Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

I’ve been hearing some things about this movie, so I decided to watch it. I actually bought this movie about a month ago, but never got the time to watch it. I finally watched the movie, and… I cried…kinda..(´・д・`) I’ve noticed that I’ve been really sensitive to these family types of movie these days… Well, I didn’t cry like crazy, but I got teary. ( iдi )

This movie is about a man and a woman (Hana)…Well, should I say a werewolf and a woman… They fall in love, and soon have these two kids. The older sister born on a snowy day, so she was named Yuki. The younger brother born on a rainy day, so he was named Ame. They weren’t just ordinary kids though. Like their father, they were able to turn into a wolf and human. They had a secret that can’t be known by others, but the four of them had lived happily. Until one day, the father dies. However, Hana vows to herself and her husband that she’ll raise the children well… [Spoilers Ahead]

Hana met the guy in one of her courses at college. When she first saw him, she thought he was different from the other students there.  When class was over, Hana notices that he didn’t turn in a roll call sheet. She notifies him, and finds out that he actually isn’t a student there. He says that if he’s an eyesore to her, he won’t come anymore. Just when he was about to leave through the college main entrance, Hana stops him. She doesn’t care if he’s a student or not. Instead, she suggests to share her textbook since it might be a bit difficult to understand the lecture without it. From then on, they would study, and sit with each other in class. They soon fall in love, and Hana gets pregnant with Yuki. The next year, she has Ame.

ook5 ook

ook6 ook9

Hana notices the dad was gone. She was getting worried because the dad (his name wasn’t stated) wasn’t coming back, finding food and his wallet outside the apartment door. She goes out with Yuki on her back, and Ame in the front in the rain searching for the dad. When she finds him, the dad was found in his wolf form. He was found dead, and the trash pick-up people are in the middle of cleaning up his body. I find it really sad not only because the dad was found dead, but he was put in a trash truck. She ran to the truck crying and reaching her hands out, but there’s nothing that can be done. The other thing is that there were bird feather’s around his body. When Hana was pregnant with Yuki, he came home with a bird that he hunt and made her food. Therefore, he was probably trying to do so, but didn’t make it back this time.

ook7 ook8

Despite the feelings of sadness from losing the dad, Hana vows to herself and him that she will raise them well. The little kids are sooo cute! (*´౪`*) Yuki is an energetic girl, and always causing trouble. When she’s in a bad mood, she would turn into a wolf. On the other hand, Ame is timid, and frail. He’s usually the one that’s just watching Yuki cause trouble. From time to time, the kids would transform into their wolf form as if it meant that they haven’t decided which path they will choose, to live as a wolf or human. They would howl at night, causing disturbances to the other neighbors. Soon, the organization for children protection have tried to get involved because the kids never had any immunization or check-ups at the doctor. Hana can’t do this since she has to keep the whole half wolf and human thing a secret. Hana and the dad didn’t even go to the hospital when she had Ame and Yuki; she gave birth in their apartment. Things became harder for the family to live peacefully, so Hana makes a decision. She asks the kids one early morning as they run around in their wolf forms, “What do you want to do from now on, a human or wolf?” The kids don’t understand what she means. Then, Hana says, “I’m thinking of moving, so you guys will be able to choose either way.”

ookami2 ookami 3
ookami 4 ookami 5
They move into this old shabby house in the mountains. Yuki seems to be liking the place already, running around the place like a psycho. (゚ω゚) ahah  On the other hand, it doesn’t seem like Ame is liking the place so much. Hana asks them if they like the place; Yuki tells her that she does, but Ame wants to go home. Hana starts with patching up the place since the house is a mess. There’s dust everywhere, and even the roof needs fixing because there are leaks on rainy days. Also, she would try to make a field in order to grow some vegetables for food. However, she’s struggling because the plants keep withering. Meanwhile, Ame comes crying to Hana from fighting with a cat. Yuki is saying how he’s too weak for a wolf, so the cat has his eyes on him. Even when they go out in the mountains, Yuki would be energetic chasing around animals. However, Ame asks Hana to piggy-back him, and would feel ill.

