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Tasogaredoki – Shikibu Hisoka

I was actually considering to take a break from Tasogare, but I had a change of mind. What made me change my mind? I guess I just wanted to get rid of the jerks. I actually think Tobiura and Hisoka are the only one that have somewhat of a bad ending. Well, they might just be normal ends. To me…NOPE. They feel like bad ends to me. Well…┐(ಠ_ಠ;)┌  Anyways…


Hisoka is the god damn yandere that screwed up Shizuka’s life. In his route, they’re already dating. They used to be mere prank buddies, usually pranking Hibiya together in the prequel. He even tried to drag his little bro in to this world bc “in order to keep Shizuka on this side.” ( ಠ_ಠ ) Wakako claims that he should just die. Well, I wouldn’t say he should die, but maybe beat him up to the extent that he’s NEAR death. Still, I guess I find him better than Tobiura.

So, you know how before, I was talking about how I don’t how the candy made a difference in the routes? The candy that makes Shizuka grow wings. Apparently, this makes a difference in Hisoka’s route CG-wise. Well, the first play in his route I chose the black candy.

Tasogare_002The first day of school after the break, Tohno and Yurajou are at it already. Hisoka comes, and hugs Shizuka from behind. All three, including Wakao have this black aura around them. When she tells him to let go, he’s already at it with his yandere-ness. He tells her that no matter how much she tries to push him away, he won’t let her escape. After school, Shizuka lies to Hisoka about needing to run an errand for the teacher. She tells him to leave without her since she doesn’t want him to know that she lost the ring he gave her. Suddenly, Tobiura pops out of nowhere with his wings. She sees one of his crows with the ring, so she asks for it back. He claims that it’s finders keepers, but says he’ll specially return it to her this time. However, in return, he says he’ll put it on her. Ofc, Shizuka refuses bc well, she’s dating Hisoka. Then, Hisoka stops him in time before he puts the ring on her. Apparently, he was following her bc he found her real suspicious. Nonetheless, he forgives her this time because she looked for it at least. He puts the ring back on his finger. This time, he puts a curse on it, so she’ll never lose it again.

Shizuka has dream about when she was still alive, and was in middle school. She finds it odd bc she doesn’t remember that she used to be human. It seems that she was bullied again since she was able to see what normal humans can’t, youkais such as Hisoka and Tobiura. Unlike in Tobiura’s route, she knows that Hisoka isn’t human. Hisoka claims that he’ll exterminate them for her, but ofc she refuses. He suggest that he heals her at least, but refuses bc she doesn’t completely trust him. He guarantees that it’s safe bc it’s from a knowledgeable mountain dog (referring to Yurajou). He convinces her to treat her after all by saying that he’ll make her sis worry about her.

Hisoka asks her if it’s really not hard on her for getting bullied. She says it’s troublesome, but it’s not something  she can’t endure. Nonetheless, Hisoka still doesn’t like how her family doesn’t do anything even though she’s bullied. Shizuka doesn’t want to trouble them, so she hides it. Hisoka claims that it’s really unlike him to be patient to no kill someone. However, he says that he won’t do anything since it will be too boring if she comes to hate him. However, he claims that he’s not going to let her sis off that easily if she were to betray Shizuka. Apparently, he doesn’t like her sis because she’s really important to Shizuka; I guess he’s jealous. Since she’s important to Shizuka, she better be as important to her sis, so he says. He claims that if her sis was to do something to Shizuka, he won’t forgive her. Well, Shizuka tells him not to worry bc she won’t but… (◕﹏◕ )

Tasogare_003This other day, Tobiura invites her on a little stroll in the sky. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Goshhh why won’t he just go away… He tries to give her those candy in the prologue, so she can fly again. ((((⊂(´∀`o)⊃))))飛ぶゾォ!She refuses to eat it, but is forced in the end. This time she grows white wings. She still refuses. However, Tobiura doesn’t care about what the circumstances are, but just does what ever he wants to do. Therefore, he forces her to fly with him anyways. Tobiura mentions how it seems like she might have some worries bc she’s been spacing out. He tells her that he’ll listen to them since he has nothing to do anyways. Shizuka talk about how she’s been having dreams. She mentions that in the dream, she’s a human as well. Apparently, she doesn’t remember that the person she was talking to in the dream was Hisoka. Tobiura asks what kind of person is the guy to her. Suddenly, Hisoka comes out of nowhere. Scared the heck out of me it since he looked real scary. You know, the usual yandere facial expression. Apparently, he grabbed her from one of the classroom windows. Someone’s very angry…٩(๑`^´๑)۶激おこプンプン丸 haha 

