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Wand of Fortune 2 FD – Bilal


I decided to play his route first bc…well…honestly…I just wanted to get rid of his route. Well, I did like Lagi’s route better in WOF2, so I just assumed Lagi’s route will be better in the fandisk as well. I hope this assumption would be a mistake. ┐(‘~`;)┌

~Another Tale 2~
It’s been 1.5 years since they got married. If we recall from WOF2, he can no longer step foot on his homeland bc of the curse. Therefore, he and Lulu travels around the world. Bilal serves his homeland as a diplomat of Faranbard and Lulu as his wife. They wake up and Lulu is embarrassed like always bc Bilal teases her. They are back at Latium to visit Mills Claire since Bilal’s bro, Rasheed is visiting.

Bilal tells Lulu to go pick up a guest while he meets his bro. It turns out the mystery guest is Amy, her roommate from when she attended Mills Claire. It was a surprise from Bilal, which makes Lulu real happy. The two go have tea with Vania. There, there is another familiar face; it’s Martha from the groupies. Apparently, she’s the owner of a popular sweets store that Lulu favors. Back at the hotel, Lulu tells her how happy she was about the surprise.

The next day, Bilal and Lulu go on a date. They have a little walk in the town. He talks about the time when they first met. Bilal was cheering her up when she was down. He was soon captivated by her eyes after they got to know each other more. Before, Lulu used to see him as a “dad” figure, but not anymore. She teases him that her dad loves her unconditionally, but Bilal’s love is expensive at times. He asks if Liane is being a bad influence her. (★´ゝω・`)ノ Bilal also mentions how he regrets not giving her an official wedding. Lulu tells Bilal that she doesn’t need “things” to be fulfilled; All she wants is the bond from their love. Lulu is already happy as they are right now. (´ω`●)

Bilal mentions how Rasheed wants to have lunch with Lulu. At first, Lulu thinks that they’re having lunch together, the three of them. However, it’s actually going to be just her and Rasheed. Lulu suggest that he calls her “Lulu” in order to lift some tension off. As they talk, Rasheed says that he can understand why Bilal became attracted to her. Actually, the lunch was not a mere lunch session to get to know each other. Rasheed wanted to ask if she would come to Faranbard to convince their people how wonderful magic can be. Lulu feels hesitant by this bc Bilal can’t. She blames herself that Bilal can’t step foot on Faranbard and that it’ll be inconsiderate of her to go there as she pleases. The thing is that Bilal’s curse will last until he ends his life. However, his kids are fine; Lulu is fine too. It’s just Bilal that can’t bc he’s the one that carried everything. Therefore, Lulu wants to think about it before she makes a decision.

WOF2FD_0034Liane comes to get Lulu bc she suspected that she’s probably moping around. When they get back, Bilal tells her that he respects her decision. Therefore, Lulu asks why he can send her off so gently when its actually hard for him. Bilal tells her to let her true feelings out. She’s been supporting him when he missed his homeland, when he was lonely. He asks if she thinks that he might regret his life one day. Ofc, Lulu denies this. However, what she made him toss away is too big. Therefore, she decided that she’ll carry the same pain he has, the only thing she can give him. He tells her that their happiness isn’t about being bound just like him; that’s just her self-satisfaction. Bilal doesn’t want his loved one to be in pain when he is. Her feelings for him is dear to him, but wants her guilt to disappear. He tells her that if Lulu’s heart is to be in pain, he’ll surely tell her every time that he’s happy and that he has no regrets.

WOF2FD_0036Lulu decides to go to Faranbard from his words, to create a bigger happiness. She wants to show the people of Faranbard the wonders of magic that bonded the two together. Bilal pushes her down, saying that he’s happy for her decision. Bilal tells her that he loves her and is proud that she’s his wife. Lulu tells him that she loves him no matter where he is in the world. (*´д`*)

The following day, Bilal tells Rasheed that he can borrow her, but need her back eventually. Ofc! ( >д<)/ Rasheed is thankful and says he wants to at least give them an actual wedding. They invite everyone, but its just Lagi…In WOF2, he became all dragon and flew away, so…yeah.

WOF2FD_0039~Mills Claire 500th Anniversary~
Again, Bilal is making Lulu embarrassed like always (teasing). Then, Liane teases Bilal haha ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ She says that she’s Bilal’s guardian spirit, but is on Lulu’s side as well. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ This evening, Bilal calls Lulu out with a message. RUN AWAY LULU! He claims they will practice dancing, but to me, Bilal just looks dangerous. He tries to smooth talk her into a kiss. Sadly, it works… SLAP HIM! Just kidding. ฅ^._.^ฅ

WOF2FD_0042Night of the ball, Bilal tells her not to roam around away from him. If someone asks her questions, just nod and go with the flow. Bilal just tells Lulu to smile beside him. While they dance in the ballroom, her shoe comes off. Lulu’s all embarrassed. She’s scared that she might have humiliated him. He goes pick it up for her and puts them on. He’s not embarrassed at all, but finds her cute instead. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

WOF2FD_0044OKAY I was right… I don’t even know why Bilal is one of the guys in this series now. I don’t know if its just me, but the route was real short. (・- ・) It seemed content less. I was thinking that there might be an event when she went to Faranbard or something, but nope. At the end, I was like, “That’s it?” (´・д・`) Ofc, I left SOME stuff out, but I think I pretty much covered the meat of his route. He took up so much in WOF2…what happened to him in the fandisk? ( ಠ_ಠ ) I actually thought Alvaro and Est’s routes were long, but maybe bc they had some unique circumstances? I don’t know…Wow shortest character route ever…( ゚д゚)


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