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Glass Heart Princess – Karasuma Yukito

Glass Heart Princess_0034
I decided to play him first bc I simply thought he looked the best out of the four. Usually, I would choose  the first character based on their CVs. I didn’t have an absolute favorite, so I just chose Tattsun’s character. He’s the type that will easily get embarrassed, which is cute. (´ω`*)

Kyoko and Yukito’s fateful encounter was on a rainy day when Kyoko heard a dog barking. She goes to see where the barking came from and happened to be an abandoned pup. There, she sees Yukito from the classroom next door. At first, she thinks that he’s going to bully the pup since he’s known as the school’s delinquent. There are rumors that he’s always late for school and sleeps in class. People also think that he skips to do bad things. Instead of bullying, he leaves his uniform jacket on the pup. ahahaha what a typical scenario for a delinquent, stopping by to see a dog OR cat in the rain. ( ゚∀゚) This is when the arrow thing pops up, so yup…I fired it. (゚ω゚) Kyoko tells Shinnosuke to find a new owner for the dog and wash Yukito’s jacket. Shinnosuke says he’ll return it to Yukito, but Kyoko tells him that she will.

She was going to return his jacket first thing the following day, but it took her ’til lunch recess. She was all mopy on how useless she was, then someone talks to her. He tells her that she’s in his way. It’s Yukito~When he sees what she was returning to him, he grabs her arm to change their location bc they were starting to attract some attention. He’s surprised that the school madonna saw what happened on that rainy day. He thanks her for the jacket, and is about to tell her not to mention what she saw that day. Out of nowhere, she asks him out on a date. Ofc, Karasuma is like, what the… Kyoko misunderstands that he accepted her invite, and runs off. (※థэథ)∵.*. So cutee (^ω^)

Yukito did come after all even though they didn’t make an “official” plan. They start with a little walk. Yukito finds it suspicious for a girl like her to ask him out, so he asks what her motive is. She tells him that the teacher asked her to get along with him because he doesn’t seem to be get along with anyone, which is a lie. Yukito tries to leave, saying he’s fine. Kyoko asks if he wants to have lunch with her. However, they have nothing to to talk about, so it’s awkward. The reason why he is such an outsider is because he has nothing in common with the other classmates. Even if they were to hang out, it’ll be stuff like horse riding and cruising. They’ll all be on things that he has never experienced before. In fact. he used to join them, but never understood the fun of it. Eventually, he started rejecting their offers. Kyoko comes up with an idea that she’ll be his No.1 friend and they can go out together like this from now on. Sooo cute~~~ He turns red from the idea. hehehe 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚

Glass Heart Princess_0035They don’t know anything about each other, so they talk a bit. Kyoko asks her about his family; he has a younger sister other than his parents. Apparently, she’s second year in middle school. As a hobby, he play games and go to game centers. She suggest that he takes her since she has never went to one. He was actually surprised that she showed interest in his hobbies, unlike the other people in his class. He takes her to a game center and claims that he’ll teach her what normal high school guys do for fun. For starters, they play a shooting game. He admits that she’s pretty good even though it was her first time.

For their next date, Kyoko & Yukito go to the art museum. Rumor has it that there’s a phantom thief that has been appearing from time to time, stealing painting from various museums. Kyoko thinks that it’s lovely if the phantom thief is just like the ones in the mangas.

Another day, they were going to go on their usual date. However, he had to go to school to make up his units for attendance, so Kyoko goes with him. As attendance credit, Yukito had to water the flowers in the school garden. Kyoko helps, but the baseball camp walks over the hose and gets wet. Yukito asks if she has her P.E. clothes since she might catch a cold, but she doesn’t. All these clubs offer their club uniforms to her. I understand that the baseball team offers (since they were there already and the cause), but how did the other clubs find out so fast. Were their Kyoko senses tingling? Such stalkers! Σ(゚Д゚;)ギクッ They wanted to keep their Kyoko-worn uniform as a treasure and frame it. Perverts… ( ಠ_ಠ ) Ofc, Yukito offers his P.E. clothes instead bc the various club dudes were being creeps. Kyoko asks Yukito later that day on why he skips class and is always late, but he makes some cliche excuse instead; he’s being very suspicious.

