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Tasogaredoki – Hibiya Mitsugu

Hibiya Mitsugu is Hibiya’s little bro that has been appearing a bit in everyone’s route. In the prequel, they didn’t have a route for him, so I was happy that he’s having one in the sequel.


In this route, Shizuka can’t think of any guys that she may be interested in. Wakako complains how it’s hard to be alone with her bc there’s so many guys around her. She’s also worried that Shizuka has bee out of it recently. She thinks about Mitsugu suddenly, how Hisoka tried pulling him into the youkai side of the world. Also, now he’s a college student.

One noon, Shizuka goes to Mitsugu’s college to see how he’s doing. When she bumps into him, he’s surprised to see her since she’s suppose to be younger than him. She makes an excuse, and some how fools him. He suggest that he shows her around, so he does. Shizuka tells Hibiya how her visit was, and how Mitsugu is doing well. It turns out that the reason why Shizuka was visiting the college was bc Hibiya has been worried about Mitsugu since he graduated high school. He even blackmails her in order to convince her to go see how Mitsugu is doing.

TasogareMitsugu_002This one night, Shizuka is about to sleep for the day, but is spotted by Mitsugu. He asks what she’s doing at the park at a late hour since he thinks she’s a normal high school student. He saw her about to sleep, so he gets angry for doing such a careless thing bc it’s dangerous. Therefore, he tells her to tell him where she lives, so he can walk her home. Shizuka hesitates to answer since…well, she doesn’t have a home. Mitsugu concludes that Shizuka probably ran away from home due to her her action and hesitation. Shizuka admit to this since she has no other reasoning. Eventually, he let’s her stay at his house since she claims that she has no where else to go. Plus, his parents aren’t home most of the time from work. When Mitsugu tries to take her to a room she can use, she feels a strange presence. He suggest that she uses his bro’s (Hibiya) room. Shizuka feels uncomfortable using Hibiya’s former room, so she asks to sleep in Mitsugu’s room with him. Also, Shizuka is worried about the presence that she felt, suspects that it might be a youkai. She makes an excuse that she feels really down, so she doesn’t want to be alone. Mitsugu, just like Hibiya, wants to lecture her now. haha After all, they end up sleeping together.

The next day, Shizuka tells him that she’ll be skipping school. She tells him that she’ll be out at night as well. He’s worried, so he tells her that he’ll pick her up. Shizuka walks him to the door, and greets him out. He feels that it’s nice to be greeted since he’s always alone at home. That night, Shizuka is late to their meeting place, so he get’s mad. He was worried if she disappeared just like his bro, which is a no-no. (・へ・ ) Therefore, she promises that she will never disappear out of nowhere. The next evening, Shizuka tries to go to school, but Mitsugu is worried from her frequent late outings. She tells him that he’ll tell him eventually, just not now. She tells him to take out his hand, and close his eyes. She put a temporary spell on him to protect him from youkais.

TasogareMitsugu_004During the culture festival, it seems that Mitsugu have  followed Shizuka. Wakako notices that it’s Hibiya’s Little bro or maybe someone in disguise, but looks like Mitsugu to her (while taking her head off). Shizuka takes him away to the backyard, to cover up the situation by saying it’s a dream. Therefore, Mitsugu suggest that they look around more since he’s convinced. They go to Izumi’s booth, and tells him to go with the flow, and will treat him some food. Mitsugu wins a prize, which were earrings. He put them on her since well…he can’t use it anyways. Well, if he did, that’s just… (-_- ) Shizuka claims that he’s being odd, but he claims that he’s expressing himself more. He confesses to her, and kisses her. WOAH THERE. Σ(゚Д゚;)ギクッ

Shizuka is at Mitsugu’s place thinking about how to get rid of the strange presence at his house while he’s at the college. When he comes back, Shizuka isn’t feeling so well. Therefore, Mitsugu carries her to bed. Midnight, Shizuka wakes up to get a glass of water. She’s afraid of getting out of control since she didn’t fight w/Tohno in order to relieve her power excess. Mitsugu comes to see what Shizuka’s doing while she falls deeper in darkness. She starts seeing him just as human, so she kinda attacks him. He somewhat realizes that she’s not human, but doesn’t say it. He suggests she’s probably too tired, so she should go get a check-up. Awkward Turtles~

TasogareMitsugu_005One night, Mitsugu is out late bc of class, so Shizuka decides to figure out the presence that she’s been feeling since the first time she came to his house. Shizuka goes into one of the rooms, and find a paper doll; this doll looks really familiar to her. It suddenly runs away, so she chases it. Ofc, it leads her to yandere cray cray Hisoka. She feels real suspicious since it means that he’s still observing him even after failing to drag Mitsugu to the youkai world. AGAIN WITH THE DESK. (##゚Д゚)イライラ  Ofc, she calls Mitsugu this time, but tells her that he won’t be able to hear her. Therefore, he insists in showing what Hisoka’s been trying to do to her. When Mitsugu arrives, he gets angry. Obviously, Mitsugu can’t stand a chance against Hisoka.  He tells her that romance between human and youkai isn’t possible. He tells her to choose whether she gives him up, or bring him to their side. Shizuka promises to do anything as long as he stops hurting Mitsugu. Mitsugu asks what she is, but Shizuka puts a jutsu to erase his memory.

