Otome Games · Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Tasogaredoki – Hibiya Kyougoku

Shizuka used to just tease Hibiya all the time, but now dating. wheee~ (•⊙ω⊙•)


Tohno and Shizuka are fighting, so Hibiya stops them. Hibiya is a serious/strict dude, but sometimes he’s a bit off. He says it’s against rules to fight at school, but Hibiya claims that he’s guiding him to the right path by punishing him.
However, it turns out that Shizuka started the fight this time, so Tohno says he’ll be the one “guiding her” this time. Ofc, Hibiya isn’t going to like that, so tells Tohno to let go of her. Tohno is suspicious of why Hibiya is being so desperate, but makes an excuse that it’s his duty. Apparently, the two are hiding the fact that they are dating to everyone else. Therefore, Tohno tells Hibiya to do what he was doing to him to Shizuka. Hibiya is hesitating since they’re dating, so he doesn’t want to do such things to his girlfriend. Meanwhile, everyone is finding him odd for the way he is acting. Luckily the bell rings, so he uses that as an excuse not to punish her at the moment. He tells her to come visit him after school, so he can lecture her. ( `・ω・´) hehe

Hibiya is lecturing her after school, Shizuka claims that she was fighting bc she wants his attention. It’s cute when Hibiya blushes…(´ω`) Shizuka doesn’t see why they need to hide that they’re dating. However, Hibiya claims that it will affect the school’s atmosphere. Therefore, she calls him a hard-head, so he says that’s not right. Apparently, he wasn’t talking about Shizuka’s comment, but the way he was calling him. He called him by “Hibiya-san,” so he was telling her to call him by his first name.

During dinner recess,  Shizuka is eating with Wakako. They see Yurajou & Izumi, so they eat together. Then, Tobiura (ew) and Hibiya comes in, so they all eat together. Izumi talks about how he hasn’t seen Hisoka recently. Well, it would be awkward since HE DID try to drag Hibiya’s little bro to the youkai world. Yurajou tells Shizuka not to worry about him, and it actually served him right with a super smile. (*^ω^*) However, he claims that if she’s worried, then he’ll help. Yurajou is so cute in other people’s routes. I said this before, but I really like his black jokes when it comes to other people’s routes, but not his own. ahaha (^_^メ) However, Izumi says that he won’t help unless she wants to annihilate Hisoka. Such a tsundere he is~ (*´∀`*) Hibiya gets jealous from their conversation, so he asks if they’re classmates since they seem to get along well. It’s cute how Yurajou gets happy from Shizuka’s respond that they’re get along normal, whispering to Izumi. On the other hand, Tobiura teases Hibiya by licking off crumbs on Shizuka’s cheek when they get some free sweets from the culinary art class. Hibiya claims that it’s sexual harassment. Meanwhile, Yurajou & Wakako are trying to plot something in Tobiura’s food while the Tobiura & Hibiya are fighting. (。^ω^。)

TasogareHibiya_002Usually youkais wake up during the night, and go to school. However, Shizuka just wakes up early, so she walks around a bit. Coincidentally, she bumps into Hibiya with his glasses off and his hair a bit different. She teases him if he was going to cheat on her since he wouldn’t tell her why he was dressed that way. Ofc he gets angry, and says she’s the only one for him. Somehow he tries to escape, but nope. Shizuka asks again, but this time with more girliness. It turns out that he was going to go see his little bro (Mitsugu) to see how he’s doing since he’s in college now with a disguise. Therefore, they go to Mitsugu’s college together. The two are watching how they’re doing, but comes their way. Hibiya panics, so plants one on her to cover his face. Mitsugu kinda stares bc the guy looked like his bro. Well, he is! ( *`ω´) He feels relieved that Mitsugu is doing well.

