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Tasogaredoki – Tobiura Moegi


In Tobiura’s route, he teases her more than enough. ( ಠ_ಠ ) He asks if she would date him. According to him, it’s about time they start dating. She suggests he goes to the infirmary to get his head checked. I would suggest him to do so if I were Shizuka too. (o_o) So, Tobiura tries to escort her there bc he thinks she’s trying to lead him on; the beds are in the infirmary as well. Shizuka thinks that he’s up to something, and rejects him. He finds her reaction even more interesting, and expects that he won’t be bored for a while.

It’s about time to go home, she finds a letter in her shoe locker to meet Tobiura at the school backyard. This time Tobiura confesses to Shizuka like a normal dude, but Shizuka rejects him with no hesitation. She tells him the problem is not on how he confessed, but him. He assumes that she was overwhelmed bc she got confessed from an older guy. Tobiura claims that he’s an adult, so he’ll wait a bit more for to accept him. Then, he gives her a hicky. What the…What happened to waiting…( ಠ_ಠ )

In class, it’s self-study period. Wakako finds the hicky, but thinks it’s a bug bite at first. However, Shizuka reveals that it’s not a bug bite by her reaction. All of a sudden Yurajou, Hisoka, and Wakako lets out this cold atmosphere around them. Wakako is angry, and wants to know who was the vermin that put a mark on her. She claims that she won’t forgive, and will definitely annihilate him. On the other hand, Yurajou tells Wakako that he’ll help her. Then, Tohno comes and tell them to shut up bc he’s trying to sleep. Wakako now suspects him, but ofc he’s innocent. However, Tohno misunderstands, and asks if it’s from yesterday. He thought they were talking about a wound from their fight, but nope. This obviously creates a fight between Tohno and Yurajou/Wakako. Meanwhile, Hisoka isn’t involved in the fight bc he knows that Tohno is innocent. Well, he kinda mumbles that as long as she’s on this side, it’s fine. However, he tells her just not Tobiura. Well, she tells Hisoka that she’s not dating him, and doesn’t plan to do so. Anyways, Hisoka tells her that she should at least take out that mark on her since it annoys him. It hurts Shizuka, so Yurajou comes to stop him…tells him that he has to numb it first though AHAHAH I actually find Yurajou really fun when he’s like that. I think it would be entertaining to have a friend like that aha (゚ω゚) 

Later, Tobiura finds out about what has happened earlier; he finds it rather interesting. Shizuka then tells him to stop bothering her. Apparently, there’s a reason for his actions. The only reason he teases her is bc he used to have a girlfriend that looked just like her, but passed away. She once said that if you pay attention, there will be things that will be clear to them. Whether I praise or speak ill of someone, it will be based on what I observe. Ofc his story…is a lie. ( ಠ_ಠ ) However, someone did actually say that to him. Since then, he started to observe people. In conclusion, he tells her to date him. Ofc, Shizuka is thinking that he doesn’t make sense…like always. ┐(ಠ_ಠ;)┌

Tasogare_008They meet up again this other day. Tobiura mentions that he concluded that Shizuka should just look at him (pay attention to him). She tells him to go to the hospital to get his head check. He likes the idea because there are beds there. ( ಠ_ಠ) Suddenly, he gives her a little jar to open. It looks suspicious because the inside is pitch black. Ofc, Shizuka tells him that she’s not going to open it. He tells her not to think that he’ll listen to her just because she doesn’t want to do something. Tobiura grabs her arm, and make a teeth mark on her neck. He claims that no matter how much she rejects him, she can’t run away. WHAT A CREEPER! ( ಠ_ಠ) Shizuka decides to open the jar bc he tells her that he’ll stop if  she does so. At this point, Shizuka wants to kill him real bad. GO FOR IT SHIZUKA! (◕‿◕✿) Well, she opens the jar, but nothing seems to be happening. Therefore, they go walk to school now. However, it seems that every person they encounter, no one notices Shizuka with Tobiura. Apparently, the black poofy smoke that came out had made Shizuka invisible to other people other than Tobiura. He then tells her to attend class with him, but ofc she refuses. Therefore, he claims that even if she refuses, he’s going to force her there anyways. She attends class with him after all, and makes her sit on his lap bc there’s no seat for her. He tells her to look at him if she’s bored. He claims that if she looks at him more and figure him out, she would date her. Such a forceful logic (´-_ゝ-`) He even puts his hand in her shirt, so Shizuka stomps his feet. He tells her that he’ll stop if she doesn’t run, so she does just that. She notices that he took good notes, actually paying attention in class. Also, if he shuts up, he has quite the looks. Why do I get the feeling that this is just an act for HER to BELIEVE that he’s not so bad after all… (´・_・`)

