Drama CDs · Futari de Issho ni Series

Futari de Issho ni Series – Issho ni Cooking Childhood Friend (CV. Shimono Hiro)

ふたりで一緒にシリーズ 一緒にクッキング 幼なじみの男の子
Release Date: 2012/02/28
Cast: Shimono Hiro

Shimono Hiro (I call him Shimonnu) plays the heroine’s childhood friend in high school. I was confused at first bc he would call her ne-chan (姉ちゃん), so I was like I thought he was suppose to be her childhood friend. (・ェ・) I guess its bc he doesn’t call her name before “sis,” so it sounds like he’s referring to her as his actual older sister. He’s outgoing, energetic, and tries his best for the heroine. On the other hand, the heroine is older than him, as in she works already. Since he’s not experienced with cooking, he asks if flour and starch are the same thing. Also, if he can measure 1 cup as 1 cup using a mug cup. DUN DUN DUN~ (´・д・`) BUT I FORGIVE HIM SINCE HE’S SUPER CUTE! n(>ω<)n

One day, Shimonnu finds her feeling sick at her place from going on a diet. Therefore, he decides to take care of her by making her something splendid. When he asks her the questions, he would say he was just making sure and have this awkward laugh. What the… why is he so cute!? (っ゚⊿゚)っ The heroine tells him to wear an apron, which is a strawberry patterned apron. He was originally going to keep his menu a secret, but reveals it accidentally. It’s cute how he kinda sulks a bit bc the heroine knew what he was going to make already; he claims that he wants to be a dandy adult, but she keeps treating him like a kid. It’s so obvious that he likes her since he can’t keep his cool AT ALL.

He makes her some 唐揚げ (deep fried chicken) and soup as the heroine guides him. He talks about how he princess-held her to her bed, but wasn’t heavy at all. Shimonnu asks why she’s dieting when she doesn’t look overweight at all; he suspects that she might have a person she likes. He talks about how she got prettier after she start working; she got feminine. Shimonnu tells her that he’s worried if there might be a dude who may be interested in her. He claims that she needs to acknowledge that she’s a lot cuter than she thinks. He’s telling her how he’s not favoring her just bc she’s his childhood friend. In fact, he admits that some of his friends are her fans, so he tells her not to be so pretty. (*`ω´*) He even says that his heart pounds so fast when he’s with her. When he’s just about to confess, the timer goes off. Typical situation haha ┐(‘~`;)┌

He tells her to have the first bite and lookie here its good too. He’s happy that she is eating his food with a smile; he wants to do anything to make her smile. He tells her that he may still be a kid right now, but one day he’ll be an adult that she can count on. Shimonnu asks her to be his girlfriend and eventually be his wife too. Ofc, the heroine accepts him. He’s sooo happy that its real cuuuteee~ He tells her that he’ll make her the happiest person in the world. Th drama CD fades out as he tells her that it was unexpected for her to kiss him and tells her to let him kiss her this time…

One word… NOSEBLEEED  Well, I’m not into Shimonnu’s character type of guy, but I would definitely LOVE a younger brother like him. I’ll probably spoil him A LOT~ hehe. Then again, if he was my brother, I probably wouldn’t want to give him to the heroine… (・ェ・) haha. However, I was thinking… I wonder how much of an age difference they have… Well, he’s high school still and she’s independent. Let’s say, he’s in the third year of high school… The smallest age difference is probably… 4-5 years? Interesting… I prefer him to be in an university. I think it would be weird for an independent woman to get her hands on an HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT. Even though they’re childhood friends, I find it weird. My opinion may have been different if there was  an “actual” story, but… in this case, there isn’t. Oh well, I still liked it though. Usually, the actual seiyuu creates this awkward silence and have man boobs (apparently), BUT overall its all good bc his voice is so moe~ Even though he’s older than me, I feel like a mother wishing him good luck… I think of it as one of his unique charms.


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