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Wand of Fortune 2 – Lagi

Sorry for the delay on the posts. (´・д・`) I was done with Lagi’s route for some time, but I just didn’t have time to finish the review. Another thing is that I was debating whether I should post Bilal’s route first since I felt that the main plot of their route was about Bilal. There was a lot of Bilal attention even though I was going for Lagi. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Despite this, in the end, I decided to just go with Lagi first since I already finished his review. By the time you see this review, Bilal’s would probably be up too. I recommend you read Lagi’s before Bilal’s because most of his crap is in here. (・へ・ )

WOFortune2_0022Lagi is the cute tsundere that turns into a chibi dragon when there’s excessive contact with the ladies. He’s a real sweet guy. (*`ω´*) At times, he would be worried if he can be Lulu’s help. In this game, we have to look for these little magic rocks. He thought he would just search for those rocks, but actually needs some knowledge on magic. D’awwww He doesn’t have to worry about that. (*ノ∀ノ)

One night, Lulu hears some clashing noise from outside. Lulu sees Lagi and Bilal fighting, more like Lagi picking up a fight with Bilal. Bilal tells Lagi to calm down, but he just can’t calm down. Lagi yells at Bilal, “You think I wouldn’t notice after being with you for so long!?” ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ ahaha I don’t know, it just didn’t seem like an otome game anymore…(・ェ・) Lulu sees this, so ofc she tries to stop them.  Well, it seems like Bilal is hiding something, but he’s denying it. Lagi mentions how he hasn’t been using any magic since they got to this time frame. Bilal simply says it’s because he feels that he shouldn’t use magic that doesn’t exist at this time yet. I like how Lagi pays attention to the others, like how he was in Est’s route. (*´・д・`*)

WOFortune2_0012Lulu is still worry about them, so she decides to go to their room. However, no one’s there, so she looks for them. She finds Lagi, but tells her not to worry so much. Once Bilal is like that, he won’t reveal things so easily, but won’t fight about it either. He tells Lulu to go back to her room, but doesn’t wanna go back yet. Lagi sense this, and takes her somewhere…the food storage!? (・ェ・) How un-romantic… However, Lulu isn’t in the mood for food, so he’s amazed since she would usually sneak into the dorm’s kitchen with him. Lulu still has this worried expression on her face, so Lagi pats her head. Don’t worry, it’s his clean hand! (゚ω゚) He tells her that he doesn’t know what’s in her mind, but says that nothing will start if she keeps making that face. The situation they’re in right now isn’t the worst. There’s still a way to get back to their rightful time frame as well. We know what we need to do, so he tells her to just think about that for now. There’s no point of thinking about useless things that would only make her worried even more. D’awwwww (*´д`*) Lulu and Lagi is about to go back. He tells Lulu to be careful bc there’s this inconsistent step, but too late~ Lagi grabs her…and…ehehehehe CHIBI DRAGON~ Yay!! SO cute~ (*`ω´ *)

This other day, Lulu sees Lagi and Bilal in the hall. When Lagi sees her, he makes this “oh crap” expression. It seems like they’re going somewhere, and Lulu tries to tag along. However, they tell her to stay bc it might be dangerous. This makes Lulu want to tag along even more in case something happens. Well, Bilal tells her that he doesn’t want to put cute Lulu in danger. His plan was to avoid the subject by making her blush, but it doesn’t work. Somehow I found this offensive…Poor Lulu. This is how she is viewed by others…Well, Bilal actually… (・へ・ ) Lulu follows them after all, but Bilal tells her to stay close to them. You know, in case something happens. They go to the place where they were attacked by the gargoyles when they first came to this time frame. As they go further in to the forest, they find this waterfall. The three of them can feel this presence of something ahead, but it’s a dead end.

WOFortune2_0014Lagi claims that he can hear something or someone calling out to him. He goes toward the waterfall. Lulu tries to stop him, but suddenly a passage way appears in front of them. Lulu tries to stop Lagi once again from going in, this time from going in the cave. However, Bilal stops her bc he feels that they should go as well. As the party walk in the cave, Lulu notices that Lagi is acting strange. She asks Bilal, but then notices that he isn’t looking well, and sweating. When they get into this open space, Bilal collapses. Just when Lulu tries to use a spell, this voice comes in. The place starts shaking as if it’s an earthquake; a dragon appears. He had felt a presence of a fellow dragon, so he opened the passage to them. However, he mentions that he had never allowed the passing of a detestable trespasser. Lagi apologizes for trespassing, but tells him it’s wrong for him to attack people who know nothing about the situation. I believe that he felt that Lagi had a point there, so he changes into human form; he called himself Zeth. Therefore, he asks Lagi what the girl with elements of different nature compare to normal humans (Lulu) and the dude who is the carrier of the blood he had cursed (Bilal) are to him. He asks what an honorable dragon as himself is doing with such people. Lagi claims that they’re his friends, and that they’re not bad people.