Tasogare_009Shizuka gets this bell as a reward for helping one of the teachers. Apparently, she can look into a person’s past; she uses to look at Tobiura’s past. The bell shows her the time when Hisoka and Tobiura was having a chit-chat on the rooftop. Tobiura tells Hisoka that he always looks like he’s not having fun at all. Therefore, he asks if it’s fun living that way. Tobiura also asks him if he has someone he likes. He found it interesting to talk about these thing once in a while since he was bored. Hisoka tells him that it’s not fun, and he doesn’t have anyone in mind. Therefore, Tobiura finds it interesting to see how he’ll be like if he does fall in love with someone, so tells Hisoka to notify him when it happens. Hisoka claims that he probably won’t. Even if he does, he’s not planning to tell him. Then, he tells him that Tobiura will just have to find out himself. Tobiura claims that they are both alike. If Hisoka does fall in love with a girl, maybe he’ll be able to as well. It’s actually surprising that Tobiura is interested in falling in love; he wants to at least experience it once. After the vision, Shizuka forgets who the vision was about. I guess it’s like a dream? Sometimes, you can’t remember what it’s about. Useless… (´-_ゝ-`) 

Tasogare_10During the cultural festival preparations, Shizuka goes buy materials that ran out during their preparation. However, she encounters Tobiura along the way. Ofc, he’s not just going to let her off so easily, so they go to the park. All of a sudden, he tells her to sit on the bench. He uses her lap as a pillow to lay down for at least five mins. However, Shizuka falls asleep as well. She has a dream that seems like it might just be the past, when she was in middle school. She finds it odd bc she doesn’t remember that she used to be human. There, she sees Tobiura asking her what she’s doing, and says how he just came to see his (Hisoka’s) important person like he said in the vision. Tobiura thinks to himself that she looks like a normal person, and ask if she comes to the park often. Tobiura asks if she can be his talk buddy again some time, and agrees. DANG. Why does Shizuka have so many troublesome people going after her…

Shizuka isn’t feeling well, and faints. When she wakes up, he tries to do some randy stuff with her. This makes her wanna punch him, but tells her that he’s not the one that she should punch. He asks who broke her peaceful living. He suggest that they should just show off how good they are together to the guy who broke her happiness. He tells her that he can have vengeance if she says she likes him. Then, Hisoka comes in. He says that he came to see Shizuka since he heard she fainted. Tobiura and Hisoka are letting out a dangerous around them.

Tasogare_13Again with the whole Hisoka pushing Shizuka against the desk. Does he do this in every route or something!? ( ಠ_ಠ ) She calls Tobiura’s name for help. He threatens to crush her throat if she calls his name again. Tobiura is watching them, and I repeat, just watching them. Tobiura claims that he doesn’t care what Hisoka does, he’ll still love her. ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ ) Sooo…Hisoka continues. She tells Tobiura to help her, so he asks if he really doesn’t want Hisoka to do anything to her that badly…WELL DUH! ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ ) Tobiura asks if she likes him then. This conversation makes Hisoka super angry. However, Shizuka chooses Tobiura instead, which makes Hisoka real shocked. He tells Hisoka not to worry bc he’ll tie her down to this side, like Hisoka’s been trying to do since the other character routes. Tobiura takes her away, and flies to the rooftop. There, they get all randy… ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ )

Tasogare_11This one day Shizuka goes to school, wearing a scarf. She encounters Tohno and Hibiya, and they find out about these marks on her neck. At first, Hibiya doesn’t realize. Tohno complains how he was blamed last time Shizuka had marks on her neck by Yurajou and Wakako. Ever since then, they’ve been picking up fights with him. Tohno tells her that he doesn’t know about her love life, but the guy should be putting marks where they aren’t visible. Shizuka smacks him, and Hibiya finally realizes what the  marks are. He asks if the guy is a good guy, but OBVIOUSLY he isn’t. Therefore, he claims that he can’t accept a guy like him, and tells her to break up with him this instant. Hibiya sounds like a dad haha Suddenly, they hear Tobiura’s voice. He claims that even if he isn’t a good guy, nothing can be done since she likes him. He asks her if she likes that guy, and she kind of admits. It’s so sweet how they’re both worried about her. Man, they should just take her away! GET HER AWAY FROM THAT POS! 

After they run away from the two jealous guys, he confesses to her again. They finally become couples I guess…Apparently, he’s really happy that he has someone he likes, and someone to like him back. The bell rings, but they skip class together.

Shizuka has another dream about the time she was with Tobiura when she was still alive. When she wakes up, she finds herself with Tobiura. It seems that he was peeking into her dreams, and claims that she must have been watching a bad dream. However, Shizuka claims that it wasn’t a bad dream, so Tobiura looks surprised.

One day, Shizuka hears the others are having a secret meeting without her. It’s obvious they’re talking about what they should do about her and Tobiura. I actually find it cute that everyone is bothered by this, and is trying to find a way to separate them. I feel that these scenes with the other characters are my favorite part of this route. ( ಠ_ಠ )…OH WELL. Anyways, Izumi and Tohno doesn’t seem to care, so they say that they’re gping home. However, at the same time, they feel irritated about the situation. (・ω・*) Wakako is so frustrated, she tells one of the guys to steal her away from Tobiura. Hibiya stutters from Wakako’s suggestion. She claims that there are a lot of guys here, so someone go do their best to get snatch her. Then, she changes her mind that even if the other guys are wayyy better than Tobiura, she can’t stand her with some other guy. Just when she’s about to say that she should steal Shizuka away, Shizuka ask what they’re doing.

They tell Shizuka what’s going on, about their secret meeting. Tohno notices that Hisoka has been quiet for some time now. Apparently, he’s trying to use some kind of jutsu. He warns Tohno that if it fails, it may harm people in that environment. For example, it may even cut off Tohno’s head. Tohno tells him not to do such a dangerous jutsu near him, and tells him to stop it right this instant. On the other hand, Izumi asks if it will help the two break up. Yurajou tells him to do his best if it is indeed a jutsu to break them up. However, Tohno suggest that they should just go and beat him up. Izumi agrees with the idea. Since he’s a tsundere, he tells her that it’s not for her though. haha Shizuka feels that they’re rather teamed up real nicely. Wakako claims that, that’s because they’re all desperate. In addition, she adds that they wouldn’t team up together as well if her guy wasn’t Tobiura. She claims even if everyone would be sad to see Shizuka taken by a guy, they would all give up wishing her the best in the end. However, they all think that Tobiura won’t be able to give Shizuka happiness. Instead, they think that he’ll drop her in a everlasting pitfall of doom. I FEEL THE SAME EXACT WAY! I would love to high-five everyone of them who is trying to separate them…even Hisoka…surprisingly… ( ಠ_ಠ )

All of a sudden, Hisoka hands Shizuka something. Shizuka tries to hand it back, but nope. Apparently, if she write a name on it, it will kill him/her. She gets this feeling that it’s as if he’s telling her to kill him.

