Otome Games · Tasogaredoki ~Kaidan Romance~

Tasogaredoki – Nashibatake Wakako

TasogareWakako_001 Basically, this route just consists of Shizuka and Wakako hanging out more than they need to…(=_=) I was really bored during her route. Well, what can I say? She’s too obsessed with Shizuka. I don’t know why she can’t be a supporting character? She can be supporting at times, but…yeah. I like her when she teams up with Yurajou though. (*^ω^*)

TasogareWakako_002In her route, she kind of notices that Shizuka just might be former human. It was during dinner recess, Wakako says Shizuka is tasty like always…and licks her on the neck…IF she wasn’t like this, I would have liked her more. Anyways, she tells her that she also has this special aura around her. In addition, she feels that Shizuka is cute, strong, cool, and etc. She wonders what it is, and concludes that it must be LOVE~ ( ಠ_ಠ ) Hibiya appears while Wakako is trying to be イチャイチャ with Shizuka. He appears with little youkais on him biting at him. Therefore, Wakako says that people who are seen as food by youkais are typical characteristics of former humans. Wakako suddenly thinks to herself as if she might have realized something. However, she brushes it off that she’s just think too much that Shizuka might be a former human as well.

TasogareWakako_003A Woman’s Friendship ending: Shizuka and Wakako go shopping for clothes. She suggest that they have a pair look, and show it to everyone. After some shopping, these two dudes hit on them, but Wakako tries to shoo them away by saying they’re on a date. The guys are like “uhhhh, wth…” On the other hand, ofc Shizuka is like, “( ಠ_ಠ ) What the hell are you talking about…” Then, she tries deceiving her by saying that she’s actually a guy.

Wakako just being Wakako. Well, I kept this short because who’s actually interested? I wouldn’t be. ( ・_ゝ・) Besides, the route itself was pretty short too.


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