lulu and Tia… Apparently, she can see now because she’s a spirit now. She assumes her disability (blindness) does not apply once she has passed away. She’s happy to see her son’s future wife is such a cute girl, referring to Lulu. Tia says that she has been gone for 20 years ago, but appeared in this form starting 3 years ago when Lagi came back home. Apparently, no one can see her, not even grandpa, grandma, and Lagi. Still, she was glad to see her son. She tells her that no matter how much Lagi may look like Kada (Lagi’s dad), they’re not the same since Lagi chose to live as a human.

Tia tells her how Lagi has been spending the three years he didn’t contact her. He started going through pain right after he came back home. Lagi’s grandparents even tried to call the doctors, but Lagi stopped them; he believed that it was something he had to overcome on his own. He went through pain as if his body is burning. However, he refused to use his powers in order to become a full human for Lulu since she’s waiting for him to come back. Lagi didn’t complain or mope, but called Lulu’s name as if her name is some chant to give him strength. As his mother, she’s proud of him. Lulu insists that she passes him a message, but refuses since she’s not suppose to be involved in this world. She claims that he probably doesn’t remember her anyway, so she wants her to leave it as that. However, she feels fortunate that she was able to talk to Lulu.

When Lulu returns to Lagi’s grandparent’s home, she sees Chibi waiting for her; he sensed that she had met Tia too. Chibi actually have seen her before, but he was also hushed to not tell Lagi. Therefore, Chibi tells Lulu to use Kada’s scale to give Lagi the power to see his mother. However, she tells him to wait a bit bc she wants to talk to Lagi before she decides in what she should do.

Lulu rushes back, so Lagi asks whats wrong. She asks him some what-if questions. Lulu asks, “If I were to die before you and become a spirit, would you want to see me?” Ofc, Lagi thinks her question is odd. Therefore, Lulu tells Lagi to answer her properly. Thus, he tells her that he would definitely want to see her; its is a given. Lulu worries that Lagi may feel even more lonely. Lagi claims that forgetting the dead within time may be natural. However, he says, “Even for a bit, I would want to see their face. I don’t want to regret.” Hearing Lagi’s response, Lulu explains everything to him about seeing Tia. They rush to her, but she hid and isn’t willing to come out. When Tia finally comes out, she claims that it’s unfair to call her that way; there’s no way she can refuse when her son is calling out to her as mom for the first time.

WOF2FD_0053Lulu becomes the middle person to transfer power to connect the two using Kada’s scale and it works. However, Lagi doesn’t know what to talk about. Tia only had one thing she wanted to ask him, if he doesn’t hate her for giving birth to him since she passed away after giving birth to him. Even though Kada offered to give her some power, she refused since that will go against nature; Tia tells Lagi to complain all he wants. On the contrary, Lagi didn’t have any hate toward Tia, but actually had some toward Kada; she feels sorry for Kada. (※థэథ)∵.*. haha. Lagi tells her it’s fine bc Kada will just laugh off no matter what Lagi says. She tells him that he knows him very well even though they only met once. Meanwhile, Lulu is almost at her limit when Kada’s scale help them. Lagi thanks Tia for giving birth to him; he went through a lot, but still is happy. After, Lulu collapses from using too much of her power.

Meanwhile Lagi carries Lulu back, Tia tells Kada to come out. Pffft he should have come out when Lulu and Lagi were there. RAWR! ( >д<)/ Kada was actually the one that gave Lulu some power when she was almost at her limit to stall for more time. Kada is sulking a bit from the fact that she appeared from Lagi’s powers, not his. He sulks that she ignored him, but says she just couldn’t hear her. She teases him that there wasn’t enough LOVE ahaha (※థэథ)∵.*. She says that if she did hear him, she won’t be able to stand it; she’ll want to see him. D’awwww my gosh (ι´Д`)ノ She tells Kada that her regrets are gone now and feels relieved. Therefore, she says that she’ll be with him from now on. Kada sounds happy and claims that it doesn’t matter if she’s a spirit now; Tia is still his woman. I’m happy for them, but is sad that Lulu & Lagi won’t ever meet them again since Kada takes her somewhere else to spend their rest of their time together.