During culture fest prep, Tobiura comes to the 2nd year’s hall looking for Yurajou bc Hibiya had collapsed. Wakako suggest Shizuka visit Hibiya if she’s that worried. At the infirmary, Shizuka sees Hibiya mumbling his bro and her name in his sleep. When she peaks into his dream, she sees the three of them living a normal life as humans. This makes Shizuka worried that his actual desire to go back to the human world. Well, when Hibiya wakes up, Shizuka finds out that he didn’t actually collapse; it was all Tobiura’s lie. ( ಠ_ಠ )

TasogareHibiya_003During the culture festival, she goes to the 3rd year’s to see Hibiya. She finds Hibiya and Tobiura in police uniforms; their class is doing a cosplay cafe. Tobiura would tease Shizuka as if they’re dating instead. Later when Hibiya and Shizuka are alone, he tells her to stay away from Tobiura. Shizuka claims that they should just reveal that they’re dating, but claims that it’s for her own good to keep it a secret. Shizuka gets mad and tries to leave, so he puts handcuffs on her. He tells her that it’s a punishment for suspecting his feelings and trying to leave his side. ( ಠ_ಠ )

What the…Hisoka’s first appearance in the route is to push Shizuka against the desk… I mean he wasn’t there, and that’s his first action!? (・□ ・)Anyways, Hisoka tells her to break him, kill him. WTH. ( ಠ_ಠ ) He tells her to cut his hands off if she doesn’t want him to touch her. He tells her to crush his eyes if she need to do so. Hisoka tells him not to call Hibiya’s name, or he’ll “feel it.” He warns her that he’ll make her his if she doesn’t push him away, so she does. Therefore, she calls Hibiya’s name again. Hisoka threatens her that he may just be able to kill her if she call for Hibiya’s name even more, since he said he couldn’t in his route. Luckily, Hibiya comes to the rescue. He warns Hisoka that he’s going to kill him bc even at these times, he has a smile on his face. Hisoka actually doesn’t mind if Hibiya kills him, but he doesn’t. He warns Hibiya that it won’t do any good by keeping him alive. However, Hibiya claims that he’s just going to love Shizuka so much that Hisoka can’t come near her. Hibiya knows that, that’s the harsher way to go for Hisoka.

TasogareHibiya_004After Hisoka leaves, Hibiya hugs Shizuka real tightly. He claims that he tried to keep a distance between them in order to protect Shizuka. He believed that it was the best way to protect her by keeping their relationship a secret, but apologizes that he was wrong. Hibiya seemed to be afraid of the fact that he used to be former human; he’s isn’t a “pure youkai” like the others. He didn’t want others to look at her in a strange way by revealing that they’re dating. Shizuka thinks that it’s ridiculous to think that way. However, Hibiya knows that some people do feel unpleasant, and look at him with amused eyes. He thought if he talked about it, she might reconsider dating him; she might prefer a “pure youkai” instead. He wanted to protect her, but at the same time, didn’t want to be rejected. Shizuka tells him that he won’t dislike him for that. Hibiya decides that he’ll stop being a coward by staying by her side. He’ll protect Shizuka no matter what other people may say about them.

TasogareHibiya_005When Shizuka wakes up from her sleep before school, she finds Hibiya beside her. It seems that he came to pick her up, so they can walk to school together. Since he decided to reveal that they’re dating, he’s not holding back anymore. People see them holding hands as they walk to school. It’s so odd that usually he gets all embarrassed when Shizuka teases him, but doesn’t at these times. (゚ω゚) When they get to school, they encounter Tohno & Izumi. They’re fighting about how Izumi bumped into Tohno, but didn’t apologize. Shizuka says how they’re fight is small-scaled, so they bicker at Shizuka now. However, Hibiya warns them that he won’t let them off easily, if they were to lay their hands on her. He claims/declares that she’s his soon-to-be wife. Therefore, Izumi suggest that Hibiya’s the one being ridiculous; Shizuka agrees. I would too…(・ω・) Hibiya’s all Mission Accomplished ( *๑•̀д•́๑) b He plans to announce it to Tobiura next, to get rid of competition.