Lagi asks about the curse. Zeth claims that his skin and eyes are those of the royalties from the Faranbard kingdom. He mentions how Bilal’s bloodline made him angry, so he put a curse; it was due to their dishonor 50 years ago. Zeth tells Bilal to disappear from his sight, but Bilal wants to know what happened during the time. They were kinda in danger, but Morgana interrupts Zeth’s rage. Morgana explains how they came from the far future, so it’s natural to be clueless. As much as Zeth wants to get rid of Bilal, he says he will forget he existed as long as he disappear from his sight this instant on behalf of Morgana. However, he doesn’t want to do so until he finds out what happened in the past. Apparently, he’s been searching all this time for the reason that caused his kingdom to suffer. This was also the reason why he came to Mills Claire in the first place. However, Lagi tell him to calm down, worrying that he will get himself killed if he continues. Bilal bites his lips with a regretful facial expression. Lulu had never seen such an expression on Bilal, as if he was about to cry grasping his fist. When she saw this, she started walking towards Zeth.

Lulu introduces herself, and apologizes for trespassing and making him angry. She’s acting brave, but is actually scared. She tells Zeth how both Lagi and Bilal are important friends to her. Lulu claims how Bilal was always worried about how his kingdom has had inadequate amount of water, and the people are suffering. He always studied hard in order to save people with magic. However, no matter how much he tried, there were no progress. Therefore, he was planning to return home. Lulu asks Zeth to give Bilal a chance even though he tells her it’s pointless. It also turns out that Bilal wasn’t able to use his powers because of Zeth’s presence. The spirits that were the sources of magic were afraid that they’ll anger the dragon (Zeth). He didn’t tell the others because he didn’t want to add problems for the others. Therefore, Morgana asks Zeth to help Bilal in behalf of him; Morgana feels that it’s his duty to guide his students, regardless of which time he may come from.

Zeth gives Bilal a spirit named Clarne to give him powers while he’s at this time frame. However, she hates humans. Zeth makes a deal with Bilal. If Bilal is able to convince her that he’s trustworthy, he’ll tell him what happened 50 years ago. Clarne also changes the way Bilal’s speech by modifying his head a bit. She doesn’t like how she has to listen to his orders already, so she claims she should at least change the way he talks. As soon as he spoke, his words came out all smoothly. I personally like how he talks now because he usually talks super slow haha

During their walk back, Lagi suggest that they rest. While they rest, he tells them that there’s somewhere he has to go, so Lulu follows him. He tells her to stay with Bilal, but doesn’t listen to him. Lagi talks about how it was his first time seeing a dragon even though his dad is a dragon. By the time Lagi was born, his dad was gone; he doesn’t know where or what he’s doing now. He only knows humans since he was raised by his grandparents. Therefore, it actually felt nostalgic meeting Zeth even though they were different elements. Lagi asks how Lulu felt about Zeth. Lulu thought Zeth was really big and scary. She felt somewhat complexed to think that one day Lagi will turn that way, and things won’t be the same anymore. However, Lagi tells her not to worry about such things. Lagi claims that he wishes  to be like Zeth one day, but not now. Nevertheless, he wishes to talk to Zeth again, and still has so many things he wants to ask him.

One night, Lulu suggest that maybe she should just search for the stones on her own since Lagi and Bilal has new problems in their hands. She feels that she doesn’t want to trouble them, but they’re both like ( ಠ_ಠ ). Lagi tells her not to underestimate them, claims they can do both. Besides, they can’t let Lulu go all on her own especially when there are monsters and the war is about to start. When the two dudes go back to their room, Lagi asks Bilal. They were acting like it was nothing in front of Lulu, so he asks what the actual situation is regarding with the whole Clarne situation. Honestly, it’s not going so well because she has no intention of getting along. Lagi offers to help him out, but Bilal tells him this is something he has to overcome on his own.

