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Wand of Fortune 2 – Bilal

Sorry for the late post (part two). It might have been best if I posted Bilal’s route first, but I didn’t. I felt that if I do, it’s gonna delay the posts even more, so I decided to stick to the first plan. I HIGHLY recommend reading Lagi’s route before Bilal’s!!! Most of Bilal’s plot is in Lagi’s route. This post is more likely going to be on the events that Lulu had with Bilal instead of Lagi. However, I’m only going to go over the main ones, like I did with Lagi. I’m not going to explain the past on Faranbard since I did in Lagi’s, so please go there…UNLESS you already know about it haha~ (*´ー`)ノ


Bilal is the prince-like dude, a super slow talker… Some people may have liked him that way, but I’m actually glad his speech changed. It’s easier to listen to him now. (゚ω゚) This review starts after Lulu, Bilal, and Lagi already met Zeth(dragon) for the first time.

When Bilal, Lagi, and Lulu go gather up some info. about the town, this time Lulu goes with Bilal. They find out how Morgana is trusted by many of the townspeople. However, it seems that they were hiding something though. Lulu praises Bilal for his keenness. He claims that he usually did back at home to notice if changes occur. Lulu claims that he is more prince-like now that he speaks smoothly. Bilal teases her, and suggest that he does something more prince-like. He calls Lulu a princess, and to dance a song with him. Lulu is even more embarrassed, so Bilal suggest that he calls her by her name then. All of a sudden, water comes falling on his head. Clarne asks Bilal if he was able to cool his head. They’re like glaring at each other. She’s dumbfounded by the fact that she has to listen to a dude like Bilal. Lulu refutes that Bilal may be like that, but tells Clarne how reliable he is to many people. However, Clarne tells her that it has nothing to do with her.

While Lagi goes to see Zeth, Lulu stays with Bilal. He doesn’t wanna look for stones either because he wants to have a talk with Clarne instead. Lulu notices something different from Clarne. It so happens that this convinces Clarne from giving them a chance to earn her trust. She doesn’t tell them how at the moment, but says that she’ll think about it. Bilal thanks Lulu for her help. He tells her that he feels kinda sad to see her grow up in terms of abilities, but he doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way. He feels as if one day she will go somewhere far away out of their reach. Lulu claims that she is herself, just like Bilal is Bilal even if his speech changed. He kinda mumbles that that wasn’t what he meant. Anyways, Lulu hopes that Clarne will look at Bilal’s good side. Bilal then says that Lulu did change after all; she’s more beautiful and can’t get his eyes off her. (・ェ・)

That evening, Lagi tells them how he doesn’t turn into chibi dragon anymore, so it means that he had unleashed his seal.

Lulu and Bilal go to a new place to collect stones. They get to a marsh, but is filled with poison. Therefore, they get rid of the monster/spirit that caused it. However, Clarne has this sad expression as if she knows that the marsh will soon be dirty again. Lulu and Bilal goes to the marsh again this other day. It seems that the poison is completely gone. Clarne mentions how the marsh has been loved by many water spirits, but Lulu notices Clarne’s expression on her face. She claims that normally a marsh can’t be created without a water source. However, this marsh was able to do so. Since Zeth is here, other water spirits are gathering up. Therefore, the excessive amount of magic are attracting the other spirits that are poisonous to the marsh. Lulu asks what they should do in order to lower the excess magic. Clarne suggests that they should freeze the marsh, as a seal. Lulu asks if that’s really fine with her, so Clarne asks what they can do as if she’s annoyed. She tells them that she’s just telling them what’s best as Bilal’s current guardian spirit. Clarne refuses to answer when Bilal asks what they should do as a water spirit, not his guardian spirit.

Lulu claims that the marsh is in fact important for Clarne because she sees a deep bond between them. Clarne is reminded that Lulu is able to see these things. Remember how Clarne said she was going to think of something Bilal and Lulu can do to earn her trust? Clarne admits to what Lulu claimed. Clarne, in fact, used to live in the marsh, and protected the place. There were no problems then. However, now that she’s a human’s guardian spirit, her powers are limited. As long as Clarne is away from the marsh, the power balance will be unstable. Therefore, she says that the best thing to do is to seal the marsh. Lulu is worried, but Bilal claims that this problem isn’t even a difficult one. Bilal decides to cancel their contract. Clarne claims that he is only being a fool for doing such an act, especially in the middle of a war. Even though it may make him a fool, he will do whatever he can to earn her trust. Clarne thinks he’s bluffing. However, Lulu interrupts; she claims that he is someone that knows the weight of what is really important. She asks if he won’t regret it, but he says he won’t.