ookami 7 ookami 6
ookami 8 ookami 9
That evening, this grandpa comes to their house. Hana goes to him and talks about how it’s really hard to grow stuff. She says this place is nice since it’s full of nature. The grandpa asks, “What do you mean nature? Even if you plant it today, it won’t grow the next day. Don’t you think it will be the same no matter how much you try?” Hana has this dragged smile on her face, feeling somewhat troubled. The old man tells her not to smile, and asks her why she smiles. He tells her that she won’t get anything done just by smiling. However, this one day a woman comes to their house to give her these potatoes to grow in the field. She tries to grow them with the kids the next day, and the grandpa comes. He asks her if she is trying to waste them. Apparently, Hana was about to grow it the wrong way, so he starts telling her what she has to do. He doesn’t explain anything, but Hana listens to him anyway. Soon, the other people start teaching her a few things about growing crops on the field. Soon, Hana become friends with the other moms as well. Yuki overhears them talking about school, so she starts whining how she wants to go to school too.

ookami 10 ookami 11
ookami 12 ookami 14

Things are starting to turn well for Hana and her kids. Thy’re crops are starting to grow as they hoped. Also, she’s getting along with the other town’s people. They help each other out, and exchange crops when in need. Not only crops, one of them gives her a refrigerator because hers is too small. Hana feels bad for receiving such a big fridge, but the loaders (help Hana load the fridge to her house) tells her not to worry such things.  They tell her that it was in the storage room anyways, and he’ll get in trouble from grandpa, meaning the grandpa that helped her with the field. One of the loaders tell her that he talks about her a lot, and he was the one that told the others to take care of her. D’awww he’s such a sweetie~ (* ´艸`)クスッ♪

Soon, the season changes to winter. Hana and the kids go out in the snow, having fun. Yuki and Ame are running around. For the first time, Ame tried to hunt something. He catches a bird, but trips on his scarf and falls into the river. The river flow is too fast for Ame to swim to shore. Yuki notices this, and calls out to Hana. By the time Hana gets there, Yuki already got him on shore. However, Ame isn’t moving, and is all pale. Hana is scared to death, calling out to Ame. Eventually, he does move telling Hana that she’s squeezing him too tight. Ame tells Hana how he found a Yamazemi (bird that he caught before he fell in). He tells her that he had this feeling that he can catch it. He felt different from usual; he wasn’t scared. He felt like he can do anything. From that incident, Ame changed as if he was a different person now.

ookami 21 ookami 22

ookami 23ookami 15

Spring has come now, and Yuki is finally allowed to go to school. Yuki promises that she won’t turn into a wolf. Hana teaches her a charm, “Omiage Mittsu, Tako Mittsu.” She tells her that it’s a charm, so that she won’t turn into a wolf. At first when she got to school, she was overwhelmed by the number of people because she has never interacted with so many people. However, this changed quickly, and was able to fit in quite quite fast. However, she soon started changing as she hung out with the girls at school. Suddenly, she became embarrassed playing with animal skulls, things that normal girls wouldn’t like. Therefore, Hana made her a one piece that helped her get along with other girls. She became more and more like a normal girl. On the other hand, it was soon Ame’s turn to go to school as well. However, he wasn’t interested in school like Yuki. He didn’t make friends, and didn’t fit in well either. Soon, he would skip school, and tag along with Hana to where she worked as a nature observer assistant. Ame was clearly more interested in nature than school.