WOFortune2_0018The next day, Lulu was planning to go search for stones, but Lagi tells her that he’s gonna pass. It seems that Lagi is planning to go see Zeth, so Lulu decides to go with him.When they get there, Zeth is somewhat unhappy that Lagi brought Lulu. However, Zeth wanted to talk to Lagi as well. Zeth mentions that last time Lagi claimed that both Lulu & Bilal are important friends to him. Therefore, he asks if he knows that human and dragons can’t coexist. Lagi knows this, but he claims that he can’t just choose so easily since he’s only half -dragon. He mentions that he can’t even change his form freely. Apparently, Zeth thought Lagi was sealing his power in order to stay by the human’s side. Ofc, Lagi denies this, so Zeth examines him. It turns out that he does have the power of the dragon deep inside, but there’s also a trace of another dragon sealing his power. They suspect that it’s his dad, but this angers Lagi. He’s bothered by this since his dad hasn’t been in his life, not even once. Then, all of a sudden gets involved in this way,  preventing him to be a dragon when he wants to be one. Lulu suggest that he probably had his reason, but Lagi asks Zeth to unleash the seal anyways. Zeth somewhat warns Lulu not to confuse Lagi from going his way of being a dragon. After his transformation, Lagi somewhat changed. He gets more sleep and hungry now. Also, he has a fire spirit with him now.

One day, Lulu is looking for Lagi since it’s almost dinner. Morgana tells her that he’s in the backyard napping. They talk about the first time they met; he was sleeping then too. They talk about how she would always turn him into a dragon because she would trip, and Lagi would have to catch her. She thanks him for those times. However, Lagi tells her that he’s the one that should thank her. He was always irritated about his condition, but it was comfortable being by her side.

WOFortune2_0020It seems that magic is really unstable these days because Morgana has to take care of the war issue right now. Lagi and Bilal split in two, so they can take care of this issue. When they return, it looks like Bilal was able to earn his trust. The night before the war, Lulu is worried. Just when she thinks that, Lulu and Lagi bump into each other in the hall. Lagi asks her if she’s free right now, so Lulu follows him to the lake. He made sure there was no one there, which made Lulu think that he was acting real strange. There’s this awkward silence, so Lulu calls out to him. All of a sudden he yells, saying that he can’t say, as in that it’s too embarrassing. CONFESSION (゚ω゚)? He tells her to forget it, and try to leave. Lulu is about to cry now because she thinks that he might be keeping his worries inside. Now he’s troubled because he wasn’t trying to make her cry. He tells her that he’ll say, but she better not regret it. WHO WOULD!? (๑´ڡ`๑) All of a sudden, he asks Lulu if he can hug her. (*゚◇゚) Lulu is surprised. Lagi quickly tells her that he doesn’t mean it that way. What way?~ (ΦωΦ)σ He wants to see if he’ll turn chibi dragon now that he has unleashed his dragon powers. He feels relieved when he found out that he won’t turn into chibi anymore… Awwww (○`ε´○) He feels free now, and don’t feel like he’s tied down. Lulu is somewhat happy, but also feel sad at the same time. She wonders if he really knows the meaning of his words. When they let go, they’re both embarrassed. However, Lulu still has this worried expression on her face, so he tells her not to worry. Lagi thinks that she’s worried about the war, so he tells her to remember that he’ll be by her side, so she doesn’t need to worry. He adds that he needs to keep an eye on her, or they won’t know what kind of trouble she’ll get into. Lulu asks, “Forever?” (´・д・`)

The day of the war has come, and the three were told to go see Zeth. It seems that Zeth was expecting them. Zeth is to help Mills Claire, but claims that the time is not right. On the other hand, he notice that Clarne isn’t “Clarne” anymore. Bilal gave her a new name, as Liane. Therefore, Zeth keeps his promise to talk about the curse. It all started 50 years ago when Zeth lived on the lands of Faranbard. It was a place hidden from the humans, and surrounded by water and spirits. However, at times, humans would disturb. Zeth would then use spirits to kick them out of the place. Therefore, soon people would call this a cursed place. At first, Zeth thought this would be good, so humans will no longer disturb. However, he believes that this may have been what triggered the incident.