On their dates, they would have various incidents. They would help a lost girl find her parents. She finds Yukito scary and thinks that she’ll get kidnapped. He does some magic to make her happy. When the girl thanks her, she calls him scary onii-chan. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪ There’s this time when Kyoko bumps into this gangster when she gets lost during their date. The gangster dude claim that she fractured his arm. ( ಠ_ಠ ) He tries to take her away as a consequence for “hurting” him. Thank goodness Yukito finds her. The gangster tries to take out his knife, but Yukito already had it in his hand. The dude had another one, but Yukito had that one as well. He had the dude’s cellphone and wallet too. Apparently, Yukito pick-pocketed the dude. OOOooOooOooH DORAEMON!~~He has everything- Good at magic and pick-poketting. Pretty much gives it away huh? ┐(‘~`;)┌ 

Glass Heart Princess_0036This time on their date, they plan to go somewhere Kyoko usually goes. They go by airplane, but Yukito is insecure since its his first time on it. He has these little yelps here and there. (゚ω゚) The ride is a bit bumpy, so Shinnosuke goes check on the pilot. It turns out that the pilot had an attack, so tells them that he’ll pilot the plane. Also, Shinnosuke’s personality change 180° when he pilots/drives vehicles, just like how Gondou from Koishiba changes when he drives a car. (★´ゝω・`)ノ Kyoko is like, “NOOOOOO!!!”; Shinnosuke already locked the door though. OMG OK ① No wonder he sounded so happy when he said that he’ll pilot the plane ② Another thing is that he completely forgot about Kyoko’s illness. Is he trying to kill her!? They hear Shinnosuke saying that he has a blank, so it’s kind of difficult steering. Satsuki wanted see them panic a bit more, but says she’ll go hijack the plane now. Now, Satsuki says she’ll steer the plane, but asks to connect the plane to a game controller instead. I guess NO ONE is able to steer the plane properly. ┐(‘~`;)┌

This one night, they go see the night view. It’s funny how her dad whines that he doesn’t want to give her away to some dude that he doesn’t know since he misunderstands that they have promised their future together. Yukito introduces himself properly; His dad reacts to the name bc he heard it somewhere before. Her dad remembers his grandfather since he has seen his masterpiece before. He feels relieved that they aren’t dating and they’re just friends. Her dad apologizes for his rudeness, but the truth is…haha. Kyoko explains to Yukito that she never brought a friend that’s a guy home, so he’s overreacting to the situation. Yukito is kind of sad bc he’s actually starting to…hehe (・∀・ ) When they get to the observation deck to look at the night view, there is an event going on. It seems that they were the 10,000th coupled customer. They tell her that they will become models for their new wedding planning program. Kyoko is overwhelmed, so she faints. Since Yukito doesn’t know about her illness, he tells her that she’ll be taken to the hospital. However, Kyoko tells Yukito that she doesn’t want to make a commotion, so he talks to the paramedics about it.

Glass Heart Princess_0037Kyoko is piggy-backed by Yukito since there’s no way she can walk back on her own. He asks if she’ll tell her about her illness, but doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to. She apologizes for keeping her illness a secret, deceiving him, and for using him. He asks her where they’re gong next week. Yukito admits that he’s pretty pissed, but also ask if their date had any progress. Kyoko tells him that it did, so he decides that its all right for him to tell her. He says that he forgives her bc he likes her. He’s mad that she kept it a secret since he could have killed her. However, he plans to help treat her illness from now on. Since he confessed, he’ll be troubled if she dies. He asks for reply and ofc she says yes.

One rainy day, they go to Yukito’s house bc it starts raining during their date. When they were still out in the rain, Yukito puts his coat on Kyoko. She says as if she’s the pup from that day. (◕ᴥ◕し) She looks around his room while Yukito gets some tea for her. I found some Moujuutsukai to Oujisama stuff in his room. (*’▽’*)♪ Meanwhile, Kyoko finds a silk hat. Yukito panics; He says its from his grandma and tries to change the subject, but obviously he’s being suspicious.