ookami 24  ookami 20

Soon, a transfer student named Souhei joins Yuki’s class. What a bad way to make an impression on a girl… Souhei asks her if she has a dog at her house since she smells like one. Obviously, he doesn’t mean it, but that’s not something you should say to a girl. (✿・谷・)〴 tsk tsk Eventually, Souhei gets a long with the other kids in the class, but Yuki isn’t like her usual self. When one of her friends ask to come join them, she tells them that she needs to return a book and avoids him. He asks them what’s wrong with her, but UGHHH. It’s your fault SOUHEIII ahaha Well…we can’t really expect much, can we?  (´・д・`) From then on, Souhei would try to talk to Yuki, but it’s extremely obvious that Yuki is avoiding him. As soon as he comes near her to talk to her, she would get up and leave. He would follow her calling her name, but she would just speed walk ε=ヾ(*゚ー゚)シ away from him, ignoring him. He tells her to him the truth if he did something wrong. Yuki says he didn’t but…SOUHEIIII!!! YOU DID~ щ(ಥДಥщ) He thinks that she doesn’t like him because he’s the new kid, but boy he is wrong. (・へ・ ) Souhei asks why she’s avoiding him then, and continues to follow her. Yuki is becoming emotionally unstable, and starts to mumble to herself the charm that Hana taught her. She tries to run away, but there’s no where to hide anymore. She tells him not to come closer, not to touch her, and tries to push him away. When she finally pushed him away from her, he had hurt him on his ear. 

ookami 25 ookami 26

ookami 28 ookami 27

Soon, Hana was called from the school to discuss about the incident. The school teacher tells Hana no matter how much they ask, she doesn’t say a word. Hana asks if she apologized, but she hasn’t, so she tells her to do so. After Yuki apologized, Hana apologizes as well. The school tells her the treatment payment will be covered by the school’s insurance. However, she doesn’t try to let them off so easily. The mom asks an apology was going to cut out for what Yuki did. She asks what she plans to do if he had lost his hearing. She claims that it’s the parent’s responsibility to cover for their’s children’s actions. Therefore, Hana should do whatever she can, such as getting loans or sell house in order to pay for what Yuki did. Anyways, Souhei’s mom is all fired up on the issue. Then, Souhei tells them that a wolf had done it. This is when Hana realizes that Souhei may have found out. In the car, Yuki starts crying because she’s afraid that she’ll have to leave the town, and that she’s sorry… 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。

ookami 29 ookami 30

From the incident, everyday, Souhei would come to their house. He would drop of printouts from class, and bring food. One day, Hana sees Souhei going to their house while she’s working in the fields. She tells her that Yuki isn’t at home because she went to a friend’s house. Souhei then tries to leave, but Hana invites him to their house instead. She thanks him for coming everyday even though it’s far. Souhei tells her that it’s fine because he doesn’t want Yuki not to go to school.  Hana asks him what he meant when he said that the wolf hurt him. He tells Hana that it seemed like at that moment, he saw a wolf. Then, all of a sudden he realized that he was hurt. Thus, he tells her that he got hurt by the wolf, it’s not Yuki’s fault. Hana asks him one more question, “Do you hate wolves?” He says that he doesn’t dislike them. Hana smiles and says, “We’re the same.”  (◕‿◕✿) Yuki finally decides to go to school, and sees Souhei at their house. He shows Yuki his scar from the incident to show her that it’s fine now; He even let’s her touch it.

ookami 31 ookami 32

ookami 33 ookami 34

On the other hand, Ame…is acting even more strange. On the same day, he tells Hana that he is leaving. However, he’s not going to school like Yuki and Souhei. When Hana asks where he is going, he simply replies that he’s meeting a sensei. When she asks what sensei, he just simply says that sensei is sensei. Obviously, Hana is starting to worry about Ame because she doesn’t know what’s going on with Ame recently. Hana visits the family of the grandpa, and is asked how the kids are doing. Hana tells them how Yuki is going to school starting today, but Ame only goes sometimes. The grandpa then cuts in that people who don’t go to school in their elementary years have a highlight in themselves, just like him and Edison. Man, I like this grandpa. ahaha (゚ω゚) Hana then asks if there was a sensei in the mountains because she was actually thinking that it might be grandpa, but it wasn’t. Ame sounds so happy when he talks about sensei to Hana. He tells her that sensei knows everything there is about the mountain. Hana then tells her to bring the sensei to their house sometimes, so she can thank him. Ame tells her that sensei won’t meet with humans…That’s because…he’s a…FOX! (゚ω゚)
However, he tells her that it might be fine to take Hana with him, so he does. He tells her that sensei in charge of the forest; he gathers up the forest together. Ame would come to Hana’s workplace from time to time, and tell Hana about the mountain. He looks really happy while he does, and this makes Hana happy too.