Tasogare_004Well, anyways… first thing’s first, he pulls Shizuka into the classroom. Hisoka is bothered by how Tobuira’s been bothering Shizuka since the last time. He asks him if he really wants to be cursed that badly. Tobiura mentions how Shizuka had a dream of when she was a human. Basically, he tells Hisoka what SHizuka told him not too long ago. Obviously, he knows who this person is since in his route…yeah. Then, Tobiura excuses himself bc he doesn’t want to “bother” them…( ಠ_ಠ ) More like his mission was accomplished, so he left. After Tobiura left, Hisoka closes the curtains abruptly. Oh god. He asks if she likes to cheat on him that badly. He actually asks her in depth about the dream. He asks her who that guy was, and she mentions that maybe she was in love with him. He starts pulling out her temporary feathers… ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ ) What the hell are they’re problems (Hisoka and Tobiura). He says now that her wings are ruined, she can’t fly. He wants to put her in a bird cage and lock it, so she won’t escape…WOW HOW ROMANTIC (NOTE: I’m being sarcastic). ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ ) ( ಠ_ಠ ) Well, Shizuka tells him not to say those things bc she says she’ll stay by his side, which puts him in a better mood.

During the culture festival preparation, Hisoka asks if she needs any help since he finished his part. For some reason, he’s wearing glasses. Shizuka didn’t point it out, so she asks if he wanted her to do so. Wakako teases her happily that Shizuka must not be interested in him at all. She doesn’t care what he wear or does, at all. He tells her not to say such things just bc she’s jealous. Wakako claims that eventually, he’ll be thrown away. They both gradually start to have this black aura around them. Shizuka brings back the conversation about the glasses. Apparently, he wore them to match her ideal type. I’m assuming this bc of the dream? He misunderstood that the person in the dream was some other guy. That fool…probably why he started tearing up her feathers when she had the wings that other time. Shizuka tells him that it doesn’t suit him since it won’t make him look like the serious type just bc he put glasses on. Wakako suggest that if he’s gonna try looking like the serious type, he should have changed his clothes too. Hisoka asks what type of clothes, suit or doctor coat. Then, he’ll come back after a bit wearing whatever you chose. I GUESS…I find this part of him cute, but…meh (・へ・ ) his yandere is too strong that nothing is probably gonna change my opinion about his character overall (・ェ・)

Tasogare_005Shizuka isn’t feeling well, and faints. She has a dream again about the time when she was a human, but this time she’s in her room. All of a sudden, Hisoka comes in from the window with these flower petals. He says it’s part of the effects on his entrance, but she thinks that it just causes a mess. AHaha that’s what I thought too! Apparently, he came to cheer her up. When she wakes up from the dream, she finds Hisoka by her side. Shizuka tries to go back to the classroom, but Hisoka tells her to stay in bed bc he’s worried. She accidentally mentions how she was having the dream of the guy, so Hisoka is kinda meh about it. He asks her what kind of guy he is, but she just brushes it off. He gets jealous, so he kisses her suddenly. Well, it makes him feel better since Shizuka accepts him. She claims that the guy she likes right now is him, so the dream doesn’t matter. Well, they’re the same person anyways, but… yah. 

Tasogare_15Shizuka goes out, and bump into Hibiya’s little bro. It’s been a while since they’ve seen each other bc he already graduated high school. They have a little chit-chat, and little bro was just about to leave. Suddenly, there’s crashing noises, WHICH scared the heck out of me. It seems that some of the youkai’s are being asses, so they prank the humans. Uh-oh, they see the two, and think that they look tasty. (´・д・`) They can’t move because they’re bound by poofy stuff around them. She calls out for Hisoka, and ビューン; he comes to the rescue. He claims that he’s the only one that can bully her. uhhh… ( ಠ_ಠ ) Well, anyways, he’s super angry now. He beats up the guys, but the little bro saw every bit of it. Shizuka, therefore, modifies his memory a bit.

