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B’s LOG – August Issue

This time I got my B’s LOG early~ (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥  I’m wondering…is it air mail? But usually, it says air mail though. Also, I was thinking that air mail is a lot expensive, but it was just a bit more than usual price. Oh well… Anyways, I actually like this month’s cover. It’s pretty~  (◕ω◕✿)

One of the reasons I got this issue was because of the coasters…Turns out it’s like those index card material coasters. Kinda disappointed…I knew it was too good to be true. Just hoped the two were different. The only difference is the coaster background color… (・へ・ )

So there’s going to be a Diabolik Lover anime…Why are they turning like every otome game into an ANIME!? No offense, but I don’t think the art quality is that great…Well, I think  Utapri and Hakuouki has good anime art quality, but this one doesn’t seem so. Well, I didn’t get to finish playing Diabolik Lovers. I played  like one route, and got sick of it…and left me confused. (눈‸눈) I read somewhere that there’s a preferred order to play, so the story will unravel as you play in that order. Well, I didn’t know that, so I played Ayato first. Literally, I was like, “WTH IS GOING ONNNN!?  щ(ಠ益ಠщ) .” Anyways, yeah too many otome games turning into anime…Like Amnesia, Brothers Conflict, Hiiro no Kakera, Starry Sky, and etc. Well, I don’t know… I don’t feel that it’s necessary… I’m not really sure what they start from, light novels? Well, I’m not saying they should just restrict producing otome games out of it only. I feel that they should just choose one or the other? Like a few is fine, but I feel that they’re just turning everything into an anime now…Even mangas…(-へ-) Like I understand the shounen manga turning into an anime since they have action, and what-not. However, otome-related anime? Is it THAT necessary? I don’t know if I’m being too pricky about this issue, but yeahh…MOVING ON…

Honeybee is starting a new series called, “colorful*step.” Well, I realize that honeybee is starting to release more stuff now. It’s probably bc they finally decided that they can’t make MORE money from starry sky. They’ve been on that thing for a while after all. I was kind of getting sick of it…(honest feelings) which made me sad bc I liked starry sky. I felt that they dragged it out too long that I’m almost near starry sky-phobia. Just kidding. I haven’t played the after series yet bc I was waiting for the PSP version. I might play once all of them are out. (I feel like this is an excuse not to play, but let’s keep that our little secret (๑´ڡ`๑)テヘ ) .

SOOooo~ There’s going to be 2 parts for this game, with 6 guys in each (total of 12). AT LEAST, they’re not going crazy and releasing 4 parts (´・_・`) I was actually a bit annoyed when they did that at the time. Anyways, the two parts are separated as the athletic club and the culture club. In the athletic club part, there’s the basket ball and cross country club. In the culture club, there’s the brass band and drama club. And each consists three guys in the clubs. Apparently, the two parts will have different heroines, but they’re twin sisters. I guess honeybee is liking the whole twin idea from Seishun Hajimemashita. (・ω・) aha They also had brief descriptions on the characters, but I’m not planning to read this until the CVs are decided.

B's LOG_Aug005
The second character introduction CD includes Rikuno Kanade (CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko), Harukaze Kotori (CV: Noto Mamiko), Kuga Haiji (CV: Midorikawa Hikaru), and Kitamikado Yukihiko (CV: Kishio Daisuke). I’m like literally UAHHH- bc I don’t know these seiyuu actresses, so I’m not sure how to read them either. I would usually make an educated guess. I end up getting them half-right, so that’s good. I looked at the whole cast list, and the only one I can read is Horie Yui. (>д<)

Rikuno Kanade is a tsundere according to Daisaku’s character. haha He is the only 2nd year in the club, but claims that it doesn’t really bother him bc the senpais aren’t senpai-like anyways. He claims that he joined bc his childhood friends (Ouji, Chitose, and etc.) made him join. When he first heard about the name of the club, he thought it was weird. Not to mention, the people who joined were weird as well. However, if he were to chose if he regretted or not about joining, Kande would say that he is glad that he did. Yes~ he is a TSUNDERE ~~~ (人´∀`)☆゜’・:* Everyone’s touched by his words bc it’s rare for him to be so honest. However, he ends it by saying that he wouldn’t recommend joining bc their stupidity is contagious. He’s an exception bc he’s been able to dodge their stupidity. Harukaze Kotori is those soft-speaking type that likes to read. She praises everyone and the club. She sounds like those passive types. Kuga Haiji is a third year that gets sleepy a lot. Apparently, he’s good at memorizing things after reading something once. During his introduction, he falls asleep. HAHA. He says he’s good at memorizing stuff, but he forgets what he was talking about. Also, he used to be an actor, but is taking a break from it. Kitamikado Yukihiko is the unique one in this series. Usually, otome games would be filled with well-fit, good-looking guys, but he’s not. I still find him adorable bc he’s voiced by Daisaku. I wonder if he’ll turn skinny later on. (・ェ・) haha  Kanade calls him まんじゅう (manjuu) probably bc he’s round like a manjuu. He introduces himself while eating some manjuu bc he bought it from home; his house is a  manjuu store, so he has plenty. He’s also an otaku that likes anime and mangas.