ookami 35 ookami 36

The kids are now realizing the path that they belong in. However, there comes a day when reality smacks you in the face… (._.)Yuki is annoyed when Ame is talking about the mountain. Ame tells her that she should go sometimes, but Yuki doesn’t want to go. He asks why, but instead Yuki asks why he doesn’t go to school. He says that the mountain is more fun; there are many things that he doesn’t know. Yuki tells him that he doesn’t need to know those things. He asks her why, but just tells him to go to school. Ame doesn’t want to, so Yuki asks why this time. Ame simply says that it’s because they’re wolves. On the other hand, Yuki claims that they’re humans. Ame doesn’t let it go, but Yuki already decided that she’s not going to become a wolf anymore… They get into this fight in wolf form. Ame wasn’t the Ame he used to be now… Where is the cute Ame…COME BACK… (╥﹏╥)

ookami 37 ookami 38

ookami 39 ookami 40

Ame comes back home in the rain one day, and Hana was worried sick. I assume that he hasn’t been back for a while? The forest is in a rather bad shape right now because of the weather. He tells her that his sensei is hurt, and is unable to move. Ame says that his sensei will probably die soon… Ame adds that there has to be someone to replace his place, and that he has to do it. Before Ame can say he has to take sensei’s place, Hana tells him not to go to the mountain anymore. She notices that her voice isn’t going through to him. Therefore, Hana asks him, “Please don’t go to the mountain, as mom’s request…” Meanwhile, rumors are going around that Souhei’s mom is getting married. However, the kids are trying to keep it a secret because Souhei doesn’t know… What the… Seriously!? What is up with her… ( ಠ_ಠ)

In the morning, Ame tells Yuki to stay with Hana, but she tells him to stay with her instead. The radio is on saying that it will be hot in the morning, but may rain later in the day. Ame is probably referring to this since he had said before that he can sense when the weather is about to change. Soon , it starts to rain real hard, just like the radio said. The school also decides to cancel the afternoon classes, and have their parents pick the kids up from school. Meanwhile, there is a black-out at the house, it’s just Hana and Ame. Hana gets a call from the school, and tell Ame to come with her to pick up Yuki. However, there’s no response from Ame. Hana sees him go out, so she chases after him.

ookami 42 ookami 41
Yuki and the other kids are waiting in the gym for their parents to come. However, their parents are taking an awful long time to pick them up. Souhei suggests that he brings cards, so they can kill their time. Then, one of the dads come to pick up Yuki’s friend, so he offers to take her home with them. Souhei sees this, so he runs away thinking that Yuki is gonna go with her friend anyways. She tells them it’s fine in case her mom is already on her way. Yuki goes looking for Souhei eventually since he’ not coming back. Soon, the teacher tells the other kids to come with them, so they can take them home instead. I actually thought it was odd how they didn’t look for Yuki and Souhei when they left their backpacks in the gym. I know I know this is how these things work, but I just found it odd aha ┐(‘~`;)┌