Tasogare_006One evening, Hisoka tells Shizuka that there’s somewhere she wants to take her. He takes her to this flower field. Well…that’s kind of cute…I guess…(・へ・ ) Shizuka is a tsundere, so she’s not capable to honestly say that she simply likes it. She adds some negative comments, so he teases her by pushing her down in that field. I take it BACK, not cute at all.  Hisoka asks that since she likes this place so much, she wouldn’t mind if she was killed there. She’s like…what the…and Hisoka asks if she doesn’t want to be killed by him. I MEAN WHAT KIND of question is that!?  ( ಠ_ಠ ) When she tells him that she doesn’t, he sounds disappointed. He claims that he really likes her, and wants to kill her. However, he just can’t kill her. Is this suppose to be romantic? I’m not feeling it…  ( ಠ_ಠ )  ( ಠ_ಠ ) Apparently, he’s been wanting/trying to kill her, but he was never able to do so? I guess he thinks that by killing her, she’ll belong to him. Am I the only one that doesn’t get this logic?… (・_・ ) Well, he wishes to put her by his side if he can’t have her.

This other day during the weekend, they meet by coincidence. Well, according to Hisoka, it wasn’t. He gives her this flower she said she likes when he took her to that flower field. He talks about how he remembers everything she likes. Well, I admit that’s pretty impressive. However, remembering everything is a bit too much. Anyways, she mentions how the flower smell reminds her of the dream she’s been having recently. He further asks about the characteristics of the guy in her dream, and finally realizes that it’s him.

One day, Shizuka goes to town library, and bumps into Tobiura. As soon as I heard his voice, I was like, “OH GAWD… ( ಠ_ಠ )” He sits in front of her, and talk about the dreams again. Tobiura mumbles to her that he actually met her before in a voice that she can’t hear. He sees her reading a family genre book, so he finds it funny. They somehow get in the whole talk about how Hisoka used to have a family, but killed them all. Shizuka asks him why he did such a thing. According to Tobiura, he assumes that he felt it would be unfair if he killed someone else’s family, but keep his own family alive. Tobiura stops during the conversation in order for Shizuka to feel uncomfortable about it.

Shizuka’s been spacing off since the incident at the library. She asks him directly about what Tobiura said at the library. Well, he tells her to stay away from Tobiura from now on, or he’ll punish her. He tries to avoid the conversation, but Shizuka doesn’t let him off so easily. He admits to her question that he killed his family, but doesn’t get to the actual truth. Ending ⇒Faraway Dream

Other Ends

  • Inside a Glass Jar: Shizuka is the on duty, so she helps the teacher carry some stuff to the storage room. She finds a glass jar on the floor, so she picks it up. Suddenly, it lights up, and she gets trapped inside. She calls out for help, and wahlah here comes Hisoka. She wants to come out, but he decides to keep her in the jar for a bit more.  ( ಠ_ಠ )
  • Drowned in Darkness: This is when the youkais attacked Shizuka and the little bro. If you choose too call the little bro’s name instead, Hisoka will be very angry at Shizuka as he appears to save her…and not fun… ( ಠ_ಠ )

Well, Hisoka…I don’t know what to say. He’s just a messed up yandere is all I can think of. I guess he has a bit of cuteness in him, but…I still don’t like him that much. I don’t like yanderes. I actually tried to listen to one of those Yandere Heaven drama CDs (I think that’s what they’re called) out of curiosity…no idea why some people like them. They’re so freakin’ scary… (´-_-`) Well, I guess Hisoka is pretty toned down compared to the CDs, but still…Then again, if you actually think about it…Hisoka has done scary things as well. It’s just in the game, it didn’t really show us what he did, but just tells us what he did. What he basically did was that (if I remember correctly) he killed Shzuka’s family. I forgot on what happened with his parents, but he killed her sis because she betrayed Shizuka. Then, pulling Shizuka into youkai’s side of the world. He does this to Hibiya as well, so she can continue to be on the youkai’s side of the world. He basically put Hibiya there as a candidate in being Shizuka’s soon-to-be boyfriend. Hisoka didn’t care who she got with as long as she stays on that side since he was like that in every guy’s route except Tobiura’s. He even claimed that she belongs to him even though she’s dating other guys.

If I’m wrong on some points, sorry~ I played the prequel a long time ago, so some of my memory flew away…orz


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