Glass Heart Princess_0038Kyoko asks to go to Yukito’s house to hang out since she couldn’t spend much time there last time. However, this time his mom will be there. He tells Kyoko to ignore her if she asks any questions. It seems that his mom was waiting for them at the entrance inside the house. Therefore, she was already there when Yukito opens the door; he closes the door as soon as he sees her. His mom tells Kyoko where Yukito’s little kid album is. They have a negotiation that Kyoko can see it if he can see her album next time. She finds a photo with his cape + silk hat, so Yukito acts suspicious again. All of a sudden, they hear a girl’s voice; it’s Yukito’s little sis. It turns out that Yukito’s mom has been in front of his room this whole time. His sis joins them. Kyoko is ok about it since the more the merrier. Therefore, his mom even asks if she can join. They even insist that Kyoko calls then sis and mom. His family is so cute (≧∇≦)

Glass Heart Princess_0040One after school, Kyoko wants to go home with Yukito. However, the teacher says that Yukito didn’t come to school that day. He’s actually been skipping class and comes late again. The teacher asks Kyoko to check on him since it might affect his college acceptance. That night, Kyoko attends a party in place of her dad; her dad wasn’t able to attend bc of work. During the party, she goes to the flower garden. He notices the police cars coming this way. Kyoko wonders whats going on. Suddenly, she hears a voice from behind; she sees this dude with a cape & silk hat. He’s mumbling to himself, very familiar voice teehee (゚ω゚) Kyoko recognizes his outfit; it’s the phantom thief! She tries to call for people, but the dude grabs her and takes her on his handy dandy hang-glider.

The next morning, Kyoko goes to Yukito’s house, so they can go to school together. When he opens the door, he’s still in the phantom thief clothing. UH-OH ( ゚д゚)・・Apparently, he didn’t notice that he was wearing them. Also, it seems that his whole family knows about his little job. He even parked his hang-glider in the YARD~ AHAHAHA (※థэథ)∵.*.Yukito’s little sis makes an excuse that he’s into cosplays. Yukito couldn’t take it anymore, so he revealed the truth.

It started 50 years ago. Yukito’s grandfather wasn’t well-known for his paintings, but had the skills. These people from a dangerous group tried to buy his talent. He rejected, but used his mom as a hostage. He was told to make counterfeits of famous paintings. He was able to cut ties with them after, but he just couldn’t forgive himself. He decides to suicide, but something unbelievable happens; this girl comes flying from the sky. She was hurt, so there were no time for suicide anymore. Instead, he took care of her who was a phantom thief. The girl was grateful, so she wants to return a favor. Therefore, he asked if she can steal all his counterfeit paintings. Sooner or later, they got together. However, they weren’t able to collect all of his paintings. They retired 20 years ago and passed the job to Yukito’s dad. However, Yukito’s dad hurt his back during the job and passed the job down to Yukito. There are three must-obey rules as a phantom thief:

① Never let the target get away
② Never target paintings other than grandfather’s
③ Send a notice for his thievery and wear a silk hat + cape while on the job

Kyoko and Yukito still have their weekly dates. Kyoko is worried about how Yukito looks tired recently. She’s also worried that Yukito might get caught one day. I am too, he even parks his hang-glider in his yard dude (´-_-`) 

One day, Kyoko’s dad comes home from work. He got an invitation for this auction for counterfeit paintings. Ofc, he’s not interested. However, Kyoko notices that one of the paintings they’re selling is the same painting that Yukito’s grandfather forged. The thing that doesn’t make sense is that Yukito claims that his grandfather’s painting is at the museum. Kyoko realizes that the painting that is put to auction might be the “actual” original painting. Therefore, Shinnosuke asks an appraiser to find out if this is true.

The next morning, they get a call regarding the results. Kyoko was right about the original painting being at the auction. However, Kyoko still doesn’t know what to do though. Her dad can tell that there’s something bothering her. Shinnosuke suggest that she should tell her dad about it too. Kyoko tells her about Yukito’s family background and her worries. It’s cute how her dad cries because he’s so moved by their family bond. Kyoko’s dad proposes that he can borrow the copy and swap it with the museum painting. She feels that Yukito might get mad, but she does it anyways bc she’s worried. Actually, she comes up with a plan to make him quit being a phantom thief using the three rules that were passed down by tradition. She texts Yukito to come to her house bc she has something important to discuss. When Kyoko tells him that she bought the painting, he gets mad. However, Kyoko claims that she’s not just going to hand him the painting; he has to steal it from her. Kyoko proposes a challenge. If he wins, Kyoko will give him the painting and won’t ever bud in about his phantom thief job. On the other hand, if she wins, he’ll have to quit being a phantom thief. It will mean that Yukito has failed to steal the painting, which also means he let his target get away. Thus, he will have to quit the job since he would be breaking one of the three rules as a phantom thief. Ofc, Yukito accepts and their challenge begins.