Souhei was sleeping in the classroom. When he wakes up, he sees Yuki at the door and is surprised that she’s still here. When they go back to the gym, no one’s there. As they walk around, Yuki was worried what they should do if no one comes for them. Souhei suggest that they should just live in school. Soon, a security guard makes sure there is no one else is in the school. For some reason, they hide. Yuki asks why they were hiding, but he doesn’t answer. Yuki mumbles if they really have to live at the school at this rate. He says they’ll have to if the parents don’t come. Yuki tells him that his mom will come, but he says she won’t. Apparently, Souhei knows about his mom’s marriage. In fact, they’re already married. Also, she’s pregnant with the guy’s baby. In addition, she said she doesn’t need him anymore after the baby is born. Souhei says that’s fine, he’ll just become a wrestler or boxer and live on his own, like a one wolf. Yuki says, he’ll get beaten up, but Souhei says he’ll train himself. Ah, it hurts to see his smile as he says that… GOSH why does her mom have to be like that…ugh. Yuki then says she wanna be just like him, being able to smile while talking about the truth. She tells him the truth that the wolf that hurt him that time was her. She knew that she had to tell the truth, but she couldn’t. She was hurting this whole time that she wasn’t able to tell him. He tells her that he knew, and didn’t tell anyone; He’ll never tell, so don’t cry.

ookami44 ookami 45
Meanwhile, Hana is still looking for Ame in the mountains, but she still can’t find him. Suddenly, she sees this figure; she thinks it’s Ame and call out to him. However, it turned out to be a bear. (・ェ・) It was staring at her for a while, but left after her little cubs came to her. Hana continues to look for Ame, but still can’t find him. She’s walking through this narrow path, and slips from the rain that’s flowing down the hill. She tumbles down the bottom of the hill. As she loses consciousness, she calls out for Ame. She mumbles, “Ame… Aren’t you trembling somewhere? Aren’t you crying somewhere, not knowing how to get back? I have to protect you. I” protect you…”

ookami 43 ookami 52
Hana is dreaming, finding Ame in there. She tells him to hurry back, so they can go pick Yuki up; it turns out to be the father instead. She’s so happy that she runs to him, and how she missed him. He apologizes for the hardship he had left her. He tells her how he’s been always watching her and that she raised the kids well. Then, she remembers that Ame is missing, and looks around for him. However, the dad says Ame’s fine, that  he’s an adult already. He tells her that he found his own world that he belongs in. Meanwhile, Ame finds her, so he carries Hana back. After he leaves her in a parking lot, he goes back to the forest. Hana wakes up just in time before he leaves. Hana calls out to Ame, and ask if he’s gonna go now. However, Hana claims that she hasn’t done anything for him yet. He runs away to the top of the mountain. Hana is calls out to him, telling him to wait. When he gets to the top of the mountain, he howls as if he is telling her that he’ll be fine. Hana tells him to take care, and live his life.
ookami50 ook13

ookami 56 ookami 58

The next year, Yuki moves out to live in a dorm for junior high. Hana claims that the 12 years that she raised Yuki and Ame, it went by so fast that it was like a fairytale.  Haha. You can see Souhei in one of the pictures.  Hana still lives in the house in the mountains. She can still hear Ame’s howl.

ookami 60 ookami62

ookami 63 ookami 64

I think some people knew where this story was  going?  You know how the whole reason why they moved to a different place was for the children to decide, whether they will live on as a human or wolf. I didn’t really think about it while watching the movie.  However, I’ve noticed that there were some foreshadowing going on throughout the beginning of their new lifestyle. ※ My Thoughts ※ Yuki was always the outgoing one that liked to explore. She had always looked for something to catch, but she always used her hands like a human. She never used her mouth like Ame did in the scene when he caught the bird, like a wolf. Another thing was that the scene where the kids were running around. It’s the scene when Hana told the kids that they were going to move, so that they are able to choose whether they are going to live as a human or wolf. While Ame was chasing Yuki, she was being chased in her wolf form. In the middle of their little chase, she turns into her human form; Ame stays in his wolf form. Also, Ame never wondered what kind of place school is, and didn’t even nag to go like Yuki did. He actually didn’t want to go to school at all. I thought those two might be a possible foreshadow. Lastly, I found the scene where Ame fell in the river since he was totally different from how he is originally. He used to be the scared one, but went to catch the bird as if his wolf’s instincts were telling him to do so. When he regained his consciousness, I would expect a normal human to be scared as hell and become traumatized. Instead, he was telling Hana how he wasn’t scared and felt like he can do anything, he was so happy. There was no fear in his eyes, and asks why Hana is crying. Then, he turns to Yuki; she has this speechless expression as well. It felt like the scene was saying that Ame is somehow different from them.