Few days later, Lagi goes out to town to get a package from Bilal, a ring he asked Bilal to make to present it to Lulu. Lagi puts the ring on Lulu’s finger, which makes her tear up and jumps into his arms. Lagi proposing to Lulu once again.

~Mills Claire 500th Anniversary~
One day, Lulu is in the cafeteria with Bilal. It seems that Lagi overslept, so he just left him. The groupies ask if Lulu has a partner. Bilal says that it’s already decided that her partner is going to be Lagi. However, Cynthia tells her not to be underestimate the other girls; it seems that Lagi is actually popular amongst the girl students. Lagi only turns into chibi dragon towards Lulu, so they can’t dance. Therefore, there are girls who plot to be his partner for just the night of the ball. Bilal tells Lulu not to worry since he only have eyes for her. However, she’s worried, so Lulu goes looking for Lagi.

She finds Lagi at the lake. Lulu tries to ask him to the ball, but he refuses immediately. He only refuses bc he knows he can’t dance with her. He doesn’t want to cause a scene at the ball since there would be guests from other places attending the anniversary event. Lulu understands, but tells him to refuse the other girls’ invites as well. How cute (*`ω´*) Ofc, Lagi doesn’t plan to in the first place. That night, Lulu is actually envious of the other people who are planning to attend the ball while she can’t. Psst, Lulu can just go with someone else~ jk hehe Lagi sees Lulu’s sad expression telling her to meet him tomorrow to do some training for the ball. He wants Lulu, his girlfriend, to be happy. D’awwww~ Makes me feel bad about joking that Lulu is going with someone else. He’s such a sweetie~ ヽ(*´д`*)ノ 

WOF2FD_0058During training, he comes up with three rules:

① Don’t come too close.

② Don’t talk.

③ Don’t look at him.

⇒ofc, the training doesn’t go well. Looks real awkward. Well DUH, how can you dance without coming too close and where are you suppose to look if you’re not suppose to look at the person in front of you~ haha ( >д<) Suddenly, Alvaro comes in, which disrupt their concentration. Hence, Lagi turns chibi dragon~ However, Lagi still plans to continue training.

The night of the ball, Lagi gets all embarrassed when Lulu praises on how he looks cool. Since the two can’t dance with can’t dance with each other, they practically eat ONLY. (・ェ・) After they look at the firework event on the balcony, they go back to the ballroom. Ofc, they still can’t dance, so Lagi asks Lulu if she wants him to ask Bilal or Noel to dance with her instead. NOOOOO! BRING EST!! JK Why would Lulu leave a sweetheart like Lagi? I sure wouldn’t!…teehee And ofc Lulu tells him that she doesn’t want to dance with anyone, but him. He grabs her and takes her out of the place.

WOF2FD_0060Lagi gives her a heads up that he’s going to tell Lulu something really embarrassing. He kisses her hand without knowing what to say. He tells her that she’s the prettiest one in that ballroom, as if she’s a princess. He may not be able to dance with her now, but one day will dance with her soooooo much that even she’ll get sick of it. Therefore, Lagi tells Lulu to wait for him ’til that day comes. He reveals that he was really happy when Lulu said that she didn’t want to dance with anyone, but him. Therefore, he’s making this confession to make up for what he can’t do.

WOF2FD_0057Never expected Kakihara to be such a moe~ (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ It’s actually my first time liking a character played by him, not that I know that much characters played by him. ┐(‘~`;)┌ I like how Lagi is a tsundere. I think I’ve mentioned quite a few times before that I like tsunderes (・ω・) I really like his family too ♪ It’s too bad Kada didn’t appear in front of Lagi & Lulu when he helped them…so sad!! I WANT THEM ALL TO LIVE TOGETHER!!! adjlsjsaljdlsajdlkjalshsdj orz. Btw his mom was pretty too. For some reason, I’m interested in Kada more than Lagi though haha. It’s so weird that the cute shorties have like the sweetest routes so far. I think its bc they have these complexes that they have of themselves that it gives an “D’awww” feeling in the anniversary routes. Its like Est’s anniversary route was cute bc he had the whole height/shota complex, so he tells Lulu to wait until he grows more manly. On the other hand, Lagi has his chibi dragon/power complex, so he tells Lulu to wait for him to overcome that obstacle. Anyways, it’s so cute how they both want to be a better man and they do~


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