Otome Games · Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Tasogaredoki – The Other Truth

TasogareTruth_001The route starts with Hisoka killing humans, and Tobiura watching him. Tobiura mentions how it didn’t look like Hisoka was having fun killing them. Apparently, he’s tired of killing them now. Another words, he finds it boring now. He starts blabbering about how humans are worthless, blah blah blah. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Tobiura suggest that maybe Hisoka should start killing people that are special. He claims that it feels exciting to break something you treasure, little by little. However, he thinks how he doesn’t have that, so he considers looking for something that can be important to him.

The next evening, Hisoka’s just thinking about what Tobira suggested. Eventually, he gets to the park, and sees an elementary schooler just sitting on bench. He’s thinking how she’s too young to be his important person, so it won’t be so fun in killing him. However, he considers having her as a meal though. He doesn’t think that she can see him since he’s not in visible mode, so touches  her cheeks. It turns out that she can see him, so she smacks him and calls him a perv. ahaha  The girl tries to run, but Hisoka grabs her shoulder. He calls for help, but the dude that comes thinks she’s teasing him bc well…Hisoka isn’t human. He finds her interesting bc she’s not afraid even though she knows he’s a youkai. At that moment, he decided that she was “The One.” He decided that he’ll treasure her, and then kill her.  He introduces himself, but she doesn’t tell him her name. Well, we all know who she is anyways~ The next day, Hisoka even goes to her school. What a stalker…( ಠ_ಠ ) He was actually able to find out her info by using his jutsu, He waits for her, this time in visible mode. The other kids at school think that Hisoka is all cool. Also, she’s known as the weirdo bc she can see things that normal humans can’t. They think that she might be controlling Hisoka with some curse. He suggest that he should kill the dude that’s dissing her, and puts a curse on him.

Hisoka continued pestering Shizuka. Now she’s in middle school, and still alive. He would wait at school, and go to her house at times. Another evening, Hisoka is healing her wounds from being bullied. Hisoka is actually pretty ticked off to see wounds on her made by other people, but fine for him though. This is probably the scene from Shizuka’s dream in Hisoka’s route. Time passes even more, and now Shizuka is 2nd year in high school. He talks about how she used to be so small, and now she’s grown up. Suddenly, asks if it should be just about time they date. NO! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ He claims that it would be a crime to lay his hands on a kid. Also, he doesn’t have such preference anyways. He additionally claims that there are no more obstacles between them. Ofc, Shizuka points out that she’s a human and he’s a youkai. He tells her that she can just turn youkai. ( ・_ゝ・) Shizuka refuses, so he asks what type of guys she likes. She answers that she would like someone who doesn’t look easy, serious,  strict on rules, take drastic measures when needed, and maybe with glasses too. It’s as if she’s pin-pointing Hibiya~ Therefore, he promises that he’ll bring him to the youkai sidewhen he finds one, and present him to her. He tells her that he won’t know how long it will take to find someone just like that, but says he will one day…Oh. God. He’s taking it seriously. This is exactly why Hibiya ended up in the youkai world.

TasogareTruth_002Hisoka doesn’t care if she dates other guys as long as he’s #1 to her. He wants to put her by his side because she seems interesting. He tells her not to worry about the details, just come to his side. He puts a scratch on her face, saying that it ticks him off to see his possession getting bullied. The weird thing is that he actually wanted her to be happy since then. He thinks it’s weird to feel that way, but it’s his true feelings. He wonders what she would think if he confesses these feelings to her. Shizuka mumbles that if only he was human. He tries to ask her what she meant when she said those words. And AGAIN, he pushes her, but against the bed this time. He asks if it’s possible for him to stay by her side, if he was human. He questions to himself that if he can’t be by her side because he’s human. He thinks it’s really strange for him to think that way. Shizuka was merely a toy that he will kill one day, but this already changed by the time he noticed. He asks if he has to be rejected by such a reason since he can’t do anything about it, as if he’s hurt. All of a sudden, he gets this urge to kill her. He questions her in his head, what good is there to live in such a world that’s only cruel to her. When Shizuka tells Hisoka to stop with her teary eyes, he realized himself weakening his strength. Then, takes away her memories of the incident. He left her there, exiting from the window.

After he left her place, he goes somewhere far to think about what just happened. He felt it was odd that he couldn’t kill her. It’s not like someone used a jutsu on him, but he still couldn’t kill her. He was in denial because he felt it was impossible for him not to kill a human since he’s a Shinigami. From that day, Hisoka has been trying to kill Shizuka. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t kill her. Whenever he tried to seriously kill her, his hands stopped. He would kill people to make sure he is still capable of killing, but just not Shizuka. Tobiura appears, saying it’s a coincidence that they meet there again. He knows what Hisoka’s going through since he mentions how he’s unable to kill her. Tobiura leaves after making fun of him, so Hisoka’s superrr angry. He feels pitiful of himself that he still wants to see her even from all the humiliation from being unable to kill a mere human. He detests Shizuka, but wants her to be happy at the same time.