Glass Heart Princess_0042That night, Yukito is in front of Kyoko’s house. His plan is to black out her house and steal the painting during the ruckus. AHAHA Before Yukito breaks in, he gets a call from Shinnosuke. He threatens him that he put a hole in his head if he lays a hand on Kyoko. (゚ω゚) OMG, you can hear Shinnosuke telling Satsuki to return his M86 gun bc she takes it away. He’s clearly planning to shoot Yukito since he claims to let him to use it at least once and that he’ll aim the legs. At midnight, Kyoko’s house has a black-out, so he breaks in from the yard. He finds it suspicious bc he doesn’t hear a single sound. He finds the painting at the center of the entrance, but clearly finds it suspicious. However, he realizes that the painting isn’t one of his grandfather’s work. It’s actually checkmate since Kyoko didn’t have Yukito’s grandfather’s work in the first place. Therefore,Yukito’s loss was already clear ever since Yukito wrote the notification to her. Thus, Yukito broke the rule that he went for a target other than his grandfather’s work AND that he let his “actual” target get away. Yukito assumed that the painting was his grandfather’s work in the first place without checking if it was really his grandfather’s work. Also, Kyoko didn’t lie to him either since she only said that she challenges him to obtain the “title of the painting,” but never once said it was his grandfather’s work. In addition, it turns out that this masterpiece was the last of his grandfather’s counterfeited paintings. Nevertheless, he broke the traditional rules as a phantom thief, so he’ll still be punished by his grandmother. It actually turns out that the forged painting is at her place, so all they have to do is to switch the two paintings. He’s relieved that he’ll finally be able to be a normal high school student and is about to kiss her.

The ending movie is about to start, but false alarm! There’s a gun shot; it’s Shinnosuke. Like he said earlier, he’ll shoot if he lays a finger on Kyoko. He threatens him that he’ll aim for him if he doesn’t get away from Kyoko within 3 seconds. However, SATSUKI COMES TO THE RESCUEEE~ I find these two sooo cute (≧ω≦) Kyoko gets angry at Shinnosuke, so he’s about to cry. lol OH CRAP, it turns out that he didn’t miss at all since he shot the PAINTING! Dude I love Shinnosuke’s facial expression. He’s like, “Ummmm (눈_눈) ” and Kyoko gets SUPER SUPER ANGRY now. He calls himself trash, waste that emits CO2 , and might as well be buried alive. When he receives a call, Shinnosuke even addresses himself as “Masaki the trash.” The appraiser calls him to warn him that he should swap the painting soon since the actual creator of the masterpiece is going to take a look at it three days from now.

Kyoko comes up with an alternative plan to return the copy to the museum. However, in order to prevent the original artist from realizing that it’s a fake, Kyoko tells Yukito to steal the painting. Yukito claims that he broke the rules already, but Kyoko claims that it doesn’t count since she cheated haha.

Glass Heart Princess_0043Two days later, they get into their position for the thievery. It’s a relief that Shinnosuke will be directly protecting the painting, so it will be easier to steal. Suddenly, there’s smoke released in the room. Also, it turns out that the Shinnosuke there isn’t really “Shinnosuke;” it’s Yukito disguised as him. He’s about to escape, but is discovered by one of the security officers that have been following and suspecting his identity from before. Indeed, the security dude knew the Phantom Thief Raven’s true identity, Karasuma Yukito. AHAHA Yukito looks at Kyoko as if he’s telling her to give up already. It seems that they had a back-up plan in case Kyoko was to be found as an accomplice of the phantom thief. She brings out her disguise from under her clothes as Phantom Thief Glass Heart. Luckily, they were able to escape by using a balloon. Then, the two hop on to the helicopter that Yukito called for when he called Shinnosuke. Ofc, Shinnosuke was steering the helicopter since he came to pick them up. By the time they got rid of the police force, the two were losing consciousness bc of Shinnosuke’s aggressive piloting. Apparently, Shinnosuke was driving normally when the two were changing into their normal clothes. However, Shinnosuke went back to his crazy piloting right after they finished. (※థэథ)∵.*. He reasons that he was only flying acrobatically in case a missile comes flying at them with an (눈_눈) expression. Yukito brings box full of his grandfather’s work and burn them.

