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Glass Heart Princess

Himeno Kyoko goes to an elite high school. Himeno…now where have I head that from…aha She’s good at almost everything, and the madonna of the school. Kyoko always prioritized school, so she didn’t really have any relations with guys. However, she has a sudden heart attack during her last summer of the school year. Kyoko was okay somehow, but now needs to keep her heart rate at a constant range. If she doesn’t, her heart will stop. Apparently, the unknown illness is called “glass heart syndrome.” Basically, Kyoko would die if her heart were to beat too fast. Also, the illness is still advancing, so it is said that it may be highly dangerous that she may not be able to live to the next year. Ofc, there is still a way to treat such an illness. She needs to go on dates to flutter her heart, IN ORDER TO TRAIN HER HEART! Aha what the. (*´・ω・。)

Ahaha you know what? The first thing I heard from the game after the opening was Suzuki Tatsuhisa’s voice saying, “What? You came again?” I just couldn’t help myself from saying, “What the…This is my first time…What in the world are you saying? ” ( ゚д゚)・・ahah

Glass Heart Princess_0001Anyways, the game starts with this dude named Shinnosuke, asking if she wants some tea. Is he a butler or something? aha During her little vacation, her chest is feeling kinda strange. She also has a maid named Satsuki, and I’m liking her character already. They mention how Kyoko only has one more year of school, so Satsuki asks her if she has anything left undone. Satsuki suspects, judging from Kyoko’s red face, it must be romance. This makes Shinnosuke spit out his tea. yuck aha Shinnosuke suggest they go back, so she agrees. However, she trips on a rock, so Shinnosuke catches her. Then, suddenly, she feels this pain on her chest and faints.

Later, she wakes up in the hospital bed. OMG why are all the characters so cute (>_<。) When Shinnosuke lets Kyoko’s dad know that she has waken, he’s all relieved in tears. Shinnosuke and her dad is all panicking, but then Satsuki smacks both of them to be quiet since they’re in the hospital room. They’re all so adorable >< Apparently, she was unconscious for three days. (o_o) Later, the doctor talks about how she has the glass heart syndrome, as said above. They say that if the illness advances at this rate, she’ll only have 4 months left to live. Satsuki suggest that this will be a good chance for her to experience what it’s to be in a relationship with a guy. Since Kyoko has no experience whatsoever, she suggest that it will be a good way to train her heart. Even the doctor is amazed by the idea. aha Therefore, Kyoko decides that she’s going to do just that. Shinnosuke and Satsuki both tell her that they will support Kyoko. Thus, Kyoko’s risky love life  is about to start.

Glass Heart Princess_0003A few days later,  she’s dismissed from the hospital. There would be a heart beat meter during the game. When this goes over the limit, Kyoko will…well, die. Well, I actually killed her once. BUT, you don’t exactly go back to the title of the game. I think you end the date with your character, and Kyoko will wake up in her bed as if it was a dream? Then, we would start a new week. The heart beat limit in the start will be 100 HBM. Also, Kyoko will train with Shinnosuke to train her heart to be stronger. He even made a training uniform just for her. From this, Kyoko will be able to gain some experience points, which will  help raise Kyoko’s heart beat limit. On the other hand, Satsuki will help Kyoko learn about romance by shoujo manga. It’s funny how Shinnosuke claims that he made Kyoko’s uniform with his pocket money, whilst Satsuki didn’t…BUT apparently, they were her collections. (゚ω゚)  The training with Satsuki will in other words help Kyoko reduce her heart beat damage. Since her doctor claims that too much training can backfire, it is said that Kyoko will be able to train three times per week. In one week, Kyoko would be able to train three times, and have one date. However, there are times when she’ll have a little accident that will decrease her heart beat meter by 5. The more experience point the training will allow you to obtain will increase the chance of Kyoko getting into an accident. Another suggestion is for Kyoko to go on dates with Shinnosuke, but doesn’t mean she needs to fall in love with him. It will just be a simulation, so she doesn’t need to kiss him or anything.

