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B’s LOG April & May Issue 2013

b's log
So the beginning of the last week of March, I bought these lovely magazines from the bookstore. I originally ordered the April issue, so I went to pick it up. Surprisingly, I found the May issue while I was looking around, so I bought it without any hesitation. Usually, they’re really late with this magazine; they make me wait 3 weeks after the release date. Later, I realized that the May issue was a bit more expensive than the April issue. Does this mean that it was air mail? Obviously, I fell into their little trap… (´-_-`) It was a few dollars more, but I didn’t think it was air mail price? Well, what is done is done. ┐(´-ω-`)┌ These are the articles that I found interesting: 
20130401_231836I actually was never really interested in this game. However, I found the scenarios above cute, so I might just play it~ ヽ(*´ー`*)ノ

Fandisk for Shirahana no Ori (aka Hiiro no Kakera 4). BUT I haven’t even played the one before this, so… orz

I really wanna play Natsuzora Monologue, but I have other games I wanna play too ahah orz. Please help  this poor soul decide what to play next! ahah (Poll in the side bar)

There they go again with Diabolik Lovers… Adding more characters to bash the heroine ( ಠ_ಠ ) I actually played the game, but only completed one route. I did try going to the second route, but… I kinda got tired of it, so stopped. I MIGHT finish it in the future, but who knows when since there’s so many other games I wanna play. I don’t think I won’t pay attention to these psychos UNLESS they’re adorable like Subaru…so I’ve heard.

Last, but not least… omg this is so adorable… I want this! GIMMMEEE!! (っ゚⊿゚)っ ハッ!  This is the Drama CD for Wand of Fortune 2 FD, which beloved daughter Lala spends a day with one of the characters. Lulu is not there, so the fathers have to take care of Lala and… I think there’s a track for each character, and you get to listen to each character’s case if they were the daddy? The first thing I thought was…wouldn’t the kid look different depending on the father? HAHA but yeah I guess that’s why her face isn’t shown and she looks more like Lulu? I even busted my own bubble by saying that, totally ruined my excitement. Nevertheless, I really want to listen to this Drama CD~ Especially Alvaro since I JUST CAN’T imagine him being a father figure. The others I can actually see somewhat of a picture since they all have this nice side. Alvaro, I admit he has a soft side as well since in the fandisk, he chose Lulu in the end. Well, in the happy end anyways… However, knowing Alvaro’s personality, a father!? Σ(゚Д゚;)

These are the top articles that caught my eye…There were some others, but I see them like every issue….so I didn’t feel like posting those up. If anyone is interested, I can post up the Koibana Days scenario, Diabolik Lovers interview on the new characters, and the interview on the Wand of Fortune 2 FD drama CD. If not, I just won’t aha ┐(‘~`;)┌ However, I’m planning to post stuff on the Dousei Kareshi articles later on. ヽ( `・ω・´)ノ


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