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[PSP] Time Travelers

I finally was able to finish this game. It’s not that it was difficult or anything. It’s just that back when I got this game, I didn’t really have time to play it. Also, I didn’t really want to play the game in a long run, or I thought it might ruin it. I find that this game wasn’t really something  you should play for weeks since it was like a movie. A loooong movie… aha

In the game, there are 5 main characters. The five character’s fate will be in your hands, depending on what choice you make.  There will be a time traveler chart, in which you’ll get to go back in time to change each character’s future. They will usually occur when they are in danger, and the players will have to figure out how to prevent it.

One other reason why I said this game was like a long movie is because it is full voiced & motion.

time_001They even have those commercial previews in between chapters. (・ω・) I WAS like what the… at first, but I thought it was pretty neat. I thought their playing cinema events were fun. The event requires you to press the corresponding buttons shown on the screen. I actually wouldn’t have mind if they were more difficult, I always find them fun hehe (゚ω゚)

Overall, I thought the game was real fun. I was actually pretty into it that I stayed up late playing it. If you guys are Hosoyan’s (c.v. Hosoya Yoshimasa) fan, then you might wanna play! ahah I just played the game for the plot, and the system. However, I thought the game was too movie-like. I thought the message skip was too slow unless I wasn’t using it correctly… (´・д・`) Also, I’m the type that would be impatient, and press on the buttons a lot. Therefore, I skipped like a lot of the character’s actions. Let’s say if the characters are trying to walk across the street. If I press a button, the character would be done walking across the street already. I felt like I should just watch the scenes, but nope. haha


Oh yah! Those who played the game, did you notice something familiar from another game? Those who played Danganronpa 2 should know that they had this little thing from Time Travelers in the game. I think it was in the movie theater? This time in Time Travelers, they had a little Monokuma figurine. I wish they would make make more games like Danganronpa and Time Travelers for PSP. I usually use my PSP for otome games, but you know sometimes I want to take a break from romance aha. I’m actually jealous of Vita and 3DS because they have more varieties in games. I actually have this one game I really want to play. Time Travelers is released in PSP, Vita, and 3DS. Therefore, I’m thinking why is that game only released in Vita and 3DS. Release it in PSP too! щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

These days every time I see 3DS, I kinda have this ( ಠ_ಠ ) face because ugh. Obviously Nintendo is trying to make everyone buy it since they don’t release anything in DS anymore. I bet there’s a lot of people who aren’t willing to buy a 3DS if we can still use the regular DS; I’m one of them. Despite the fact that there’s a lot of games I want to play on 3DS, I still don’t wanna buy it. What irritates me even more is that I’ve played some games that are in series right? Then, all of a sudden, I can’t play it anymore bc I don’t have the new hardware. I mean Nintendo is smart for doing so; I totally understand that it’s business. However, I still don’t want to buy it unless I get to slap whoever’s in charge for the idea. I totally got side-tracked ahaha


5 thoughts on “[PSP] Time Travelers

  1. MY FRIEND YES. I DO NOT WANT 3DS COZ IT’S REGION LOCKED SCREW DAT. I’m still playing my old and broken DS xD but yeah I’m the same as you. another example is Rune Factory. suddenly they make the super awesome 4th ones with super awesome casts in 3DS and I was like ಠ_ಠ
    if I want a 3DS I probably should buy the japanese one but once again, screw region lock coz I play japanese games for voices as well. which is why I prefer Sony nowadays. if you’re thinking to change platform, get vita instead xD

    but that’s one looonggg game. I love the concept but I’m sorry I cannot watch movies all night day long because I WANT TO TOUCH BUTTONS AND PLAY DAT. pretty much why I’m a snail with otome games

    sorry for the tantrum comment \ o /


    1. Yeah, I play Japanese games for the voices too. If i buy the 3DS, I want the Japanese one as well. I didn’t know it was region locked though aha. I usually buy the Japanese hardware bc of the color. The ones here are so ugly…like purple…Is it just me? I don’t find that pretty.Even my DS and PSP is an import. The thing is I don’t really want a Vita…aha I don’t really feel any appeal to it. I actually would prefer getting a PS3 more than a Vita,

      Anyways, Aha. Well, it took me like 2-3 days to finish the game I guess? The reason why I stayed up late was because I thought I was almost done, but nope. I didn’t play all day long literally, but I’m just the type that doesn’t like to stop in the middle when there’s like an interesting plot. Otome games, it’s a bit diff because they’re like a novel aha


      1. NDS is free region but 3DS, Wii, WiiU are all region locked, which pretty much made me stop supporting Nintendo I guess. unless I got money out of the sky and makes me rich, then I prolly buy 3DS and import the games.
        yes PS3 is more recommended as it has more games than PSV, I just thought you prefer portable xD;


  2. So you played Time Travelers… I’m so envious!!! I want to play it too…. ;__; But I need to get the game first and I’m not allowed to buy any new games, until my backlog is decreasing instead of increasing. xDD I really like the theme of the game: Time travelling to change the past and the trailer was awesome…

    Maybe I should buy it as my birthday present… *cough, cough… my wallet is staring at me with evil eyes*


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