WOFortune2_0048As soon as they cancel their contract, Clarne passes down her power to a different water spirit as the new guardian of the marsh. The two are wondering why she is doing so, but just says that she’s got something else to do. (*´ー`*) Clarne tells Bilal that they’re going to make a new contract; he’s worth it. She asks for a new name because “Clarne” was given to the new water spirit that is the guardian of the marsh now. Clarne suggests that Lulu gives her a new name since she believes that she’ll probably have a better sense than Bilal; Lulu names her “Liane,” which means bond.

WOFortune2_0049The night before the start of the war, Lulu walks out to the lake as if she was lead by the moon. Bilal is kinda angry for her to be out there because it’s dangerous for her to go out alone. Lulu asks him why he was out there, but it appears that they were both seduced by the moon. (゚ω゚) Lulu is worried about tomorrow, but Bilal tells her to forget about the war for the time being. He tells her to enjoy the time they are having now. Bilal uses some fancy shmancy magic to dance around in water, or something. I found this scene really corny ahah 

The day of the war, the three of them go to Zeth. On the way, Lagi runs of somewhere else. Bilal suggest they should head to him first, but Liane tells him to wait for Lagi. Therefore, Liane asks to visit the marsh as they wait for Lagi to come back. It seems that the marsh is doing just fine, but the new guardian spirit of the marsh is worried that she won’t be able to maintain the balance as the war gets worse. Therefore, Lulu and Bilal gives the spirit some power, enough to maintain the power balance of the marsh. When they meet up with Lagi again, they go to see Zeth. Zeth tells them what happened 50 years ago since he passed his task, to earn Liane’s trust. He was told that there are still hopes that he can take away the curse with two conditions: ① Return his scale ② Exchange something that is most important to Bilal. Both Lagi and Bilal go emo, and goes out to get some alone time.

On the other hand, Lulu is alone now since the two went to sob. Liane talks to Lulu, but worried if she doesn’t need to be with Bilal. She tells her that since she’s his guardian spirit, she can get to him fast if he does need her. However, Liane thinks that Lulu is the one that doesn’t want to be alone. Lulu wonders what can be important to Bilal that he must exchange, so Liane asks if she really doesn’t know. Liane says that Bilal should already know what he needs to give away. I think I do too. (◕﹏◕ ) She claims that Bilal is strong-willed. There are no lies in his words when he said that he’ll do anything for his country. However, even he can’t decide to throw away what is important right away. Lulu says it’s sad that he’s the only one that have to suffer from this. Therefore, Liane asks what Lulu wishes from Bilal. She tells her that it doesn’t matter how selfish the wish may be, what will be her wish. Lulu wishes as a friend that Bilal will be happy; not as a prince, but as Bilal. Liane then teases her if she really means that as a friend. (*◕ω◕*✿) I’m totally a Liane fan now~

That night, Lagi goes have a chit-chat with Bilal this time. Bilal didn’t come back from his emo time after all even though Lagi did. He tells her how she was worried about Bilal. Bilal actually admits that he has some worries. Lagi is pretty surprised that he actually admits. He says, “It should be fine since it’s you.” (⊙_⊙)… ┌(┌^o^)┐ホモォ… just kidding. Bilal only said that bc he knows Lagi is going through an obstacle as well, just like him. I know, but it sounds soo… ahaha. Bilal mentions that he does have somewhat of a clue on what he thinks is most important to him. However, the more he thinks it’s important, he has this feeling that he doesn’t want to lose it.

The next day, Lulu goes to see Bilal. However, he totally avoids her by telling her to go help Lagi bc he hasn’t gotten much sleep. Later, Bilal calls out to Zeth to ask what Morgana asked him to do. He mentions how 50 years ago after he left Faranbard, Morgana accepted him to Latium. Therefore, Zeth agreed to help him just once using his powers in time of need. The time has come for Zeth to assist Morgana, to stop time. Bilal mentions how there shouldn’t be a need for such powerful magic when the opponents are mere humans. He suggests if there are other opponents that are after Mills Claire. Bilal decides to go back to Mills Claire to talk to Morgana. Lulu wants to join him, but he objects to her idea.

WOFortune2_0050This time Lagi isn’t with her when Zeth notices the intruders. Zeth tells her that there’s no worry for Lagi, but the people who attack. He reminds her that dragons have strong emotional outrage, which might repeat Zeth’s mistake (curse on Faranbard). Lulu is worried, so she goes out to find him. When she finds him, they soon are found by soldiers of the opponent side of war. Lagi tells her to stall while he calls for reinforcements. Just when Lulu is almost at her limit, Bilal comes to the rescue. Lagi comes back right after, and tells her to stand back. Lulu tries to assist them, but instead she faints. That night, Lulu can feel Bilal’s presence, holding her. However, she can’t completely gain consciousness. On the other hand, Bilal starts talking to himself. He asks her why she’s always running into trouble. He claims how scared he was when he saw her. He thought, what if Lulu was to get hurt, what if her life was taken away, or what if  she was to never smile at him anymore. For the first time, he had discovered such weak thoughts. He wonders whether being by her side has made him strong, or only weaker.