Well, the above was how I felt while writing this review, and collecting screenshots. I think I actually cried more the second time haha. (・ω・) Overall, I thought this movie was good. At first, I was actually unsatisfied with it because of the ending. I guess this is especially because I like Ame a lot. He was so cute during the first half of the movie. Then, puberty happened…ahaha But mainly, his cute traits disappeared… (╥﹏╥) I felt really sad for Hana. She would have probably be fine if Ame choosing to live as a wolf if he was more grown up as a human since that was the sole purpose of moving there in the first place. He was only 10 (?), and she had to let him go already. I actually was more into Ame’s side of the story than Yuki’s.

I like Yuki too, but I didn’t find her part as sad. OH, but I felt bad for Souhei. Like…I don’t know, but I was really curious about Souhei’s side of the story. I was actually kinda angry when his mom was angry for the whole wolf attack incident. I couldn’t really tell if she cared for him in the right way? When I first saw the scene, I felt that it was a bit off when she told Hana to take responsibility for what Yuki did by selling her house, and stuff. The mom wasn’t really telling her to, but she should in order to pay the consequence. I felt that it would have been more understandable if she were to say that there is nothing they can do, or at least not use “money” as a way to pay for what they did. Then, one of the friends talks about how his mom is getting married, but Souhei doesn’t know. Later in the movie, he tells Yuki that his mom is married to this other dude. Also, she’s pregnant, so she doesn’t need him anymore after the baby is born. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ At this point, I was thinking the mom was an evil witch. However, I started thinking again. In that scene, Yuki said, “It seemed like your mom was really worried that time.” I was thinking that if she really didn’t care for Souhei, she wouldn’t even go to school when he got hurt. Unless she used to care, but doesn’t anymore because she has a new family? After all, she didn’t come to pick Souhei up at school. Then again, she’s pregnant, so it’s like where’s the dad? Or maybe Souhei is being too emo, and thinks that he is being neglected? Maybe there was a reason why they didn’t pick him up, like Hana? Ahaha I’ve noticed that I’ve got side-tracked from the movie, but yeah… (>ω<) They should make a spin-off for Souhei~ (✿・谷・)〴

So I’ve decided to do something a bit different this time. I might be doing something like this once in a while, but this blog is still an otome game blog. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget~ I don’t know if I’m willing to make a full review next time since this one took a bit more than a week. I originally was only going to write about how I felt, but I thought the movie was worth the full review. Oh yah, I recommend watching all the way ’til the end, including the credits. I actually cried there as well. Like there isn’t any movies there, just a song and screenshots. However, I cried because of those screenshots. It’s like a little timeline of when they were kids, and how they grew up. (ಥ⌣ಥ) 


2 thoughts on “Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh!!! So watched it too!!!! I just watched it on Saturday too! I’ve read the manga and when someone told me, there is a movie, I went and watched it immediately. 🙂

    You know… At first, I thought that Yuki would totally live as a wolve and Ame as a human, but when they moved everything changed. Yuki enjoyed going to school and as she made precious friends, she wanted to fit in and enjoy being inmidst of people. Ame on the other hand kind of awakened to his “wolve instincts” and yeah took the path of a wolve.

    I kind of feel sad for Hana. I mean, she had to part with her lover and her kids after that. Ame began living as a wolve and Yuki moved to a dorm to go to middle school. I wonder, if she doesn’t have a family anymore, since no mother or father were ever mentioned. She must had it hard, raising two wolve-children on her own… But she’s a very strong and optimistic person.

    Arghh… Sorry, for writing so much, it’s just.. I really liked the movie. It had so nice scenes and showed us two nicely developed wolve children’s childhoods. How they grew up and which path they chose.


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