TasogareTruth_003A few days later, he was in the hallway of the school. He coincidentally sees her sister go in the Shizuka’s classroom. He decided to follow her in. He saw her taking out textbooks out of Shizuka’s desk. She looked around to make sure there was no one there, and started ripping them… Awww man…Seriously!? (>_<。) It seemed that she was bullied by the other girls. They told her that if her little sis do what they told her, they won’t bully her. They leave quickly before Shizuka sees them. Soon, Shizuka comes in, and sees what had happened.  He felt like telling her the truth, who really did such a thing. However, he knew she was going to be in more pain, so he didn’t. He hugs her from behind. Normally, she would push him away, but she can’t see him now from his jutsu. He believes that he’s the only one that can hurt her, so he decides to kill them. He thought it was fine even if she hated him for killing her, he wants her to hate him actually.

TasogareTruth_004The day when Shizuka got pulled in the youkai side, her sister told her to die. Hisoka still feels that he wants  to kill her, and be hated. However, it’s not that he wanted to put her by his side. Instead, he wanted to be by her side. He felt that he failed as a shinigami bc he fell in love with a worthless human, and became incapable of killing her. He felt that he was broken, unable to return to a normal youkai, and unable to become human. He realized that his heart will warm up when he thought about her. He felt disgusted, but couldn’t help it. He tells her to throw away that world, and come to his world. He tells her that he’ll make sure she can’t go back. He’ll bring everything she wants, but will cut everything that will bind her with the human world. He says that he’ll also kill her sis too. He believed that he won’t be able to be by her side if he didn’t.

From then on, he stayed by her side, and continued deceiving her. The daily routines started to change when Mitsugu started attracting Shizuka’s attention. Even though bringing Mitsugu to their side failed, Hisoka is dating Shizuka. Hisoka’s feeling of wanting to kill her still haven’t changed ’til this day. He’s been telling her how he wants to kill her, but he’s still unable to do so. However, the peaceful days didn’t continue for long. One day, she actually gains her memories back. She’s really angry, but Hisoka doesn’t mind if she kills him. She tells him that she’s not going to let him off easily, but he still feels happy. Apparently, he wants her to hate him because it’s better than her not thinking about him at all. Also, the more she hates him, she’ll be happy when she kills him finally.

TasogareTruth_005This other day, Tobiura takes out this mirror that he bought. It can see a person’s past or future, but can only be used once. He reveals to Hibiya that Shizuka used to be human too. However, Hibiya’s confused since he doesn’t believe that she used to be human. Tobiura wonders what would Shizuka’s future will turn out, the thing is that they won’t  know if it’s the past or future. They look at the mirror together. Tobiura asks what Hibiya thinks, if what they see is from the past or future. Since they’re youkais, their appearance won’t change, and Shizuka is wearing her uniform. Therefore, they can’t tell if it’s before she became youkai or not since she would have the same appearance. Tobiura talks about how Tasogaredoki has a a meaning. Tasogaredoki = 黄昏時 ⇒ 誰(who) そ、彼は(him) It means that it’s dark, the time when it’s the hardest to distinguish the differences in people. Since it’s Tasogaredoki, they are unable to distinguish if it’s the past or future Shizuka.

In the vision, they see Hisoka using Shizuka’s lap as pillow on the park bench with the Sakura flower falling. She ruffles Hisoka’s hair softly. It’s not distinguishable whether she’s was smiling or about to cry. Soon, she falls asleep too.

Finally, I’m done with this game. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I felt like I was having more fun throughout the first half of my game play. This is pretty weird since the main plot was in the 2nd half of playing this game. If I am to rank the characters, it’ll be: Yurajou>Reiji>Tohno>Hibiya>>>>>Mitsugu>>>>Hisoka>>>>Tobiura. The ranking is not really based on the routes anymore. By the time I got to Tobiura, I didn’t care about routes anymore. It was more like, which character did I like better than the others. (´-_-`) Personality-wise, I would have liked Tohno best. However, he didn’t really appear much during the second half of my game play. He didn’t stand out much compared to Yurajou and Reiji. This is actually really sad since they’re already like sub-main characters, so I guess it made Tohno look like a sub-character without an actual route. Also, Shizuka excluded Tohno when she was telling how she was happy with her life as a youkai to Hisoka in Hibiya’s route. So sad~ I had an impression that Yurajou appeared more overall, and I liked the Yurajou-Wakako combo.

Another thing is that I didn’t feel like I was satisfied with any of the endings. I didn’t have that, “oh, that was a nice ending” feeling. It was more like, “hm…I hate this ending, what the…, and I guess this ending is acceptable” type of endings. Maybe that’s why I gradually lost motivation toward this game. I actually would like to thank one of my followers for suggesting to take a break from this game since it boosted up my motivation. (★´ゝω・`)ノ

I don’t know why game makers make these games with these plots to screw the players over recently. I feel like there are more games that try to show the dark side or w/e they’re trying to do. Well, I understand if they have a dark side, supporting it with a good plot. In my opinion, I feel like they’re just jabbing me here and there with no reward. It’s just me feeling crappy in the end. Like those vampires that are sadists, which just abuses the heroine. Like the nutso dudes that are so obsessed with the heroine that they abuse her in the end. These club members with messed up pasts that corrupt their little brains, and result in more heroine abuse. ( ಠ_ಠ ) I don’t see the sweetness or am I just blind? I continue playing, hoping to find something from it, but nope. They don’t exist! What is their goal!? щ(ಠ益ಠщ) Who knows…For some reason, this thing turned out to be a rant. Oh well… I’m done. (o´Д`)=з


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