When Lulu wakes up the next morning, finding Liane by her side. It seems like Lagi went out this morning. On the other hand, Bilal went to talk to Zeth about the future stuff. Lulu tries to go to Bilal, but Liane stops her. Before she lets her pass, she tells her to answer her question. Liane asks Lulu if she loves Bilal; Lulu claims that she doesn’t know what this feeling is bc it’s her first. However, she also claims that he’s the most important than anyone. It makes her happy when he smiles, is by her side, and wants him to always be by her side. Therefore, she admits that she loves him. Liane tells her that Bilal has realized her feelings toward him, and his feelings from that realization. Liane claims that she doesn’t plan to betray her master, but doesn’t want to see Lulu hurt either. Therefore, she uses a spell to show what’s going on now with Bilal and Zeth.

Zeth asks whether Bilal talked to Morgana about the curse. Morgana claims that it’s too risky to break the curse in this time frame since it may change the future. Also, since the future Faranbard is still cursed, it means that Zeth is still alive. He can break the curse in the future, if he pays the price. Bilal is relieved to hear that, and says there’s no problem then. Zeth asks if he already decided what he’s giving away; Bilal claims that there was only one answer all along. Before Bilal can say anything else, Zeth stops him. He claims that he can still see him conflicting inside. Bilal claims that he already decided, but Zeth tells him that it’s not something he can choose alone. He tells Bilal that he still has time, so he’ll hear him out in the future. This is when the vision stops.  Lulu feels complexed that she feels happy, but isn’t happy at all. Lulu is all emo about it, but Liane interrupts that he hasn’t made a decision yet; his feelings for her are still there. However, Liane tells her that she can only do up to her, the rest is up to her. Soon, Bilal tells Lulu to come with him, so they can talk about future plans with Zeth.

Therefore, they talk about how Solo was the other force up against Mills Claire. They discuss about how Solo officially decided to go against Morgana, trying to take magic away from people. Therefore, Bilal plans to go have a little talk with Solo. Lulu tried to tag along, but Bilal tells her no. Zeth gives him this ring, it’s gonna tell him where Zeth is in the future. It will also seal Liane in there. Zeth says his goodbye, and hopes they won’t make any regrets.

Lulu & co. are back at Mills Claire. She’s mumbling to herself that that Bilal should be talking to Solo right now. All of a sudden, Solo appears out of nowhere and is like, “Did you call me? The weather is nice today.” haha Lulu asks him what happened after all. He tells her that he’s not going to take magic away, and that Bilal got angry at him as well. Lulu goes looking for Bilal, and hears Lagi yelling at him. However, they shut up when they see Lulu coming in. Lagi just tells Bilal that that he won’t accept it, and if he’s really okay with sacrificing himself. However, he brushes him off by saying that he shouldn’t need his permission in making his decision. Bilal tells him to just worry about himself, so Lagi tells him to do whatever then.

After Lagi leaves, he asks Lulu for some time with him since it will be the last. They go to the balcony to talk. He believes that it was fate to come to the time frame. He was worried, but it was probably something necessary. They talk about how they’ll have to make a decision when they go back. She claims that she probably know what she’s going to choose, and tells him what Liane showed her in the past. She asks what she can do for him, so he asks her for a favor. He tells her not to change, no matter what he may choose. How selfish ( ಠ_ಠ )

They go back to their time frame, and a couple of days passed. She was going to meet Amy at the cafeteria, but sees Bilal on the way. He just tells her good morning, tells her Amy is waiting for her, and leaves. Lagi then sees Lulu about to cry, suspecting Bilal for the cause. Lulu is worried that Bilal might actually go away without saying anything. Lagi says he can’t accept it either. However, he says that he’ll come to choose one of the choices from the two. If she was to be in one of the choices, she’s the only one that can change his way of thinking. Lagi wishes her good luck.