TasogareHibiya_006One day, Shizuka decides to go to the rooftop, and find Hisoka there. They have a bit of a chit-chat. He asks if she’s happy right now, so ofc she says yes. She says everyday is fun. Therefore, she says that if there’s a person that put the two together, she wants to thank him. Shizuka is surprised, asking if something is wrong. Hisoka didn’t even realize himself, but it turns out he let out a one strand of tear from his eyes. She asks him if she did or said something that might have hurt him. But the thing is that she doesn’t know Hisoka was actually the one that put them together since he’s the one that brought in Hibiya into the youkai world. He tells her that she didn’t do anything wrong. Instead, he says that he’s truly happy for her as a former friend. Shizuka wishes to call him a friend again, if he won’t do anything bad to her again. Hisoka claims that it might be a difficult demand, but says it’s fine if she doesn’t think of him as a friend again though. He says he doesn’t plan to disrupt her happiness…for now. I guess this is bc her happiness there will keep her on this side. After all, that’s what Hisoka wants from Shizuka even if she dates other guys. However, he adds that if Hibiya is to hurt her, he will kill him since he can’t tolerate people who betrays her. Shizuka believes that Hibiya won’t. When he says it this way, it makes it sound as if Hibiya will one day betray her, just like her sis. I doubt it though, but yeah.

TasogareHibiya_007One after school, Hibiya tells Shizuka to thumb print these black papers with her blood. She thinks theyre some kind of curse, so she tries to refuse. It turns out that it’s a marriage contract for youkais. Well, Shizuka was somewhat right since they can’t be separated once they thumb print them. They get all randy dandy in the classroom. Hibiya tells Shizuka that she’s his family now ⇒ Eternal Promise

Other ends:

  • TasogareHibiya_008Clothes Shopping: Shizuka is out, and encounter these wedding dresses as she window shops. She bumps into Hibiya, and sees her looking at the dresses. Therefore, Hibiya asks if she prefers a dress rather than a kimono. If you choose both, he’ll tell her that they might as well do both. Hibiya goes ahead of himself. aha
  • Shinigami’s Doll: If Shizuka doesn’t push Hisoka away when he pushes her on the desk, he’ll kiss her. Basically, she’ll be meeting with Hisoka as she dates Hibiya, without exactly knowing that she’s cheating since Hisoka will erase her memory every time.

There were times when I was like ( ಠ_ಠ ), but I thought Hibiya’s route was cute overall. I thought he was meh (・へ・ ) when he took out his handy dandy handcuffs. I was telling him to put them down this instant, in my head. I don’t know, but I really don’t like it when characters bring out stuff to restrain the heroines. It’s like, “WTH are you doing, you perv!” Well, Hibiya isn’t like those bastards, but I still don’t favor those actions from him aha. I love how Shizuka teases him though. It’s cute when he blushes. However, I would probably go one step more than Shizuka, and ofc avoid the whole handcuff thing. I’ll probably go all NINJA since Hibiya took out the handcuffs when Shizuka teased him too much.

In addition, Hisoka crying…I didn’t see that coming. Honestly, I pitied him. Well, this is if I consider the scenario when he was crying alone. However, ofc, I would always end up disliking him after his jerk full of actions. I don’t think what he did will ever be forgiven, and won’t change what he has done. However, I felt sorry for him for A BIT, like a teeny tiny bit. I felt that he is capable of being a good guy if he wasn’t so twisted. It’s like Yurajou is a bit yandere, but he’s still considered to be a moe. On the other hand, Hisoka is a pure Yandere, who wish to kill or be killed in order to express his love. COMPLETELY TWISTED.  ( ಠ_ಠ ) He has the passion to love, and I really did think it was sweet when he remembered all these things that Shizuka liked in his route (even though it was a bit creepy to know too much of her likes). However, he did kill Shizuka’s family bring Hibiya to the youkai world, tried dragging Hibiya’s little bro as well, and does horrible things in the bad ends. In conclusion, HISOKA SUCKS PERIOD, this will never change.


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