Glass Heart Princess_0044Satsuki drags Shinnosuke away from their イチャイチャ time. Yukito calls Kyoko by her first name. He thanks her for being by his side even after discovering that he’s a phantom thief. He’s happy from her actions bc it meant that she was seriously worried about him. He was surprised from her actions, but also found her dear to him. He’s glad that he was chosen by her. He calls him as Karasuma, so he tells her that she’s suppose to call him Yukito. (*`ω´*) He wants to hear her call him by his first name with her voice. He claims that he likes her more than anyone. Therefore, she does and says that she like him as well. He tells her that he’s not going to let her get away this time and kisses her.

Glass Heart Princess_0046After graduation, Kyoko runs away from her fans. It seems that Yukito is being chased since he’s quite popular as well. Anyways, there’s no problem for him since he’s good at escaping. Kyoko’s dad jumps into the conversation and says that he wants a word with Yukito. He tells him how moved he is about his family’s circumstances. He even tells him that he came to liking him, so he tells her to call him “dad” from now on. He’s fine with giving Kyoko to him and that she have found a great guy. He even asks him if he wants to attend college from their house, basically, live with them. After Kyoko leaves them alone, Yukito asks her what she’ll do if he OKs her dad’s proposal while blushing. 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+ OFC, Kyoko doesn’t dislike the idea. However, Yukito tells her that it’s embarrassing, so he’ll pass for now. Nah, he should just move in and have little Kyokos and Yukitos alreadyyy (*ノ∀ノ)ヤダァ 

Glass Heart Princess_0027OK, so geez they were sooo cute (≧ω≦) It took me a pretty long time to finish his route bc I was busy with a few things. Also, I got distracted from playing a different game (I purposely won’t mention the name of the game) as well. It feels like Yukito is the most normal character in the route, maybe Shinnosuke too. Well, I say this is bc the other two characters don’t looks so human. I mean one of the dude has pointy ears = not normal. The other dude says something about aliens… The other two guys only appear when they have this concert for their culture festival. This is another reason why call them the “other two guys” since I don’t know their names haha.  They appear so less that I seriously don’t know their names; I know their CVs though…hehe ┐(‘~`;)┌  Generally, the other characters aren’t involved in Yukito’s route. Well, Shinnosuke does, but he’s her butler; therefore, that’s reasonable. I’m looking forward to playing Shinnosuke too bc he was cutie for goodness sake in Yukito’s route.

I guess I’ll be going back to Wand of Fortune. I can continue playing GHP, but I seriously want to finish WOF orz. I don’t hate the game. In fact, I really like the game. But whenever I think that about WOF2 and its 56(?) days of stone collecting, I feel bummed aha. Can you guess who I’ll pay first? (for WOF2 fandisk) ahaha I should get started…(눈‸눈) haha


5 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess – Karasuma Yukito

  1. I’m thinking about playing this game :3
    Is it too long?
    Which chara route do you recommed me to start with? 🙂
    I liked your review 😀


    1. Thanks! I’m glad you liked it. If I remember correctly, I don’t think the game was too long? Not that I remember… Usually when I feel strongly about something, I would remember, so I think it should be fine. I don’t think it matters which character you play first since it doesn’t really have a mystery-ish plot. For this game, I just played the character I was most interested in first and the character I was looking forward to for last. However, I might recommend playing Shinnosuke last since he and Kyoko does have a past together, so there will be some flashbacks for his route. Also, it depends on what kind of characters you like? I was kinda bored with Kanata’s route b/c his voice is so monotone and his personality is a bit dull for me (I did like him near the end though). I tend to play those characters in the middle. I think it would be good to leave the fun ones near the end if you’re planning to complete the game, so you can have something to look forward to still rather than suffering with a meh character in the end.


      1. I see 😀
        Then I’ll try playing this game. The CGs are so pretty *^*
        I always play the charas I like first and leave the shotas and the ones I’m not so interested in the end xD
        But you’re right, if you leave the ones you like most to the end you’ll have a reason to play it to the end
        I’ll try playing this way, let me see what will happen xD
        Thanks!! 🙂


        1. No problem. Btw which character are you most interested in? I was interested in Yukito by first appearance + seiyuu and looked forward to Shinnosuke the most since he had a past with Kyoko. I just remembered I played Gai last, probably bc I didn’t even consider him as one of the guys. I mean he was still a kid, but I got to admit his transformation was quite appealing haha. Good Luck!


          1. I’m more interested in Yukito too :3
            Shinnosuke is totally my type haha so I’ll look forward to him too
            I’ll try playing the way you play 🙂 and later I’ll tell if it worked for me
            Thanks!! 😀


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