Lulu then goes to the library, and sees Est. She just sits there with a worried face next to him. He tells her to leave if she’s not going to say anything. Est tells her that he feels that it seems like Bilal is tied down by obligations and responsibility, rather than protecting what’s important. He mentions how he used to think that way as well. However, he figured out that, that’s rarely the case. He feels that when a person is really having a rough time, they are tied down even more. Lulu is having trouble understanding, so he breaks it down for her. He simply says, “It’s not like you’re going to die without it.” Even if Bilal throws all those things away, he’s not going to die without it. Est is such a sweetie. (*´ー`*) He wishes her good luck bc they’re both important friends to him. (*´д`*) D’AWWWWWW~ 

Later, Lulu sees Lagi, finding out that he’s going to leave Mills Claire. Therefore, they go to Bilal. When they find him, he’s kind of mad at Lagi for bringing her to him. Lagi tells him that they have had such a long relationship. He’s seen his good and bad sides. He’s glad that they met, and became roommates. He’s glad that he is glad to have a friend like him. cough cough Are you sure Lagi isn’t the one confessing? Lulu is like air now (゚ω゚) ahah Bilal feels the same way and that he is thankful, but… However, Lagi tells him to let him finish. He says he supports whatever his choice may be, but at least say it in Lulu’s face. I agree dude (´・д・`)

Lulu tells him how she had talked to Est about them. Bilal tries to interrupt, but tells him to let her finish. He really can’t wait ’til the other finishes huh? aha She says that he’s an adult that knows a lot more than her. He knows how to endure. He knows how to think about his country, and everyone that lives there. He agrees since he’s a royalty. However, she claims that he doesn’t trust anyone. He chooses everything on his own bc he doesn’t believe anyone’s opinion. He carries all the burden on his own because he doesn’t believe in her. She confesses to him that she wants to always be by his side, can’t think of a different future. He claims that she should know that he can’t do that. He admits that what she said is somewhat true. However, he knows that there are some things that he has to take care of on his own. Lulu claims that he’s not the only one that carries a problem like that. He asks him why she’s troubling him so much. He tells her to stop if Lulu really cares for him, but she doesn’t. She tells Bilal to choose his life with her. Bilal has this frustrated tone, “Then, are you telling me to throw away my country?” Lulu tells him that  she doesn’t have a long name like him. She doesn’t have any obligations. or responsibilities like him. Therefore, she tells him, “But I won’t die without them.” She tells him that the people won’t die without him, so the same goes for him as well. There may be someone out there that may be thankful from his help. However, Lulu, Lagi, and everyone else wishes for Bilal’s happiness more than anyone. He tells her that his people’s smile is his happiness, so Lulu asks why he looks like he’s in so much pain. She claims that it’s because he actually knows what his other happiness is, so Lulu tells him to choose her. He tells her to stop, but tells him to say that he wants to choose a future with her.

WOFortune2_0055As if his feelings exploded, he kisses her real passionately. He feels as if Lulu is a devil that is trying to destroy everything that he has built up. All of a sudden, Liane appears and is relieved to see a happy future the first thing when she is unsealed. She claims that she had always knew his true feelings all along. Then, Bilal says women are scary, so Liane calls him rude to say such a thing.

WOFortune2_0058Bilal mentions that he got Zeth’s scale delivered from home, but Liane claims that she can’t accept it just yet. Lagi turns dragon, and take them to Zeth. When they get there, Liane asks what Bilal is giving away. Bilal states that he’ll be giving away his honor. He’s going to leave his country, and never step foot on the land. The dried up land, turns into a water-nurtured land. He says that he has always wanted to show Lulu; he’s glad that he was able to see it with her. When they return, Lagi breaks them the news that he’s leaving Mills Claire as well. He tells them that he won’t see them for a while, but will always wish them happiness as if they won’t ever meet again. (´・д・`)

WOFortune2_0059Lulu already graduated from Mills Claire. She has been traveling with Bilal, and supporting him since he’s a diplomat of Faranbard. The reason why she came back to Mills Claire is because his brother is visiting. She’s actually very anxious to see him because she thinks that he probably doesn’t think well of her. Bilal shows his bro around, and later find out that he’s actually thinking of building a magic school at Faranbard. It’s a surprise because the people of Faranbard never accepted magic. He also accepts Lulu as well. Afterwards, when they’re alone, Bilal tells her how he feels sorry for always supporting him. However, he tells her that he’s already happy. He vows her that they’ll be together, and will be happy eternally.

Bilal…I don’t know what to say, but attention whore. Just kidding…sorta? aha Well, I guess I was a bit irritated in his route. His route actually took longer than any other character. Bilal…he’s sly. Well, I think he’s a pretty good character in other people’s route. He was very helpful in Est’s route that one time in the FD. When it comes to Bilal himself, he doesn’t do so well haha. I guess another thing is that I was never really that interested in him because he talked too slow. Honestly, it might have took longer if he still talked slow! I get exhausted when characters talk too slow, or should I say sleepy.. I actually finished all the characters that I was interested in, except Solo. >< I really hope Julius and Noel is FUN! aha


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