Tasogare_12Shizuka and Tobiura go on a date to the amusement park. Shizuka is kinda spacing out because of the curse paper thing. Tobiura notices that Shizuka is out of it, but she tries to act like nothing’s wrong. Then, the wind blows, and the  paper flies out. Tobiura sees this, and suggest that she should have someone she wants to use it on. However, she claims that she doesn’t. He suggest that maybe she doesn’t have any regrets from when she lived on the other side. He tells her it’s nothing, and suggest to go on the ferris wheel. He asks what he is to her as they ride the ferris wheel. She claims that he is a person with a really bad personality. She gets tired being with him, but at the same  time, she finds it fun. He seems real happy about her response…and get all randy… ⇒ Ending: The vision in your eyes

Other Ends

  • tasogare_14Days of Vengeance: If she is to claim that she does have someone she wants to use it on, Tobiura claims that she sees her eyes filled with hatred. Then, he suddenly kisses her. He tells her that instead of using the deathpaper, it’s more effective to do it this way. Shizuka doesn’t know who he’s talking, but he’s probably referring to Hisoka. He says that he’ll help her, and make that guy unhappy. I’m starting to feel bad for Hisoka…( ・_ゝ・)… that doesn’t mean I like him though. ( ಠ_ಠ )
  • Sweet Nightmare: Shizuka goes to the school library to see Tobiura sleeping. He calls out Shizuka’s name in her sleep. When he wakes up, he tells her that she was having a dream about her. He claims that he must like her enough to see her in his dreams. He tells her that he woke up just when the dream was getting good, so asks her if she can do the continuance of his dream.

FINALLY I’M DONEEEE YAYYY! Omg I swear his route was a pain in the BEHIND. ( ಠ_ಠ ) I was actually getting real bored. The only part I liked was when the other characters got involved in his route. I didn’t really get it if he actually had feelings for her. Well, I don’t know how nutso people think, so I guess I will never know. I’m just glad that I’m done with this guy. I have a feeling that recently I’ve been encountering Yocchin as jerkey characters. I’m just hoping I don’t come to be traumatized with him just like how I was with Hirakawa Daisuke. Well, I guess I’m not as traumatized by him like I was when it started. However, I don’t think I’ve thought any of his characters a fave especially bc of the trauma. ahah Well, I’m hoping Butterfly Kiss will change this impression for me. Then again, he’s the guy that the heroine will be cheating with…so…maybe not. Well, I’ll see…unless there are other games that I wanna play, and he so happens to be in it. ┐(‘~`;)┌ Well, I’ve got side-tracked, but I can’t think of any other comments, so I’m gonna just leave it at that.


3 thoughts on “Tasogaredoki – Tobiura Moegi

  1. お疲れ様!My, why does this CREEPER² even have a route??? QuinRose, what were you thinking???? ^^ Oh and another creeper role for Yoshino Hiroyuki…. This guy will always remind me of AUGER no matter which role he has….


    1. omg, yeah that’s just the character I was talking about…Auger…I hate that nutso kitty. I played Bloody Nightmare, and gosh the ending… In fact, I’m planning to play Last Hope one day, so I’m like hesitant to play his route…Apparently, I heard Last Hope is suppose to be romance-based? However, I just can’t see how they’re gonna make him romantic? I don’t even think an ending exist where he would actually like her. Even if there was, I probably won’t believe it. haha Even in BN, I was like omg why does he sound so suspicious. His personality changed too fast, I BET HE’S FAKING…and I get to hear that ending voice. Gave me the chills. I kind of feel the same about Mejojo, but he’s a a bit better than Auger.

      Well, I guess one thing you can do is whenever you hear his voice…THINK HARD…Imagine Toudou Heisuke from Hakuouki. He was cute there…but found his voice a bit annoying after a while bc it was a raspy high-pitched voice (´-_ゝ-`) Now I’m like trying to think if I had a fave from any of the characters he voiced for…but nothing comes up haha


      1. Ahahaha… I guess Yocchin is forever branded with yandere and creeper roles by otoge players. xDDD

        I don’t want to spoiler you with LH, so just anticipate Auger with either doom or “last” hope. :’D (Pun intended… xD) I think you know where this will be going. orz orz

        Well yeah… Mejojo is so much better than Auger and I found both his endings in LH suprisingly very good and satisfying…

        Oh, I didn’t like Heisuke in Hakuouki… He was sweet, but GDI he was so annoyingly emo… I just can’t stand those kind of characters… ;w;


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