TasogareMitsugu_006She takes him back to his room, and tries to peak in his dream. She sees his past with Hibiya when he was about to disappear. It shows that Hisoka was behind the incident, but it’s not clear since his face wasn’t completely shown. After Shizuka looked in his past, she forgets what she saw AGAIN. Well, I guess it’s so the players can see the truth without affecting the story, but meh (-_- ) She decides to leave since she got rid of the sole reason she continued staying at his place. However, Mitsugu grabs her arm, and gets all emotionally unstable. (・□ ・)He started getting worried about how she disappear just like Hibiya. He starts spouting out that it’s all his fault for making a deal with Hisoka. This is because Hibiya was going to die at a younger age, but Hisoka stopped it temporarily to bring Hibya in the youkai side when he gets older(for Shizuka). She tries to erase his memory by putting him to sleep, but stops her. He pushes her down on the bed, and tell her to say that it’s not a dream. If she continues to insist it’s a dream, he claimed that he was gonna go all the way. Uhhhh…( ಠ_ಠ ) Mitsugu doesn’t care what she is, but wants her to stay by his side.

The next morning, he hugs her in his sleep. He doesn’t want to let go bc she might run away. Well, I would…no offense. ε=ε=ヾ(*゚ー゚)シ Mitsugu asks her what she is, but Shizuka doesn’t answer. He tells her that he’s just gonna assume she’s a dead spirit. ヘ(゚д゚ヘ))))))~ AND believe that he can be the same as her if he dies. She warns him that he’s not going to be the same thing if he’s planning to suicide. He wants to be the same being as her, so they can be together. Is it just me? I’m not buying his crap. Is this suppose to be romantic? Bc I’m not seeing it. ( ・_ゝ・) He threatens her to stay by his side if she doesn’t want him to die. He claims that he’ll die from loneliness since he thinks his parents don’t give a crap about him. He tells her that he didn’t come to like a human, or a youkai, but just Shizuka. He doesn’t even want to go to college bc he’s insecure that she might disappear while he’s gone. When Shizuka tells him that she won’t, he gets all happy. He is such a coco puff…(´・_・`)

TasogareMitsugu_007Anyways, Shizuka tells Hibiya that she’s dating Mitsugu. He’s actually okay with this since he says it can’t be helped; it just happened. He doesn’t blame her for this, but actually counts her as part of the family now. He also tells her to call him her big bro. I want a bro like Hibiya; I think it’ll be fun~ When she returns home, Mitsugu is waiting at the entrance…Worried Much? ╮(-_-)╭ APPARENTLY, he can’t wait any longer, and tries to get randy AT the entrance. ( ಠ_ಠ )

Well from here, you get three choices…


  • The Path Chosen to Live: Shizuka tells him that there is a way for him to be a youkai, just like her. Shizuka is at the library, and Hisoka pops out of nowhere. Hisoka is happy that Shizuka has decided to bring Mitsugu to their side, so now she can’t blame him for what he tried to do ⇒ They can go back to being friends again. It works, and Wakako & Yurajou are jealous. Wakako suggest that he should just be eaten since youkais love the taste of humans. (*`艸´)ウシシシ
  • TasogareMitsugu_008Fortunate Decision: Shizuka decides to stay with Mitsugu until he’s fine, like until he won’t go coco puff about Shizuka leaving. She claims that he’s too attached to her due to the trauma from Hibiya disappearing. He’s finally able to let go of her when he graduates from college. He admits that he was attached to her, but also did like her as well; the feeling hasn’t changed ’til this day. However, he feels that he has to let her go now. They both tell each other their goodbye, Shizuka gradually disappear from his eyes.
  • Beyond Happiness: Shizuka chooses to live her life with Mitsugu; Shizuka as a youkai, and Mitsugu as a human. He graduates college, but his parents are worried about him since there are no signs of him getting married. Also, they would hear Mitsugu talking to himself sometimes (talking to Shizuka). People would often see him walking with a young girl in high school uniform, which is Shizuka. She basically stays with him until the end of his life.

Other Ends:

  • The End of the Dream: Shizuka takes away Mitsugu’s memory, and disappears from his sight.
  • TasogareMitsugu_009On the Day of Graduation: Shizuka takes away Mitsugu’s memory. She finds out that there is a way to send a former human back to the human world from Tobiura. Therefore, she tells Hibiya to come to the rooftop one night. Shizuka doesn’t tell him what she was trying to do, and sends him back to the human side.

I was really looking forward to his route, but I was a bit disappointed. He had the most ends out of all the characters, probably since he didn’t have a route in the prequel. I thought he had the potential of being a yandere, but no one can beat Hisoka. He’s the ultimate yandere king. ( ಠ_ಠ ) In my eyes, Mitsugu just looked like an emotionally unstable dude. Well, I can’t blame him since he did lose his brother. I liked Hibiya better than Mitsugu even though this is his route. Honestly, the only ending I liked (or didn’t dislike) was the “Fortunate Decision” and “On the Day of Graduation.” I felt that those endings were the happy ones since Mitsugu was able to become an adult, and let go Shizuka in the Fortunate Decision ending. Also, One the Day of Graduation, Shizuka was able to bring Hibiya back to the human side. I didn’t really like the ending when he turned a youkai and the one with Shizuka staying with until the end of his life. It felt like he was only thinking about himself, and never able to become independent.

In addition to this review, I’ll be adding one more review on Tasogaredoki. It turns out that there was an extra scenario on the truth behind this series. Therefore, I am planning to organize my thoughts on how I felt about the game overall in that post.


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