WOFortune2_0024Back then, the lands of Faranbard wasn’t unified as “one.” There were many sections that divided the land, each have their own leader. However, there was this one man named Shamus, who wanted to unify the sections into a country. Zeth admits that he was a brave man, only with a sword and a shaman. He tries to kick them out using the same method as the other people. Nevertheless, Shamus overcomes all his obstacles, and stood in front of him. I was actually thinking Shamus was a bad dude, but… Shamus asks Zeth for help to borrow his power. He talks about how the sections fight amongst each other in the land, and it’s affecting the people. Therefore, he wanted to unify the land as one country, so he can stop meaningless battles. In order to do this, he needs power. Shamus believed that if he earns trust from a dragon, people will follow him. However, Zeth refuses, so Shamus takes out his sword. He wasn’t trying to hurt him, but was able to take his scale. Thus, Zeth cursed Shamus and his bloodline. At first, I was thinking what the heck, it’s just a scale. When Bilal asks him why he didn’t accept, he claims that asking him in the first place was the wrong idea. He tells them how humans don’t understand dragons. Apparently, dragons are real powerful, even just one scale has power. Unlike Lulu & co, dragons don’t need to use powers from the spirits. They can simply create from nothing. Also, the emotions of a dragon are way controllable than humans. Therefore, Zeth’s rage wasn’t able to control the curse on Shamus.

Bilal asks if  the curse will be lifted if his bloodline was to leave Faranbard, However, the curse will only be lifted from the land, but not his bloodline. Therefore, Zeth tells him there might be a way to lift the curse completely. In doing so, Zeth will need his scale back. The other thing is for Bilal to pay the consequence for his rage. He has to hand in something most important to him in exchange. From hearing this, both Bilal and Lagi goes out to do some thinking. On the other hand, Lulu does some exploring in the cave. She does some thinking on her own. She felt that it must be lonely for dragons to live all alone. Apparently, Zeth was listening to this, so he tells her that those are only perspectives of humans. However, Lagi is a half-dragon, so he may be an exception. He tells her that she shouldn’t be near Lagi any longer. Zeth claims that it’s best for the both of them.

When Lulu and Zeth went back, Bilal was back. However, Lagi wasn’t. After Lulu went to sleep, Bilal and Lagi had a talk. Bilal was still thinking about what’s most important to him. Lagi mumbles something about regretting something, but doesn’t wanna talk about it. Bilal says that if it’s possible, not to make Lulu cry. He worries that this might be a burden to Lagi, but he agrees that he would have said the same thing if he was in his position. Lagi is too scared to face Lulu right now. (´・д・`) The next morning, Lulu doesn’t feel good, so Liane suggest that she go get some fresh air outside. Lulu walks around a bit, and find Lagi training with his salamander spirit. She wants to stay with him, but he tells her to go back. Lagi wants to be alone, so Lulu asks if she should just leave his side; Not just now, but forever… Dun Dun Dun (´・ω・) 

Well, anyways Lulu asks for some time with Lagi. He talks about how he was annoyed at his dad for sealing his powers, but understand why he did it now. He tells Lulu that he’s scared of being with her. Lagi is already barely hanging on with the excessive power of a dragon. He’s scared because Lulu is probably the biggest thing that can move his feelings. While the two were gone, it was decided that Bilal is going to Mills Claire. The next day, it’s awkward between Lulu and Lagi. All of a sudden, they notice that someone uninvited is coming closer. Lagi volunteers to go out and check, but Zeth stops him. He asks if Lagi can really control himself since wavering motions can cause his powers to go out of control. He suggest that he stays unless he wants to repeat the whole Faranbard incident. Therefore, Lulu goes with him…

WOFortune2_0026When they go out, Lagi takes out his sword and salamander spirit in case he uses his dragon power. Then, they see these soldiers, so he tells her to stay behind him. However, the commander officer tells his subordinates that there’s nothing to worry about since magic users can’t harm people. Lagi tells Lulu to put magic on his sword, but the commando tells his subordinates to attack her. ( ಠ_ಠ ) Lulu gets stabbed right in the back from one of the soldiers, which makes Lagi super angry. Lagi is turning all super saiyan from all the anger, but Lulu stops him. She tells him that if he uses his power, she’s gonna hate him. The soldiers run away. When Lulu felt relieved, she faints. They come back into Zeth’s cave, and Bilal is there as well. He takes out the sword out of her back, but blood isn’t stopping. Luckily, Zeth tells them that he’ll save her. Lagi asks if he can stay by her side, but Zeth tells him no. Apparently, Lagi’s presence is too strong for her to handle; it will only be poison to her. Lagi gets frustrated, and runs away…

