Drama CDs · Futari de Issho ni Series

Futari de Issho ni Series – Issho ni Cooking Cool Musician (CV. Taniyama Kishou)

ふたりで一緒にシリーズ 一緒にクッキング クールなミュージシャン (CV.谷山紀章)
ふたりで一緒にシリーズ 一緒にクッキング クールなミュージシャン
Release Date: 2012/07/28
Cast: Taniyama Kishou

Taniyama Kishou plays this musician, and they do some cooking together. I like tani-tani, but he sounds like a playboy, as always. I don’t like players, but I just can’t hate his characters for some reason. Note: I don’t know why I call him tani-tani. I just made that up right now aha. ┐(‘~`;)┌ It seems that they’ve known each other since they were in high school, and they’re dating in college too. It’s a bit エロ since they wake up this one morning in bed. Even though it’s bright still, he’s already trying to bring some more エロ mood. However, the heroine gets hungry, so…

He tells her that he’ll make breakfast for her, how sweet~ (*^ω^*) He’s like the mom-type to the heroine because he worries about her a lot. He even does most of the cooking for her. I want someone to make me food aha.  (゚ω゚)  He uses whatever that’s in the fridge to make a pasta omelet and a spinach salad. He was planning to cook on his own, but the heroine wants to help as well. Tani-tani asks if she’s sure she can do it. Well, she claims to leave it to her. However, he’s worried since her words just lead to trouble, just like in high school and college. Ahahaha Usually I don’t really think much about these heroines as much since they have no voice, but I find this heroine really likable. (゚ω゚) He even asks her if she remembers how  to cut a vegetable, but cuts herself anyways. (・□ ・) How bad is she with this AHAHHA.

It’s kind of funny how tani-tani thinks that it’s fine for the heroine that she doesn’t know how to cook. He claims that everyone has something they’re weak in, even he has something. He tries to think of something bc the heroine asks him. However, he says he can actually study, he just doesn’t. He can clean up, and do the laundry. He concludes that he doesn’t think he has a field that he’s weak in, so the heroine gets mad. Therefore, he claims that she has such a perfect boyfriend, so it’s fine even if she has some flaws. He tells her that he’ll do everything she can’t do. In exchange, he’ll be happy if she smiles and kisses him a lot. I don’t know. He’s narcissistic, but I just can’t hate his character. I find it cute instead even though usually I wouldn’t be so fond of those type of characters.


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