Amnesia Crowd Drama CD for Ikki & Kent will be out soon~ 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+


Still debating if I should play this~ (。・ω・。)


The first time I looked at this, I was like Hmmm…same artist as Diabolik Lovers?


This drama CD is called “Higashiura Ke No Kyujitsu.” This is also from bisCrown, the company that is releasing  Ame to Muchi drama CD, which I mentioned in last month’s issue. The theme of the CD is how a family’s weekend is spent. There will be three CDs for this series in all. ① Big & little bro’s weekend ② Dad & uncle’s weekend ③ Boyfriend & boyfriend’s brother’s weekend. In ①, it’s just the bros and the heroine relaxing at home. In ②, the heroine would help out her dad with chores, and her uncle her places. In ③, the heroine goes to her bf”s house, and meet his brother there. So far, only the little bro & big bro’s voices are revealed. The older brother is going to be voiced by Sakurai Takahiro and the little brother will be voiced by Eguchi Takuya.

Why does this remind me of Starry Sky? NO EYES~~~ AHAHA. I swear, it looks odd- There’s a short story on the side that’s a continuance to the sample prologue track on their website (on my sidebar). They also released the tracks to the CD. Apparently, there’s a normal end, happy end, bonus track, and a special track to the CD.

BL? I never read this section…ahaha. Well, the guys look pretty I guess?

I was actually pretty happy that the damn horoscope isn’t expired. What I mean by “expired” is that whenever I get my B’s LOG, the horoscope isn’t valid bc they have this date range that the horoscope applies. It’s not that I believe in horoscopes, but enjoy looking at them anyways. I would feel good if the results are good, but it’s not like I would carry those lucky items that are stated in the results. The only thing unsatisfying is that the results sucked this time around. Hmph! ┐(‘~`;)┌ haha


2 thoughts on “B’s LOG – August Issue

  1. thanks for another issue!
    I have to agree, when I saw dialovers anime screenshot the first time, my brain pukes internally. the quality is pretty bad that I don’t dare to watch the pv!
    as for koibana, as long as you like farmville, you can play it. coz you have to water plants EVERY SINGLE DAY. yea you get the idea xD
    I’m interested with colorful step though. of course it reminds me so much with starry sky coz 12 guys, all different zodiacs. come one! lol


  2. I actually think the diabolik lovers art quality match up the amnesia and starry sky’s anime. Also, there was a bit of a screencap of Brothers Conflict in the magazine as well. They look similar to me? (._.) There’s a pv? I don’t know I usually I don’t watch the otome game animes bc it’s not like she get’s with anyone anyways. Well, it’s not like I want the heroine to end up with someone, but I don’t like it when an anime ends all ambiguously. Unless it’s like Hakuouki. I think Chizuru and Hijikata both had feelings for each other, but he dies at the end I think? I didn’t really “watch” it though. I basically skimmed through the last ep since I was curious about the ending. I was ok with that since it had like an ending “ending.”
    On the other hand, Starry Sky, they didn’t really go in to routes. It just ended when it was about to enter into the route for each guys. I didn’t really understand the point of the anime since it was so content-less. I found Tsubasa and Azusa’s kiddie years cute though. I watched part of Amnesia for Ikki, but I found him kind of creepy in the anime. Meh. (눈‸눈) Sooo…in conclusion, I want them to stop making those otome game animes and start producing more interesting animes like Shingeki no Kyojin.

    As of Koibana, I don’t know. I never played Farmville. I want to play Koibana, but I don’t want to garden EVERY SINGLE DAY. haha Colorful step, I’m interested in it more than Seishun Hajimemashita since I won’t have to go get girls. That’s the main reason I’m hesitating to play Seishun. I guess they decided that they didn’t like that idea, but stuck with the twin theme ahah


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