WOFortune2_0032Later on, Lagi have calmed down from his depressing  run-off. He says it will only be for a little while, and start talking by her side. He talks about how he felt like his head was going to explode when when he saw Lulu get hurt. He thought that she might just actually die; he couldn’t think anymore. Even if everything in the world was going to disappear, he couldn’t bare to lose her; everything would be meaningless without her. He blamed his weakness for Lulu getting hurt. Therefore, he thought if she was going to get hurt by staying by his side, he rather not be with her at all. Lulu stops him before he can say the rest of his words. Meanwhile, everything on the war got solved while Lulu was getting healed. They say their farewell to Zeth, and thanks him.

The next morning, everything is back to normal. Lulu hears the salamander spirit’s voice, so she goes to see Lagi. Lulu tries to talk to him, but Lagi tries to avoid her with an excuse. Lulu suddenly grabs him, and ask if he made a decision yet. Lagi is still scared to be with her. However, he tells her that he can’t be with her for now. He doesn’t have the confidence to answer to her feelings, or her words. The next day, they go back to their original time.

WOFortune2_0038Few days later, it seems that Lulu was in bed tired from all the time traveling. She goes to the cafeteria with Amy. Bilal wave to them to tell them to come sit with him and Lagi. Amy is surprised from Bilal’s speech. I actually forgot about that (・ω・) It’s awkward between Lulu and Lagi. Bilal tells Lulu how he’s going back home tomorrow. On the other hand, Lagi is acting cold toward her, leaving right after he eats. That night, Lulu can’t sleep, she takes out the charm Lagi gave her. She hears a voice in her dream, dream about Lagi’s mom and dad. Lagi’s mom was name Tia; she was blind. The first time Tia met his dad was when she was gathering herbs for her dad. However, Tia didn’t know she was trespassing a dragon’s territory. The dragon’s name was Kada. Kada threatens her to leave, but tells him he doesn’t have such a right since the world belongs to everyone; there’s nothing here that has his name on it. Tia suggest that he must be a very self-centered dragon, and teases him. (*´ー`) At times, she would go back to the place. Eventually, they fall in love, and have Lagi.

The  next day, Bilal is going bye-bye. Lulu tries to be brave, and is about to confess. However, Lagi stops her just in time before she spills it. He claims that this is why Lulu scares him; she would ignore his feeling, and isn’t afraid of facing him. Anyways, he tells her that he understands what she wants to say, but can’t answer her now. Therefore, they make plans to meet that tonight. He claims that there’s someone he needs to face before he faces her.

WOFortune2_0040The person Lagi wanted to meet was his dad, Kada. Apparently, he told his salamander spirit to tell him to come meet him. He tells her how he wants to ask how he was born, and why he left them. When his dad came, it’s actually clear who Lagi got his looks from. Lagi gets right to the point, and ask why he disappeared from them; he asks why he didn’t protect them, but abandoned them.  However, Kada claims that he was the one that was abandoned. She claims that Tia was a strong woman; she was frail, but had a strong will. They loved each other. Therefore, Kada was really angry when he found out how the townspeople were treating her and her family. He was so angry that he wanted them to pay for what they did. In return, Tia said that she was gonna hate him if he were to do such a thing. Kada loved her from the bottom of his heart. Therefore, he decided to leave, thinking that it will be for her own good. However, after she died, he came to see Lagi just once. Lagi actually already realized the reason why Kada gave him the seal; the seal was to stall Lagi some time to decide which path he was going to choose. Kada senses what it means for Lulu to be there with them; she must be someone important to Lagi. Lagi admits. He tells his dad that he is gonna live his life with Lulu, as a human. (・O ・)Kada is like, “Well said!” and hugs both Lulu & Lagi. Lagi nags why he’s hugging her, but Kada doesn’t see anything wrong with that since Lulu is her daughter now. 。゚+.o((*´∀`*))o。゚+ He tells Lulu to care of Lagi from now on. Also, he tells him to be happy, and don’t live his life with regrets. Then, Lagi tells Kada that he’ll be happy with Lulu no matter what. Kada gives Lagi one of his scale as his first and last present to him, so the salamander spirit can stay with him.

