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B’s LOG – July Issue

This time I didn’t forget to buy my B’s LOG. I don’t know how I forgot last month, but…what is done is done…( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

UGH I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I wished they didn’t add Shiina in the 2nd one…YUNA COME BACK AND TAKE HIM AWAY FROM THIS BISHHH~ ( >д<) Well, it’s not that I have anything against the new heroine, but…Yuna…(T^T) Since he started in her route, I want it to end with her. If they weren’t going to continue with the first Storm Lover, I wish they would had made an official Shiina, Chihiro, and Takashi route. Well, I’m not too interested in Takashi, but I felt bad if I didn’t include him. haha

I was considering to play this at one point, but…I don’t know anymore. It seems that I’m feeling rather disappointed in the Quinrose games…especially bc of Tasogaredoki…so I don’t know. Anyone have any ideas of how School Wars is?


Pretty as always~ (*´∀`*) The only thing that’s stopping me from playing this is that… it has too much info to take in. There’s so many vocabularies, AND I feel that the Hiiro no Kakera series tend to drag a bit throughout the game… (o´Д`)=з

Tsundere? (゚ω゚) I like tsunderes haha (≧∇≦) (The dude on the right)

I hope they release this~ It’s an extra special omake SSL for Hakuouki Zuisouroku. I will definitely play this. I’m hoping Chikage will have an official character route. They never really considered Chikage as an official. He’s always the secret character with too less sweetness in his route, which makes me real sad. (´Д`)

I think I mentioned a bit about Yandere Tengoku (Heaven) in Hisoka’s route from Tasogaredoki. SO…it’s going to be a PC game… I’m curious if there are actually people who are interested in this thing. I don’t mean to be offensive, but I don’t get it. I read the diary (right side), obsessed much? He only talks about the heroine, what she did this and that. How he feels ultra super jealous of other guys, and he feels frustrated…blah blah blah. He’s the kouhai-type, usually he doesn’t show his emotions. However, his personality changes 180° when he gets overwhelmed by his feelings for the heroine. The other character is the kouhai’s brother, the heroine’s childhood friend. He’s pretty popular, but is only interested in the heroine. The last character is the school nurse. He’s friendly, but isn’t so good at expressing his feelings. I’m definitely NOT playing this. It’s also R18…I’m assuming it’s just going to be a rape fest… Also, I can’t even handle the drama CD, there’s no way I’m getting my hands on this. I refuseee. (-_-メ) Just thought I’ll write a bit on it, bc well…it doesn’t hurt to read, and share my thoughts about it I guess. Yuck Yuck lol

I’m pretty interested in this game. I think the CGs are pretty, and the scenarios are pretty cute. (*^ω^*) I just find the gardening part a bit troublesome haha. Apparently, you have to plant, water, and etc to grow flowers in your garden.

It came with a Seishun Hajimemashita character introduction CD. The characters in the CD are Futaba Chihaya (CV: Terashima Takuma), Sanoudou Ouji (CV: Ono Yuuki), Saigou Heita (CV: Yoshino Hiroyuki), and Nagumo Arisu (CV: Ueda Kana). Futaba Chihaya is the main guy character of this game. You can play his character, and go get girls. From the impressions from the CD, Chihaya is the shy and calm type. Ouji is the president of the Seishun club. He’s the outgoing type that’s always fired up, but may seem a bit annoying at times. Heita actually tries to finish his introduction with his name and school year only. He may seem like a delinquent, but is actually pretty earnest. They make fun of him for being mother-like, how cute. ( `・ω・´) Arisu is…well, I don’t know. I thought she was a nice girl though. I had to agree when she said she doesn’t want to acknowledge the existence of green peas and celery. I don’t like them either. (´-_-`) It was cute how Heita said that she probably never tried a good-tasting celery. I DISAGREE! m9(^Д^) 


There will be three CDs for this Amnesia Crowd Character CD series. ① Shin & Touma (already released) ② Ikki & Kent ③ Ukyou & Orion. The CDs will consist a song, drama, and voice part.

アメとムチ(Ame to Muchi) Drama CD, the character’s name is Onda Soushi (CV: Nojima Kenji). He’s a 26 year old, works at a English-teaching school. He has an appearance of a prince, often seen as a nice person, but is actually a ドS. He’s the type that likes to bully the person he likes with a smile. He’ll help listeners become motivated by his sweetness and at times with harsh words. This maybe good for me. I need motivation. (。・ω・。) ahaha

Last, but not least… 彼氏がイチャxx強要して日曜日ベッドから出してくれません!(イチャ Love Drama CD). The character for this CD will be Kyouya (CV: Kimura Ryouhei). He’s a lawyer with a nice personality. He has a side, in which he may purposely go against your words, but have a pure heart as well. He takes care of the heroine well, and constantly worries for her. Unlike Ame to Muchi, this one had a sample track on the website. It sounded really cute~ 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+

For the above last two Drama CD links, they’re on my side bar~


2 thoughts on “B’s LOG – July Issue

  1. I’ve never really finished any quinrose games but I’ve heard that school wars is a good game. also hiiro 4 lol. I’ve only played the first one and boy am I bored to death. the plot is too thick and it makes me want to skip everything. I’ve seen reviews about hiiro 4 and I think there’s too much angst there lol but it’s your choice to play or not
    nonetheless thanks for the infos!


    1. School Wars…hmmm maybe. Even if I do decide to play, I won’t play any time soon. Also, there’s a fandisk coming out in like two days? I just don’t want be disappointed anymore, sooo…I might see how that turns out first? haha Besides, I have quite a few games I wanna play beside the ones that I’m playing right now. I’m so slow~ orz

      On the other hand, Hiiro no Kakera…even though I’m liking the article arts in the magazine, and somewhat wanting to play…I doubt I would play it. The very first series of Hiiro no Kakera, I was getting bored after a couple of routes. It’s like going through the same thing with diff characters…(´-_-`) I couldn’t even finish the the fandisk bc I couldn’t take their load of crap anymore ヽ(。_゜)ノ ahah

      Thanks for reading~ Hopefully, I’ll post up August Issue’s info soon since I already got my hands on it. I was actually surprised to get it so early since the place I go to is usually super slowww- (・∀・ ) hehe


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