Glass Heart Princess_0004 Glass Heart Princess_0005

Glass Heart Princess_0006The only problem is to find someone she can fall in love with. Shinnosuke suggests that he’ll go find some candidates all around the world. Ofc, Satsuki disagrees to this idea since her dad doesn’t know about the training. Then, they start her training… Also, there will be a rest command, which will reduce Kyoko’s HBM and can change her image. Images will change the love parameter with your character’s route by choosing their likes. In addition, there will be various training methods added as you train using the default methods. For some reason the only system voice I’m hearing are all Tatssun’s, and talking about how saving before a last boss is a given…what are you talking about… ahah. On the day of school, Satsuki explains that there will be a cupid appearing when Kyoko feels that there maybe a chance to like a certain person. Then, the route will be locked on the character if you fire the arrow. Also, there will be times where you can gather info from other students to improve effectiveness for obtaining experience points and topics to talk with the character of your choice.

Why did I start this game when I didn’t even finish Tasogaredoki? Because I couldn’t help myself PERIODDDD. Also, the character I was playing for Tasogaredoki was irritating me, SO I needed something cute. AND I GOT IT! Yayyyy! (n‘∀‘)η Well, I probably won’t post up a GHP review until like maybe two posts or so for Tasogare, so just a heads up. I’ve decided to play this one since GHP was the top choice in the poll for quite some time now, so yup. Currently, three games in progress orz. I’m not very good at getting things done huh? ANYWAYS….back to the game…

I’m actually already loving this game from the prologue. I like Shinnosuke, Satsuki, and her dad already! They make the game really fun. I hope they would have a good part in the  fandisk because I’ll be sad if they cut their screen time. I was like grinning throughout the prologue that even I found myself creepy. I actually have two characters I’m looking forward to as of now. I hope the others will put a smile on my face as well. (*^ω^*)


Overall Review after Gameplay:
Seiyuus: ★★★★☆
Art: ★★★★★
Gameplay: ★★★★☆

The story was just adorable, how she needed to train her heart by falling in love. I mean the training idea sounds ridiculous, but I found it cute b/c such a reason fit with the ambience of the game. The characters were sooo adorable, it made me grin throughout the game. I was actually surprised how even the sub characters were cute. I liked most of the seiyuus too, especially Kenn and Tattsun. The art was extremely cute. Basically, everything in the game was cute! I would definitely recommend this game.

Anyways, I would rank the routes like this: Shinnosuke > Yukito > Asahina > Kanata > Gai. Well, Shinnosuke is first bc there’s the past stuff that made me think they were meant to be. Also, shota Shinnosuke and Little Kyoko appeared, which is a big plus for me. TOO BAD THERE WASN’T A VOICE FOR LITTLE KYOKO. (○`ε´○) I just wanna hug her and steal her away, so she can be my little sister. This is really surprising bc I never really feel any moe overload from little girl characters. Yukito was cute too since he was so pro at blushing his cuteness out of himself (*`ω´*) haha. The other two were almost the same, but Asahina won bc he was more romantic than I thought he would be. Kanata was so-so, it was just really hard to keep myself alive from the way he talked. However, I liked the humor he had near the end, so yeah. And I pretty much explained why Gai was last. I think his route has potential (well, his 18yr old route anyways). Well, I don’t even think he would turn into sadistic Gai if that traumatizing incident didn’t occur… Oh well, I hope the fandisk changes my ranking somehow. (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ HEHEHE


3 thoughts on “Glass Heart Princess

  1. you started this XD this is actually pretty quick if you concentrate on it, not that much of a huge story with huge troubles, which is fun, at least for me. maybe take a break from tasogaredoki? XD


    1. Ahaha Maybe I should take a break, or at least finish the route I’m working on right now…bc I’ll definitely forget where I left off like I did today..orz I was actually lost for a while. I’m just kind of disappointed bc I thought the prequel was pretty good, and I get this…cough crap cough hah. (´-_-`) Well, I am looking forward to the two brothers, but I am so not having fun with the current one. I don’t even want to think about the upcoming two. (・へ・ )

      I might just take your advice and finish GHP since there’s less characters, and they seem fun. (・ェ・)


      1. lol it’s hard once you took the bait for a game lol. I did read it, and as much as I’ve never played it, the fandisk kinda suck I guess…
        yeah sure why not 😀 I have lots of fun ride playing that game, one of the best I’ve played so far. then again, I’m not much of an otome gamer


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