Lagi went back home soon after they met Kada. It seems that Lagi hasn’t been contacting Lulu for three years. Lulu wrote letters to him, but Lagi never wrote back. Ivan sensei asks her is she’s worried, but tells him she’s isn’t. Lulu is in fact actually really lonely. All of a sudden she gets a message form Lagi to pick him up at this place. Ofc, Lulu rushes there, only seeing Kada in front of him. However, it’s actually really Lagi; he looks a lot like his dad now that he’s not a little midget aha It might just be me, I think he takes a lot of screen space now. (´・ω・ ) I guess that proves that he’s not so small anymore haha  He gets all embarrassed when Lulu tells him that he has become more handsome; Lagi tells Lulu she got prettier (〃ω〃) Even though he didn’t write back to her, he has always thought of her. He proposes to Lulu. (*^ω^*) Of course Lulu is happy, and says yes. Lagi carries her on his shoulder, AND SAYS THAT HE CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE AND FINDS A PLACE TO STAY…∑(◎_◎;) WOAH LAGI~

Lagi was really adorable. (* ´艸`)クスッ♪  Lagi grew up so much.  He used to be all embarrassed, but now changed so much that he can go carry Lulu to go do randy things ahaha. I kinda hoped that they would go less detailed on Bilal’s side of the story though. I guess it’s understandable that it’s kinda hard to dodge Bilal’s plot, but meh. (・へ・ ) I don’t know. It makes Lagi’s route seem kinda content-less, but filled with just irrelevant details. It makes you think if this is really Lagi’s route because the beginning is about mostly what happened 50 years ago at Faranbard. Also, I guess I assumed that each character will have at least 85% attention in that dude’s route since Alvaro and Est didn’t really have each other disrupting one another’s route…I think? Well, not that I can remember. I’m going to take a break from Wand of Fortune a bit now. I was planning to play the fandisk right after, but I’m kinda sick of seeing them a bit bc the route was soo long. Well…to me, it was…Orz As for now, I just HOPE HOPE Julius and Noel won’t be at each other’s plot so much. (´・д・`)

I need to go back to Tasogaredoki as well. I need to move on to the next game! ahaha. I’ll probably go play their fandisk routes after I play a few routes in Tasogare, or maybe finish it since it’s sooo much shorter than WOF.


6 thoughts on “Wand of Fortune 2 – Lagi

  1. Hi there!
    The other day I started playing this game and I have a problem.
    I have come to the part where Zeth tells the story of Shamus, and when Bilal and Lagi leave from there, Zeth and the girl start talking.
    The problem is that as I don’t know Japanese, I don’t understand what they say. And every option I’ve chosen always occurs with a tragic end of Lagi.
    And I was wondering… What options I have to choose to not have this bad ending?
    We would greatly appreciate you told me.


    1. Hello~ The thing is with Wand of Fortune 2, it’s a bit tricky since there are certain requirements you need to satisfy in order to get the good end. For instance, Lagi…You need to (1) obtain a total amount of 50 stones in the searching part of the game (color/element doesn’t matter) by the 50th turn, (2) need to go stone searching with Lagi for at least 15 times, (3) love parameter has to be at 7 or more (6 or less gives you the normal end), and lastly, (4) you need to get a certain item called 『夢の輪』and unlock the area 『幻惑の沼』with Lagi. If you do all these things, you should be able to get his good end. Good Luck! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و


      1. Hello again, first thank you very much for answering to my question.
        I already have the three requirements, but the problem is the item and area.
        How and where do I get that item that I need and how to unlock that area?
        Again, thank you very much for answering and I hope you can resolve that doubt. ><


        1. Omg, sorry for the late reply. I don’t know how I missed your comment. In order to unlock the 『幻惑の沼』, you need to make the『ユニコーンの涙』. In order to get this, you need to obtain the 『祝福の杯』by searching the 『ネブラ街道』five times. You combine the 『祝福の杯』and 『水結精石』by going to ミラ (the girl that looks like Lulu’s roommate) and then you’ll get the 『ユニコーンの涙』 . I think you can obtain the item 『夢の輪』when you unlock the 『幻惑の沼』.


          1. Hello (for a third time ><)
            I have the 「祝福 の 杯」 but the problem is the 「水 結 精 石」, because I don't know if it is blue gems that you find for example in 「正門前広場」or 「星流れの川」, or is other thing.
            If is that kind of gem, I already have all the necessary. But, the 「夢 の 輪」appears random or like the 「祝福 の 杯」, which at 5 turns appears?
            Again, thank you for all.


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